Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 13-19, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Sept. 13-19, 2020



12 Beech St: Matthew and Kaci L. Nowicki of Adams to Kaitlyn A. Moresi, $158,000 on 09/14/2020

134 Commercial St: USA HUD of Adams to Donald E. Saunders, $47,000 on 09/15/2020


12 Alford Rd: Shawn M. Coyne and Carter Bibb-Bailey of Alford to Joshua D. Flax and Katrina A. Anderson, $1,525,000 on 09/17/2020


165 N Mountain Rd: Pamela A. Hawkins-Pelkey of Dalton to Thomas R. and Fiona M. Kinnas, $450,000 on 09/18/2020

Great Barrington

4 E Mountain Rd: Sara A. Meyer-Davis of Great Barrington to Vladimir J. and Nadya Lumelsky, $875,000 on 09/14/2020

86 Egremont Plain Rd: Nicholas A. Holliday of Great Barrington to Brandon J. Curtin, $309,000 on 09/17/2020

46 Kalliste Hl: Irene C. Goldman-Price and R Alan Price of Great Barrington to Jared P. Boesse and Colin S. Levy, $850,000 on 09/15/2020

84 N Plain Rd: Karen L. Guerin of Great Barrington to James Garzon and Maria Valencia, $380,000 on 09/18/2020

316 N Plain Rd: Bunce Frederick J Est and Mary E. Booton of Great Barrington to Kathleen M. Mccormick, $369,500 on 09/14/2020

10 Silver St: Bryan Rote of Great Barrington to Pierre Cum and Candice Rischner, $376,000 on 09/18/2020


Corey Rd Unit 2: Christopher T. and Wendy B. Rackley of Hancock to Ryan H. and Kimberly A. Fitzsimons, $380,000 on 09/18/2020

9343 Mountainside Unit 9343: Kenneth L. Epstein of Hancock to Aballoci NT and Malcolm Boyd, $425,000 on 09/18/2020


284 N Main St: Barbara L. Davis-Hassan of Lanesborough to 284 North Main Street LLC, $299,900 on 09/18/2020

7 Noppet Rd: Penelope Owen and Michael S. Brady of Lanesborough to Barbara E. Lafitte, $360,000 on 09/15/2020

580 S Main St Unit 403: Virginia A. Pancotti of Lanesborough to Jason R. and Valerie M. Haas, $82,500 on 09/14/2020


28 Lana Ave: David Eisenberg of Lee to Julio C. DeAssis, $92,000 on 09/16/2020

460 Mallard Ln Unit 460: Michael A. and Linda S. Moskowitz of Lee to Stuart F. and Adrienne M. Gruskin, $900,000 on 09/17/2020


43 Birchwood Ln: Reginald P. and Shirley J. Vincent of Lenox to Justin F. Hulse and Gillian P. Hurst, $419,000 on 09/14/2020

62 Church St: Hado T and Mildred Hado of Lenox to William G. Mark and Lisa M. Hado, $250,000 on 09/17/2020

89 Dunmore Ct: Salvatore and Deborah Vasta of Lenox to Michael Sternschein and Susan J. Frank, $940,000 on 09/14/2020

930 East St: Jose F. Goncalves of Lenox to Nicole and Frank DelGiudice, $285,000 on 09/16/2020

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit B1: Josef T Kozaka RET and Darcey Robinson of Lenox to Jairo V. Lozano, $93,000 on 09/14/2020

New Marlborough

1660 Clayton Mill River Rd: Robert L. Ball of New Marlborough to Walter D. and Daskam Agar, $2,500 on 09/14/2020

967 Hartsville New Marlborough R: Charles H. Jones and Patricia L. Hardyman of New Marlborough to Fabio and Kerri-Anne Scalia, $460,000 on 09/14/2020

1076 Hartsville New Marlborough R: John M. Benham and Natashea C. Winters of New Marlborough to Nathan R. Bodenstein, $336,000 on 09/16/2020

