Berkshire region real estate sales Oct. 28 – Nov. 3, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, 2018



11 Anthony St: Steven S. and Dennis C. Bechard of Adams to Julie A. Fairchild, $152,000 on 10/30/2018


235 Fred Snow Rd: Geoffrey R. Lamoreaux of Becket to Corey G. Sparks and Candice L. Cahalan, $277,000 on 10/30/2018

81 Peterson Rd: Linda J. Jackson of Becket to Christian Brenner-Sedlak, $142,000 on 10/29/2018

114 Sherwood Dr: Joan O. Ackerman of Becket to Erin Fernandes and Jamie Hopkins, $120,000 on 11/01/2018

96 Shore Rd: Kathleen M. Dowler of Becket to Elizabeth A. Sharp, $235,000 on 11/01/2018

572 Ymca Rd: Candice L. Cahalan of Becket to Joseph A. Gruber and Lisa Katz-Gruber, $299,000 on 10/30/2018


98 Meadowview Dr: Steven M. and Laurie J. Charon of Cheshire to Christy L. Richardson, $250,000 on 11/02/2018

926 N State Rd: Michael Winters of Cheshire to Raymond Robert, $10,000 on 11/02/2018

610 Stafford Hill Rd: Jeromy A. and Christy L. Richardson of Cheshire to Raymond A. and Brooke M. Duprea, $260,000 on 11/01/2018


830 East Rd: Charles and Katherine Swabey of Clarksburg to Allan D. Smith and Jennifer Rush, $375,900 on 10/31/2018


46 Burr Dr: Gary D. Dinicola and Amber Caden-Dinicola of Dalton to Patrick B. Meunier, $172,000 on 10/29/2018

1086 South St: Greenridge Enterprises of Dalton to OHM Dalton Realty LLC, $1,250,000 on 11/02/2018


65 Baldwin Hill Rd: Murphy Vincent P Est and Anne G. Murphy of Egremont to Kenneth J. and Susan E. Dyer, $800,000 on 11/02/2018

56 Lakeside Dr: Meyer Ronald R Est and Ronald Meyer of Egremont to Kenneth J. Habarta and Erica Randlett-Habarta, $330,000 on 10/29/2018

Great Barrington

5 Burning Tree Rd Unit 5: Eajones & Associates LLC of Great Barrington to Charles J. Ferris and Melissa E. Mishcon, $765,000 on 11/02/2018

35 Monument Valley Rd: Jaicks David Est and Northern T Co of Great Barrington to Bradley Tryon and Janet Jensen, $190,000 on 11/01/2018

80 N Plain Rd: Daniello FT and Lorraine M. Daniello of Great Barrington to Christopher J. Daniello, $200,000 on 10/30/2018

318 Park St N: Suzanne F. Sylvester and Joseph F. Gerard of Great Barrington to Marisa J. Burntitus, $236,100 on 10/31/2018


230 Robinson Rd: Donald K. Adams and Patricia P. Roy of Hinsdale to Patricia P. and Althea L. Roy, $100,000 on 10/30/2018


