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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire Region real estate sales Oct. 15-21, 2017

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242 Columbia St: Janice L. Blair of Adams to Faith Kruszyna, $101,000 on 10/18/2017

23 Morningside Ave: Natasha Andenmatten of Adams to Julie A. Couture, $159,000 on 10/19/2017


50 East Rd: Roberta E Berry T 1992 and Jonathan G. Drew of Alford to Ross P. and Lauren Cameron, $3,000,000 on 10/16/2017

191 Green River Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Alford to Michael R. Farmer and Gaetan Lachance, $270,000 on 10/16/2017


301 Beech Tree Ln: Bonnie Tucker-Letoile of Becket to Jane F. Schimmel, $525,000 on 10/20/2017

133 Brooker Hill Rd: Mary Wattie RET and W Ryan Wattie of Becket to Emily K. Curran and John V. Callahan, $108,000 on 10/18/2017

751 King Richard Dr: US Bank NA Tr of Becket to Daniel J. Mccollim, $65,000 on 10/20/2017

59 Sir Edwards Way: Tiso FT and Mark Tiso of Becket to Thomas Maher, $63,000 on 10/19/2017


115 Curran Rd: Jeffrey N. and Wavelyn D. Hine of Cheshire to Arthur P. Kaufman and Ricky D. Barton, $322,500 on 10/16/2017

130 Jenks Rd: Richard T. Petricca of Cheshire to Richard W. Sanchez, $225,000 on 10/16/2017


18 Edgemere Rd: Patricia L. Brent and Bethany J. Ano of Dalton to Dylan Brewer, $129,000 on 10/20/2017

101 Patricia Ave: Billie J. Henderson of Dalton to Ryan R. and Michelle C. Bourassa, $325,000 on 10/16/2017

Great Barrington

23 Burning Tree Rd Unit 23a: Cottages At Barrington and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Charles M. and Ada B. Cutler, $594,000 on 10/20/2017

27 Burning Tree Rd Unit 27: Cottages At Barrington and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to David and Anne Gibson, $519,380 on 10/20/2017

203 East St: Philip Watson 2008 RET and Gail Watson of Great Barrington to Daniel R. Helming and Kathleen M. Shelby, $335,000 on 10/20/2017

409 N Plain Rd: Suzanne M. Bump of Great Barrington to Elizabeth Rose Picoli T and Elizabeth R. Picoli, $390,000 on 10/20/2017

360 Park St N Unit 5: Mary L. Ryce of Great Barrington to Weiss FT and Lucinda Weiss, $150,000 on 10/20/2017


40 Birch Grove Rd: Adams James J Est and Eileen C. Adams of Hancock to Frederick and Cathy A. Madison, $165,000 on 10/19/2017


Robinson Rd: Harvey John E Est and Janice J. Cook of Hinsdale to Louis J. and Susan L. Allegrone, $65,000 on 10/20/2017


28 Westview Rd: Janis L. Anderson and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Lanesboro to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $103,320 on 10/19/2017


45 Church St: George H. and Laura P. Karl of Lee to Richard E. and Kelly J. Gore, $417,500 on 10/19/2017

65 Paul Dr: Richard E. and Kelly J. Gore of Lee to Thomas J. Mcdarby and Courtney E. Sparks, $260,000 on 10/19/2017

67 W Center St: Mabel P. Bailly and Mary P. Cahalan of Lee to Mill Renaissance LLC, $180,000 on 10/20/2017


4 Cherry St: Christopher A. Fosty and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Lenox to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $133,660 on 10/19/2017

7 Rolling Hls Unit 8: Edward C. and Barbara R. Lane of Lenox to Francis E. Johnson, $230,000 on 10/18/2017

480 Walker St: Robert W. and Ellen A. Liston of Lenox to Anna W. Shippee and Kameron Z. Spaulding, $209,000 on 10/16/2017

