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Reclaim New York is a ‘pseudo’ grassroots campaign

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By Monday, Sep 18, 2017 Letters 3

To the Editor:

Manhattan lawyer Doug Kellogg has sent a letter from his office on 5th Avenue rebutting Victor Feldman’s recent article about Reclaim New York. Kellogg’s rebuttal is full of the same sleazy techniques that “Reclaim” loves the most: half-truths, threats, petulance and obfuscation.

Sound familiar? Yes indeed — bigly.

So let’s review: “Reclaim New York” is a pseudo-grassroots effort directed by anti-government fanatic Steve Bannon and funded by ultra-right-wing billionaire Robert Mercer.

Mercer also funds Breitbart (once again helmed by Bannon), plus other organs of the right-wing hate machine.

NY19 representative John Faso is very cozy with “Reclaim.” Faso’s 2016 congressional campaign accepted $500,000 from Mercer. But wait, it gets better: Faso’s communications director, John Lange, is on the board of Reclaim New York.

In his letter, Mr. Kellogg claims:  “Reclaim New York is a civic organization that is committed to fact-based research and growing a broad dialogue about public policy issues.”

Translation: Reclaim New York is NOT grassroots — everybody there is on payroll. Reclaim New York is one more squadron in Bannon’s crusade to confound and “deconstruct the administrative state,” i.e. our local governments. How? By filing constant Freedom Of Information Act demands. The intention is to put a brake on normal functioning of popularly elected boards and commissions. In other words, the Bannon/Mercer agenda, i.e., spend your way to power.

Of course, the best way to actually “reclaim New York” is to vote out the Trump toady, John Faso, and elect somebody else — somebody who doesn’t take huge donations from hate-money billionaires; who doesn’t  hug and then lie to his constituents, then betray them on healthcare and other vital issues.

Bobby Houston

Great Barrington

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  1. David R. says:

    Tell it, Bobby! This is a DANGEROUS bunch and folks everywhere need to wake up.

  2. David R. says:

    Tell it, Bobby! This is a DANGEROUS bunch and folks everywhere ned to wake up.

  3. Joyce St George says:

    Thanks for supporting our efforts. We need to communicate to Reclaim that we have our eyes on them!

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