Berkshire region real estate sales Oct. 27 – Nov. 2, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Oct. 27 - Nov. 2, 2019



693 George Carter Rd: John C. and Stephanie Z. Kluka of Becket to Dillon Cloran, $299,000 on 10/31/2019

371 Partridge Ln: Carol A. and Bruce J. Drago of Becket to Phillip Geer and Kathleen Mysliwiec, $259,400 on 10/30/2019

76 Shawnee Shore Rd: Christian Barthelette of Becket to Shawn Murphy, $150,000 on 10/31/2019


146 Curran Rd: Teri L. Iacuessa of Cheshire to Seth D. and Tiffany J. Poplaski, $285,000 on 11/01/2019

34 Wells Park: John A. and Liseann Karandisecky of Cheshire to Lynn M. Melchiori, $175,000 on 10/31/2019


41 Audrey Dr: Brian C. Lussier of Dalton to Joshua C. and Lori A. Lussier, $190,000 on 11/05/2019

66 Norwich Dr: Ronald J. Hover and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Dalton to Molly Smith, $111,000 on 11/05/2019


206 Hillsdale Rd: Lisa Maras of Egremont to Irwin H. and Laura E. Brenner, $975,000 on 11/05/2019

Great Barrington

6 Deer Trail Rd: Gayle H. Moskowtiz and Gail H. Moskowitz of Great Barrington to Ronald L. Strickland and Beatrice B. Smith, $725,000 on 10/31/2019

71 E Sheffield Rd: Tajine and Maria J. Monjardo of Great Barrington to Christopher M. Payne, $575,000 on 10/30/2019

1 Forest Row Unit 1: Adam L. Gudeon and Loretta Antosofsky of Great Barrington to James C. Lawrence and Tomma J. VonHaeften, $199,500 on 10/31/2019

21 Knob Hl: Margaret Brownell and Adam Medina of Great Barrington to James P. and Rheri E. Kenney, $510,000 on 11/01/2019


33 Holmes Rd: David B. and Jane A. Cahalan of Hinsdale to Timothy Lufkin, $140,900 on 10/31/2019

92 White Birch Ln: David B Monk 2007 RET and Joann M. Monk of Hinsdale to Thomas and Laura Hay, $565,000 on 11/04/2019


51 Imperial St: David Joseph of Lanesborough to Michael P. and Virginia E. Menard, $215,000 on 10/31/2019

51 Narragansett Ave: G Craig and Mary-Louise Coons of Lanesborough to Kenneth M. and Deborah N. Carbone, $235,000 on 11/05/2019

115 Prospect St: Paula C. Byrdy of Lanesborough to Angela M. Larese and Jamie A. Zdon, $365,000 on 11/01/2019


880 East St Unit 19c: Steven Schwartzberg of Lee to Marcy G. Stuzin, $270,000 on 11/01/2019

100 Fernside Rd: Castle FT and Natalie Castle of Lee to James and Cheryl Lafond-Lewis, $295,000 on 10/31/2019


67 Dunmore Ct: Joan Horowitz of Lenox to John C. and Stephanie Z. Kluka, $560,000 on 10/31/2019

1 Morgan Mnr Unit 13: Geralyn Horton of Lenox to Lamar and Laurie Smith, $123,500 on 10/30/2019

169 W Mountain Rd: Michael P. Mortelliti and Marie-Josee A. Schorp of Lenox to Gustavo A. Bermudez, $520,000 on 11/05/2019

5 Yokun Ave: Lynn E. and Emily J. Wilson of Lenox to Jane H. Harris, $345,000 on 10/30/2019


79 Hupi Rd: Jeffrey J. Amezqua and Tiffany Hannon of Monterey to Charlotte and Sean Muellers, $1,125,000 on 11/01/2019

Mt Washington

164 East St: Dalessio Patricia B Est and Stephen A. Dalessio of Mt Washington to Shadblow Tree LLC, $667,926 on 10/31/2019

North Adams

104 Bradley St: Shaun M. Mckay of North Adams to James Lathrop and Mona Tovani, $146,640 on 11/01/2019

72 School St: Robert V. Malloy of North Adams to Anthony and Michaela Brait, $72,200 on 11/01/2019


1898 Monterey Rd: Cheryl L. Howitt of Otis to Elizabeth P. Maschmeyer, $126,000 on 10/30/2019


37 Albro St: Handerek Michael B Est and Z A. Cochrane-Handerek of Pittsfield to Samuel J. Ardia, $70,100 on 10/31/2019

175 Ann Dr: Kristen Lochrie T and Kristen Lochrie of Pittsfield to Thomas P. and Sarah A. Butler, $563,000 on 11/01/2019

17 Buel St: Robert M. and Tatiana Fuster of Pittsfield to Christopher G. Plummer and Ashley M. Morrison, $190,000 on 11/01/2019

