Berkshire region real estate sales, November 13-19, 2016

The latest weekly report from the Warren Group of real estate sales in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Connecticut: Nov. 13-19, 2016



65 Fisk Rd: Charles E. Giuliano and Astrid A. Hiemer of Adams to Richard A. and Lynn M. Bizzi, $183,000 on 11/15/2016

38 Randall St: Scott L. Mcwhirt of Adams to Kyle D. Richardson, $165,000 on 11/17/2016


352 Alan A Dale Dr: Eric J. Twining and Jessica L. Arrowsmith of Becket to Donald V. Munger, $165,000 on 11/16/2016

116 Otis Rd: Linda A. Johnston of Becket to Alexander R. Geringer and Lucy Schlosser, $390,000 on 11/17/2016

37 Wishing Way: Michael and Joan Lichtenstein of Becket to Gwendolyn Lyeth-Burton, $361,500 on 11/18/2016


401 Cross Rd: Blanche T. and Allan G. Mclain of Clarksburg to Jason M. Maynard and Tabithia R. Nunn, $119,900 on 11/15/2016


84 1st St: Christopher J. Furlong of Dalton to Karen J. and William J. Sweener, $159,000 on 11/18/2016

71 Audrey Dr: John A. Nalepa of Dalton to Matthew D. Higgins and Kayla M. Keyes, $182,500 on 11/15/2016

239 South St: Rolando Guilarte of Dalton to Cynthia M. Walton, $134,500 on 11/14/2016


121 Tilda Hill Rd: Donald G. and Mary F. Ferron of Florida to Jean M Fulton T and Craig M. Fulton, $300,000 on 11/18/2016

Great Barrington

11 Bentley Ave: Robert C. and Miriam C. Winterbottom of Great Barrington to Michael F. Leonard, $375,000 on 11/14/2016

72 Seekonk Cross Rd: Sharon L. Kennedy of Great Barrington to Daijiro and Robin H. Ban, $400,000 on 11/15/2016


37 Corey Rd Unit 633: William E. and Ann E. Cooper of Hancock to Nathaniel E. and Elizabeth A. Hoogs, $85,000 on 11/18/2016


60 Cliffwood St: Ethel M Noonan IRT and Donna M. Toomey of Lee to Evan S. Laudon, $180,000 on 11/16/2016

880 East St Unit 20c: Maramaldi LT and Paul T. Maramaldi of Lee to Steven and Gail Marlow, $232,000 on 11/18/2016

165 Leisure Lee Rd: Jay L. Gershman of Lee to Barry and Brenda Leeper, $218,000 on 11/18/2016


16 Coldbrooke S Unit A: Pincus FT and Roberta Pincus of Lenox to Timothy and Helen Metzger, $450,000 on 11/18/2016

134 New Lenox Rd: Dighton John Est and Debra D. Pember of Lenox to Bruce J. Stringer and Molly S. Mckenna, $213,500 on 11/15/2016

New Marlborough

14 Brewer Hill Rd: James D. and Jessica D. Redman of New Marlboro to Robert C. and Miriam C. Winterbottom, $275,000 on 11/14/2016

North Adams

59 Barth St: Shirley A. Mills of North Adams to Sheila M. Silsby, $120,000 on 11/14/2016

19 Church St Unit 12: Jean Talarico of North Adams to Darren K. Tierney, $34,000 on 11/15/2016

72 Hawthorne Ave: Marc E. Segalla of North Adams to Melissa J. Segalla, $75,000 on 11/18/2016

199 Houghton St: Sandeep and Seema Arora of North Adams to Whiteface RT and Travis M. Cramer, $28,000 on 11/16/2016

132 North St: Brian J. Miksic and Glenn M. Maloney of North Adams to Jennifer Howland, $145,000 on 11/16/2016

990 Notch Rd: Demagall Richard Est and Susan L. Brzoska of North Adams to Baby Bean IRT and Brian T. Oneil, $150,000 on 11/17/2016

113 Pleasant St: Gerold F. and Patricia J. Sapienza of North Adams to Bryan K. Sapienza, $125,600 on 11/18/2016

126 W Main St: RSB Properties LLC of North Adams to Athena A. Wright, $10,000 on 11/14/2016


22 Chestnut Ln: Lorne J. and Judith A. Norton of Otis to Michael P. and Kathryn M. Grossman, $1,085,000 on 11/18/2016


7 Greylock Cir: Stephen G. and Eileen M. Weiss of Peru to Mark W. Tucker, $160,000 on 11/18/2016


28 Argyle Rd: Catherine A. Benham of Pittsfield to Gerard M. and Terry R. Gallick, $85,500 on 11/17/2016

146 Bartlett Ave: Florence Brett of Pittsfield to Andrew D. Ottoson and Branden W. Huldeen, $202,600 on 11/18/2016

215 Chapel St: Michael E. Hobart and Terese A. Gasparro-Hobart of Pittsfield to Jacob C. Gaylord, $114,500 on 11/15/2016

90 Cheshire Rd: Neil B. Siegel of Pittsfield to Cherie R. Pasquarelli, $117,000 on 11/17/2016

899-r E New Lenox Rd: Kelli Kozak of Pittsfield to James A. Cunningham, $227,500 on 11/14/2016

