Real estate sales Jan.6 -12, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut.





1082 Main St: Mary and Joseph VanWert of Becket to Peter and Rebecca Stamat, $50,000 on 01/10/2019

531 Moberg Rd: Herbert Messinger of Becket to Frank Zappala and Valerie Herman, $345,000 on 01/08/2019


541 Old Windsor Rd: Patricia F. Lamont of Dalton to David A. Perrone and Jodi L. Roberts, $242,000 on 01/11/2019

Great Barrington

258 Stockbridge Rd: John and Deborah Scalia of Great Barrington to 258 Stockbridge Road LLC, $490,000 on 01/09/2019

33 Grove St: Kruger Kurt G Est and Kurt J. Kruger of Great Barrington to Erika Allison, $214,000 on 01/10/2019

32 Hart St: Steffen Root of Great Barrington to Alexander M. Platt, $225,000 on 01/09/2019

16 Spruce St: Ruby Realty LLC of Great Barrington to Elizabeth F. Barrows, $220,000 on 01/11/2019


40 Plunkett Ave: Amelia M Wahl 2013 IRT and Dorothy Hague of Hinsdale to Stephanie N. Rice and Samuel A. Shelsy, $214,900 on 01/11/2019


55 Paul Dr: Harold T. Ott of Lee to David A. and Maureen A. Grissom, $255,000 on 01/08/2019

1620 Pleasant St: Eric M. and Casey C. Krawczyk of Lee to Kirk E. and Sarah E. Nichols, $279,500 on 01/11/2019


14 Hutchinson Ln: Harold F. and Jeanne E. Allan of Lenox to Ronald W. Paul, $250,000 on 01/07/2019

225 Pittsfield Rd: Emerald City Rentals LLC of Lenox to Mary L. Weinstein, $215,000 on 01/07/2019

North Adams

47 Barth St: Thomas Peckham and Bank Of New York Mellon of North Adams to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $74,458 on 01/09/2019

205 E Main St: Glenn P. and Frances M. Silvia of North Adams to Virginia M. Westbrook, $239,000 on 01/11/2019

66 Holbrook St: Wayne G. and Allen M. Arnold of North Adams to Jean E. Defranco, $164,325 on 01/09/2019

94 Prospect St: Daniel S. Vasquez and Adams Community Bank of North Adams to Adams Community Bank, $68,000 on 01/10/2019


72 E Shore Rd: Robert A. and Anne C. Foy of Otis to Lance A. and Cindy J. Asher, $600,000 on 01/07/2019


229 E Windsor Rd: Andrew J. Walak of Peru to Samantha Stedman, $240,000 on 01/07/2019

145 South Rd: Jerry A. and Danielle M. Sargent of Peru to Daniel P. Sumy, $195,000 on 01/07/2019


38 Acorn St: Mariann K. and Richard L. Whitman of Pittsfield to Jon S. Marks, $118,000 on 01/09/2019

80 Backman Ave: Neil H. and Melissa J. Wesley of Pittsfield to Lilly B. Balardini, $130,500 on 01/08/2019

200 Benedict Rd: Emily B. Biron of Pittsfield to Rebecca R. Connolly, $157,900 on 01/11/2019

124 Dodge Ave: Katherine E. Lama of Pittsfield to Michael C. Beuth, $142,700 on 01/07/2019

67 Egremont Ave: Jay L. and Jodi L. Roberts of Pittsfield to Daniel S. Sadlowski, $180,000 on 01/11/2019

17 Goodrich St: Dylan Anthony LLC of Pittsfield to Gas-Car Properties LLC, $194,000 on 01/11/2019

219 High St: Kuntz NT and John R. Elder of Pittsfield to Thomas C. Doyle and Joanna C. Arkema, $250,000 on 01/10/2019

15 Maude St: Thea A. Politis and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $90,000 on 01/07/2019

90-92 Onota St: Leonard J. Abbisso of Pittsfield to Licentia Properties LLC, $111,200 on 01/08/2019

138 Onota St: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Douglas Escalon, $64,000 on 01/11/2019

108 Unkamet Park Dr: Baginski Halina Est and Mary F. Courtney of Pittsfield to Ritchie S. Hostetter, $152,000 on 01/08/2019

299 Wahconah St: Celine Sheerin of Pittsfield to DNC Real Estate LLC, $40,000 on 01/08/2019

40 Wilson St: William F. Mathes and CIT Bank NA of Pittsfield to CIT Bank NA, $36,000 on 01/09/2019


42 Lake Road Ext Unit 42: Barbara Nesis of Richmond to John C. and Valeri A. Reynolds, $913,260 on 01/11/2019


307 Wood Lands Way: Gregory S. Lee and US Bank NA of Sandisfield to US Bank NA Tr, $211,304 on 01/11/2019

West Stockbridge

78 Lenox Rd: Vincent J. Guarrera of West Stockbridge to J William Hudgins and Rachel Fagerburg, $650,000 on 01/11/2019


49 Lower Windflower Way Unit 49: Eva S. and Joshua S. Kleederman of Williamstown to Pascal-Marshall FT 2005 and Haryl S. Pascal, $229,000 on 01/10/2019




101 Old New Hartford Rd: Robert L. Glarner of Barkhamsted to Elizabeth P. Wynne, $167,000 on 01/09/2019


23 Meadow St: Kevin G. and Kathleen F. Mcgivern of Salisbury to Keith D. and Erin M. Ohler, $440,000 on 01/07/2019


240 Gay St: Rafe Churchill and Heide Hedricks of Sharon to Benjamin M. Welch and Natalie A. Herron, $645,000 on 01/08/2019


45 Albert St: Thomas P. and Debra B. Gritt of Torrington to Brian M. and Dawn Kitney, $115,000 on 01/08/2019

176 Meyer Rd: Llyod Cleal and Reverse Mortgage Solution of Torrington to Reverse Mortgage Solution, $112,000 on 01/10/2019

285 Patterson St: Lisa M. Colomb of Torrington to Vincent J. and Jenny Fong, $82,500 on 01/04/2019

3828 Torringford St: Debra M. Battistoni of Torrington to Jose Borja, $71,000 on 01/07/2019

307 Village Dr Unit 307: Robert J. Scribner of Torrington to Washington Properties LLC, $60,000 on 01/07/2019


54 Oak St: FNMA of Winchester to John Noone, $65,500 on 01/07/2019

67 Strong Ter: Marjorie E. Cordano and US Bank NA of Winchester to US Bank NA Tr, $1 on 01/08/2019

14 Wheeler St: Steven and Kym Megna of Winchester to Weigel Properties LLC, $142,500 on 01/09/2019

554 W Wakefield Blvd: Richard and Amy Horowitz of Winchester to Ellen D Babcock T and Ellen D. Babcock, $3,540,000 on 01/09/2019

14 Wheeler St: Steven and Kym Megna of Winchester to Weigel Properties LLC, $142,500 on 01/09/2019

49 Woodruff Ave: John Vecchitto of Winchester to Ryan T. Jnannin, $166,000 on 01/11/2019

Source:The Warren Group