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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire region real estate sales Oct. 14-20, 2018

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39 Harding Ave: Timothy J. and Laurie J. Carpenter of Adams to Timothy P. and Susan F. Martel, $260,000 on 10/18/2018

15 Sayles St: Wayne G. Arnold of Adams to Mitchell Lee-Despain and Amanda Lee-Badorini, $125,000 on 10/18/2018


186 Old Abbey Ln W: Pamela J. Delaney of Becket to Karen Brodie, $190,500 on 10/19/2018

27 Shore Rd: Stephanie and Chauncey Burtt of Becket to William J. and Nancy J. Tosch, $30,000 on 10/15/2018


127 Maple Dr: Feustel Curt P Est and Paul J. Feustel of Cheshire to Adam Z. Mazzantini, $240,000 on 10/17/2018

N State Rd: David L. Krutiak of Cheshire to State Road Cheshire NT and Stephen F. Narey, $125,000 on 10/19/2018

1792 Windsor Rd: Bruce A. Gaspardi of Cheshire to Bridget M. Aniello and Joshua M. Tower, $189,900 on 10/18/2018


45 Chivers Dr: Richard P. Solis of Dalton to Robert M. and Dolores M. Farrell, $285,000 on 10/15/2018

33 Daly Ave: Dalton Town Of of Dalton to Cesco Realty Inc, $1 on 10/15/2018

387 North St: Nancy B. Carr and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Dalton to Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC, $143,272 on 10/16/2018


29 2nd St: Kenneth and Lois Stouffer of Egremont to Emily J. Benson, $225,000 on 10/15/2018

3 Baldwin Hill Rd: Juliette S. Haas of Egremont to William Nibur, $440,000 on 10/19/2018

Great Barrington

1 Abbey Hill Dr: Lester and Evelyn Meyers of Great Barrington to Marie Lanier, $385,000 on 10/17/2018

18 Burning Tree Rd Unit 18: Ctg At Barrington Brk NT and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to David K&S L Cohen RET and David K. Cohen, $580,000 on 10/18/2018

329 Long Pond Rd: Brand FT and Moses I. Brand of Great Barrington to Gregory Lipper and Kathryn Kohler-Amory, $675,000 on 10/19/2018


2965 Hancock Rd: Eugene H. and Daniel G. Gover of Hancock to Alexander M. Waldron, $223,000 on 10/19/2018


1 Orchard Ave: Deborah M. Laureyns of Lanesborough to James A. Betit, $85,000 on 10/19/2018


21 Saint James Ave: Clover L. Bell-Devaney of Lee to Jason Gitlin and Diane M. Stella, $250,000 on 10/19/2018

45 School St: Douglas T. Trombly of Lee to Douglas T. and Lorita A. Trombly, $65,000 on 10/15/2018


21 Holmes Rd: Gary T. Liston of Lenox to Lana R. Hearst, $137,500 on 10/19/2018

165 Kemble St Unit 4: CR Lenox Residences LLC of Lenox to Barbara Zuckerberg, $1,382,500 on 10/15/2018

North Adams

39 Beech St: Michael P. and Frank A. Torchia of North Adams to Eileen W. Atwell, $130,000 on 10/19/2018

768 Church St: North Adams City Of of North Adams to Rarick Wayne, $1 on 10/15/2018

774 Church St: North Adams City Of of North Adams to Rarick Wayne, $1 on 10/15/2018

55 Natural Bridge Rd: Martin S. and Hilda C. Koscielniak of North Adams to Christina Gregory, $148,900 on 10/17/2018

175 Notch Rd: James A. and Jamie A. Williams of North Adams to Jessica and Christopher Labombard, $139,900 on 10/15/2018

55-59 Union St: David York of North Adams to Very Good Properties LLC, $99,000 on 10/17/2018

41 Windom Ter: Parsonage Manor LLC of North Adams to Jacqueline Moran, $137,500 on 10/15/2018


517 Dimmock Rd: Sonia Dettmann of Otis to Kai Kuo and Geena Kuriakose, $268,000 on 10/15/2018


170 2nd St: Carol A. Plante of Pittsfield to Destiny L. Lechner, $92,000 on 10/19/2018