109 Mill River Great Barringt: Sara Kiesel of New Marlborough to Dimple LLC, $550,000 on 09/14/2020

328 New Marlborough South Sandis: Colleen Flinn-Mcalevy of New Marlborough to Rosalind Wright and Amram R. Shapiro, $1,675,000 on 09/18/2020

North Adams

667 Curran Hwy: Scott E. and Bernadette S. Sumner of North Adams to Paul Hydon and Chelsea Pine, $159,900 on 09/18/2020

343 E Main St: DSV SPV 3 LLC of North Adams to Christopher Paez, $15,500 on 09/18/2020

48 Porter St: Shannan M. Lapointe of North Adams to Annelise Aurillo, $184,000 on 09/18/2020

37 South St: Christopher M. Dupont of North Adams to Nathan M. Champagne, $142,000 on 09/17/2020

183 State St: 24 Realty LLC of North Adams to Shire Mtn Estates LLC, $150,000 on 09/18/2020


70 S Main Rd: Jared Smith of Otis to Zachary D. and Sarah J. Kelley, $285,000 on 09/15/2020

1816 S Main Rd: Karen Camp of Otis to Zhaoshuai Hu, $62,500 on 09/16/2020

56 Sequena Dr: Safran RT and Arthur P. Safran of Otis to Lisa R. Weinberg and Derek J. Bacharach, $325,000 on 09/16/2020

189 Tolland Rd: Drainville Virginia M Est and Arlene M. Ferreira of Otis to Dean Ensor and Kelly Mccarthy, $239,900 on 09/14/2020


26 Andes Rd: Francis R. and Nancy K. Greco of Peru to Jesse and Kate K. Welch, $266,000 on 09/15/2020


33 Crane Ave: Courtney J. Dicicco and Joseph H. Dondi of Pittsfield to Cody Coughlan, $219,000 on 09/16/2020

112 Cromwell Ave: Christine M. Elser and William Watroba of Pittsfield to Kevin A. Mercado and Carlos A. Samayoa-Rosales, $151,500 on 09/17/2020

158 Daniels Ave: Taryn J. Dargi of Pittsfield to Maria T. Pinheiro and John J. Kelleher, $128,000 on 09/17/2020

900 E New Lenox Rd: Kurt W. Grunow and Elizabeth A. Miller of Pittsfield to Evan J. Dube and Alexandra M. Garrity, $225,000 on 09/15/2020

122 High St: Todd A. and Natalia Eddy of Pittsfield to Charles Clemons, $170,000 on 09/17/2020

24 Juliana Dr: Zachery and Misty A. Roberson of Pittsfield to Zachary A. and Allison M. Gundler, $367,000 on 09/15/2020

122 Maple Grove Dr: Cheryl M. Callahan of Pittsfield to Matthew W. Esko, $237,000 on 09/17/2020

9 Meadow Ridge Dr: Mark J. Lenihan of Pittsfield to Christen E. and Aaron E. Buyack, $459,000 on 09/16/2020

30 Morgan St: James Dowling of Pittsfield to Sara M. Sambrook-Jones, $170,000 on 09/15/2020

565 Pecks Rd: Robert P Rennie LT and Marianne T. Rennie of Pittsfield to Lisa G. Hochman and Marc S. Rudoltz, $756,500 on 09/16/2020

17 S Mountain Rd: Joseph W. Farrell and Mary F. Robinson of Pittsfield to Laurel Lk Ice Co LLC, $290,000 on 09/18/2020

498 South St: Thomas E. Williams and Lee Bank of Pittsfield to Michael R. Hart, $50,000 on 09/14/2020

163 Stearns Ave: John A. Leighton of Pittsfield to Nicholas J. and Marjorie G. Garzone, $30,000 on 09/15/2020

6 Walden Ln: Michael R. and Pamela B. Smith of Pittsfield to Michael and Patricia Devito, $272,500 on 09/17/2020

38 Walden Ln: Jeannie M Hunt T and Nancy R. Hunt of Pittsfield to Douglas R. and Beth L. Nadler, $240,000 on 09/17/2020


454 Sheffield Pln: Arthur K. Rooney and Siwell Inc of Sheffield to FNMA, $110,716 on 09/15/2020


19 Hawthorne Rd Unit 9b: Saranne Kosberg of Stockbridge to Livingston Kosberg T and Livingston Kosberg, $800,000 on 09/17/2020

