Berkshire region real estate sales Oct. 21-27, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Oct. 21-27, 2018



167 N Summer St: Ruth J. Robert of Adams to Marsha L. Clark and Kenneth G. Loynes, $156,500 on 10/26/2018

12 Orchard St: David R. and Gary M. Bissaillon of Adams to William T. Barton, $105,000 on 10/22/2018

431 West Rd: Cheryl M. Horn of Adams to James R. Boland and Erica R. Deane, $189,000 on 10/26/2018


37 Field Street Ext: Jon Anton Macht RET and Jon A. Macht of Dalton to Daniel Almeida and Ashley Moore, $161,000 on 10/25/2018

1119 South St: Michael F. Mcneil of Dalton to Mark and Patricia Libby, $214,000 on 10/26/2018

5 Westview Rd: Robert and Gladys S. Gabriel of Dalton to Sean E. and Taryn A. Day, $383,500 on 10/26/2018


78 Undermountain Rd: Pennington C. and Usha E. Pitts of Egremont to 78 Undermountain Road LLC, $360,000 on 10/25/2018

Great Barrington

24 Lake Ave: Kevin Moran of Great Barrington to Bradley T. and Lisa Danyluk, $287,500 on 10/26/2018

283 Main St: Veronica O. Deyeso of Great Barrington to Westgood RT and James J. Mercer, $20,000 on 10/23/2018

82 Railroad St: James J. Yonkouski of Great Barrington to 82 Railroad Street LLC, $505,000 on 10/22/2018

8 Silver St: Anna M. and Carol A. Piontek of Great Barrington to Inky Fingers LLP, $225,000 on 10/22/2018


7 Chicopee St: Foley Adrian Est and Kathleen C. Sussek of Lanesborough to Giovanna B. Demers, $125,000 on 10/25/2018

17 Juleann Dr: Benjamin W. and Emily N. Truskowski of Lanesborough to Noel P. and Sandy C. Banzon, $236,000 on 10/26/2018


25 Margerie St: David M. Reynolds and US Bank NA of Lee to US Bank NA Tr, $200,000 on 10/23/2018

35 Mountain View Ter: Kristopher Mcdonough and Laura Dignard of Lee to Bonnie G. Leflore, $260,000 on 10/26/2018


921 East St: Steven Seltzer of Lenox to R Timothy Irwin and Emily E. Croteau, $316,500 on 10/26/2018

165 Housatonic St: FNMA of Lenox to Mark S. and Debra A. Dichter, $140,000 on 10/22/2018

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit E11: Hassaram Bakhru RET and Hassaram Bakhru of Lenox to John A. and Margaret Roethel, $90,000 on 10/23/2018

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit E8: Arthur J. and Millicent M. Blum of Lenox to James C. and Linda F. Messana, $74,000 on 10/26/2018

New Marlborough

119 Church Rd: Testamentary T and Adele M. Holman of New Marlborough to Benjamin Soto, $305,000 on 10/24/2018

1976 Clayton Mill River Rd: Flora G. Winterbottom and CIT Bank NA of New Marlborough to FNMA, $117,000 on 10/25/2018

829-833 Mill River Southfield Rd: FNMA of New Marlboro to Robert and Roberta Hartt, $159,000 on 10/24/2018

North Adams

62-64 Bracewell Ave: Leroy R. Burns and Bank New York Mellon of North Adams to Bank New York Mellon, $14,000 on 10/22/2018

130 Harding Ave: Patrick H. Banks and Katelyn C. Luczynski-Banks of North Adams to Christina T. King, $180,000 on 10/25/2018

94-96 Liberty St: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of North Adams to Givemeliberty LLC, $55,269 on 10/24/2018

262 Walnut St: Patricia A. Roberts of North Adams to Emily Pierce-Delaney, $35,000 on 10/22/2018


72 Mallard Rd: Benham FT and David E. Benham of Otis to James D. Warring and Karen Cuviello, $471,000 on 10/23/2018


10 W Main Rd: Ryan C. and Charlene F. Lamb of Peru to Kristy R. Burris, $117,500 on 10/22/2018


212 1st St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Pittsfield to CR Rental LLC, $85,000 on 10/26/2018

53 Adelaide Ave: William G Papas 2013 RET and Helen Papas of Pittsfield to Daniel H. and Gillian L. Woods, $266,000 on 10/26/2018

