Berkshire real estate transactions: May 17 through 23

The latest real estate transactions for the Berkshire Region as reported by the Warren Group.

May 17 through 23, 2015


25-27 Grove St: Hidden Hollow RT and James J. Sisto of Adams to Trevor W. Crombie, $100,000 on 05/18/2015

29-31 Grove St: Paul A. Trzcinski of Adams to Trevor W. Crombie, $440,000 on 05/18/2015

111-113 Grove St: Paul A. Trzcinski of Adams to Trevor W. Crombie, $440,000 on 05/18/2015

7 West St: Paul A. Trzcinski of Adams to Trevor W. Crombie, $440,000 on 05/18/2015


9 Wester Hook Rd: John J Price 3rd T and John J. Price of Egremont to Marco V. Benitez and Carissa M. Mann, $204,500 on 05/21/2015

Great Barrington

54 Cottage St: Richard T. and Julie M. Chen of Great Barrington to Hui Y. Zheng, $150,000 on 05/18/2015

533 Main St: William C. Reed of Great Barrington to Melissa M. Kennedy, $182,500 on 05/20/2015

487 Old Stockbridge Rd: Paula J. Schutzmann of Great Barrington to Nancy G Walters T and Nancy G. Walters, $420,000 on 05/18/2015


24 Chicopee St: Michelle L. Callahan of Lanesboro to Luke E. Mlynarczyk, $149,900 on 05/22/2015


180 Forest St: Julia E. and Michael J. Sitko of Lee to Rebecca L. Stanard, $158,900 on 05/22/2015


42 Hawthorne St: Supranowicz FT and Ronald P. Supranowicz of Lenox to Paul J. and Sarah B. Zelinke, $517,500 on 05/20/2015

4 Morgan Mnr Unit 7: Mary K. Young of Lenox to Lucille and Myron Drazen, $169,000 on 05/19/2015

200 Old Stockbridge Rd Unit 1: Kenneth I. and Asa K. Miller of Lenox to Bart Mosley and Andrea C. Sholler, $485,000 on 05/18/2015

North Adams

52 1st St: Dempsey FT and Carrie L. Alibozek of North Adams to David I. Sookey and Kailey R. Demarsico, $135,000 on 05/19/2015

65 Gallup St: Shain W. Thoresen and Mountainone Bank of North Adams to RSB Properties LLC, $40,000 on 05/18/2015


29 Churchill Crst Unit 29: Kurt M. and Daralyn A. Hospot of Pittsfield to Erin M. Carlotto, $179,000 on 05/18/2015

24 Fairview Ave: Andre Robert and Ann Dupont of Pittsfield to Benoit Robert, $130,000 on 05/22/2015

44 Garden St: Urban Financial America of Pittsfield to IBT Investments LLC, $39,000 on 05/18/2015

267 Highland Ave: Jeffrey A. and Angela S. Quinto of Pittsfield to Kayla D. and Jamie D. Winters, $169,500 on 05/18/2015

61 Lucia Dr: Arthur O. Pelletier and Linda M. Maynard of Pittsfield to Gerould J. Harding, $154,900 on 05/18/2015

12 Otis Ave: Josh A. Bennett and Jennifer K. Jennings of Pittsfield to Jeffrey A. and Angela S. Quinto, $278,500 on 05/18/2015

24 Ridgeway Ave: Harold M. and Mary L. Brown of Pittsfield to Senen Maruli and Monna Darmadi, $154,000 on 05/18/2015

182 Union St Unit 2: Martha W. Mohr and Ronald I. Shaw of Pittsfield to Albert Garland RET and Margaret Garland, $150,000 on 05/22/2015


131 East Rd: Barbara C. and Stuart B. Dixon of Richmond to Glen J. and Elaine Campbell, $200,000 on 05/21/2015


5 Dodd Rd: Zoe R. Marinelli of Sandisfield to Jason D. Veilleux, $144,200 on 05/19/2015

312 Lakeshore Dr: Jane R. Brown of Sandisfield to Douglas R. and Jessica L. Rosenzweig, $260,000 on 05/21/2015


24 Pine St: Michael and Marilyn Dee of Stockbridge to Inkerman Terrace T and Nancy Fontana, $400,000 on 05/19/2015

West Stockbridge

9 Stockbridge Rd: James M. Schantz and Kim M. Saul of West Stockbridge to James W. Ballen, $200,000 on 05/18/2015 


104 Belden St: Denny G. and David C. Park of Williamstown to Shannon Dandurand and Sarah L. Gerdeman, $20,000 on 05/18/2015

99 Buxton Hill Rd: George R. and William L. Harvey of Williamstown to Stephen A. and Erin E. Palmer, $258,000 on 05/20/2015

415 N Hemlock Ln Unit 415: Feldman RT and Rita Feldman of Williamstown to Philip R. and Kathleen L. Mcknight, $360,000 on 05/21/2015

