Berkshire region real estate sales November 19-25, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire Region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Nov. 19-25, 2017



44 E Hoosac St: Linda S. Bassi and Patricia A. Lemoine of Adams to Marta Brown, $84,700 on 11/22/2017

17-19 Forest Park Ave: Francis M. Briggs and Elena Serrano-Briggs of Adams to Pierrot K. Kareh, $143,000 on 11/21/2017

89 N Summer St: Daniel G. and Beth A. Barnes of Adams to Shana Snow, $136,500 on 11/20/2017


179 Alan A Dale Dr: Gordon Hamm of Becket to Richard P. and Donna J. Caine, $159,900 on 11/20/2017


822 Middle Rd: Josiphine A. Febles of Clarksburg to Brian M. and Makayla M. Dowling, $160,000 on 11/20/2017


55 High St: Ruth A. Lewis of Dalton to Marco Adorno, $292,925 on 11/20/2017

113 Pine St: Michael J. and Jennifer L. Darrow of Dalton to FHLM, $1 on 11/22/2017


82 Baldwin Hill Rd: Bonita and Harvey K. Ganot of Egremont to Jenifer L. and Mark D. Salzberg, $1,050,000 on 11/20/2017


40 Moores Rd: Briggs Charles L Est and Bruce C. Cooper of Florida to Timothy G. and Janet F. Bartlett, $19,000 on 11/21/2017

Great Barrington

20 Linda Ln: Debra M. and Joseph A. Aberdale of Great Barrington to Joseph A. and Carole L. Aberdale, $1 on 11/22/2017

402 Monterey Rd Unit A: Phyllis S Katz T and Heidi Katz of Great Barrington to John T. and Jane S. Angelini, $503,000 on 11/21/2017


660 Mallard Ln Unit 5: Lee Homer LLC of Lee to Marvin and Carol Schwartzbard, $825,000 on 11/20/2017

660 Mallard Ln Unit 3: Lee Homer LLC of Lee to Marvin and Carol Schwartzbard, $825,000 on 11/20/2017

North Adams

78 Woodlawn Ave: Senecal FT and Janice J. Cook of North Adams to Patrick Smith, $165,000 on 11/21/2017


1136 Barker Rd Unit 11: Faith and Alvin Zubasky of Pittsfield to Michael P. and Carol A. Daly, $245,000 on 11/20/2017

25 Imperial Ave: David M. and Nila E. Irwin of Pittsfield to Daniel C. and Jinju Brooks, $198,500 on 11/20/2017

1024 North St: Rebekah M. Deforest of Pittsfield to Amy T. Skubel and Robert J. Kingston, $166,000 on 11/20/2017

54 Oxford St: Shannon White of Pittsfield to Lucas S. Marion, $144,500 on 11/22/2017

40 Paula Ave: Michael Simonelli of Pittsfield to Jennifer A. Smith, $182,000 on 11/22/2017

76 Ridgeway Ave: John J. Rotti and Richard Gaviorno of Pittsfield to William M. Jamross, $113,300 on 11/20/2017

19 Sunset St: Loreen M. Creamer of Pittsfield to Elmar E. Amodia-Uy, $68,000 on 11/24/2017

West Stockbridge

7 Hotel St: Sheri Biasin and Susan Fuhlbrigge of West Stockbridge to Ryan Beattie and Gillian Gorman, $193,800 on 11/20/2017


New Hartford

96 Prospect St: Richard W. and Gloria E. Zimmerman of New Hartford to Paul B. Zimmerman, $20,000 on 11/22/2017


248-250 Mountain Rd: LBD LLC of Norfolk to Twin Cottage LLC, $200,000 on 11/15/2017


22 Dug Rd: Colin F. Kappler of Sharon to Alice B. Mckown, $420,000 on 11/14/2017

50 Gay St: Thomas G. Hussey of Sharon to Todi and Dafina Canie, $200,000 on 11/13/2017


178 Barton St: Troy J. Williams and Kate Hackney-Williams of Torrington to Edward Santana-Ferreira and I Dejesus-Rodriguez, $157,000 on 11/14/2017

162 Cardinal Cir: Richard D. and Catherine M. Malczynski of Torrington to Peter T. and Colleen E. Corbett, $225,000 on 11/14/2017

447 Evergreen Rd Unit 447: Sheilah P. Margolin of Torrington to Alan Friedman and Jane D. Epstein, $92,000 on 11/16/2017

91 Greenfield Dr: Kathleen N. Lind and Embrace Home Loans Inc of Torrington to Embrace Home Loans Inc, $1 on 11/15/2017

326 Hillside Ave: Anthony Parente of Torrington to Megastar Management LLC, $55,000 on 11/15/2017

27 Pearl St: USA HUD of Torrington to Land T 614217, $56,949 on 11/15/2017

42 Pulver St: James A. and Paul F. Grohs of Torrington to Bopta and Sean B. Ky, $31,250 on 11/13/2017

59 Tara Dr: Charles and Patricia Marciano of Torrington to Laszlo Kovacs and Maria A. Martin, $170,500 on 11/15/2017

111 Westside Rd: Dennis F. Summa and Fidelity Bank of Torrington to Fidelity Bank, $71,404 on 11/13/2017

68 Wilson Ave Unit 317: Ryan D. Seney of Torrington to Mary K. Mcallister, $65,000 on 11/13/2017


52 Riveredge Dr Unit 52: Vanessa A. Giannasi of Winchester to Brian C. Creighton, $72,000 on 11/17/2017

286 W Lake St: Joaquin G. Silvia of Winchester to Infinite Home Solutions, $85,000 on 11/22/2017

Source: The Warren Group