Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Sept. 29 - Oct. 5, 2019



68 Lime St: Patricia A. Gancarz of Adams to Jenna M. and Patricia A. Gancarz, $145,000 on 10/04/2019

10 Orchard St: Roy and Cynthia Vontobel of Adams to Jonathan and Nicole Berman, $146,900 on 10/04/2019


34 Iroquois Ave: Anne-Marie Ebner and Jamie L. Lerch-Ebner of Becket to Phillip Wasserman and Laurie R. Friedman, $367,000 on 10/07/2019

886 King Richard Dr: David R. and Debra L. Fitch of Becket to Edson and Teresa Dias, $185,000 on 10/07/2019


20-22 Mill Hill Rd: Garret C. Wood and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Cheshire to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $118,900 on 10/03/2019

519 Notch Rd: Christopher and Paige E. Cochran of Cheshire to William M. Moriarty, $250,000 on 10/03/2019


175 Middle Rd: David W. and Lance W. Tatro of Clarksburg to Dennis Bernardi, $75,000 on 10/07/2019


77 Frederick Dr: James M. Kupernik of Dalton to Jayde E. Carlson, $318,000 on 10/03/2019

90 Frederick Dr: Red Velvet NT and W Hinckley Waitt of Dalton to Jeffrey A. and Christine M. Bialobok, $410,000 on 10/02/2019

60 North St Unit 4: Susan C. Vigeant of Dalton to James A. and Janet Zeltmann, $105,000 on 10/04/2019


177 Hillsdale Rd: Sebastiano and Ann A. Anselmi of Egremont to William P. and Amanda D. Murtagh, $517,500 on 10/07/2019

Great Barrington

Bridge St: Harland B Foster Inc of Great Barrington to GB Parking LLC, $520,000 on 10/08/2019

19 Pine St: Land Of Grace Inc of Great Barrington to Helen E. Branch, $385,000 on 10/08/2019


14 Brodie Mountain Rd: James T. and Melissa A. Connolly of Hancock to Brian M. Michels, $350,000 on 10/03/2019


59 Canterbury Ln: Alfred and Linda M. Day of Hinsdale to Robert E. and Stacy A. Hebb, $278,000 on 10/07/2019


29 Baker St: Vincent F. Stracuzzi of Lanesborough to Darryl W. Rudd, $60,000 on 10/07/2019


700 Devon Rd Unit 9-17: Michael I. and Roberta Sucoff of Lee to Margery Ostrow RET and Margery Ostrow, $710,000 on 10/04/2019

510 East St: Gerard G. and Mary E. Laflamme of Lee to Brian J. and Alicia P. Dulin, $486,000 on 10/04/2019

175 Mallard Ln Unit 175: Michael I. and Roberta Sucoff of Lee to Margery Ostrow RET and Margery Ostrow, $710,000 on 10/04/2019

60 Parkview Ter: Paul J. Bruzzi and Jessica N. Nyulassy of Lee to Robert W. Desiata and Meiyin Yuan, $250,000 on 10/07/2019

1685 Pleasant St: Leslie Sullivan-Sachs of Lee to Christina Bona, $90,000 on 10/04/2019


950 East St: Diana Engelhorn T and Fiduciary T Co Tr of Lenox to Robert M. and Kathy A. Hart, $685,000 on 10/03/2019

29 Kemble St: Stephen J. Costigan of Lenox to Gregg T. Carlo and Lisa M. Bebell, $320,000 on 10/04/2019

30 Pinecrest Dr: Timothy M. and Erin J. Hart of Lenox to Patrick and Laura Gariepy, $380,000 on 10/03/2019

113-115 Walker St Unit 1c: J Cooperstein-Lisanti and Joseph Lisanti of Lenox to Michael G. and Jean M. Popik, $139,700 on 10/08/2019