18 Alcove St: Nana K. Damuah and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $100,978 on 10/23/2018

11 Arch St: Tosetti Mary M Est and John G. Dipalazzo of Pittsfield to Louis K. Chamberlain and Catherine V. Kennedy, $80,000 on 10/24/2018

14 Bromback St: Robert J. Dean of Pittsfield to Kurt and Daralyn Hospot, $69,000 on 10/26/2018

146 Draper Ave: Anne M. Dascanio of Pittsfield to Jennifer J. Mercier, $135,000 on 10/25/2018

53 E New Lenox Rd: Court Hill Farm 2 LLC of Pittsfield to Bruno and Mary A. Quinson, $278,500 on 10/26/2018

745 East St: East Street NT and Thomas J. Hamel of Pittsfield to Yoshi Corp, $290,000 on 10/25/2018

84 Elizabeth St: David K. Ferry and Gabriele P. Elston-Ferry of Pittsfield to Ricki Sambuco, $175,500 on 10/26/2018

36 Gale Ave: Dylan Anthony LLC of Pittsfield to Luis V. and Sandra B. Soasti, $223,000 on 10/25/2018

25 Grand Ave: Marc C. Murphy of Pittsfield to Smegal Holdings LLC, $30,000 on 10/23/2018

24 Juliana Dr: Vincent T. and Ann M. Viscuso of Pittsfield to Zachery Roberson, $330,000 on 10/23/2018

18 Lake St: Gary R. and Carol J. Greene of Pittsfield to Princewill P. Abanulo, $140,000 on 10/26/2018

2 Lebanon Ave: FNMA of Pittsfield to Thanom and Robert Supple, $45,000 on 10/25/2018

20 Marshall Ave: Elizabeth M. and Ernest L. Kirk of Pittsfield to Alexis Sprague, $242,000 on 10/26/2018

160 Newell St: Nancy Macik and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to FNMA, $97,500 on 10/24/2018

31 Roselyn Dr: Lori L. Reamer of Pittsfield to Mark and Lee A. Pettus, $251,000 on 10/24/2018

94 Sadler Ave: Ryann M. Kennedy of Pittsfield to Brian D. and Samantha C. Calebaugh, $140,000 on 10/26/2018

10 Sunrise Cir Unit 10: Thomas R Kelley 2015 FT and Thomas R. Kelley of Pittsfield to Kathleen M. and Paul A. Catelotti, $432,500 on 10/24/2018

1 Taubert Ave: Brenda L. Todd and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $32,000 on 10/22/2018

63 Velma Ave: Mary R. Bolduc of Pittsfield to William M. and Kathleen J. Cranson, $160,000 on 10/25/2018

338 W Housatonic St: Regina L. Nixon and Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $35,000 on 10/26/2018

346 Wahconah St: Krell Edwin G Est and Anthony P. Doyle of Pittsfield to Richard J. Howe, $37,275 on 10/26/2018

1425 West St: Van W. Shields and Peggy Rivers of Pittsfield to Wesley T. and Cherry P. Frewin, $438,000 on 10/23/2018

399 Williams St: William H Mackinnon Sr T and William H. Mackinnon of Pittsfield to Alina Buimestru, $193,000 on 10/24/2018


22 Summit Rd: Emerson Contractors Inc of Richmond to Brynne S. Kennedy, $475,000 on 10/26/2018


49 Main Rd: Ronald J. and Constance J. Goldberg of Tyringham to Charles M. and Ellen S. Gonnello, $250,000 on 10/26/2018


206 Bee Hill Rd: Claire J. Bernard of Williamstown to Hagen Yang, $610,000 on 10/04/2018

234 Ide Rd: Rudolph Dorothy D Est and Lisa R. Cushman of Williamstown to Arthur A. Salvadore and William A. Finn, $575,000 on 10/22/2018

204 Longview Ter: Paul R. and Cynthia L. Poulin of Williamstown to Henry and Karen M. Henderson, $472,500 on 10/26/2018



33 Pinewoods Dr: John G. Taylor of Barkhamsted to Karin P. Taylor, $199,900 on 10/22/2018

New Hartford

162 Lakeshore Dr: Linda M. Parady of New Hartford to Adam J. Kinosh and Amanda Duff, $253,500 on 10/23/2018


37 E Main St: Patricia S. Caplan of Salisbury to Charles and Barbara Virshup, $107,500 on 10/24/2018

242 Millerton Rd: Arthur Wilkinson of Salisbury to Christopher Thomas and Gina T. Young, $100,000 on 10/23/2018

24 Woodland Dr: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Salisbury to Michael J. and Barbara G. Zimmerman, $219,900 on 10/23/2018