56 Baker St: FNMA of Lanesborough to Richard E. Robichaud, $64,900 on 10/29/2018


186 Chanterwood Rd: David N. and Adrienne K. Rynes of Lee to Ramona Persaud, $725,000 on 10/31/2018

60 Cliffwood St: Evan S. Laudon of Lee to William R. Lalli, $252,000 on 11/01/2018

215 Devon Rd: Michael J. Vanzandt of Lee to Robert D. Ginsberg, $520,000 on 10/29/2018

35 Via Bondi: Claudia A. Pepper of Lee to Derek L. and Valerie N. Chisom, $450,000 on 11/02/2018

51 W Center St: Richard E. Cernik of Lee to Mill Renaissance LLC, $400,000 on 10/30/2018

57 W Center St: Richard E. Cernik of Lee to Mill Renaissance LLC, $400,000 on 10/30/2018


624 East St: Martha A. Peskin of Lenox to Giancarlo A. and Mary A. Cantella, $336,700 on 10/31/2018

51 Kemble St: Charles P. and Sally B. Allen of Lenox to Kavin Bui and Dan T. Trieu, $298,000 on 10/31/2018

New Marlborough

312 Norfolk Rd: Michael and Elise Richman of New Marlborough to James K. Hanson, $499,000 on 10/29/2018

North Adams

6 Citation Ave: Kimberly A. Rice of North Adams to Christine A. Gamari, $154,900 on 10/31/2018

186 Hawthorne Ave: Malinda J. Hayden of North Adams to Christopher E. Chiodo and Mary Lewis-Chiodo, $170,000 on 10/30/2018

37 South St: Karen J. Belland of North Adams to Christopher M. Dupont, $82,000 on 10/31/2018

52 Veazie St: Victoria R. Guntlow of North Adams to Amanda T. Jones, $85,000 on 10/30/2018


12 Monterey Rd: Susan Dillard of Otis to Jordan E. and Meghann E. Arnold, $120,000 on 11/02/2018

1514 Monterey Rd: Donna L. Seymour and Kenneth R. Bartow of Otis to Casey M. and Sydney A. Carl, $222,000 on 10/31/2018

635 Reservoir Rd: John E Mccray RET and John E. Mccray of Otis to Mario and Christine R. Frascarella, $410,000 on 11/02/2018


63 Alpine Trl Unit 63: Aire LLC of Pittsfield to Michael J. and Mary R. Feldberg, $345,000 on 11/01/2018

80 Center St: SRG Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Castro Torres, $128,000 on 11/02/2018

157 Cheshire Rd: Joshua N. Arico of Pittsfield to David P. and Donna L. Edwards, $141,950 on 10/31/2018

27 Curtis St: Mary V. Mcdermott of Pittsfield to Kellogg Properties LLC, $66,000 on 11/01/2018

33 Curtis St: Mary V. Mcdermott of Pittsfield to Kellogg Properties LLC, $77,500 on 11/01/2018

253 Dewey Ave: Caroline A. Golden and CIT Bank NA of Pittsfield to Bank Of America NA, $43,000 on 11/02/2018

593 Elm St: Brian K. and Lori A. Belknap of Pittsfield to William J. and Allison R. Botto, $155,000 on 10/31/2018

52 Garden St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Pittsfield to Mav NT and Jack Elliott, $68,100 on 10/30/2018

37 Gordon St: Dylan Anthony LLC of Pittsfield to Marc C. Amaral, $210,000 on 11/01/2018

72 Harryel St: James A. Kordana and Stella V. Wibby of Pittsfield to Ryan J. Evangelisto, $114,000 on 11/01/2018

15 Kellogg St: Mary V. Mcdermott of Pittsfield to Kellogg Properties LLC, $46,000 on 11/01/2018

321 Lebanon Ave: Tallage Lincoln LLC of Pittsfield to Colin A. Adams, $99,000 on 10/29/2018

79 Louise St: Shane M. Parrott and Allison Czabaj-Parrott of Pittsfield to Patrick J. Connors, $157,000 on 11/01/2018

15 Loumar Dr: Nancy E. Connor of Pittsfield to Patrick M. Finamore, $245,535 on 10/31/2018

433 North St Unit 201: Michael D. Collins of Pittsfield to 433 North RE LLC, $167,500 on 11/01/2018

433 North St Unit 204: John R. Perry of Pittsfield to 433 North RE LLC, $135,000 on 10/29/2018

433 North St Unit 302: Maxlane RT and Barton Raser of Pittsfield to 433 North RE LLC, $167,500 on 11/01/2018

1043 North St: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Lisa Hirsch, $45,100 on 10/30/2018

10 Oswald Ave: Maureen M. Connors and Anne M. Michaels of Pittsfield to Richard N. Hopkins, $172,500 on 11/02/2018

665 Pecks Rd: Geraldine Hermanski and Maureen J. Piacenti of Pittsfield to Simon E. Cole and Kirsten A. Gellella, $161,000 on 11/01/2018

