Berkshire region real estate sales Oct. 20-26, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Oct. 20-26, 2019



8 Arnold Ave: Robinson James A Est and Laurie J. Carpenter of Adams to Lisa F. Mott, $130,000 on 10/24/2019

16 E Orchard Ter: Olga Milman of Adams to Charles Sanford-Forsman and Melissa A. Mendes, $125,000 on 10/29/2019

26-28 Melrose St: Eric M. and Carrie A. Gagne of Adams to Kyle S. Racine, $140,200 on 10/24/2019

135 Orchard St: Sandra L. Holzer of Adams to Olawale and Ashley Oladehin, $565,000 on 10/24/2019

64 Summer St: Berkshire County Props of Adams to David Bonomi, $95,000 on 10/29/2019

10-12 Valley St: Jacqueline Barrow and PNC Bank NA of Adams to PNC Bank NA, $83,640 on 10/23/2019

120 West Rd: Gary E. Bellows of Adams to Johanna L. Tatro, $265,000 on 10/25/2019


1016 Fred Snow Rd: Roger E. Pagerey and Catharine P. Grey of Becket to Steven B. and Deborah Herrick, $290,000 on 10/23/2019

212 King Arthur Dr: Charles F. Andrews of Becket to Roger L. and Wendy L. Duryea, $17,000 on 10/25/2019

King Richard Dr: Sytulek Stanley J Est and David J. Sytulek of Becket to Anthony Wesolowski, $10,000 on 10/23/2019

130 S Cove Rd: Kevin J. Farrell of Becket to Linda L. Curetty, $212,500 on 10/23/2019


33 Fairview Hts: Leonard R. Wandrei of Clarksburg to Bonnie and John B. Howland, $35,000 on 10/25/2019

1131 River Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Clarksburg to Gibraltar Construction Co, $55,000 on 10/28/2019


24 Birchwood Ter: Joshua C. and Lori A. Lussier of Dalton to Jessica Pemble, $169,000 on 10/25/2019

70 Oak Street Ext: Anthony R. and Loralee C. Talis of Dalton to Kristine L. Pezze, $180,000 on 10/29/2019

Great Barrington

5 Blue Hill Rd: Beverly A. Dunn of Great Barrington to Thomas H. and Michelle C. Jones, $255,000 on 10/28/2019

12 Fairview Ter: Great Haven RT and Cathy M. Torrico of Great Barrington to John E. and Caitlin M. Hotaling, $231,000 on 10/23/2019

341 Long Pond Rd: 341 Long Pond Road NT and Kevin J. Mercer of Great Barrington to Susan N. Singleton, $300,000 on 10/25/2019

9-c Monument Valley Rd: Gavin and Vigdis Burke of Great Barrington to Jeffrey Cohen and Rita Solomon, $750,000 on 10/28/2019

1 Reed St: Thomas R. Dawson of Great Barrington to Baljit Singh and Ravinder Kaur, $180,000 on 10/24/2019


91 Corey Rd Unit 91: Mark G. and Barbara J. Madden of Hancock to Daniel J. Greifenkamp, $250,000 on 10/25/2019

93 Kittle Rd: Dawn M. Draper-Pratt of Hancock to Joseph P. and Ruth A. Knysh, $59,900 on 10/24/2019


36 Tamarack Rd: Plouffe NT and Luanne M. Mckibbin of Hinsdale to Mark A. and Alicia Wendolowski, $155,000 on 10/29/2019


580 S Main St Unit 8: George and Thomas Mcloughlin of Lanesborough to Mimi A. and Mark J. Lenihan, $75,000 on 10/28/2019

15 Sunrise St: Andrew P. and Natalie Levin of Lanesborough to Adam R. Bowling, $425,000 on 10/24/2019


50 Antelope Dr: Elizabeth J. Erwin of Lee to Jodie M. Griffith, $230,000 on 10/25/2019

120 Mandalay Rd: Jesse S. Lee of Lee to Vladimir Nazarov and Loren Thompson, $300,000 on 10/29/2019

145 Orchard St: Michael A. Monti and Shannon Donovan-Monti of Lee to Dana Parsons, $275,500 on 10/25/2019

770 Summer St Unit 16d: Stanley A. and Estelle F. Berg of Lee to Stephen S. and Ellen Danetz, $422,000 on 10/23/2019


5 Coldbrooke S Unit B: Richard Sussman RET and Steven Sussman of Lenox to James M. Ruberto, $490,000 on 10/23/2019

43 Pinecrest Dr: Jeffrey P. Cella of Lenox to Matthew and Susanna Lauro, $355,000 on 10/23/2019

New Marlborough

37 Pine St: Richard J Melluzzo RET and Richard J. Melluzzo of New Marlboro to Adam and Annette Rand, $275,000 on 10/25/2019

