Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 9-15, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Sept. 9-15, 2018



10 Alger St: Leanne M. Muir of Adams to Heather L. Lampiasi, $144,000 on 09/13/2018

20 Orchard St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Adams to Jeremy Varno, $64,974 on 09/13/2018

12-18 S Willow St: East Side Properties LLC of Adams to Berkshire Home Rentals, $147,500 on 09/11/2018


30 Washington St: Lussier Realty LLC of Becket to 30 Washington Street LLC, $154,000 on 09/11/2018


628 Stafford Hill Rd: Paul A. and Kathleen M. Catelotti of Cheshire to Steven A. Thomashow and Nancy M. Fontanella, $499,000 on 09/14/2018


398 N Houghton St: Joseph Volff and Bank Of New York Mellon of Clarksburg to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $82,677 on 09/13/2018


21-25 Cliff St: Christine A. and Edward H. Szklasz of Dalton to Christine A. Szklasz, $72,000 on 09/14/2018

96 Depot St Unit A: Michael R. Sullivan and Whitney C. Stengl of Dalton to Robert E. and Gail P. Ginthwain, $117,000 on 09/14/2018

165 Depot St: Kathleen J. Culliton of Dalton to Steve M. and Michele A. Burrington, $255,000 on 09/13/2018

Great Barrington

52 Reed St: King Mary L Est and Mary Chory of Great Barrington to Lean To LLC, $219,000 on 09/12/2018


405 New Windsor Rd: Cynthia J. Rose of Hinsdale to Todd Rose, $106,000 on 09/14/2018


19 Sunrise St: Falcone FT and Josephine Falcone of Lanesborough to David and Renee Montella, $278,400 on 09/14/2018


25 Canal St: Ignacio J. Miranda and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Lee to Arthur Palermo, $83,000 on 09/12/2018

285 East St: Lynda Brazee and Andrea M. Baker of Lee to Louis R. Puleri, $190,000 on 09/14/2018


29 Eaton Rd: William Swan of Monterey to Shawn L. Tryon and Carly A. Detterman, $325,000 on 09/14/2018

Mount Washington

46 East St: Kyle Costello and Jessica Bell-Masterson of Mount Washington to William P. Ryan, $600,000 on 09/13/2018

New Marlborough

1093 Clayton Mill River Rd: David Shalaby and Michelle Mcauley-Shalaby of New Marlborough to Peter and Elizabeth Reynolds, $1,100,000 on 09/13/2018

North Adams

14 Holden St Unit 14: Carol Kiendl RET and Carol Kiendl of North Adams to Rebelo LT and Dennis J. Rebelo, $315,000 on 09/10/2018

30 Whitman St: Barbara J. Andrews of North Adams to Alexandra Diaddezio and Alex G. Mason, $112,000 on 09/10/2018


1 David Dr: Henry and Anita Schwerner of Peru to Eric J. Schwerner, $100,000 on 09/10/2018


72 2nd St: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Pinnacle Property Opertns, $1 on 09/12/2018

55 Adam St: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Pinnacle Property Opertns, $1 on 09/12/2018

57 Adam St: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Pinnacle Property Opertns, $1 on 09/12/2018

1136 Barker Rd Unit 46: Marie Metlay FT and Joshua Metlay of Pittsfield to Marcia Tress, $474,900 on 09/11/2018

75 Boylston St: Christopher Robillard of Pittsfield to Julieth M. Fernandez, $143,000 on 09/14/2018

13 Brookside Dr: Daly Jeanette J Est and Ronald Jarvis of Pittsfield to Thirteen Brookside NT and Patricia A. Haraden, $271,000 on 09/13/2018