61 Pine Grove Dr: Brandon M. and Alyssa D. Gallagher of Pittsfield to Mary B. Larrow, $210,000 on 11/01/2018

142 Pomeroy Ave: Francis X. Spina of Pittsfield to Scott and Joan Osleeb, $233,000 on 10/31/2018

29 Richmond Ave: Bayview Loan Servicing of Pittsfield to Kyle S. Taylor, $79,900 on 10/29/2018

71 Richmond Ave: Lloyd A. Banister and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $55,000 on 10/31/2018

30 Rockland Dr: Christine A. Smith and Elaine M. Myers of Pittsfield to Robert J. and Debra S. Galvagni, $265,000 on 10/29/2018

18 S Carolina Ave: Sawyer Harriet M Est and Paul F. Brennan of Pittsfield to Shelby and Nadine Hiser, $72,000 on 11/01/2018

194 S Mountain Rd: Obrien FT and Linda A. Obrien of Pittsfield to Luke M. Conroe and Justina E. Jordano, $273,000 on 10/31/2018

67 Somerset Ave: Alfonso and Maria G. Cirillo of Pittsfield to Sarah M. Holmes and Michael D. Walsh, $182,000 on 11/02/2018

2 South St: Bercom LLC of Pittsfield to 2 South Street LLC, $900,000 on 11/01/2018

65 Stoddard Ave: Robert A. Bruno of Pittsfield to Andrew B. and Louise M. Cooper, $150,000 on 11/02/2018

117 Union St: M Callahan Inc of Pittsfield to Duta Real Estate LLC, $173,000 on 11/01/2018

578 W Housatonic St: Jeffrey L. Gardner of Pittsfield to Justine B. Dus, $113,500 on 10/31/2018

72 Wealthy Ave: John L. Friederick and Sharon E. Coe of Pittsfield to Michael Mcneil, $137,000 on 10/31/2018

30 Willard Pl: Joshua R. North of Pittsfield to Andrea T. Farmer, $100,000 on 10/29/2018

50 Williams St: Andrew S. Begrowicz of Pittsfield to Christopher A. Begrowicz, $140,674 on 11/02/2018

10 Winter St: Mary V. Mcdermott of Pittsfield to Kellogg Properties LLC, $60,500 on 11/01/2018

60 Wood Ave: Christian M. Cardillo and Kaitlin E. Delasco of Pittsfield to Bryan Cota, $105,000 on 10/31/2018


112 Sandisfield Rd: Thomas R. and Mary O. Dawson of Sandisfield to Melanie M. Dawson, $40,000 on 11/02/2018


1322 Home Rd: FNMA of Sheffield to Joseph and Rose Glaszcz, $128,000 on 11/02/2018

West Stockbridge

57 State Line Rd: Christopher A. Tonini and Shayna M. Rocque-Tonini of West Stockbridge to Caleb and Chelsea Huff, $251,700 on 11/02/2018


54 Arnold St: Sean M. and Tracy Stephen of Williamstown to ENL LLC, $122,500 on 11/01/2018



73 Dublin Rd: Brian J. Dedonato of Canaan to Taylor P. Ford, $210,263 on 10/30/2018


15 Old Creamery Rd: Edward and Sharnel J. Pilko of Colebrook to Samantha Schlosser, $197,000 on 10/15/2018


127 Bentley Cir: Sybarite Assett T of Goshen to Marla S. Walter, $324,900 on 10/31/2018

77 Hageman Shean Rd: 77 Hageman Shean LLC of Goshen to Frank Selvaggi, $1,600,000 on 10/29/2018

55 Jakes Rd: Kevin J. Fischer of Goshen to Mark Dwyer and Makiko Kawaguchi, $350,000 on 10/22/2018

8 Squire Ct: Monica Y. Geerling of Goshen to Grail M. Kearney and Christian R. Canfield, $217,000 on 10/24/2018

60 Wellsford Dr: Robert Medoro and Linda Charles of Goshen to Jonathan A. and Betty J. Collins, $270,000 on 10/22/2018

New Hartford

20 Spencer Brook Rd: Kenneth J. and Robin J. Nardini of New Hartford to Ryan and Jennifer A. Bingham, $425,000 on 11/02/2018