North Adams

47 Barth St: Bank New York Mellon Tr of North Adams to Allen and Tracie Arnold, $59,850 on 10/23/2019

60 Franklin St: Steven J. and Annette M. Guerino of North Adams to Julie E. Wheeler, $153,700 on 10/29/2019

45 Wells Ave: Boucher Marlene A Est and John P. Boucher of North Adams to Jonathan M. Nopper, $129,900 on 10/28/2019


25 E Shore Rd: Westfield Camping Club of Otis to Christian Bach, $8,000 on 10/23/2019


189 Benedict Rd: TMR Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Nicole R. Sebastiano, $151,500 on 10/23/2019

35 Catherine St: D Jeffrey and Julie G. Mooney of Pittsfield to D Justin Mooney, $120,000 on 10/24/2019

7 Crane Ave: Jonathan D. Garson of Pittsfield to Kendall L. Stanaway, $151,500 on 10/25/2019

262 Dalton Ave: Moira Brophy of Pittsfield to Darryl Shaw, $156,000 on 10/28/2019

66 Elizabeth St: Stephen M. and Connie V. Shaw of Pittsfield to Valerie Goly, $165,000 on 10/24/2019

46 Hawthorne Ave: Jay A. Mcdermott of Pittsfield to David E. Torra, $156,000 on 10/24/2019

29 Howe Rd: Dawn E. Quinlan of Pittsfield to Joanne M. Greb, $165,900 on 10/28/2019

36 Imperial Ave: Kelly J. Phair of Pittsfield to David E. Lindsey, $192,000 on 10/25/2019

111 Jason St: Robert M. and Kathy A. Hart of Pittsfield to Merrill Bergs, $260,000 on 10/24/2019

60 Livingston Ave: James H. Yarmey and Patricia A. Smith of Pittsfield to Stefan A. Macgillis and Rachel T. Brash, $147,000 on 10/25/2019

108 Mcarthur St: James Sielis of Pittsfield to Ellies Holdings LLC, $30,000 on 10/29/2019

1050 North St: Dora A. Carroll of Pittsfield to Kelly L. Confer, $169,900 on 10/28/2019

48 Preston Ave: Colin J. Benner of Pittsfield to Makenzie D. Marshall, $142,000 on 10/23/2019

565 Williams St: Donna Christine E Est and John C. Donna of Pittsfield to James M. and Cheryl A. Galvin, $224,900 on 10/28/2019


274 E Slope Rd: Janet A. Robertson of Richmond to Nicholas O. and Sonya K. Purvis, $220,000 on 10/29/2019

361 Lenox Rd: Sorge George J Est and Allyson J. Sorge of Richmond to Aaron R. Hill and Cara E. Damico, $273,000 on 10/25/2019


35 Hammertown Rd: Stephenson E W Est and Michael L. Stephenson of Sandisfield to Klaus A. and Lauren B. Metz, $465,000 on 10/25/2019

186 Sandisfield Rd: Charles L. and Alison Collins of Sandisfield to Liana Toscanini, $232,000 on 10/23/2019


88 Hawley Rd: Joseph E. and Sharon L. Rice of Savoy to Randy P. Morehouse and Penny Tarsa, $213,000 on 10/23/2019


1592 Salisbury Rd: Weiss Joel M Est and Gary A. Weiss of Sheffield to Geoffrey J. and Jessica P. Holdredge, $365,000 on 10/28/2019


19 Hawthorne Rd Unit St1b: Nadia Laniado of Stockbridge to Denise Green, $367,500 on 10/28/2019


61 Cobbleview Rd: Kousen Alan C Est and Alfonso C. Correa of Williamstown to Mountainone Bank, $476,974 on 10/25/2019

29 Hawthorne Rd: David J. Zimmerman and Susan E. Langman of Williamstown to Joelle G. Collins, $510,000 on 10/25/2019

66 Hoxsey St: Ecosolutions LLC of Williamstown to CC Hoxsey LLC, $395,000 on 10/24/2019

37 Thistle Path Unit 37: Daniel P. Goodwin and Shanti M. Singham of Williamstown to David J. Zimmerman and Susan E. Langman, $305,000 on 10/25/2019


