Berkshire region real estate sales Nov. 25 – Dec. 1, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Nov. 25 - Dec. 1, 2018



105 East Rd: Janet B. Higgins of Adams to Alan J. Lawson, $189,000 on 11/26/2018

6 Frederick Ln: Kenneth F. and Lisa J. Howcroft of Adams to Stephen A. Domenichini, $159,000 on 11/30/2018

38 Temple St: Justin M. Gladu and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Adams to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $69,600 on 11/26/2018

20 Turners Ave: RSB Properties LLC of Adams to Patrick Klammer, $60,000 on 11/29/2018


71 Bruce Roy Ln: Bernard J. and Diana J. Belouin of Becket to Ronald and Beverly Kowalczyk, $175,000 on 11/26/2018

850 Chester Rd: Ray J. Davis of Becket to William P. Kenney, $34,763 on 11/30/2018

107 Chippewa Dr: Wald Cy Est and Pamela Wald of Becket to David P. and Katherine D. Dickinson, $418,000 on 11/30/2018


193 Outlook Ave: Douglas Molin of Cheshire to Christopher A. and Carrie A. Tilley, $575,000 on 11/26/2018

1113 S State Rd: Sandra L. and Virginia Decarlo of Cheshire to Michael Mierzejewski, $122,900 on 11/29/2018


353 West Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Clarksburg to Brian A. and Hulda H. Jowett, $53,000 on 11/27/2018


72 Hemlock Hl: Christopher A. and Carrie A. Tilley of Dalton to Ryan M. Williams, $292,500 on 11/29/2018

989 Main St: Arthur L. and Christine M. Corriveau of Dalton to Marc I Marshall RET and Marc I. Marshall, $312,500 on 11/26/2018

71 Patricia Ave: Robert D. Couture of Dalton to Cory M. Evangelisto and Nicole M. Mancivalano, $185,000 on 11/30/2018


43 Blunt Rd: Stella Deluca of Egremont to Frederick and Donna B. Gordon, $445,000 on 11/26/2018

Great Barrington

36 Hillside Ave: Thomas P. and Darlene A. Smith of Great Barrington to Johnpaul and Emily Magenis, $240,570 on 11/29/2018


257 Main St: Gregorek LT and Amanda E. Gregorek of Hancock to Lynn A. Mora, $510,000 on 11/30/2018


31 Bonnie Dr: John J Curley IRT and John J. Martin of Hinsdale to Bashir F. and Isa F. Ali, $384,000 on 11/30/2018

1124 E Washington Rd: Dennis and Elizabeth N. Pollock of Hinsdale to Kali L. Tomasi, $310,000 on 11/29/2018

45 Off South St: MHFA of Hinsdale to David Knowlton, $117,000 on 11/30/2018


4 Ann Dr: James E. and Beth A. Fye of Lanesborough to Joshua J. and Jamie L. Hunt, $130,000 on 11/30/2018

60 Bull Hill Rd: Silvernail Beverly A Est and Belinda Sinopoli of Lanesborough to Barbara L. Davis-Hassan, $180,000 on 11/30/2018

63 Bull Hill Rd: Silvernail Beverly A Est and Belinda Sinopoli of Lanesboro to Barbara L. Davis-Hassan, $180,000 on 11/30/2018

114 Miner Rd: Philip Farrar of Lanesboro to John L. Paris, $220,000 on 11/27/2018


565 Leisure Lee Rd: William P. and Ann L. Klein of Lee to Robert Rosofsky and Laurie Stillman, $310,000 on 11/30/2018

North Adams

54 Bradford St: 54 Bradford Street T and Mary E. Zocchi of North Adams to Joseph F. and Wendelin L. Caffrey, $192,500 on 11/30/2018

78-82 Furnace St: Richard T&S Dassatti NT and Richard T. Dassatti of North Adams to Larry A. Kurowski, $95,000 on 11/30/2018


