Berkshire Region real estate transactions May 28 – June 3, 2016

The latest weekly report from the Warren Group of real estate transactions in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts and Connecticut.



49 Glenn St: Charles H. Rohlfs and OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of Adams to OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC, $45,120 on 06/03/2016

71 Howland Ave: PNC Bank NA of Adams to Victor E. Reese, $64,000 on 06/01/2016

73 Valley St: Wayne Arnold of Adams to Derek R. Choquette, $124,500 on 05/31/2016


643 Quarry Rd: Mary I. Winn and Marcia I. Little of Becket to James R. and Tracy L. Digrigoli, $114,500 on 05/31/2016


594 Walker St: Jami and Ryan W. Pytko of Clarksburg to LAC NT and Lindsay Lincoln, $163,750 on 05/31/2016


477 E Housatonic St: Robert Tebben RET and Robert Tebben of Dalton to Gary A. Davis and Dorothy M. Sabean, $182,000 on 05/31/2016

432 Grange Hall Rd: Brian M. and Diane M. Donnelly of Dalton to Jarrod B. Blache, $369,000 on 05/31/2016


24 Boice Rd: Diane L. Fratalone of Egremont to Emilio and Barbara Persico, $60,000 on 05/31/2016

Great Barrington

3 Fairview Rd: George H. Lowe and Myrtle I. Cummings of Great Barrington to Thomas E. Norton and Elizabeth Roy-Norton, $75,000 on 06/02/2016

173 N Plain Rd: Ronald L. Getchell of Great Barrington to Wendy L. Viola, $200,000 on 05/31/2016


1301 Washington Rd: Timothy C. and Deborah V. Counihan of Hinsdale to Martyn R. Davis and Candace J. Dearborn-Davis, $680,000 on 06/01/2016


917 N Main St: Alan B. Christiansen of Lanesboro to Joan Chapman, $40,000 on 06/03/2016

580 S Main St Unit 303: Deborah J. May of Lanesboro to George C. and Terry J. Baumann, $62,500 on 06/03/2016


200 Golden Hill Rd: Marie E. Brazee and James B Nutter&Co of Lee to FNMA, $85,000 on 06/02/2016

20 Stockbridge Ter Unit 20: Stockbridge Terrace LLC of Lee to Laurel Rosenbluth, $433,000 on 06/01/2016

187 W Park St: Ann Lawton of Lee to Eugenia H. Huckaby and Russell D. Vaughan, $190,000 on 06/03/2016


93 Church St: John P. Mcsorley and Waltraut Ilvento of Lenox to Blue Spark Capital Advisr, $265,000 on 06/02/2016

100 Delafield Dr: Peter M. and Elaine M. Ross of Lenox to Yang Wang and Jessica Zhou, $360,000 on 06/02/2016

339 East St: Joan A. Reidy of Lenox to Rebecca S. Jones, $214,000 on 06/03/2016

15 Lime Kiln Rd: Edith E Wax T and Edith E. Wax of Lenox to Timothy Yanka and Polly Nessa, $445,000 on 06/01/2016

47 Pine Knoll Rd: Clifford C. Allen of Lenox to Kevin and Alison Mclaney, $345,000 on 06/02/2016

1 Rolling Hls Unit 10: Ernest and Suzanne Malafronte of Lenox to Elizabeth A. Webster, $194,000 on 06/01/2016

7 Shaylor Hill Rd: Yokun Ridge Property Mgmt of Lenox to David M. and Vera L. Bergen, $850,000 on 06/03/2016

120 Walker St: Ventfort Hall Association of Lenox to James B. and Jennifer M. Cryan, $277,500 on 06/03/2016


340 Main Rd: Robert H. Vickerman of Monterey to Ann Lawton, $209,000 on 06/03/2016

North Adams

62-64 Charles St: Caoilfhionn Christopher of North Adams to Stephanie Rufo, $60,000 on 06/03/2016

138 E Quincy St: Robert F. and Nancy R. Callahan of North Adams to Brenda Noyes, $133,100 on 06/03/2016

33 Lyman St: Dean M. Grimes of North Adams to John M. Piekos, $140,000 on 06/03/2016

492 Union St: Adam M. Cimonetti of North Adams to Daniel Gageant, $105,000 on 06/03/2016


7 Reservoir Heights Rd: Herman and Myra Treitel of Otis to Rudolph J. and Lori A. Mazzeo, $255,000 on 06/02/2016


115 Asci Dr: Dustin R. and Allison M. Rotenberg of Pittsfield to Zlatan and Ines Kurjakovic, $182,000 on 05/31/2016

112 Brighton Ave: Dana M. Paronto of Pittsfield to Robert D. Hagmaier, $180,000 on 06/02/2016

57 Churchill Crst Unit 57: Gregory B. and Susan S. Knight of Pittsfield to David P. Scipione, $154,000 on 06/02/2016

35 Dexter St: Scott M. and Leah H. Luczynski of Pittsfield to Michael and Lisa Carvalho, $140,000 on 06/02/2016

15 Evelyn Park: Scoco Irene B Est and John E. Harrington of Pittsfield to John E. Harrington and J M. Spaulding-Harrington, $150,000 on 06/03/2016

