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Real estate sales, Sept. 24-30, 2017

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146 Carson Ave: James Dalton of Dalton to Jeremy D. Poulen, $180,000 on 09/19/2017

66 Depot St: Claire Y. Fournier of Dalton to David Carusotto, $148,500 on 09/19/2017

88 Renee Dr: Aaron Rapoport of Dalton to Jeffrey T. Arena and Ella G. Casey, $238,000 on 09/22/2017

7 Ruby Ter: Amanda Blaisdell of Dalton to Steven R. Hunt, $86,800 on 09/22/2017

25 Westview Rd: Edward M. and Lisa A. Cook of Dalton to Corey G. and Erica A. Phillips, $425,000 on 09/22/2017


276 Hillsdale Rd: Jane Walsh of Egremont to Alan G. and Ada P. Rosmarin, $605,000 on 09/22/2017

28 Pine Crest Hill Rd: Tracy W. Friedman of Egremont to Gabriel Riley and Sarah Perlis, $865,000 on 09/18/2017

Great Barrington

80 Brush Hill Rd: Matthew G. Donald of Great Barrington to Andrew Premisler and Risa Aronson-Premisler, $565,000 on 09/22/2017

30 Elm St: Wool FT 2015 and Christine E. Guerrero of Great Barrington to CMB Properties LLC, $600,000 on 09/22/2017


824 Thatcher House Unit 824: Thomas M. Mahar of Hancock to Christy V. and Mary S. Thanas, $120,000 on 09/20/2017


18 Chicopee St: Colleen J. Little of Lanesboro to Gregg A. and Stephanie Voci, $200,000 on 09/19/2017


77 Crystal St: Greg P. and Judith B. King of Lenox to Christine Mariconti and Brian Peruta, $274,500 on 09/19/2017

269 Housatonic St: Janet M. Lachance of Lenox to Jedidiah P. Shields and Vasiliki P. Latsis, $210,000 on 09/22/2017

New Ashford

423 Route 7: Gregory D. and Lynn A. Canales of New Ashford to Nathan P. Bradbury, $151,000 on 09/18/2017

North Adams

25 Bryant St: Charles E. Shaylor and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of North Adams to USA VA, $58,835 on 09/18/2017

243 Eagle St: Sandra L. Thomas of North Adams to James Policastro, $10,000 on 09/19/2017

24 Hathaway St: Kathleen Stack-Marks of North Adams to Federico A. Balestrazzi, $75,000 on 09/22/2017

163 Pleasant St: Phyllis D Dunn IRT and Richard A. Dunn of North Adams to Sean F. Bishop and Caroline E. Reignier, $65,000 on 09/22/2017

169 State St: Alyssa M. Neil of North Adams to Federico A. Balestrazzi, $87,500 on 09/22/2017

130 Versailles Ave: Kathleen A. Mccarthy and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of North Adams to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $50,000 on 09/20/2017


17 Elm Ln: Bailey FT and Robert J. Bailey of Otis to Robert J. Bailey, $360,000 on 09/22/2017

1862 N Main Rd: Scott and Jennifer M. Catolane of Otis to Brianna L. Fitzgerald, $162,900 on 09/20/2017


67 Alfred Dr: Rennie Charlotte M Est and Lisa C. Rose of Pittsfield to Ian M. Denault, $225,000 on 09/22/2017

11 Constitution Rd: Carl D. Hagmaier and Karen L. Benham-Hagmaier of Pittsfield to Kevin M. Schnopp, $130,000 on 09/20/2017

195 Dalton Ave: Carmello F. Cataldi and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Shaun Oneil, $67,000 on 09/19/2017

326 Dalton Ave: Melissa J. Widitor and M J. Johnson-Debaufre of Pittsfield to Cynthia Abbey, $128,700 on 09/21/2017

687 Elm St: Corey G. and Erica A. Phillips of Pittsfield to Quang Do and Selene Nguyen, $210,000 on 09/22/2017

31 Lakecrest Dr Unit 31: Nancy A. Kahn of Pittsfield to Mark J. Mancari and B J. Goodrich-Mancari, $250,000 on 09/19/2017