North Canaan

49 Sodom Rd: Southern Specialty Prop of North Canaan to Allyn D. and Melyssa R. White, $55,000 on 11/01/2018


74 Sharon Valley Rd: Thomas Schoonmaker of Sharon to Judith A. Baldwin, $201,000 on 10/29/2018


64 Albert St: Bette L. Morrissey and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 10/30/2018

87 Auburn Way: Allen and Gail Patenaude of Torrington to Randi Vansack, $260,000 on 10/29/2018

56 Cliffside Dr Unit G56: Irwin W. and Margo Mindell of Torrington to Kathryn J. Bangerter, $10,000 on 11/01/2018

60 Culvert St: Walter Dickinson of Torrington to Mark Bigos, $139,900 on 10/29/2018

191 Culvert St: Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Kraig Clark and Kari Cerruto, $58,000 on 11/01/2018

29 Dwyer Pl: Steven Pollevoy and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 10/26/2018

28 Edgewood Dr: Donna Springer of Torrington to Mark J. and Ellen B. Bishop, $155,000 on 10/26/2018

31 Hodges Hill Rd: Christopher Beck of Torrington to Jeremy D. Genlot, $149,000 on 10/29/2018

97 Hunter Ct Unit 97: Martha E. Eardle of Torrington to David A. Tripp, $105,000 on 10/26/2018

33 King St: BD Asset Co 8 LLC of Torrington to Romero Property Mgmt LLC, $52,500 on 10/30/2018

231 Ledge Dr Unit 231: Irwin W. and Margo Mindell of Torrington to Robert J. and Jane A. Grochowski, $70,000 on 11/01/2018

15 Lois St: Patricia A. Sugerak of Torrington to Ryan Batchelder, $35,000 on 10/31/2018

356 Migeon Ave: Weigold Real Estate LLC of Torrington to Della Realty 4 LLC, $200,000 on 10/31/2018

367 Migeon Ave: Weigold Real Estate LLC of Torrington to Della Realty 3 LLC, $300,000 on 10/31/2018

643 Mountain Rd: Gregory J. and Romona E. Campanelli of Torrington to Shawn and Susan Mcghee, $149,900 on 10/30/2018

22 Nelson St: Nikolay and Inna Tretyak of Torrington to Charles and Emma F. Mcgarvie, $185,000 on 10/30/2018

165 New Harwinton Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Torrington to Stephen J. and Mary S. Birmingham, $59,850 on 10/30/2018

38 Rockledge Loop Unit 38: Robert Redman of Torrington to James K. Obst, $72,000 on 10/31/2018

111 S Main St: Motorsports Mansion LLC of Torrington to Patterson Real Estate LLC, $210,000 on 10/31/2018

3 Surrey Ln Unit A3: Timothy Chmiel of Torrington to James and Charles Campbell, $32,000 on 11/01/2018

360 Upper Valley Rd: Ryan and Jennifer Bingham of Torrington to Brent M. and Krystal M. Wall, $262,500 on 11/01/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 56: Gary Mcbreairty of Torrington to Terry and Linda J. Thorp, $109,000 on 11/01/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 41: Andrew M. Cummings of Torrington to Timothy A. Oakhart, $109,000 on 10/29/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 131: Joseph T. and Deborah A. Homola of Torrington to Tara M. Mccane, $110,000 on 10/31/2018


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