New Hartford

25 Kellogg Rd: Jill Gearhart-Keane and Kevin T. Keane of New Hartford to Elaine Reibman-Surveski, $206,700 on 10/21/2019


31 Blackberry St: Theodore L. and Thomas L. Raymond of Norfolk to David Jedlinski, $101,400 on 10/17/2019

453 Greenwoods Rd E: Henry J. Marchell of Norfolk to RCO 2017 Inv 1 T, $108,000 on 10/22/2019

24 Greenwoods Rd W: Como Properties LLC of Norfolk to Love Simply LLC, $215,000 on 10/23/2019

North Canaan

57 Reed St: Russell Lowell and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of North Canaan to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1 on 10/23/2019

347 Salisbury Rd: Christine F. Strattman and HSBC Bank USA NA of North Canaan to HSBC Bank USA NA, $1 on 10/23/2019


11 Reservoir Rd: Linda L. Dodge of Salisbury to Ronald G. and Donald D. Ryder, $300,000 on 10/23/2019

2 Spruce Dr: Richard H. and Joanne T. Taber of Salisbury to Angelo P. and Marcia A. Ramunni, $449,000 on 10/18/2019


85 Alice St: Jesse and Briana Monda of Torrington to Steve Lacasse, $170,000 on 10/22/2019

59 Dewey St: Gabrielle P. Peters of Torrington to Oswaldo M. Salinas, $136,000 on 10/18/2019

702 E Main St: Cecile M. Keller of Torrington to Mireille D. Opali, $125,000 on 10/18/2019

442 Evergreen Rd Unit 442: Maureen L. and John Liberati of Torrington to Robert Berengarten and R Kutcher-Berengarten, $220,000 on 10/21/2019

305 Harwinton Ave: Citimortgage Inc of Torrington to Pervez Hai, $45,675 on 10/22/2019

184 Highfield Dr: CT Housing Finance Auth of Torrington to Peter J. Besozzi, $100,000 on 10/18/2019

293 Hillandale Blvd: Michael R. Natrillo and Torrington SB of Torrington to Torrington SB, $1 on 10/21/2019

284 Laurel Hill Rd: James C. and Alfred J. Maraia of Torrington to Kenneth Jones, $120,000 on 10/22/2019

178 Mckinley St: Paul R. Blackman of Torrington to Glenna A. Mattiello, $250,000 on 10/21/2019

132 Pulaski St: Edelweiss Properties LLC of Torrington to Spiro Moncilov, $117,000 on 10/23/2019

199 Roulin St: Edward S Sosnowski T and Edward S. Sosnowsk of Torrington to Victor E. Kaczynski and Christine Mastro, $184,000 on 10/23/2019

284 Torringford West St: Christopher and Christiane Roche of Torrington to Hector L. Guzman-Garcia and Sugey A. Hernandez-Paulino, $138,000 on 10/21/2019

588 Torringford West St: FHLM of Torrington to Kelly J. Duff, $99,132 on 10/22/2019

326 Winthrop St: Mark A. and Walter S. Hart of Torrington to John J. and Lisa J. Cook, $130,000 on 10/16/2019

392 Winthrop St: Schibi IRT and Janet Zucco-Karabin of Torrington to Barbara B. Milera, $125,000 on 10/16/2019

45 Yorkshire St: Michael S. and Patricia Larosa of Torrington to Linda Criss, $155,000 on 10/18/2019


125 Boyd St: FHLM of Winchester to Aleta Dubecky, $93,000 on 10/21/2019

404 E Wakefield Blvd: Sawyer Sheila B Est and Carlene M. Sawyer of Winchester to Anna M. and Gregory Simard, $412,500 on 10/21/2019

61 Holabird Ave: Levesque Properties LLC of Winchester to Scott Zabka, $92,000 on 10/21/2019

267 Oak St: FNMA of Winchester to Juan M. Gonzalez-Silva and William M. Pineda, $73,102 on 10/23/2019

35 Wallens St: Carrozzo Martin Est and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Winchester to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $1 on 10/25/2019

174 Wallens St Unit C3: Klimkosky Barbara Ann Est and Stacey L. Klimkosky of Winchester to Charles J. and Margaret O. Winans, $155,000 on 10/23/2019


The Warren Group