35 King St: Wanda L. Johnson and Gregory J. Pittman of Pittsfield to Fred J. Pittman, $100,000 on 05/31/2016

2 Lebanon Ave: Vincent M. Lombardi and Ditech Financial LLC of Pittsfield to FNMA, $278,551 on 06/01/2016

72 Northumberland Rd: Darlene A. Galliher and Michael G. Moore of Pittsfield to James A. Campagna, $125,000 on 06/01/2016

41 Paula Ave: George J. Desnoyers of Pittsfield to Tracy A. Wilson, $134,500 on 06/01/2016

146 Sampson Pkwy: Michael D. and Diane M. Sullivan of Pittsfield to Ernest J. and Suzanne R. Malafronte, $255,000 on 06/01/2016

35 Tamarack Rd: Joseph P. Gallagher of Pittsfield to Dustin R. and Allison M. Rotenberg, $202,500 on 06/01/2016

162 Velma Ave: Michael J Fox RET and John H. Fox of Pittsfield to Mitchell L. Rote and Kathryn M. Mcmillan, $185,500 on 06/03/2016


1675 Home Rd: Walter J. and Sharon R. Nourse of Sheffield to Christopher and Tyler Weld, $55,000 on 06/03/2016


19 Hawthorne Rd Unit B2: Leonard Saxe and Marion Gardner-Saxe of Stockbridge to Joseph and Jayne Meth, $475,000 on 06/03/2016


753 N Washington State Rd: Joseph P. and Teri L. Vitro of Washington to Thomas N. and Patricia J. Sadin, $235,000 on 06/03/2016

West Stockbridge

30 Pixley Hill Rd: Bernard and Marilyn Rothenberg of West Stockbridge to Engels FT and David Engels, $308,000 on 06/01/2016


28 Charles St: Norman Gloria A Est and Tina I. Norman of Williamstown to Lance T. and Mia K. Alpi, $153,000 on 06/03/2016

126 S Hemlock Ln Unit 126: Baker Geraldine F Est and Christopher M. Baker of Williamstown to Andrew J. and Patricia G. Dejoseph, $148,900 on 06/01/2016



14 Briarwood Dr: Mark J. Havel and Cheryl Holtham-Havel of Barkhamsted to Marsha S. and Joseph P. Marcinko, $200,000 on 05/23/2016

32 Fuller Rd: Lisa A. Jocobi and Amy Jacobi of Barkhamsted to Joyce L. Arsenault and Pamela J. Olano, $367,500 on 05/16/2016

9 Pinewoods Dr: Cynthia W. Phipps of Barkhamsted to Richard C. Reynolds, $220,000 on 05/31/2016

56 Robin Dr: John and Robert Downey of Barkhamsted to Alexander N. Deeley and Kathryn J. Rauscher, $220,000 on 05/09/2016

53 Taylor Rd: Richard C. and Tricia L. Reynolds of Barkhamsted to Nathan D. Samara, $270,000 on 05/31/2016

352 W River Rd: David D. and Kathy J. Lefeber of Barkhamsted to Alexis Augsberger and Kaeleen J. Poblete, $260,000 on 05/11/2016

161 W West Hill Rd: Brendi G. Drosnes of Barkhamsted to Anthony N. and Olicia M. Derosa, $257,500 on 05/31/2016


61 Route 7 N: Alisa Clickenger of Canaan to John M. Bader, $325,000 on 05/31/2016

61 Route 7 N: John M. Bader of Canaan to Vanessa Pereira, $325,000 on 05/31/2016

130 Sand Rd: Nona R. Coffill of Canaan to Cynthia L. Sanderfer, $220,000 on 05/31/2016

18 Stein Ln: Jane M. Chase of Canaan to Judy A. and Dennis M. Jacobs, $176,500 on 05/18/2016


40 Beech Hill Rd: Colebrook Properties LLC of Colebrook to Matthew and Alana Carroll, $525,000 on 05/23/2016

116 Beech Hill Rd: Evelyn J. Brodie of Colebrook to Christopher S. and Amy M. Todd, $225,200 on 05/11/2016

36 Flagg Hill Rd: William J. Zampaglione and Sovereigh Bank of Colebrook to Sovereigh Bank, $1 on 05/23/2016

368 Sandy Brook Rd: Nancy and Robert V. Hungerford of Colebrook to Trevor M. and Laura R. Williams, $219,600 on 05/13/2016