322 Lenox Ave: Brnadon M. Harms and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to FHLM, $93,750 on 09/19/2017

27 Marlboro Dr: Gloria A. Fry of Pittsfield to Kevin J. Mulherin and C Lancaster-Mulherin, $147,500 on 09/22/2017

1450 North St Unit 303: Larry D. and Kathleen M. Robbins of Pittsfield to Donald J. Laferriere and Leonardo Sifuentes, $166,000 on 09/21/2017

60 Partridge Rd: Kaye R. Hitchcock of Pittsfield to Brenda Oppermann and Ursula Taggart, $188,000 on 09/21/2017

28 Plastics Ave: Dawn M. Moody and Pacific Union Financial of Pittsfield to Pacific Union Financial, $94,300 on 09/22/2017

3 Reynolds Ave: Kenneth W. Self of Pittsfield to Arthur F. and Marie V. Rogers, $16,000 on 09/22/2017

36 Richardson St: Kathleen M. Dondi of Pittsfield to David S. and Carrie M. Dunn, $134,700 on 09/21/2017

102 Spadina Pkwy: Gregory M. and Vivian M. Caputo of Pittsfield to Gregory P. and Judith B. King, $190,000 on 09/19/2017

203 Springside Ave: Carol Lew Springside LLC of Pittsfield to Anaelisa Jacobsen and Andres Villa, $115,000 on 09/19/2017

123 Stratford Ave: Resi REO Sub LLC of Pittsfield to James J. Nelson and Julie M. Belli-Nelson, $93,304 on 09/22/2017

318 Williams St: Adam J. Bellmore of Pittsfield to Edward M. and Lisa A. Cook, $389,500 on 09/22/2017


50 View Dr: Lisa A. Loring of Richmond to Brian M. and Susan D. Tremblay, $772,000 on 09/20/2017

West Stockbridge

21 Smith Rd: Richard N. Hernandez and Jose J. Lopez of West Stockbridge to Richard T. and Amelia L. Pitts, $329,000 on 09/18/2017


765 Simonds Rd: Nicholas J. and Meghan M. Kaiser of Williamstown to John R. Carvalho, $135,000 on 09/20/2017


95 Hill Cemetery Rd: Jeffrey R. Stpierre of Windsor to Patrick L. and Amy L. Filiault, $310,000 on 09/18/2017


New Hartford

13 Turkey Holw: Anne H. Roberts of New Hartford to Walter E. and Gail Myers, $154,900 on 09/21/2017


11 Apple Way: Lonigro RET and George R. Delprete of Salisbury to Anthony and Nancy A. Lonigro, $238,000 on 09/13/2017


37 Ben Porte Ter: Denise D. Bergenty and Karen S. Ralph of Torrington to Robin A. and Daryl N. Lejeune, $90,000 on 09/14/2017

118 Bradford Rd: Kevin C. Gundlach and Ulster SB of Torrington to Ulster SB, $1 on 09/14/2017

62 Brooker St: Robert J. Kelleher of Torrington to Christian J. Bartles, $135,000 on 09/19/2017

403 Charles St: Jameson B. Peebles and CHFA of Torrington to CHFA, $1 on 09/15/2017

56 Chelsea Ct Unit: Mark P. and Alison M. Molitano of Torrington to Steven J. and Jacqueline Fata, $223,000 on 09/19/2017

198 Cider Mill Xing: Maureen E. Wehner and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 09/20/2017

75 Greenridge Rd: Walter S. and Penny P. Fisher of Torrington to Dawn E. Addison, $174,000 on 09/18/2017

73 High St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Robert Weishaus, $52,500 on 09/15/2017

45 Holley Pl: Timothy Lacava and John Lucvinko of Torrington to Juliette Cyr, $168,000 on 09/18/2017

809 S Main St: David and Gina Baccheschi of Torrington to Matthew Morelli and Cassidy Ciazza, $75,000 on 09/18/2017

92 Spencer Rd: Tina Caine of Torrington to Raymond F. Donovan and Kelee J. Caruso, $90,000 on 09/18/2017

86 Suncrest Ct: Richard F. and Judith E. Johnson of Torrington to Laura M. and John W. Unwin, $218,000 on 09/19/2017

57 Turner Ave: Bank New York Mellon of Torrington to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $74,570 on 09/20/2017


128 Stanton Ave: Mark R. Landy of Winchester to Alicia C. Landy and Warren A. Delibro, $121,000 on 09/21/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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