123 Pixley Rd: Greylock FCU of Monterey to Benjamin J. and Mamiko Schonbeck, $144,000 on 10/03/2019

New Marlborough

2241 Canaan Southfield Rd: Kimberly E. Bushnell of New Marlborough to Greylock FCU, $130,920 on 10/03/2019

824 Mill River Southfield Rd: Saverio L. Lamanna and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of New Marlborough to Citibank NA, $330,000 on 10/07/2019

North Adams

164-166 E Quincy St: Arthur A. Kraamwinkel of North Adams to Leonard R. Pader, $122,800 on 10/08/2019

226 E Quincy St: Chad M. and Jessica M. Richard of North Adams to Jeffrey Chapman and Keifer Gammell, $143,300 on 10/08/2019

323 Houghton St: Hilary A. Alden and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of North Adams to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $105,960 on 10/08/2019

510 State Rd Unit 205: Greylock Works LLC of North Adams to 51 Thorman Avenue Realty, $440,000 on 10/08/2019

510 State Rd Unit 201: Greylock Works LLC of North Adams to 53 Thorman Avenue Realty, $260,000 on 10/08/2019

169 State St: Federico A. and Amy M. Balestrazzi of North Adams to John H. Seto, $103,500 on 10/03/2019

304 Walker St: Meagan M. Cropper and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of North Adams to Richard L. and Jayne M. Lavariere, $50,431 on 10/07/2019


2012 E Otis Rd: George R. Martin of Otis to Jesse B. Hiller, $505,000 on 10/08/2019

110 Judd Rd: Emilie W. Sommerhoff of Otis to Thomas L. James, $220,000 on 10/03/2019


51 Egremont Ave: Malila Siv of Pittsfield to Martha O. Gyamerah and Abena K. Afrim, $220,500 on 10/03/2019

95 Lakeway Dr: Cecile A. Mcconnell of Pittsfield to Kimberly H. Gero, $2,000 on 10/08/2019

101 Longview Ter: Cormier Paul W Est and Justin P. Cormier of Pittsfield to Kyle J. Cahalan and Peter A. Trowill, $101,000 on 10/08/2019

246 Mountain Dr: Kathy A. Hamel of Pittsfield to James M. and Christine J. Kupernik, $515,000 on 10/04/2019

52 Stratford Ave: Kristin A. Light of Pittsfield to Marie J. and Robert R. Mole, $145,000 on 10/02/2019

71 W Housatonic St: Merle E. and Karen I. Varney of Pittsfield to 71 West Housatonic LLC, $100,000 on 10/04/2019

111 Wealthy Ave: Arthur L. and Anne M. Shurtleff of Pittsfield to James C. Wilker, $199,750 on 10/08/2019


20 Meadowview Ln: John E. and Danielle M. Mullen of Richmond to Wesley Pamplin and Emilia Fulop, $282,500 on 10/04/2019


18 Bow Wow Rd: Diana Blumenthal of Sheffield to Marc Z. Brettler and Tova Hartman, $475,000 on 10/03/2019

West Stockbridge

86 Great Barrington Rd: Thomas Lipiczky and Anne F. Lesser of West Stockbridge to Fred and Leslie Adler, $370,000 on 10/04/2019


275 Gale Rd: Bradley C. Svrluga and Julia G. Bowen of Williamstown to Harry C. and Constance D. Sheehy, $630,000 on 10/03/2019

942 N Hoosac Rd: Kenneth B. and Diane L. Mcalpine of Williamstown to Keith M. Davis, $65,000 on 10/04/2019

189 Stratton Rd Unit A5: Patrick W. and Dawn J. Schoorlemmer of Williamstown to Jean E. Thompson, $126,000 on 10/03/2019


1426 Windsor Bush Rd: R&M RET and Todd Marion of Windsor to Joseph E. and Caitlin E. Jennings, $213,000 on 10/07/2019



197 Park Rd: Jason Kruczek of Barkhamsted to Ronald B. Chaika, $69,000 on 09/30/2019

1 Shannon Dr: Lauren P. and Tyler G. Videtto of Barkhamsted to John R. Dye, $292,500 on 09/30/2019


128 Cornwall Hollow Rd: Alexander Haas and Brian Gloznek of Cornwall to Pamela Duncan-Silver and Henry Finkelstein, $625,000 on 09/18/2019