43 Chapman Rd: Sandra A. Rossi of Pittsfield to Daniel P. Kelley, $255,000 on 11/04/2019

89 Cole Ave: John E. and Betsy L. Isbell of Pittsfield to Lucy Baiden and Hayford Kwame-Osafo, $192,500 on 11/05/2019

88 Cromwell Ave: Robert H. Moore of Pittsfield to Michael P. Wendling, $75,000 on 10/31/2019

290 Dalton Division Rd: John Joseph E S Est and Nancy Beach-StJohn of Pittsfield to Joseph R. Martin, $199,500 on 10/30/2019

91 Daniels Ave: Charles N. and Lorilyn B. Gaudette of Pittsfield to Cavalier Holdings LLC, $210,000 on 10/30/2019

95 Daniels Ave: Charles N. and Lorilyn B. Gaudette of Pittsfield to Cavalier Holdings LLC, $210,000 on 10/30/2019

81 Dartmouth St Unit 306: Jessica Phelan of Pittsfield to Claudia English, $137,000 on 11/01/2019

15 Dwight St: Michael F. Rahilly of Pittsfield to William J. Patenaude and Lyndsay K. Broom, $189,000 on 10/31/2019

346 Elm St: Nancy M. and Robert J. Baisley of Pittsfield to Adrian N. and Alise M. Drury, $177,000 on 11/04/2019

409 Fenn St: Kevin R. and Laura M. Connor of Pittsfield to Cavalier Holdings LLC, $140,000 on 10/30/2019

17 Herie Ave: Linda C. and Joseph M. Bonacquisti of Pittsfield to Peerayot and Tammy L. Noummano, $110,000 on 11/05/2019

225 Highland Ave: Robert L. Sweeney of Pittsfield to Oksana S. Mckinley, $200,000 on 11/01/2019

59 Huron St: Michael A Shakeshaft T and Michael A. Shakeshaft of Pittsfield to Dulce Hernandez and Roxana Casella, $184,000 on 11/04/2019

105 Leona Dr: Vulcania-11 LLC of Pittsfield to Michelle S. and Gregory T. Bianca, $283,000 on 11/04/2019

29 Meadow Ridge Dr: Patricia L. Mahoney of Pittsfield to John H. Shutts, $453,000 on 10/31/2019

138 Mill St: Pinnacle Property Opertns of Pittsfield to Smegal Holdings LLC, $90,000 on 11/01/2019

11 Newton Ave: Madden Greta A Est and Keith G. Madden of Pittsfield to Jeanne E. Morin, $140,000 on 11/01/2019

885 North St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Angel M. Sweetser, $99,900 on 10/31/2019

114 Ontario St: Peter A. and Michelle Myers of Pittsfield to Samantha Gokey and Bryan Mindermann, $160,000 on 10/30/2019

36 Pine Grove Dr: Michelle S. Bianca of Pittsfield to Araceli Ochoa-Ibarra and Javier Esquivel-Calzontzi, $215,000 on 11/04/2019

20 S Onota St: Dorothy A. and Robert J. Spaniol of Pittsfield to Jonathan Pierce, $70,000 on 10/30/2019

115 Sampson Pkwy: Diego Solis of Pittsfield to Jesse J. and Karen M. White, $223,000 on 10/31/2019

43 Seymour St: Advantage Utilities LLC of Pittsfield to German Vargas and Betty Toledo-Vargas, $52,000 on 11/04/2019

440 South St: Christine M Burbank RET and Christine M. Burbank of Pittsfield to JDLS Properties LLC, $235,000 on 11/01/2019

42 Summer St: 42-56 Summer Street RT and James Ramondetta of Pittsfield to 42 Summer LLC, $1,350,000 on 10/31/2019

47 Walden Ln: Joy Mcintyre of Pittsfield to Patricia L. Mahoney, $259,900 on 10/31/2019

49 Wealthy Ave: Michael and Raechel Lupisella of Pittsfield to Melanie A. Rowe, $189,000 on 11/01/2019

47 Windsor Ave: Sarah B. Perrone of Pittsfield to Shawn C. Leary and Taylor E. Morsen, $238,500 on 11/04/2019

158 Windsor Ave: Raymond C. Tart of Pittsfield to Irina and Anna Ananyeva, $179,400 on 11/01/2019


474 Canaan Rd: Malinowski FT and Catherine S. Malinowski of Richmond to Monroe L. and Patty M. Sharaf, $1,375,000 on 11/05/2019

