A dumpy fixer-upper transformed into a charmer with definite curb appeal.

Don’t miss the bargains!

An experienced broker tells us how to save money by looking for diamonds in the rough.

Our eyes have become so trained to respond to beautiful photos of new and updated properties that have been skillfully staged. It is easy to miss some of the bargains that fall short of that easy eye appeal.

When we look at properties for sale on line, we quickly scan the photos. We like the ones with the updated kitchens with new appliances and the ones with freshly weeded, edged and mulched landscaping. We tend to pass over the ones with dated bathrooms, shutters with peeling paint and floors with worn-out turquoise carpeting.

It is easy to dismiss the ones that aren’t what we might call magazine ready. But don’t be so quick. Some of those properties might just be diamonds in the rough.

Some property owners are in a position to spiff up their properties prior to going on the market. Chances are you may have to pay a bit of a premium for the efforts of those homeowners.

An old-fashioned kitchen was easily updated by a good paint job.

Other property owners are not in a position to do the work and their properties may appear much less desirable. These properties may have enormous potential. Give some of these less desirable appearing properties a second look. What would it take for you to consider living in one of them?

It may look like a house needs a whole new kitchen, when new hardware, new countertops and new appliances may be all that is needed. Maybe there are hardwood floors in great shape under that worn out “turquoise” carpeting. Maybe stripping the wallpaper, painting the walls in your colors and bringing in your furniture would totally transform a tired, dowdy looking house. Maybe a weekend of trimming, weeding, mulching and planting would transform the yard and give the property great curb appeal.

A living room before and after. Paint and some new cabinetry make all the difference!

In the end you may be way ahead financially after working on one of these diamonds in the rough, one of these properties whose photos make it so easy to pass by when you’re looking on line.

Be sure to ask your realtor to show you some of these properties that can be transformed with just a little bit of effort. You may be surprised at what you find. DON’T MISS THE BARGAINS!