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The foyer as the gateway to your home

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By Friday, Oct 27, 2017 , More In Real Estate
Kevin McDevitt
A transformed foyer gives this house a new opening act.

First impressions are important. When I walked into the foyer of this newly constructed Connecticut home I instantly had a vision for the space. A foyer can be decorative, sophisticated, and most importantly, welcoming. Think of it as the first chapter of a novel or the first scene in a play – it should set up the story for the rest of your home and create a feeling that flows from one room to the next. Like everything in your house, your entryway should reflect your personality, but it should also create a feeling and an atmosphere for you, your family and your guests.

The foyer in its pristine state after construction.

The foyer in its pristine state after construction. Photo: Jennifer Owen

The paint: Charleston Grey by Farrow & Ball Photo: Jennifer OwenWe decided on warm colors –the original pale white walls were too bland against the bright white moldings. My client wasn’t sure about the depth of the Farrow & Ball Charleston Grey paint I suggested. After going over a few other options, I was finally able to convince her that my vision for her entryway would work. The difference speaks for itself; the colors are both bold and warm – a great combination for any first impression!

The paint: Charleston Grey by Farrow & Bell. Photo: Jennifer Owen

The next consideration was furniture. An elegant entryway still has to be a functional entryway and this 1930s-inspired walnut colored hall table is great for the space. I love the sleek legs and circular carvings around the base of the table. Little details always make a big difference. The ottomans are custom designed to fit underneath the table and are upholstered in a textured Italian linen fabric. They are perfect for extra seating and are also designed with secret storage: just lift the tops off and use them to store whatever you need!


The arrangement in the foyer before Owen's intervention.

1930s-inspired walnut colored hall table. The ottomans are custom designed to fit underneath the table. Photo: Kevin McDevitt

Accessories complete your space. The matching grey-blue plexiglass lamps with cream silk shades on the hall table bring out the blue of the ottomans and add some warmth (and light) to the room. The scalloped mirror in burnished copper reflects the artwork on the wall –it is a bold accessory that adds a complimentary color to the space. I love the bowl between the lamps. It is handmade by a local Berkshire artisan and brings all the colors of the room together –the grey walls, the cream rug, the copper mirror, and the blue in the ottomans and lamps. The artwork on the walls adds finishing touches. The prints were chosen especially for the foyer and were shipped from an art gallery in London.

Your entryway should flow easily into the rest of your home, creating a cohesive transition between rooms. I used the same Charleston Grey paint going up the stairs and added some artwork to create a flow between the entryway and the stairwell, using a dark stain on the hardwood floors and adding a rug for a smooth transition from the foyer to the rest of the house. For this final touch I decided on a 100 percent wool rug with shades of cream and grey to compliment the wooden floors.


Photo: Kevin McDevitt

When designing your own foyer choose colors that reflect your personality, furniture that makes a statement, and details that add unique design to the space. Think of a foyer as a beginning. It is the beginning of your home, the start of your home’s décor, and a welcoming space for your family and your guests.

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