53 Abbott St: Robert E. and Lois M. Dearstyne of Pittsfield to Nicole A. Maffuccio, $115,000 on 10/15/2018

15 Alexander Ter: Matheau D. Schiff and Bretta M. Karp of Pittsfield to Steven K. and Teresa S. Hayner, $220,000 on 10/15/2018

165 Brighton Ave: Wayne Curley and Barbara Fellitti of Pittsfield to Carole C. Castonguay, $147,500 on 10/17/2018

70 Central Berkshire Blvd: Edward H. and Erin M. Weeden of Pittsfield to Glenn R. Armstrong, $256,500 on 10/16/2018

2 Charisma Dr: James R. Lortsher and Kathleen Quinn of Pittsfield to Leo and Michelle Hanley, $400,000 on 10/17/2018

53 Chickering St: Beverly A. Dufur and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $80,000 on 10/15/2018

33 Churchill Crst Unit 33: Mary F. Schreiber of Pittsfield to Kristen N. Vadnais, $158,000 on 10/15/2018

152 Cole Ave: Marco Adorno of Pittsfield to Katrina L. Litano, $130,000 on 10/19/2018

128 Crane Ave: Eagan FT and Michael T. Eagan of Pittsfield to Michael J. Eagan, $132,000 on 10/18/2018

92 Cummings Ave: William J. and Delia Rupprecht of Pittsfield to William J. Rupprecht, $10,000 on 10/18/2018

51 Curtis Ter: OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Pittsfield to Go America LLC, $17,060 on 10/18/2018

461 Elm St: Carla M. Marquis of Pittsfield to Matthew R. Marquis and Tasha M. Jones, $112,000 on 10/15/2018

83 Greylock Ter: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Pittsfield to DNC Real Estate LLC, $40,000 on 10/19/2018

67 Howard St: Wayne R. Hunt of Pittsfield to William R. and Donna M. Winslow, $117,000 on 10/18/2018

60 Kenwood St: Stephen L. Couchman of Pittsfield to Matthew StGeorge, $169,000 on 10/17/2018

84 Lillian St: Rosemary H Carey IRT and Ann M. Carey of Pittsfield to James S. Lebovitz and Erika S. Henis, $199,900 on 10/15/2018

2 Marco Dr: Valery Poripski of Pittsfield to Anthony J. Witherell, $179,900 on 10/19/2018

35 Marco Dr: Charles D. Wendell of Pittsfield to Valery Poripski and Natalia Bolotova, $218,000 on 10/19/2018

40 Mckinley Ter: Specialized Loan Svcng of Pittsfield to Kristina M. Wadsworth, $66,675 on 10/16/2018

560 S Mountain Rd: James L. Giacoletto of Pittsfield to Ryan C. Naylor, $280,000 on 10/15/2018

215 Springside Ave: Shirley A. Bruno of Pittsfield to Manuel Naula, $122,000 on 10/16/2018

11 Westover St: Kristie L. Gentile of Pittsfield to Casey M. Peirano and Michael J. Taylor, $186,000 on 10/15/2018


91 Deer Hill Rd: Susan R. Phillips of Richmond to Darren B. Orbach and Elizabeth A. Waksman, $725,000 on 10/17/2018


262 Loop Rd: Daniel J. Pascarelli of Savoy to Kristie L. Shook, $269,900 on 10/15/2018


1114 Ashley Falls Rd: Bennett Blanche A Est and Deborah Rhoades of Sheffield to Nicholas A. Greene and Tiffany A. Sermini-Greene, $270,000 on 10/19/2018

21 Sheffield Business Park: CMR LLC of Sheffield to Robert L. and Kelly S. Blouch, $574,750 on 10/17/2018


14 Stonebridge Way: Alex and Nancy Kolben of Tyringham to Caitlin M. Bartholomew, $290,000 on 10/17/2018


72 Arnold St: Berkshire Ventures LLC of Williamstown to Weaver House LLC, $100,000 on 10/15/2018

87 Maple St: Eloise M. Finlinson of Williamstown to Trevor S. Jewett, $137,900 on 10/16/2018

738 Simonds Rd: Sam W. Amoroso and Sonnet K. Coggins of Williamstown to Matthew Howard and Shelley Salamensky, $275,000 on 10/19/2018