201 Rossiter Rd: Regina Touhey-Serkin of Richmond to Kls Ventures LLC, $1,000,000 on 11/05/2019

410 Swamp Rd: M&MLeaseholds LLC of Richmond to Philip D. and Sharon A. Cooper, $375,000 on 10/30/2019


296 Salisbury Rd: Ingrid Willgren of Sheffield to Zoe A. Greene and Matthew J. Lang, $240,000 on 11/04/2019


130 Jerusalem Rd: Fernside Properties LLC of Tyringham to Mary L. Davis-Ajami and Melissa A. Stewart, $384,000 on 11/04/2019

West Stockbridge

3 Cobb Rd: Joseph R Flummerfelt LT and Carol A. Helmling of West Stockbridge to Jane A. and James Wright, $188,000 on 10/31/2019


182 Adams Rd Unit 1: Legend Interests Inc of Williamstown to Blue Meadow Realty LLC, $160,000 on 11/01/2019


487 North St: Timothy C. Conrow of Windsor to Joseph M Keefe RET and Joseph M. Keefe, $305,000 on 11/01/2019



73 W West Hill Rd: Dorothy J. and Theodore H. Szypulski of Barkhamsted to Monica J. Grezlik and Oneill Soto, $320,000 on 10/30/2019


19-b Old Creamery Rd: Daniel T. and Kelly A. Caruso of Colebrook to Christopher A. Anglis and Cheyenne Mazeika, $220,000 on 10/15/2019

52 Riverton Rd: Anthony Curcio and Yates Home Buyers LLC of Colebrook to Thomaston Res Hldg, $1 on 10/28/2019


42 Birchwood Ln: Mark and Linda Greenberg of Goshen to Cynthia L. Sandefer, $440,000 on 10/15/2019

93 Brynmoor Ct: Kenneth M. Willard of Goshen to Helena Radzyminski and Marcelo Podoroisky, $519,000 on 10/21/2019

472 E Hyerdale Dr: Charles S. Woodward and Lucyna Mandziuch of Goshen to Timothy Casey and Stacey Biamonte, $255,000 on 10/31/2019

7 Shelbourne Ct: Frank and Joan Strauss of Goshen to Guy M. and Jacqueline M. Brousseau, $357,000 on 10/29/2019

New Hartford

20 Gibson Ln: Richard D. and Kelleigh M. Marquard of New Hartford to Joseph J. Ochs, $536,250 on 10/28/2019

58 Johnnycake Ln: Lidington Correll J Est and Norman E. Rogers of New Hartford to Tyler Fiori, $182,500 on 10/29/2019


74 Sharon Mountain Rd: Ian and Greg Witzman of Sharon to Peter Takiff and Pamela Kling-Takiff, $860,000 on 10/31/2019

110 Westwoods Road 2: Michael I. and Therese P. Goldman of Sharon to Jeannette J. Dean, $275,000 on 10/30/2019


6 E Farms Rd Unit A: Alicia M. Showalter of Torrington to Brenda Pope, $68,000 on 10/31/2019

121 Hassig Rd: Anish Patel of Torrington to Nancy Kerley, $94,900 on 10/30/2019

50 Johnson St Unit 58: David and Christine Shupenis of Torrington to Donna D. Springer, $120,000 on 10/31/2019

50 Johnson St Unit 59: David and Christine Shupenis of Torrington to Donna D. Springer, $120,000 on 10/31/2019

850 Mountain Rd: James V. Coppola and Jeffrey Gydos of Torrington to Jeffrey Gydos, $55,000 on 10/30/2019

403 New Litchfield St: Tushar Shah of Torrington to Jennifer Pratt, $171,000 on 10/24/2019

329 Oxbow Dr: Oris John J Est and Daniel J. Oris of Torrington to Angel L. and Cynthia M. Gonzalez, $175,000 on 10/28/2019

168 Peck Rd: Timothy and Jennifer Davis of Torrington to Daniel P. Hanson and Shanshan Wu, $132,000 on 10/24/2019

8 Spruce Dr: Linda A. and Scott J. Arigoni of Torrington to Lynne M. Phillips and Charles P. Manos, $138,000 on 10/24/2019

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 70: Georgia A. Mazur of Torrington to James and Jean Weingart, $110,000 on 10/31/2019


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