23-a Ice Glen Rd: Scott J Camirand RET and Scott J. Camirand of Stockbridge to Martin D Baron RET and Martin D. Baron, $1,275,000 on 09/15/2020

45 Interlaken Rd: Across Roads LLC of Stockbridge to Tardis LLC, $3,500,000 on 09/14/2020


68 Cross Place Rd: Keith R. Hendershot of Washington to Walter V. and Sandy L. Goodge, $329,000 on 09/18/2020

West Stockbridge

12 Albany Rd: Michael Strazzulla of West Stockbridge to Deborah Bowen, $192,500 on 09/18/2020


131 Berkshire Dr: Anna M. Saldo-Burke of Williamstown to Katherine V. Wadsworth and Dylan R. Parmenter, $380,000 on 09/15/2020

1685 Green River Rd: B A VanLuling 2016 RET and B A. VanLuling of Williamstown to Timothy and Caroline J. Mckeough, $642,000 on 09/16/2020

684 N Hoosac Rd: RSB Properties LLC of Williamstown to Rebecca A. Couture, $49,000 on 09/16/2020



120 Reservoir Rd: George Sayad RET and Sharon Bolduc of Barkhamsted to Peter Ohlweiler, $120,000 on 09/14/2020


25 Amy Rd: Branda L. Nielson of Canaan to Amy Liu and Lee Morgan, $385,000 on 09/15/2020


255 E Hyerdale Dr: Andrew Lerner of Goshen to Thaddeus and Elizabeth Bower, $390,000 on 09/16/2020

6 Hyerdale Ct: Barry I. and Beverly Fredericks of Goshen to Alexandra L. and David R. Carroll, $607,500 on 09/14/2020

24 Lyman Ln: Celia B. Mcgee of Goshen to Daire Hickey and Mark Grennan, $910,000 on 09/15/2020

331 Milton Rd: Nancy Jagusiak of Goshen to John E. and Cynthia A. Sahlman, $269,900 on 09/15/2020

4 Paxton Ct: Daniel J. and Shelby K. Rootenberg of Goshen to Aditi and Anand M. Menon, $439,000 on 09/14/2020

274 Sharon Tpke: Valbona and Reis Lebiti of Goshen to Matthew Saunders, $675,000 on 09/14/2020

287 Sharon Tpke: Jordan M. and Marissa G. Romaniello of Goshen to Scot and Mary K. Fraher, $370,000 on 09/18/2020

315 Sharon Tpke: Joseph A B Mccarthy T and Arline J. Mccarthy of Goshen to Abbey and Jonathan Yvon, $425,000 on 09/17/2020