12 Barnes Rd: Michael D. Burke of Canaan to Gregory D. and Catherine M. Marco, $230,000 on 10/11/2018

36 Lime Rock Sta: Marie Lanier of Canaan to Osama Aduib and Kim Cornell, $335,000 on 10/17/2018

New Hartford

363 Bruning Rd: Jennifer Morse and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of New Hartford to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $1 on 10/03/2018


11 Conklin St: John M. Keeler of Salisbury to John M. Walsh, $280,000 on 10/15/2018

55 Interlaken Est: Sherri L Grace T and Sherri L. Grace of Salisbury to Rallin M. and Gabrielle H. Welch, $430,000 on 10/15/2018


65 King Hill Rd: Walter Dufresne and Jaren S. Balogh of Sharon to Alan Denker, $281,500 on 10/15/2018


214 Cedar Ln: Tiffany and Jason Belanger of Torrington to Lucas Terwilleger, $177,500 on 10/12/2018

391 Circle Dr: Daniel J. Gardella of Torrington to Thomas Lyons, $147,500 on 10/18/2018

30 Colorado Ave N: Jason Veronesi and Philip Owens of Torrington to Eric J. Truax, $154,155 on 10/18/2018

49 Coolidge Ave: Christine Barnett and Karen Anderson of Torrington to Stephen and Linda Samay, $165,000 on 10/15/2018

605 Essex Ct Unit 605: Nancy Johnston and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Torrington to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1 on 10/15/2018

44 Fairview Ave Unit 44: Carol Caine of Torrington to 1 Horne Ave LLC, $55,000 on 10/15/2018

91 Greenfield Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Abdove Investments LLC, $62,500 on 10/18/2018

181 Grove St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Torrington to Aness Kastrat, $89,000 on 10/18/2018

11 Hornfischer Ter: Jessica M. Lindeen of Torrington to Adewale O. Babatunde, $115,000 on 10/18/2018

47 Jordan Ln: Harold W. Beebe and Marilyn Mcdermott-Beebe of Torrington to Linda M. Barnard, $128,000 on 10/11/2018

895 Migeon Ave: 14 Oak Ave LLC of Torrington to Pinbro Associates LLC, $140,000 on 10/11/2018

120 Oxford Way: James A. Sklenka of Torrington to Kelly Kancyr, $145,000 on 10/11/2018

960 Pothier Rd: Diane Libby and Albert Vasko of Torrington to Zachary J. Sawicki, $297,000 on 10/12/2018

109 Sherwood Dr: Ernest J. and Phyllis G. Rose of Torrington to James L. and Lorie A. Owens, $164,900 on 10/16/2018

21 Tracy Ave: Dina and Lisa Frigo of Torrington to Shane C. Urot-Tomakin, $123,000 on 10/17/2018

373 Westside Rd: Moira M. Wood of Torrington to Cassie Cote, $142,000 on 10/16/2018


19 High St: TWKS LLC of Winchester to R Cam Properties Inc, $60,000 on 10/19/2018

522 Main St: Shadows 5 LLC of Winchester to R Cam Properties LLC, $100,000 on 10/19/2018

115 Moore Ave: Francis A. Lamesa and Kathleen A. Lames of Winchester to Tracy L. and Kenneth O. Oconnell, $255,000 on 10/17/2018

107 Oakdale Ave: Judith A. Dixon of Winchester to Tyson Gauddette and Lindasay Gaudette, $199,000 on 10/18/2018

236 Rockwell St: Tina M. White of Winchester to Igor and Valeriia Gutnam, $90,000 on 10/17/2018

535 Wheelers Pt: Donna A. Ensminger of Winchester to Gerald V. Rasmussen, $890,000 on 10/15/2018

Source: The Warren Group

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