Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 22-28, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Sept. 22-28, 2019



9 Crotteau St: US Bank NA Tr of Adams to JD Associates LLC, $55,000 on 09/25/2019

367 E Hoosac St: Tamara B. Hitchcock of Adams to Daniel F. Burns, $229,900 on 09/26/2019

12-18 Quality St: Kevin A. Poirot of Adams to Matthew C. and Melissa M. Feldewerth, $199,000 on 10/01/2019


101 Green River Rd: Ronald and Naomi Blumenthal of Alford to Patrick S. Stayer and Jennifer A. Murray, $1,550,000 on 09/27/2019

43 Old Village Rd: Judith Dix of Alford to Julius A. Wool and Andrea R. Newmark, $1,100,000 on 09/27/2019


3238 Main St: Peter and Kenneth Hason of Becket to Matthew J. and Jenna L. Bodnar, $203,000 on 09/27/2019

231 Sherwood Dr: Aglietti LT and Richard A. Aglietti of Becket to Kathleen B. Kirschmann, $228,000 on 09/25/2019

59 Sir Edwards Way: Thomas Maher of Becket to Christopher J. Ferry, $110,000 on 09/30/2019


42 Fisher Hill Rd: Guy R. Lewis and Nathan J. Worth of Cheshire to Andrew G. and Sarah G. Perenick, $402,500 on 09/25/2019


62 Lindsay Dr: Paul H. and Kimberly A. Bruce of Dalton to Sara J. Kelley, $331,500 on 09/26/2019

43 Pease Ave: Frank and Jodie Conrad of Dalton to Lawrence J. Doughty, $175,000 on 09/27/2019

19 Pleasant St: Mary A. Mathews of Dalton to Kyle R. Kirchner, $188,000 on 10/01/2019

45 River Street Ext: Michael J. Earl and Ditech Financial LLC of Dalton to Ditech Financial LLC, $112,000 on 09/25/2019

Great Barrington

65 Anderson St: Amy L. Turnbull of Great Barrington to Justin M. Badger and Stephanie N. Dodd, $195,000 on 09/30/2019

23 Pleasant St: Sagitta LLC of Great Barrington to Todd A. and Jessica S. Curtis, $635,000 on 09/26/2019

1 White Birch Ln: Z&C Floors Inc of Great Barrington to Inez Stewart, $427,500 on 09/30/2019


9222 Mountainside Unit 9222: Dianne Cuoco IRT and Francis A. Colucci of Hancock to Ronald and Stacey A. Isaacson, $410,000 on 09/26/2019


251 Pittsfield Rd: Donald G. Graves and Bank Of New York Mellon of Hinsdale to Magni Properties LLC, $82,000 on 09/26/2019


18 Grove Ave: Henry M. and Karen R. Gold of Lanesborough to Morgan Reese-Steiner, $185,000 on 09/26/2019

10 Narragansett Ave: Michele Taylor of Lanesborough to Christopher Conry, $127,500 on 09/30/2019

56 Ocean St: Kim A. Dufour of Lanesborough to Shelli L. Witek, $190,000 on 10/01/2019

28 Westview Rd: USA HUD of Lanesborough to Steven Ouellet, $85,000 on 09/30/2019


375 Devon Rd: Cynthia L. Dickson and Joanne Yetz-Aldape of Lee to Brendan M. Heck and Carrie J. Swift-Heck, $285,000 on 09/25/2019

55 Marble St Unit 5: Wright Judith E Est and Mark A. Greenaway of Lee to Robert E. and Mary A. Adams, $195,000 on 09/25/2019

620 Stockbridge Rd: Teresa L. Bragdon of Lee to Brian M. and David J. Duval, $490,000 on 09/27/2019

270 Theresa Ter: Brian J. and Alicia J. Dulin of Lee to Michelle C. Tisdale, $295,000 on 09/30/2019


49 Brunell Ave: Dygertmalinoff RET and Paul K. Dygert of Lenox to John and Dina Sarbanes, $265,270 on 09/30/2019

200 East St: Chalsea R. Lin and Reynold L. Trowers of Lenox to Karlis M. and Margaret B. Kirsis, $285,000 on 09/30/2019

72 Plunkett St: Agar Helen F Est and Richard K. Agar of Lenox to Richard and Elaine Dowgos, $287,000 on 09/26/2019


27 Stevens Lake Rd: Jerome M. Congress of Monterey to Maura S. Griffin, $950,000 on 09/25/2019

New Marlborough

40 Stone Manor Dr: Willow Creek Partners LLP of New Marlborough to John A. and Sia L. Stovall, $750,000 on 09/30/2019

North Adams

74 Chenaille Ter: Andrea J. Tomkiewicz and Wendy Backiel of North Adams to Shaun A. and Linda M. Buckler, $320,000 on 09/25/2019

