Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 15-21, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Sept. 15-21, 2019



39 Crandall St: Christopher N. Lipa and Matthew W. Powers of Adams to Melissa S. Peck, $175,000 on 09/20/2019

64 East St: Ruth M. Goyette and David G. Bentley of Adams to Shaun P. and Hope L. Bussiere, $190,000 on 09/20/2019


20 Rose Hill Dr: 20 Rose Hill Drive LLC of Alford to David B. Brewster and Oleanna Klein, $2,975,000 on 09/18/2019


77 Algerie Rd: Hildegarde Freedman and Bank Of New York Mellon of Becket to Ruby Realty LLC, $126,000 on 09/24/2019

834 George Carter Rd: Jamie Samowitz of Becket to Richard and Tara Kerstetter, $269,900 on 09/23/2019

88 Greenwood Ct: Melva Norton of Becket to Matthew R. Liebenow, $151,000 on 09/24/2019

17 Trout Close Pl: Antoinette Noel of Becket to Mitchell S. Gilbert, $339,000 on 09/18/2019


60 Franklin St: Elizabeth M Chisum T and Elizabeth M. Chisum of Dalton to Michelle C. Molineaux, $155,000 on 09/20/2019

914 Main St: Glenn D. and Pamela M. Fillio of Dalton to Mark F. Schnopp and Debra L. Megas, $187,000 on 09/20/2019


125 Jug End Rd: Mary J. Strong-Goodrich of Egremont to Beyer FT and Martha A. Beyer, $190,000 on 09/24/2019

Great Barrington

454 Monterey Rd: NBT Bank NA of Great Barrington to Matthew J. Merritt, $215,000 on 09/24/2019

309 N Plain Rd: Balestro T and Anthony Balestro of Great Barrington to Barbara Bonner RET and Barbara Bonner, $338,500 on 09/20/2019

10 Parley St: Jack Musgrove of Great Barrington to Jean M. Wallick, $472,500 on 09/20/2019


180 Kittle Rd: Andrew E. Budson and Amy A. Null of Hancock to Jeremy M. and Jessica L. Ford, $204,000 on 09/20/2019


265 Bilodeau Brook Rd: Paul G. and Ann M. Brown of Hinsdale to Arthur L. and Anne M. Shurtleff, $310,000 on 09/23/2019

51 Church St: Mary C. Cahill of Hinsdale to Derek S. Warren, $227,500 on 09/18/2019

701 Peru Rd: Danielle Driscoll of Hinsdale to David P. and Catherine D. Procopio, $310,000 on 09/24/2019


36 Bailey Rd: Kenneth L. Graf of Lanesborough to Candice M. Smith, $233,950 on 09/24/2019

87 Old State Rd: Nicholas W. and Christine Witruk of Lanesborough to Elise Huebner, $141,500 on 09/20/2019


590 East St: Cheshire Green LLC of Lee to Jose Saldana, $190,000 on 09/18/2019

114 Pine St: Allison B. Cook of Lee to Richard Berry, $276,100 on 09/20/2019


19 Cliffwood St: Christine P. and Chris P. Wilkerson of Lenox to Matthew C. Cusack and Jennifer Crews, $1,088,000 on 09/20/2019

107 Crystal St: Anne K. Flynn and Marie C. Duby of Lenox to James Forgett, $182,000 on 09/20/2019

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F12: Joy Catapano of Lenox to Richard Walat, $145,000 on 09/19/2019


23 Point Rd: Stuart and Elaine Edelstein of Monterey to Marc and Madeleine Holzer, $525,000 on 09/24/2019

New Ashford

21 Mallery Rd: M E. and Joan Callahan of New Ashford to Mario N. Gagliardi and Emilee C. Connors, $730,000 on 09/20/2019

New Marlborough

1377 Mill River Great Barringt: Susan Tannenbaum T and Susan Tannenbaum of New Marlborough to Ellen Lewis, $875,000 on 09/19/2019