North Adams

50 Bracewell Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Enasin LLC, $7,000 on 10/20/2017

15 Bradley St: Sean M. Riley of North Adams to Robert J. Peterson, $139,750 on 10/20/2017

89 Chestnut St: Lara G. Schmitt and Rioleo M. Gierrero of North Adams to Very Good Properties LLC, $39,000 on 10/20/2017

302 Eagle St: USA HUD of North Adams to David C. Atwell and Deanna L. Salvagni-Atwell, $75,025 on 10/19/2017

266 Notch Rd: Scott T. Lincoln of North Adams to Preston Keller, $135,000 on 10/19/2017

281 Walnut St: Girardi William M Est and Robert Girardi of North Adams to Jesse J. Girardi and Julissa A. Veloz, $100,000 on 10/19/2017


107 Pond Blvd: Martin J. Rosen of Otis to James Himes and Susan Bissell, $590,000 on 10/16/2017


15 Abbott St: David M. and Barbara L. Christopolis of Pittsfield to James R Wachob T and James Wachob, $146,500 on 10/16/2017

22 Allengate Ave: Mary P Trzepacz LT and Mary P. Trzepacz of Pittsfield to Jacob F. Lenski and Jessica A. Healy, $145,000 on 10/20/2017

109 Asci Dr: Krish and Devika Muruga of Pittsfield to Joseph W. and Holly A. Mcgovern, $311,500 on 10/20/2017

32 Boylston St: FNMA of Pittsfield to Eric Shiner, $21,000 on 10/19/2017

52 Broad St: Philip R. Coleman and Robin E. Fleet of Pittsfield to Sopheap Nhim and Colin M. Ovitsky, $267,600 on 10/17/2017

32 Brown St: Charles N. and Lorilyn B. Gaudette of Pittsfield to Mahican LLC, $630,000 on 10/16/2017

248 Dewey Ave: MHFA of Pittsfield to Rita M. Goodno-Nicola and Theresa M. Nicola, $47,000 on 10/16/2017

4 Dorchester Ave: Frank S. and Patricia A. Martin of Pittsfield to Ryan H. Less, $159,000 on 10/20/2017

9 Fasce Pl: Anthony Amaral of Pittsfield to Marc C. Amaral, $112,500 on 10/16/2017

199 Harryel St: George R. Bordeau and Linda M. Shea of Pittsfield to Robert W. Pothier, $161,000 on 10/17/2017

21 Milan St: Raymond J. Patti of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $10,000 on 10/16/2017

138 Onota St: Douglas G. Starbird and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $40,000 on 10/19/2017

349 Onota St: Wetzel Anne M Est and Mary J. Alibozek of Pittsfield to Claire J Marchand RET and Claire J. Marchand, $144,000 on 10/20/2017

738 Pecks Rd: Aydee and Julio C. Munoz of Pittsfield to Brian J. Torres, $152,500 on 10/20/2017

319 Springside Ave: Brown Brenda W Est and Winton L. Brown of Pittsfield to Anthony T. Brown, $70,000 on 10/17/2017

3 Tampa Ct: Olds Donald W Est and Christine A. Cross of Pittsfield to Eric R. Barriere, $165,000 on 10/18/2017


109 Clayton Rd: Lewis R. and Phyllis Prioletti of Sheffield to Kathleen and Anthony Percy, $227,000 on 10/20/2017

969 Silver St: Jill Resnick and Jean-Pierre Linder of Sheffield to Kathryn D. Haviland and Edo Berger, $565,000 on 10/20/2017


46 Lake Dr: Stephen A. and Arlene L. Genatt of Stockbridge to William and Marcia Koff, $1,200,000 on 10/16/2017

West Stockbridge

12 Samantha Ln: Kenneth E. Werner of West Stockbridge to Michael Cummings and Jessica Chalifoux, $500,000 on 10/20/2017


114 Candlewood Dr: Thomas J. and Jaime L. Elder of Williamstown to William R. and Julie A. Kangas, $325,000 on 10/20/2017

20 Chestnut St: Eleanor and Calder Kaatz of Williamstown to Timothy R. and Natasha H. Andenmatten, $187,000 on 10/19/2017