458-464 Church St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Ephraim and Emily Baker, $15,000 on 09/30/2019

3-r Francis St: Joseph F. and Wendelin H. Caffrey of North Adams to Gabriel A. Columna, $25,500 on 09/25/2019

8 Holden St Unit 8: Mark A. Cohen and Lisa A. Cass of North Adams to Aaron Williams and Elizabeth Hartung, $315,000 on 09/26/2019

366 Houghton St: Joshua and Colleen Field of North Adams to Nathan J. and Amber L. Worth, $87,900 on 09/25/2019

1304 Massachusetts Ave: Robert R. and Josephine Jordano of North Adams to Centerville Sticks LLC, $112,500 on 09/30/2019

98 Meadow St: Maris H. Owczarski of North Adams to Juli Taylor, $121,000 on 09/26/2019

133 Reed St: Maria T. Moulton of North Adams to Antoinette E. Lentine, $138,000 on 09/26/2019

675 Reservoir Rd: Jay F. and Deborah L. Crowley of North Adams to Joshua and Colleen A. Field, $187,500 on 09/30/2019

151 River St: Dorothea A. Tower of North Adams to Paul G. and Rebecca C. Lymberis, $87,000 on 09/27/2019


1286 Monterey Rd: John R. and Anastasia Stanmeyer of Otis to Hawthorn Street Props LLC, $580,000 on 09/26/2019


18 Andes Rd: James M. Dudas of Peru to Tiaona and Matthew B. Winot, $235,000 on 09/26/2019


22 Amy Ct: ALK NT and Amy L. Kroboth of Pittsfield to Steven F. Smith, $375,000 on 09/27/2019

1136 Barker Rd Unit 11: Michael P. and Carol A. Daly of Pittsfield to Jerome M. Congress, $305,000 on 09/26/2019

203 Bartlett Ave: Yong Z. Pan and Qing X. Chen of Pittsfield to Yi M. Pan, $270,000 on 09/25/2019

46 Brenton Ter: Wallin James L Est and Earl W. Albert of Pittsfield to Lasheika J. Moody, $136,000 on 09/30/2019

574 Crane Ave: John F. and Sheila I. Oswain of Pittsfield to John and Lorraine Roccabruna, $170,000 on 09/30/2019

51 Cromwell Ave: Dennis M. and Sarah J. Lynn of Pittsfield to Jane C. Blanchard and Bridget A. Boel, $131,000 on 09/26/2019

24 Curtin Ave: Jeffrey R. Hodecker and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $73,800 on 09/30/2019

1230 Dalton Ave: John H. Tart and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Pittsfield to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $65,600 on 10/01/2019

20 E Housatonic St: RCK Realty LLC of Pittsfield to This Is 40 LLC, $290,250 on 09/30/2019

26 E Housatonic St: RCK Realty LLC of Pittsfield to This Is 40 LLC, $148,500 on 09/30/2019

30 E Housatonic St: RCK Realty LLC of Pittsfield to This Is 40 LLC, $236,250 on 09/30/2019

1950 East St: 1950 East Street NT and Craig W. Lincoln of Pittsfield to Robert R. and Josephine Jordano, $159,900 on 09/30/2019

26 Edward Ave: Emilie L. Papa of Pittsfield to Silvia P. Soria, $185,000 on 10/01/2019

81 Gamwell Ave: Christopher R. and Helen C. Hill of Pittsfield to Scott S. Foster, $155,000 on 09/26/2019

49 Hollister St: Mary Redington and Susan Rapkowicz of Pittsfield to Samantha B. and Sheri L. Quinn, $85,000 on 10/01/2019