North Adams

727 Curran Hwy: Matthew M. Davis of North Adams to Eric W. Cardinal, $129,000 on 09/23/2019

21 Parker St: Nancy Nguyen of North Adams to Gina Meyer and Daniel Kaine, $54,900 on 09/20/2019


714 Dimmock Rd: Gregg G. and Marybeth A. Kennedy of Otis to Cristian F. Sanchez and Irene Martin, $260,000 on 09/20/2019

31 Lower Rainbow Rd: Holly J. Chisholm of Otis to Theodore J. and Andrew T. Fatse, $89,000 on 09/20/2019

2034 W Center Rd: Susan C. Oygard of Otis to James Misseldine and Holly A. Mccormack, $365,000 on 09/19/2019


89 Hickingbotham Rd: Robert E. Welz of Peru to Derek T. Bowler, $135,000 on 09/23/2019


109 Alpine Trl Unit 109: Maxine D Copulsky RET and Maxine D. Copulsky of Pittsfield to Marden Home LLC, $469,000 on 09/23/2019

82 Clarendon St: Tracy B. Parise of Pittsfield to Jeffrey B. Hayes, $135,000 on 09/18/2019

115 Crane Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Jose F. Goncalves, $40,000 on 09/19/2019

398 Elm St: James A. Marceron of Pittsfield to Adam M. and Michael J. Hughes, $192,000 on 09/20/2019

10 Exeter Ave: Andrew B. Perkins of Pittsfield to Jesse P. Lebarron, $169,000 on 09/20/2019

30 George St: Flavia R. Mastellone of Pittsfield to Nicholas A. Snyder, $200,000 on 09/20/2019

34 Laurel St: Petricca Construction Co of Pittsfield to Barrington Stage Co Inc, $1,100,000 on 09/18/2019

8 Marco Dr: Mary S. Alfonso of Pittsfield to Brittany L. Desautels and Austin W. Scott, $159,785 on 09/20/2019

86 Mountainview Dr: Sigmund&Lora Tobias RET and Sigmund Tobias of Pittsfield to Ean Rose, $329,000 on 09/20/2019

333 Onota St: Joanne Neidig and Marianne C. Lavigne of Pittsfield to Tracy Parise, $55,000 on 09/18/2019

34 Preston Ave: Barry L. StPeter of Pittsfield to Angela M. Bruseghini, $135,000 on 09/20/2019

36 Roberta Rd: Sumiran and Rebecca R. Basnet of Pittsfield to Nathan R. and Catherine A. Bovard, $239,000 on 09/20/2019

37 Saratoga Dr: Tracie D. Bennett of Pittsfield to Martha E. and James W. Tobin, $229,900 on 09/23/2019

407 Tyler St: Wallace A. Boyer of Pittsfield to Gianokakis LLC, $115,000 on 09/19/2019

21 Ventura Ave: June P. Corseri of Pittsfield to Kyle H. Dube and Brittany P. Keyes, $159,000 on 09/24/2019

78 Winship Ave: Kelly M. Phillips of Pittsfield to Noelani V. Castro, $170,000 on 09/18/2019


1080 Lenox Rd: James C. Zarvis of Richmond to Enrico Hinz, $350,000 on 09/18/2019


700 S Main St: Dolores W. Gaylord of Sheffield to SBC Holdings LLC, $100,000 on 09/19/2019


5 Goodrich St: Pamela Sandler of Stockbridge to Vincent N. Vanness and Karen A. Hawkins, $373,000 on 09/23/2019

79 Hawthorne St: William W Goessel LT and Tracey Goessel of Stockbridge to Daniel L. and Lisa S. Lehmann, $1,295,750 on 09/20/2019

West Stockbridge

292 Great Barrington Rd: Nancy Rule Goldberger RET and Leo Goldberger of West Stockbridge to Anna A. Castellani, $617,500 on 09/20/2019

37 Lenox Rd: Michael K. and Ellen L. Greer of West Stockbridge to Marc S. Gouran and Susanne V. Mcintyre, $440,000 on 09/20/2019


35 Bulkley St: Vincent P. Guntlow of Williamstown to Antony K. and Leticia Haynes, $750,000 on 09/23/2019

403 N Hemlock Ln Unit 403: Driscoll NT and Frederick Driscoll of Williamstown to Dianne M. and Michael P. Supranowicz, $279,500 on 09/24/2019

201 S Hemlock Ln Unit 201: James R. Ellingwood of Williamstown to Chareles and Dina Hochbaum, $134,000 on 09/18/2019


1016 High Street Hill Rd: Robert J. and Ruth A. Bradley of Windsor to David S. and Deborah R. Birrell, $396,000 on 09/23/2019


North Canaan

14 Railroad St: Route 7 LLC of North Canaan to AJRO Properties LLC, $95,000 on 09/19/2019


The Warren Group