237 Kent Rd S: James C. Batterton of Cornwall to David Clark and Ann Logan-Wheeler, $260,000 on 09/10/2019

28 Reed Brook Rd: Pablo Taboada and Susan Vessio-Taboada of Cornwall to Jean Pierre Sommadossi and Marina Bozilenko, $2,725,000 on 09/30/2019

New Hartford

23 10 St: Donald H. Truax of New Hartford to Nicklous Monroe, $152,000 on 10/02/2019


104 Colebrook Rd: Donna L. Ellsmore-Coloske and Donald L. Coloske of Norfolk to Grayson S. Patton, $177,000 on 10/01/2019


55 Chatfield Dr: Gary E. Harmon of Salisbury to Lauren Myers-Brown and Caitlin E. Vaughn, $323,500 on 10/01/2019


36 Gay St: Everett S. Pitcher of Sharon to 14 Williams Road LLC, $130,000 on 09/30/2019


159 Allison Dr: Scott A. and Diane M. Porter of Torrington to Richard and Antonina Gillette, $215,000 on 09/27/2019

150 Amherst St: Henry J. Marchell of Torrington to Terry and Aubrey Christiano, $111,325 on 09/30/2019

12 Brass Mill Dam Rd: Niall P. and Michelle N. Soraghan of Torrington to David and Melba J. Lassy, $195,000 on 09/26/2019

18 Britton Ave: Jennifer R. and Charles R. Donovan of Torrington to S J Winn Properties LLC, $125,000 on 09/27/2019

177 Chamberlain St: John R. and Stacie Nalette of Torrington to Ricardo and Maria Lema, $179,000 on 09/30/2019

36 E Lawton St: Nikora Enterprises Inc of Torrington to Tryangle Capital Mgmt LLC, $420,000 on 09/30/2019

68 Iowa St: USA HUD of Torrington to Fredy A. Polanco, $93,775 on 09/30/2019

18 Lake St: Robert L. Fillie of Torrington to Zachery Neville, $130,000 on 09/26/2019

839 Main St Unit 104: James G. Wiker of Torrington to Warrenton Associates LLC, $49,000 on 09/27/2019

24 Moore Dr: William R. and Sheryl L. Fairchild of Torrington to Raghid A. Tallah, $169,000 on 09/30/2019

185 Oliver St: Marian Pastore and John Krulicki of Torrington to Leidy J. Palafox-Juarez, $175,000 on 09/27/2019

212 Red Oak Hl: Glenn H. Parker of Torrington to William R. and Sheryl L. Fairchild, $27,600 on 09/30/2019

201 Sherwood Dr: Christopher Fritch of Torrington to Gancarlo and Dina Petraroia, $157,000 on 09/30/2019

124 Torringford West St: Grace D. Thomas of Torrington to Edward F. and Marion G. Ziomek, $128,000 on 09/26/2019

235 White Pine Rd: Antonio T. and Florinda R. Almeida of Torrington to Glenn H. and Cheryl B. Parker, $212,500 on 09/30/2019

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 120: Jan Mella of Torrington to Shaun Famiglietti, $104,500 on 09/30/2019

17 Woodbine St: John F. Monger of Torrington to 17 Woodbine LLC, $48,000 on 09/27/2019


9 Loomis St: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Winchester to Michael Williams, $45,005 on 10/02/2019

78-80 Rockwell St: Orene W. Morgan of Winchester to Jose and Teresa Chimbo, $25,000 on 10/03/2019

102 Sucker Brook Rd: Joseph D. Brennan and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Winchester to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $83,460 on 10/02/2019


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