11 Bald Mountain Rd: Mark Pastre of Cornwall to James J. Pastre, $250,000 on 05/16/2016

23 Johnson Rd: Tracy F. Hewat of Cornwall to Theophile J. Meneau and Darcy M. Boynton, $780,000 on 05/23/2016

8 School St: John B. Hubbard of Cornwall to David J. Hubbard, $75,000 on 05/31/2016


56 Cottage Grove Rd: Anita Dal Ponte of Goshen to Goshen Family Holdings 2, $335,000 on 05/11/2016

210 E Hyerdale Dr: Russel P. Fradin and Judith B. Fradlin of Goshen to David Schmidt, $725,000 on 05/11/2016

82 Sherbrook Dr: Joyce Hamilton of Goshen to Rachel A. Barger, $200,000 on 05/03/2016

98 Town Hill Rd: Hernan Cortes and Amelia Gambale-Cortes of Goshen to Maria G. and Kjartan Clausen, $240,000 on 05/23/2016

New Hartford

227 Cotton Hill Rd: Francis S. Seitz of New Hartford to Kenneth A. and Sabra R. Becker, $352,000 on 06/03/2016


72 Maple Ave: Lois A. Mckee of Norfolk to Joseph G. Kelly and Clare M. Timoney, $90,000 on 05/23/2016

6 Station Pl: Station Place RE LLC of Norfolk to Norfolk Foundation Inc, $287,500 on 05/23/2016

North Canaan

8 Browns Ln: John Dugan and CHFA of North Canaan to CHFA, $1 on 05/24/2016

280 N Elm St: FNMA of North Canaan to Ann E. Talmadge, $80,000 on 05/24/2016

4 Patty Ln: William Adams of North Canaan to Victor M. and Dorotea M. Flores, $10,000 on 05/31/2016

38 Patty Ln: Justin R. Cronin and MTGLQ Investors LP of North Canaan to MTGLQ Investors LP, $96,000 on 05/16/2016

5 Quinn St: FNMA of North Canaan to Martha Mullins, $76,000 on 05/02/2016

157 S Canaan Rd: Nancy Kausyla of North Canaan to AE Land LLC, $249,900 on 05/16/2016

159 S Canaan Rd: Peter J. and Gina M. Clark of North Canaan to AE Land LLC, $270,000 on 05/26/2016

212 S Canaan Rd: Robert C. and Kandace A. Jacopino of North Canaan to Magus Hill LLC, $200,000 on 05/10/2016

379 Salisbury Rd: Bank New York Mellon of North Canaan to Joshua C. and Kimberly A. Bergenty, $13,051 on 05/16/2016

332 Norfolk Rd: Bank Of America NA of North Canaan to Dean Martel, $90,000 on 05/31/2016

15 Railroad St: Wohlfert Group LLC of North Canaan to 15 Railroad St LLC, $220,000 on 05/23/2016


184 Belgo Rd: James J. Devantery of Salisbury to Gerald R. and Richard S. Finkelstein, $1,150,000 on 05/26/2016


174 Low Rd: Elizabeth L. Doddemeade of Sharon to Miriam Jones, $160,000 on 05/24/2016

19 W Main St: Virginia L. and Gerard Kruger of Sharon to H&R Holdings LLC, $330,000 on 05/25/2016


439 Evergreen Rd Unit 439: Judith and Ellen M. Goldsmith of Torrington to Kim A. Murphy, $50,000 on 05/23/2016

120 Hawthorne Ter: US Bank NA of Torrington to Richard Fry, $57,774 on 05/19/2016

576 Hayden Hill Rd: Dennis A. and Lauren L. Pierce of Torrington to Robert Fabro, $217,000 on 05/24/2016

200 Hillside Ave: Steven and Carly Goodwin of Torrington to Mansueto M. Paganini, $170,000 on 05/23/2016

104 Mill Ln Unit 104: Elizabeth A. Mencuccini of Torrington to Michael R. Murphy, $80,000 on 05/23/2016

79 Old Burrville Rd: Pace American Inv LLC of Torrington to Nicholas D. Judson, $145,500 on 05/23/2016

52 Silbro Dr: Anthony V. Grossi of Torrington to Kelly Cilfone, $192,500 on 05/26/2016

209 Torcon Dr: Shirley H. Allison of Torrington to Travis Lipinski, $70,000 on 05/26/2016


59 Hubbard St: US Bank NA Tr of Winchester to Danping Li, $25,499 on 05/27/2016

Source: The Warren Group