2401 W Center Rd: George S. and Adele H. Spira of Otis to Samuel W. and Molly E. Kelmelis, $215,000 on 11/30/2018


96 E Main Rd: Pamela G. Langlais of Peru to David C. Williams, $227,500 on 11/28/2018


207 2nd St: E Lee StMartin and AJX Mortgage of Pittsfield to Ruby Realty LLC, $70,000 on 11/30/2018

42 Brooks Ave: Deborah Anderson and Michael E. Toomey of Pittsfield to Sara L. Shuff-Heck, $145,000 on 11/26/2018

25 Cromwell Ave: M Nancy Carroll and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to FNMA, $132,500 on 11/28/2018

40 Curtis Ter: Nicole A. Walden of Pittsfield to Tracy L. Winters, $130,000 on 11/28/2018

70 Dodge Ave: Dana R. and Marie T. Spring of Pittsfield to Guadalupe Amaya, $190,000 on 11/26/2018

40 Dorchester Ave: Marie A. Beron and Diana L. Goddard of Pittsfield to Thomas F. and Ewelina Sitzer, $188,400 on 11/27/2018

737 East St: SK RT and Sam L. Vu of Pittsfield to Yoshi Corp, $280,000 on 11/30/2018

261 Highland Ave: Tallage Lincoln LLC of Pittsfield to Edward H. Weeden, $68,000 on 11/30/2018

220 Karen Dr: Thomas M. and Sabrina S. Evangelisto of Pittsfield to Yuri G. Mejia and Magaly Lopez, $300,000 on 11/28/2018

74 Norman Ave: Christine M. Weaver of Pittsfield to Rosa Tabango, $136,000 on 11/29/2018

31 Ora Dr: Jennifer L. Pavlak of Pittsfield to Matthew C. Bainbridge, $164,000 on 11/30/2018

25 Parker St: Michelle and Elmer Gage of Pittsfield to Warsaw Properties LLC, $120,000 on 11/26/2018

186 Partridge Rd: Carnevale Jane V Est and Patrick A. Carnevale of Pittsfield to Jessica L. Wojcik and Kenneth S. Girard, $157,500 on 11/30/2018

32 Richmond Ave: Grange Hall Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Harry P. and Susan A. Watson, $89,000 on 11/30/2018

765 Tyler St: Christopher C. Connell of Pittsfield to 765 Tyler RE LLC, $390,000 on 11/30/2018

74 Watson St: Bruce A. Goldschmitt of Pittsfield to Christopher Clemons, $139,000 on 11/30/2018

65 Wilson St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Timothy W. and Tiffany J. Corwin, $60,000 on 11/30/2018

124 Windsor Ave: Michael Mcneil of Pittsfield to Karen J. and David E. Wait, $195,400 on 11/30/2018

194 Windsor Ave: June F. Scorpa of Pittsfield to Tanner J. and Emily J. Price, $136,000 on 11/30/2018

15 Winesap Rd: Charles D. and Joanne M. Hessler of Pittsfield to Arthur L. and Christine M. Corriveau, $258,000 on 11/26/2018

15 Wood Ave: Elizabeth A. Bissell of Pittsfield to Christopher T. Larocque and Janay P. Freeman, $162,000 on 11/30/2018


1468 Dublin Rd: Carolyn D. Clairmont of Richmond to David and Heather Goodhue, $300,000 on 11/30/2018


77 S Beech Plain Rd: Donald H. and Charlene N. Peet of Sandisfield to Tegan and Karen Abear, $305,000 on 11/27/2018

302 Tamarack Trl: Ellen L. Heffan of Sandisfield to Zenon and Janet Bojko, $255,000 on 11/27/2018


142 Griffin Hill Rd: Griffin Hill RT and Stephane Ferioli of Savoy to High Wind LLC, $350,000 on 11/30/2018


40 Berkshire School Rd: W Jackson and Sandra W. French of Sheffield to Berkshire School Road LLC, $220,000 on 11/30/2018

130 Root Ln: James R. and Catherine B. Miller of Sheffield to William J. and Jenifer J. Packer, $850,000 on 11/30/2018


63 Monterey Rd: Lawrence C. and Helene E. Krasnoff of Tyringham to Otto A. Santana and Anthony T. Waldron, $435,000 on 11/30/2018