30 Faucett Ln: Clive and Maria E. Beckington of Pittsfield to Nicole H. Luong, $319,000 on 11/17/2016

14 Grove St: Timothy E. and Norma Grady of Pittsfield to Anthony Loria, $147,500 on 11/16/2016

75 Joseph Dr: Gloria Rubin of Pittsfield to Jane D. Sparks, $228,000 on 11/15/2016

76 Maryland Ave: Nancy E. Rodda of Pittsfield to Clifford F. Ducharme, $135,000 on 11/18/2016

40 New York Ave: Stephanie K. Boyer of Pittsfield to Debra A. Phillips, $123,000 on 11/17/2016

88 Newell St: James T. Vincent and CIT Bank NA of Pittsfield to FNMA, $111,000 on 11/16/2016

53 Robert St: Nathan J. Oliveira of Pittsfield to Jeffrey Turner, $176,000 on 11/14/2016

90 Shore Dr: Mary E. Morse of Pittsfield to David F. and Michele G. Turocy, $529,900 on 11/18/2016

481 Tyler St: Faisal I. and Linda Ali of Pittsfield to Gladis M. Bravo-Saico, $136,000 on 11/15/2016

1025 Williams St: Kathryn J. Cardell and Roberta C. Francis of Pittsfield to Timothy and Norma Grady, $206,750 on 11/17/2016


1799 Dublin Rd: Henry F. Malafronte of Richmond to Sarah E. Mitchell, $292,500 on 11/15/2016


857 N Hoosac Rd: Lane NT and George T. Crane of Williamstown to Bahia Partners 1 LLC, $120,000 on 11/16/2016

139 Water St: VanHorn John W Est and Laurie J. Hornung of Williamstown to General Realty Ventures, $55,000 on 11/17/2016



197-209 Sharon Rd: Wendy B. Hamilton of Salisbury to Quentin VanDoosselaere, $3,825,000 on 11/14/2016


22 Upper Main St Unit 1: Sharlene J. Copeland of Sharon to Joy Belle Commercial LLC, $250,000 on 11/15/2016


167 Bradford Rd: Tracy A. Sabia of Torrington to Paul L. and Tracy A. Sabia, $90,000 on 11/15/2016

433 Cardinal Cir: Bruce P. and Patricia L. Whipple of Torrington to David J. Mlinarich, $249,900 on 11/15/2016

45 Chelton St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Shawn Synnott and Gary Bondaldi, $57,000 on 11/17/2016

214 Cider Mill Xing: Kelly Fradet Lumber Inc of Torrington to Lewis H. and Martha G. Patchett, $255,000 on 11/17/2016

35 Clinton St: USA HUD of Torrington to Wilson J. Garcia-Martinez, $65,000 on 11/14/2016

14 College Ave: Danh and Phuong Le of Torrington to Elba and Rassie G. Ervin, $134,000 on 11/16/2016

141 Durand St: Sally Cuatto and Stephen O. Allaire of Torrington to Robert W. Briggs, $138,000 on 11/15/2016

94 Hunter Ct Unit 94: Lynn Molnar of Torrington to Elevator Service Co Inc, $61,500 on 11/16/2016

235 Ledge Dr Unit 235: Michael and Omra Goren of Torrington to Franklyn D. and Rachel P. Ramsey, $75,000 on 11/17/2016

263 Lyman Dr: Danny P. Greenlaw and Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Bayview Loan Servicing, $78,400 on 11/14/2016

83 Oxbow Dr: Edward A. Velez of Torrington to Brittany M. Stango and Matthew J. Zarrella, $141,000 on 11/17/2016

34 Simmons St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Jay Rusgrove, $65,000 on 11/15/2016

172 Torringford West St: FNMA of Torrington to Groppo Drive Realty Group, $65,500 on 11/15/2016

75 W Hill Rd: Pul and Tracy Sabia of Torrington to Robert W. and Sandra M. Gardner, $282,000 on 11/16/2016


130 Colony Dr: Michelle D. Lalli of Winchester to Christopher J. Valli, $117,500 on 11/09/2016

97 Prospect St: USA HUD of Winchester to Thomas A. Skuja, $50,000 on 11/14/2016

213 Reaching Hill Rd: Donna Ensminger and Lawrence R. Sherman of Winchester to Robert M. Gorse, $162,000 on 11/14/2016

212 South Rd: Jeffrey A. and Polly M. Lepine of Winchester to Joshua E. and Erin Grover, $155,000 on 11/17/2016

305 Taylor Brook Rd: Brian O. and Joy H. Place of Winchester to Mary B. Hanley and Michael Bissonette, $163,000 on 11/16/2016

Source: The Warren Group