Berkshire region real estate sales, November 23 – 29, 2015

From the Warren Group, the latest weekly report of real estate transactions in Berkshire County and the region: November 23-29, 2015



26 Maple St: FHLM of Adams to Nicholas and Pamela Peterson, $39,000 on 11/24/2015

52 Melrose St: Laurie L. Bard of Adams to Michael R. and Erica L. Boulger, $145,000 on 11/24/2015

34 Upton St: USA HUD of Adams to Maple Grove Properties, $75,000 on 11/25/2015

13 West Rd: Joseph P. and Debra A. Bettis of Adams to Irene F. Ferrari, $224,000 on 11/30/2015


130 N Egremont Rd: Nicholas Diamand and Laura Bailyn of Alford to Craig and Annie B. Kay, $575,000 on 11/23/2015


150 River Rd: Adams Community Bank of Clarksburg to Michelle Shulse, $35,000 on 11/25/2015


400 North St: Eric R. and Michelle M. Furlong of Dalton to Thomas E. and Esther T. Balardini, $450,000 on 11/23/2015

71 Oak Street Ext: Michael A. Vella of Dalton to Lucas A. Perry, $163,000 on 11/30/2015

12 School St: Coreane A. Salvini of Dalton to Eric R. and Michelle M. Furlong, $405,000 on 11/23/2015

68 Tower Rd: Gregory P. Cormier of Dalton to US Bank NA Tr, $143,226 on 11/24/2015

100 Yvonne Dr: Arthur W. and Barbara A. Gordon of Dalton to Raymond C. and Catherine N. Woitkowski, $4,000 on 11/30/2015


116 Undermountain Rd: Kimberley C. Hyatt and Jonathan E. Beattie of Egremont to S W Hatfield&P Riordan LT and Steven W. Hatfield, $835,000 on 11/30/2015


23 Savoy Rd: Julian R. Grey and Isabella M. Raven of Florida to Joseph S. and Aurora D. Foster, $178,000 on 11/24/2015

Great Barrington

23 Berkshire Heights Rd: John J. Toffey of Great Barrington to Janet Ansbro, $378,450 on 11/23/2015


37 Corey Rd Unit 113: Vincent R. and Catherine L. Bertino of Hancock to Matthew and Christine Rosencrans, $90,000 on 11/23/2015

218 Whitman Rd: Daniel L. and Linda K. Leary of Hancock to Charles Malin, $313,000 on 11/27/2015


5 A St: Suzan Wolpow-Gill of Lanesboro to Colleen M. Murphy and Ralph E. Bellinger, $122,000 on 11/25/2015

12 Imperial St: Old Williamstown Realty of Lanesboro to Nery A. Gonzales, $118,250 on 11/25/2015


161 E Center St: Marco and Andrea Artioli of Lee to Christopher M. Wellens and Rebekah J. Mccluskey, $215,500 on 11/30/2015

46 Fuller St: Blache James L Est and Cindy L. Belair of Lee to John H. Vanzandt and John H. VanZandt, $40,000 on 11/24/2015


64 Brunell Ave: Susan N. VanDerWerff and Arthur H. Neergaard of Lenox to Andrew D. and Laura E. Chevalier, $187,000 on 11/23/2015

26 Sunset Ave: Ellen C. Marshall of Lenox to Bridget M Connolly RET and Bridget M. Connolly, $350,000 on 11/23/2015

New Marlborough

1090 Canaan Valley Rd: Edward Harvey and Suntrust Mortgage Inc of New Marlboro to Suntrust Mortgage Inc, $178,500 on 11/24/2015

North Adams

215 Houghton St: Evelyn F. Ciempa and CIT Bank NA of North Adams to FNMA, $50,000 on 11/25/2015


11 E Otis Rd: Marilee A Higgins RET and M Angers-Higgins of Otis to Nancy K. Kalodner, $230,700 on 11/30/2015

165 Gibbs Rd: Elizabeth P. Vanness of Otis to William E. Obrien, $18,000 on 11/23/2015


49 Appleton Ave: Jetka Group LLC of Pittsfield to Paul and Jose Saldana, $41,500 on 11/25/2015

15 Chickering St: Bridget E. Madden and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $45,000 on 11/24/2015

14 Daniels Ave: Scot J. Johnston and FNMA of Pittsfield to FNMA, $57,500 on 11/25/2015

103 Dickinson Ave: Mark F. Kruzel of Pittsfield to Eric J. Stansfield and Janice E. Adler, $150,000 on 11/30/2015

1 Hoover St: Leon C. White of Pittsfield to Natasha Ehizogie, $182,000 on 11/30/2015

52 Merriam St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Amber E. Steele, $89,000 on 11/23/2015

69 Shore Dr: Glenn B. Lizotte and Sandra L. Olson of Pittsfield to Heather Lane LLC, $50,000 on 11/23/2015

1200 West St: Dery Hope R Est and David A. Dery of Pittsfield to Timothy P. Gallagher, $339,000 on 11/30/2015


13 Larrywaug Xrd: Albert L Pieropan INT and Albert L. Pieropan of Stockbridge to John J. and Cynthia T. Brown, $250,000 on 11/24/2015


180 Chestnut St: Moose Hill NT and Anthony M. Menkel of Williamstown to Robert A. Sills, $295,000 on 11/25/2015

295 Hancock Rd: Daphne D Mcgill T and Robert E. Mcgill of Williamstown to Mcgill Family LP, $5,000 on 11/30/2015

319 Hancock Rd: Mcgill Family LP of Williamstown to Jason R. and Rachel A. Lemieux, $330,000 on 11/30/2015


1288 Old Route 9: Jesse P. and Emily K. Clark of Windsor to Jordan J. Koch, $195,000 on 11/25/2015



11 Ridge Ln: Citimortgage Inc of Salisbury to Jason Lemon, $95,000 on 11/25/2015

Source: The Warren Group