61 Hancock Rd: Ann E. Clarke-Gerrity of Williamstown to Thomas J. and Jaime L. Elder, $425,000 on 10/20/2017


1 Access Road 1: Jean Charter-Alibozek of Windsor to Matthew R. and Anne-Marie W. Tonsing, $105,000 on 10/16/2017


New Hartford

386 Cotton Hill Rd: F Wayne and Gail A. Ryznar of New Hartford to Stephen Berner and Catherine Kimball-Berner, $400,000 on 10/18/2017

15 Loomis Hts: Joseph M. Luzzi of New Hartford to Benjamin R. Canny, $180,000 on 10/18/2017

220 Main St Unit 2i: Michael P. and Linda Gauvin of New Hartford to Wendy Wemple, $84,000 on 10/17/2017

292 Niles Rd Unit 292: Zachery A. Bussolini and Monument Realty Inc of New Hartford to Monument Realty Inc, $98,500 on 10/16/2017

North Canaan

357 Norfolk Rd: USA HUD of North Canaan to Jeffrey Weiller T and Mitchel S. Kraker, $55,639 on 10/18/2017


87 Canaan Rd Unit 4c: Germaine R. Floyd of Salisbury to John T. and Mary M. Arnold, $535,000 on 10/17/2017


46 Hooperfields Dr: Carole A. Hart and Diane Tufaro of Sharon to Richard B. Wallace and Kenneth E. Wiley, $460,000 on 10/17/2017

14 Knibloe Hill Rd: Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan of Sharon to Jordan C. and Melaniecharlton Fowler, $3,900,000 on 10/17/2017

36 Modley Rd: Heidi E. Golden and US Bank NA of Sharon to US Bank NA, $1 on 10/11/2017

55 Still Meadow Rd: Salisbury B&T Co of Sharon to Ann C. Stetner and Neil S. Charles, $625,000 on 10/17/2017

2 Weeds Dam Rd: Kelly A. Hafford of Sharon to Soon A. Sung, $275,000 on 10/12/2017


93 Albany Ave: Dennis Colavecchio of Torrington to R Cam Properties LLC, $50,000 on 10/17/2017

71 Arthur St Unit 4: Susan Lapin of Torrington to Maureen Ungar, $57,000 on 10/17/2017

152 Garden St: Lois D. Clancy and MTGLQ Investors LP of Torrington to MTGLQ Investors LP, $1 on 10/12/2017

496 Highland Ave: Karen Smart of Torrington to Domingo I. Matos, $159,000 on 10/17/2017

43 Kimball Ln: L S. Hardisty-Capitanio of Torrington to Coffean Powell, $256,900 on 10/16/2017

11 Marion Ave Unit 5: Daniel Coleman of Torrington to 37 East Albert LLC, $45,000 on 10/16/2017

117 Mill Ln Unit 117: James R. Robinson of Torrington to Linda M. Oloskey, $57,500 on 10/12/2017

56 Munson Ave: Nepaug Properties LLC of Torrington to 4 Towers LLC, $50,000 on 10/16/2017

183 N Chapel St: USA HUD of Torrington to Resmi and Asim Memeti, $75,000 on 10/11/2017

4 Pumping Station Rd: Melanie V. and Raymond E. Stupak of Torrington to Louis S. Deutsch and Darcy A. Cassidy, $240,000 on 10/17/2017

75 Stonehouse Way: Gregory J. and Diana M. Soderburg of Torrington to Linda and Michael P. Gauvin, $225,000 on 10/11/2017

1931 Torringford West St: John and Willa M. Roberts of Torrington to Michael J. Fabrisi and Halina Modelski, $185,000 on 10/16/2017


77 E Lake St: Ernest F. Rossi of Winchester to Corale A. Cyr, $145,500 on 10/16/2017

227 Grantville Rd: Howard G. and Susan L. Polnow of Winchester to Gina Antoniazzi and Jeremy M. Rarick, $265,000 on 10/13/2017

52 Spencer St: Juliana V. Yeager of Winchester to Jeremy and Brittany Higgins, $209,000 on 10/13/2017

49 Stanton Ave: Kate M. and Curran P. Orlowski of Winchester to Kimberley A. Calter and David E. Sweatt, $159,900 on 10/16/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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