31 Bartram Rd Unit 356: Timothy J. Helwick and Elaine Buckberg of Sharon to Michael Kingfield and Lanlan Zhou, $305,000 on 10/25/2018

31 Bartram Rd Unit 340: Timothy J. Helwick and Elaine Buckberg of Sharon to Michael Kingfield and Lanlan Zhou, $305,000 on 10/25/2018

31 Bartram Rd Unit 337: Timothy J. Helwick and Elaine Buckberg of Sharon to Michael Kingfield and Lanlan Zhou, $305,000 on 10/25/2018

31 Bartram Rd Unit 339: Timothy J. Helwick and Elaine Buckberg of Sharon to Michael Kingfield and Lanlan Zhou, $305,000 on 10/25/2018

31 Bartram Rd Unit 355: Timothy J. Helwick and Elaine Buckberg of Sharon to Michael Kingfield and Lanlan Zhou, $305,000 on 10/25/2018

2 Route 7: Nora L. Hulton of Sharon to 2 Route 7 LLC, $165,000 on 10/22/2018

94 Silver Lake Shore Rd: Timothy J. Helwick and Elaine Buckberg of Sharon to Michael Kingfield and Lanlan Zhou, $305,000 on 10/25/2018


76 French St: K4K LLC of Torrington to Deborah K. Rosado, $157,183 on 10/22/2018

236 Funston Ave: Verlato James G Est and Bruce Verlato of Torrington to Hilton Ashley, $72,000 on 10/25/2018

168 High St: Richard W. Beck of Torrington to Christopher J. Gueniat, $137,000 on 10/25/2018

215 Highland Ave: Kenneth J Miller RET and Kenneth J. Miller of Torrington to Lilia G. Borja-Penaranda and Freddy F. Heredia-Espinoza, $130,000 on 10/23/2018

100 Hillside Ave Unit 100: Daniel J. Fitzgerald and GMAC Mortgage LLC of Torrington to GMAC Mortgage LLC, $1 on 10/24/2018

268 Laurel Hill Rd: Leonard L. Rinaldi and Finance Of America Revrse of Torrington to Finance Of America Revrse, $91,000 on 10/22/2018

220 Lyman Dr: Dilullo Properties LLC of Torrington to Jacklyn Odonnell and Nathaniel Taylor, $135,000 on 10/24/2018

35 Maud St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Torrington to Joann Bemus, $50,000 on 10/22/2018

93 New Harwinton Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Mohammed Abusalah, $60,550 on 10/24/2018

50 Norfolk St: Louis G. and Regina A. Pagano of Torrington to Bruce Travera and Tarakanita Heughins, $120,000 on 10/23/2018

30 Raiano St: Theresa T. Lomento and Jo-Ann Waselik of Torrington to Vicenta Guzman-Sanchez, $70,000 on 10/22/2018

281 Red Mountain Ave: John J. Badeen of Torrington to Nedla Properties LLC, $41,000 on 10/22/2018

258 S Main St: Ryan West of Torrington to Jesus B. Ortega-Orellana and Norma G. Moposita-Lagua, $95,000 on 10/23/2018

206 Shirley Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Kenneth Jones, $98,315 on 10/23/2018

86 Stonehouse Way: Mark A. Wasilonsky and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Torrington to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1 on 10/22/2018

84 Tognalli Dr: Joshua Dumoch of Torrington to Albert J. Berera, $225,000 on 10/19/2018

1275 Winsted Rd Unit 431: Trevor Eckhart of Torrington to Christopher Lacilla, $94,000 on 10/22/2018


162 E Wakefield Blvd: Clark Richard Est and Susan Mcnerney of Winchester to Grorge E. Finlayson, $425,000 on 10/24/2018

149 Shore Dr: Nancy R. Barlow of Winchester to Patsy D. Marafiote, $163,000 on 10/22/2018

162 Wilcox Ave: Samuel Glikman and Leah Simon of Winchester to Eva L. and Lazar Ivanov, $89,000 on 10/22/2018


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