New Hartford

190 Beeney Rd: Amy N. Connelly of New Hartford to Erin E. Salokas and Mohamed Tamer-Alamiri, $410,000 on 09/16/2020


176 Mountain Rd: Christianne N. Baudry of Norfolk to Alison Brown and John Nathanson, $860,000 on 09/14/2020


24 Ethan Allen St: 24 Ethan Allen Holdings of Salisbury to Donna Macletchie and Edward Busk, $590,000 on 09/14/2020

285 Farnum Rd: Carl A. Gerlach of Salisbury to Levent Kahraman, $2,200,000 on 09/14/2020

202 Salmon Kill Rd: Willis H. and Jo E. Belter of Salisbury to Daniel and Monica Belter, $680,000 on 09/17/2020

53 Upland Meadow Rd: John F. Pogue of Salisbury to Kevin L. King and Dejthanakon Inprasit, $525,000 on 09/17/2020

152 White Hollow Rd: Janice L. and Brian R. Karcheski of Salisbury to Christian Deluca, $64,000 on 09/17/2020


287 Amenia Union Rd: Michael E. Regan and Carol A. Leskanic of Sharon to Amenia Union LLC, $385,000 on 09/16/2020

104 Millerton Rd: Lionel Goldfrank of Sharon to Alexander R. Pakis, $310,000 on 09/15/2020

284 Millerton Rd: Anita M Tiburzi RET and Anita M. Tiburzi of Sharon to Jason Lemon, $90,000 on 09/16/2020

17 Rolling Hills Dr: Yong Chen of Sharon to Cassandra and Oshane Thompson, $325,000 on 09/14/2020

31 Sharon Valley Rd: Estelle Gorkofsky of Sharon to Eric P. Nelson, $148,850 on 09/17/2020


30 Ascot Ln: Michael S. and Martha C. Lehman of Torrington to Leida P. Rivera, $245,000 on 09/18/2020

7 Carmody Ct: Solomon and Hasumati Parmar of Torrington to Jennifer Hardwick, $250,000 on 09/16/2020

209 Carriage Ln: Julie Cerruto of Torrington to Franklin E. Penney and Melissa N. Nelson, $168,000 on 09/17/2020

88 Dibble St: Carolyne P. Voglesonger of Torrington to Louis M. Dengre, $75,000 on 09/14/2020

449 Evergreen Rd Unit 449: Howard P Sperber RET and Howard P. Sperber of Torrington to Jonathan and Michelle Ezer, $230,000 on 09/18/2020

53 Frederick St: Michael Schriver of Torrington to Jay and Johanne Wilson, $168,000 on 09/18/2020

70 Lake Dr: Lynda B. Nielsen of Torrington to Brian C. and Denise L. Houston, $550,000 on 09/16/2020

115 N Chapel St: Jaime Pelaez of Torrington to Alanna Licursi-Rich and Jeffrey Rich, $222,500 on 09/15/2020

503 New Harwinton Rd: Stacey Caren-Hersh of Torrington to Paulette Spagnolo and David Abbott, $262,000 on 09/14/2020

629 New Harwinton Rd: Brian N. Vassak of Torrington to Shellian Latoy-Bennett and Lorna L. Wright, $191,700 on 09/18/2020

704 New Harwinton Rd: Thomas C. Morin of Torrington to Katherine R. Mccabe, $302,000 on 09/18/2020

1282 New Litchfield St: James V. Fontana of Torrington to Edison Lalles, $190,000 on 09/17/2020

110 Old Farms Rd Unit 110: Marilyn Weiner of Torrington to Jane T. Kim, $132,500 on 09/16/2020

141 Old Farms Rd Unit 141: Kaston Phiebe M Est and David Kaston of Torrington to Flamur Ceku, $42,000 on 09/14/2020

20 Tara Dr: Christopher R. Kukuc of Torrington to Collin Dwyer, $235,000 on 09/18/2020

230 Upper Valley Rd: Alison M. and David C. Cranshaw of Torrington to Justin W. and Jennifer Oneill, $180,000 on 09/14/2020

456 Westledge Dr: Gargiulo FT and Gisele M. Gargiulo of Torrington to Lynda B. Nielsen, $316,000 on 09/16/2020


220 E Lake St: Kathleen A. Bartoli of Winchester to Maryanne Gravel, $2,000 on 09/16/2020

204 Perch Rock Trl: Beth A. Lachance of Winchester to Betty Martin and Pines David, $695,400 on 09/16/2020

207 Perch Rock Trl: Angelini Susan M Est and Maura Harris of Winchester to Kathleen Farrell, $125,000 on 09/15/2020

43 Wallens St: Joseph Anania of Winchester to James M. Bartholomew, $145,000 on 09/11/2020

126 Williams Ave: Calkins William E Est and Gregory C. Norsigian of Winchester to JDW Holdings LLC, $60,000 on 09/14/2020


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