West Stockbridge

131 Great Barrington Rd: Ethan A. and Lauren M. Sumner of West Stockbridge to Johan C. and Julia B. Schor, $505,000 on 11/29/2018

128 W Center Rd: Mary F. Seppala of West Stockbridge to Joseph J. Christian and Nancy J. Lieff, $645,000 on 11/29/2018


30 Candlewood Dr: David G. and Wende S. Carver of Williamstown to Peter J. and Rebecca C. Ticconi, $682,000 on 11/26/2018

39 Lower Windflower Way Unit 39: Stephen W. Hannock of Williamstown to Bethany F. Hicok and Jonathan Miller, $220,000 on 11/26/2018

95 Luce Rd: FHLM of Williamstown to Eugene R. Lepesqueur, $33,900 on 11/30/2018

395 North St: Bryan A. Millard of Williamstown to Allison and Patricia Pacelli, $225,500 on 11/26/2018

432 White Oaks Rd: Denise M. Way and Kathleen Jones of Williamstown to VJC TL RET and Vangle Christoff, $60,000 on 11/28/2018


301 North St: Michael J. Wettstein and Susan Simmons of Windsor to Jill P. Gallagher, $349,400 on 11/30/2018



15 Mill St: Lexi Group LLC of Goshen to Michael R. Murphy and Amy M. Johannesen, $297,500 on 11/19/2018

56 Shelbourne Dr: Marek S. and Kimberly A. Beck of Goshen to Christopher W. Martin, $330,000 on 11/27/2018

79 Shelbourne Dr: Maria J. Campanello of Goshen to Robert W. and Alison R. Storm, $360,000 on 11/16/2018

New Hartford

481 E Cotton Hill Rd: Larry A. Buckley of New Hartford to Michael J. Duba, $244,000 on 11/28/2018


14 Sunset Ridge Rd: Mary E. Fanette and Veronica A. Burns of Norfolk to Elizabeth Scheel, $325,000 on 11/28/2018


263 Wells Hill Rd: Anne Hollinger Lindley T and Anne Lindley-Young of Salisbury to Sandra K. Boynton, $1,150,000 on 11/27/2018


56 River Rd: John A Frost 2011 RET and Torrington SB Tr of Sharon to Stephen D. Kallman and Roxann Morena-Roche, $235,000 on 11/26/2018

199 Westwoods Road 1: Nicholas F. and Aimee M. Cole of Sharon to James F. and Heather L. Socci, $310,000 on 11/28/2018


196 Ascot Ln: Travis I. and Christine E. Mcarthur of Torrington to Cesar and Denise A. Larreynaga, $145,000 on 11/26/2018

44 Crystal Ln: US Bank NA of Torrington to Tawan Taranto, $61,515 on 11/27/2018

38 Eagle St: USA HUD of Torrington to Alan and Dalinda Carmichael, $58,000 on 11/28/2018

217 Goshen Rd: Daniel G. Stoughton of Torrington to Cheryl A. Knox and William Benbow, $173,000 on 11/26/2018

46 Grant St: Herman F. and Lucille J. Leifert of Torrington to 65 Grant-Oak Street LLC, $150,000 on 11/27/2018

20 Guilford St: 2 Guilford LLC of Torrington to James J. Lasko, $159,000 on 11/26/2018

160 Hayden Hill Rd: Roy P. Dungan of Torrington to Robert V. Langelier, $192,000 on 11/26/2018

118 Mckinley St: Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Rukia Bilal, $75,000 on 11/27/2018

38 Weaver St: Jay Rusgrove of Torrington to Marisol E. and Cindy S. Duque, $127,500 on 11/26/2018


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