1012-1016 N Hoosac Rd: Edward S. Diamond of Williamstown to Closson K. and Diane R. Scott, $220,000 on 05/18/2015



11 Route 7 N: Regina L. Jasmine of Canaan to Heidi L. Terrell, $93,900 on 04/13/2015

90 Sand Rd: Canfield Group LLC of Canaan to Charissa M. Blouch, $159,000 on 04/01/2015


43 Ashley Dr: Francisco and Fay Gomes of Goshen to Patrick and Amy Marchand, $275,000 on 04/30/2015

61 Bartholomew Hill Rd: Cydonia Boonshaft of Goshen to Elyse M. Wright, $310,000 on 04/23/2015

218 Beach St: Joseph and Nadine Doherty of Goshen to Scott Bond, $327,500 on 04/01/2015

69 Bentley Cir: Matthew and Audrey B. Blondin of Goshen to Joseph and Nadine Doherty, $220,000 on 04/28/2015

34 Canterbury Ct: Russell Abramson of Goshen to Austin and Leslie Abramson, $150,000 on 04/30/2015

121 E Hyerdale Dr: Lewis Thaler of Goshen to Valerie Chisholm, $290,000 on 04/10/2015

23 Mill St: Kim M. Fadoir of Goshen to Mark and Sharah Rebosa, $105,000 on 04/07/2015

65 Paxton Ct: Stacey A. and Alfredo Biamonte of Goshen to Lee N. Matos, $200,000 on 04/01/2015

274 Sharon Tpke: Retained Realty LLC of Goshen to Valbona and Reis Lebiti, $267,500 on 04/13/2015

Shelbourne Dr: Russell Abramson of Goshen to Austin and Leslie Abramson, $50,000 on 04/30/2015

293 W Hyerdale Dr: Stephen Radocchia of Goshen to James Raphalian, $1,175,000 on 04/29/2015

North Canaan

11 Deely Rd: Dennis J. and David Togninalli of North Canaan to Patricia A. Marshall, $90,000 on 04/08/2015

158 Lower Rd: OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of North Canaan to Louis Trotta, $52,500 on 04/15/2015

342 Norfolk Rd: Ali and Pamela S. Farzan of North Canaan to Amanda M. Freund, $215,000 on 04/01/2015

10 Railroad St: Bayview Loan Servicing of North Canaan to Robert C. Sprague, $36,000 on 04/15/2015


25 Deep Woods Rd: Paul A. and Donna M. Drews of Salisbury to Daniel A. Russell and Mary E. Carroll, $830,000 on 04/10/2015

Indian Mountain Rd: Robin A. Ball of Salisbury to Carl K. Oppenheimer, $3,000 on 04/02/2015

Lime Rock Rd: Alden F. Briscoe of Salisbury to Cory L. Murphy and Kathleen H. Williams, $75,000 on 04/13/2015

266 Lime Rock Rd: Thomas A. Christenson of Salisbury to James E. Simon and James A. Mills, $500,000 on 04/30/2015

80 Lincoln City Rd: Joan M. Groves of Salisbury to Jean Michel Campagne and Claudine E. Mallory, $285,000 on 04/06/2015

Red Mountain Rd: Alden F. Briscoe and Stacy A. Brisco of Salisbury to Cory L. Murphy and Kathleen H. Williams, $200,000 on 04/13/2015

37 Under Mountain Rd: Barbara and Donale Dinello of Salisbury to Marisa Beligni-Simmons, $200,000 on 04/28/2015


248 Gay St: Charles A. and Elizabeth T. Frank of Sharon to Patrick Mullin and Thomas Delaney, $1,185,000 on 04/20/2015

367 Gay St: Rosemary Allen of Sharon to Thomas J. Mariano, $225,000 on 04/07/2015

13 Herb Rd: Baron S. Lonner of Sharon to Juan Torres, $850,000 on 04/14/2015

Hilltop Rd: John P. Egan of Sharon to Philip Shaffer-Truax, $45,000 on 04/20/2015

Old Sharon Road 3: George G. and Claire J. Stoehr of Sharon to Owen W. and Ellen A. Potter, $75,000 on 04/02/2015

436 Route 7: Edward and Michelle VanVlaanderen of Sharon to Eric Fine and Irina Shutova-Fine, $85,000 on 04/06/2015

449 Route 7: Michael Izzi of Sharon to Jack R. Pace and Colleen A. Tully, $660,000 on 04/27/2015

164 W Cornwall Rd: Jack D. Riley of Sharon to Jared Levin, $371,000 on 04/09/2015

6 Weeds Dam Rd: Scott L. Monroe of Sharon to Jonathan W. Wilber, $50,000 on 04/17/2015

14 Williams Rd: US Bank NA of Sharon to 14 Williams Rd LLC, $135,000 on 04/02/2015

Source: Warren Group