50 Hungerford St: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Berkshire Gateway Invest, $110,000 on 10/01/2019

16 Ivy Ln: Elana M. Delusky of Pittsfield to Dawn M. Decristo, $224,000 on 10/01/2019

11 Jones Ave: Ryan J. and Cory M. Evangelisto of Pittsfield to Philip W. and Kathleen J. Wicker, $80,000 on 10/01/2019

8 King St: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Richard C. Lampron, $23,099 on 09/30/2019

230 Lenox Ave: Francese Family Realty of Pittsfield to IBT Investments LLC, $45,000 on 09/25/2019

27 Meadow Ridge Dr: Neal E. and Alicia M. Ginsberg of Pittsfield to Lee T. and Nicole M. Nagata, $455,000 on 09/30/2019

104 Nancy Ave: Bank Of America NA of Pittsfield to Jose F. and Doraima Goncalves, $165,000 on 10/01/2019

116 Newell St: Mae Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Lucky Spring House Inc, $136,700 on 09/30/2019

41 Pine Grove Dr: Jodie M. Novaris of Pittsfield to Christopher R. and Alicia Hill, $205,000 on 09/26/2019

25 Springside Ave: James M. and Susan J. Horsford of Pittsfield to Ice Glen Realty LLC, $150,000 on 09/26/2019

14 Sunrise Cir Unit 14: Paul and Alyce Bernstein of Pittsfield to Edward A. and Patricia A. Chagnon, $350,000 on 10/01/2019

10 Virginia Ave: Derek S. Warren of Pittsfield to Kathleen A. Connors, $164,900 on 09/27/2019

50 Westminister St: Mitchell D. Pires of Pittsfield to Michael A. Moretti and Cortney L. Culpepper, $84,000 on 09/26/2019

53 Worthen St: Christine M. Degregorio of Pittsfield to Gina M. Krieger, $236,000 on 09/25/2019

35 Worthington St: Joshua P. Stedman of Pittsfield to James E. Eubanks, $80,000 on 10/01/2019


54 Rannapo Rd: Frederic E. Steinberg of Sheffield to Jonathan J. Freedman and Amy E. Trommer, $1,100,000 on 09/27/2019


24 Church St: Catherine F. Plakun of Stockbridge to Peter W. and Diane H. Dillon, $482,500 on 09/30/2019

34 Church St: Larry L. Kurber and Ruby Realty LLC of Stockbridge to Ruby Realty LLC, $300,000 on 09/30/2019

6 Goodrich St: Kay A. Konove of Stockbridge to Marie S. Reilly, $540,000 on 09/27/2019

200 Old Stockbridge Rd Unit C3: Sol L Schwartz RET and Risa Schwartz of Stockbridge to Joanne Guerrini, $610,000 on 09/27/2019


96 Grandview Dr: Charles J Fuqua T and Mary M. Fuqua of Williamstown to Nathaniel B. Budington and Megan E. Morey, $557,500 on 09/30/2019

217 Main St: Julia F. and Michael Haddad of Williamstown to SSZ Real Estate Hldg LLC, $226,000 on 10/01/2019

7 Manning St: Sidney C. and Patricia P. Anderson of Williamstown to Anthony E. and Ashley B. Bianchi, $340,000 on 09/30/2019

26 Thistle Path Unit 26: Hunter H. Ficke of Williamstown to William C. and Marcia J. Young, $220,000 on 10/01/2019



62 Railroad St: US Bank NA Tr of Canaan to LBC Capital LLC, $78,000 on 09/23/2019

186 Route 63: Lucas Miller and Amber Cameron of Canaan to Catherine Wales, $172,200 on 09/23/2019

263 Route 7 S: Alison M. and David M. Menniges of Canaan to Nicole Richards, $198,000 on 09/19/2019


264 Smith Hill Rd: Mary Troy of Colebrook to Mina Markovic, $334,000 on 09/26/2019


71 Bartholomew Hill Rd: Francis J. and Sarah T. Marchand of Goshen to Joseph P. and Kristen M. Lanesey, $309,000 on 09/16/2019

27 Lake Shore Dr: Lucille M. Nickerson and Ralph J. Zegarelli of Goshen to Zachery Barreto, $330,000 on 09/19/2019

37 Tamarack Ln: Ryan G. and Taylor N. Koenig of Goshen to Christine A. Nadeau, $375,000 on 09/06/2019

97 Thompson Rd: Dominic J. Dimattia of Goshen to Keith W. Voelker and Barbara A. Lowenthal, $293,000 on 09/05/2019

New Hartford

19 Buttercup Ln: Ralph H. Pinney and Karen L. Berg of New Hartford to John A. and Shannon M. Haluchak, $298,000 on 09/23/2019