15 Buel St: Alexandra Asklipious of Pittsfield to Anthony J. Jancek, $170,000 on 09/12/2018

54 Cheshire Rd: Potter Nancy J Est and Harvey G. Potter of Pittsfield to Leonard N. Haley, $139,000 on 09/11/2018

4 Delaware Ave: Diana Mendez-DeGarand of Pittsfield to Apartments R Us LLC, $131,900 on 09/14/2018

46 Elmhurst Ave: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Louise J. Laroche, $1 on 09/12/2018

72 Essex St: Gerald R. Lyon and Nancy M. Keehnle of Pittsfield to Mark E. and Erin M. Kennedy, $194,627 on 09/14/2018

174 Fort Hill Ave: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to David W. Shufelt, $1 on 09/12/2018

94 Holmes Rd: Edward J. and Gloria J. Chretien of Pittsfield to Autumn G. and Sherrie L. Leon, $89,900 on 09/14/2018

940 Holmes Rd: James E. Pyne and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $25,000 on 09/12/2018

34 Jayne Ave: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Michael D. Penna, $1 on 09/12/2018

16 Lincoln St: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Pinnacle Property Opertns, $1 on 09/12/2018

87 Lincoln St: CEM Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Patricia and Bruce Trumble, $25,000 on 09/11/2018

78 Madison Ave: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Pinnacle Property Opertns, $1 on 09/12/2018

52 Newell St: Siobhan K. Hebler and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $80,750 on 09/12/2018

39 Ora Dr: Gleb V. and Ann Jerebtsov of Pittsfield to Leanne M. Muir, $187,000 on 09/13/2018

424 Partridge Rd: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Pinnacle Property Opertns, $1 on 09/12/2018

45 S Merriam St: Ryan J. Evangelisto of Pittsfield to Franklin M. Patrick, $149,900 on 09/10/2018

40 Sampson Pkwy: Daniel L. and Susan A. Caritey of Pittsfield to Thomas J. and Carolyn S. Strnad, $272,000 on 09/12/2018

118 Sampson Pkwy: Cheryl A. Ricci of Pittsfield to Linda A. Obrien, $255,000 on 09/14/2018

499 Tamarack Rd: Lester FT and Lois J. Lester of Pittsfield to Mark C. and Nancy P. Pailley, $315,000 on 09/12/2018

45 Thomson Pl: John W. and Deborah J. Ciullo of Pittsfield to Corey M. Cousino, $219,000 on 09/14/2018

748 Tyler St: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Rujoy RT and John Kastrinakis, $1 on 09/12/2018

7 Walden Ln: William C. and Bonnie L. Sexton of Pittsfield to Thomas R Kelley 2015 FT and Thomas R. Kelley, $200,000 on 09/14/2018

41 Wood Ave: Tanya L. Percy of Pittsfield to Eric and Tanya L. Percy, $43,357 on 09/14/2018

67 Wood Ave: Rosemary I. Doucette of Pittsfield to Brian L. and Amber L. Dinicola, $153,950 on 09/14/2018


24 Tilton Rd: Rosita Serrano of Savoy to Kenneth E. Reynolds, $50,000 on 09/11/2018


181 Bunce Rd: Robert G. and Teena M. Troy of Sheffield to Joshua R. and Melani D. King, $315,000 on 09/14/2018

206 E Main St: Marsha Altemus of Sheffield to Milton C. and Micheline Weiler, $205,000 on 09/10/2018

376 Polikoff Rd: Philip R. Coso and Greylock FCU of Sheffield to Ruby Realty LLC, $125,000 on 09/14/2018


20 Beachwood Dr: Marilyn H Levine NT and Murray Levine of Stockbridge to AE&BL 2017 LT and Andrew Eisen, $285,000 on 09/14/2018

12 Main St: Ruth S. Pearce and Gareth Davies of Stockbridge to Harlow C. Ide and Rebecca J. Smith, $1,130,000 on 09/10/2018


67 Linden St: Kevin M. and Moria O. Jones of Williamstown to William H. and Clara C. Reed, $405,000 on 09/14/2018

303 Stratton Rd: Werner Gundersheimer T and Werner Gundersheimer of Williamstown to James and June Howe, $1,095,000 on 09/14/2018



30 Culvert St: Josephine B Cisco RET and Nancy C. Gilbert of Torrington to Jean M. Oconnor, $146,200 on 09/05/2018

795 Migeon Ave: Carole A. Winegar and Norma M. Becker of Torrington to Richard Sieller, $90,760 on 09/07/2018


562 Main St: Viva Building 562-564 LLC of Winchester to SLP Contractors LLC, $78,600 on 09/10/2018


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