14 Greenwoods Rd: James R. and Amy M. Kennedy of New Hartford to Adam and Jessica Dziob, $234,000 on 09/23/2019

39 Harriet Rd: James Borla and Susan M. Strano of New Hartford to Marie J. Kelley, $155,000 on 09/23/2019

10 Hemlock Dr: Francis and Victoria Patrick of New Hartford to John R. and Stacie A. Nalette, $390,000 on 09/30/2019

25 Ridge View Ter: Sarah A. Pritchard of New Hartford to Monika Mazur, $161,425 on 09/23/2019

54 Town Line Rd: Richard K. and Deborah G. Reichler of New Hartford to Kevin Albert, $297,500 on 09/23/2019

94 Winchester Rd: William M Feidl RET and William M. Feidl of New Hartford to Michael and Jennifer Rindflesh, $180,000 on 09/24/2019


385-389 Greenwoods Rd W: FNMA of Norfolk to Ross T. Gardner, $85,000 on 09/25/2019


60 Bunker Hill Rd: Salisbury Country Homes of Salisbury to Anthony A. Collins and Angela J. Wright, $1,515,000 on 09/20/2019


5 Arbor Ridge Rd: Amy Fischer of Torrington to Rac Closing Services LLC, $184,000 on 09/25/2019

48 Coolidge Ave: Eugene Smolley of Torrington to Kelly A. Mercieri, $201,000 on 09/24/2019

186 Dawes Ave: Koplar Antonia F Est and David Koplar of Torrington to James W. Conway, $161,900 on 09/24/2019

150 Doman Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Norman W. and Rosibel R. Mackinnon, $77,050 on 09/20/2019

100 Ford Ln: JMR Realty LLC of Torrington to Robert L. Cizauskas, $248,500 on 09/19/2019

345 Funston Ave: Susan L. Hayes of Torrington to Robert F. and Austin Rose, $119,000 on 09/19/2019

66 Greenridge Rd: RIR Investments LLC of Torrington to David A. and Cynthia M. Starr, $134,500 on 09/19/2019

41 Heights Dr: Jason W. Fuller of Torrington to Shannon M. Mcgrane, $149,500 on 09/23/2019

73 High St: Robert Weishaus of Torrington to David S. Wheaton, $110,000 on 09/23/2019

61 Hunter Ct Unit 61: Jerry F. and Susan L. Davidson of Torrington to Teresa L. Crusius, $108,000 on 09/23/2019

83 Hunter Ct Unit 83: Ellen J. Schroeder of Torrington to Joseph Santella, $69,000 on 09/19/2019

839 Main St Unit 16: Warrenton Mill Assn Inc of Torrington to James A. Killie, $15,499 on 09/20/2019

839 Main St Unit 16: James A. Killie of Torrington to Dominique R. Franco, $40,000 on 09/20/2019

124 Mckinley St: Naehrig Ilse Est and Claus Naehrig of Torrington to Shpend Shehu, $57,000 on 09/23/2019

860 Migeon Ave: Christopher E. Ryan of Torrington to Tracy E. Follert, $185,000 on 09/25/2019

110 Queens Rd Unit 110: Sperry Sandra Kay Est and Allison Hendricks of Torrington to Kojo Asante-Sakyi, $70,000 on 09/19/2019

150 Silver Fox Ln: Lois A. Voisine of Torrington to William M Feidl RET and William M. Feidl, $242,000 on 09/24/2019


155-157 Gilbert Ave: Emerald Groupw LLC of Winchester to Weigold Real Estate LLC, $235,000 on 09/30/2019

30 Mountain Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Winchester to John Vitale, $63,007 on 09/27/2019

217 N Main St: Emerald Groupe LLC of Winchester to Weigold Real Estate LLC, $117,500 on 09/30/2019

207 Old New Hartford Rd: Bruno Vasilattis and Pennymac Loan Services of Winchester to Pennymac Loan Services, $1 on 09/27/2019

200 Perch Rock Trl: Alan P. and Lorie Gravel of Winchester to Glenn A. and Amy W. Frankel, $657,500 on 09/23/2019

222 South Rd: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Winchester to Gianfranco Audia and Deisy V. Espinoza, $352,800 on 09/26/2019

174 Wallens St Unit H4: Lapp T and Diane J. Jackson of Winchester to Reginald J Cote T and Reginald J. Cote, $138,500 on 09/24/2019

141 Williams Ave: David Webb of Winchester to Ashley S. and Nelson T. Crance, $116,000 on 09/25/2019


The Warren Group