Berkshire region real estate sales Nov. 24-30, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Nov. 24-30, 2019



76 Center St: Jennifer A. Boucher of Adams to Guy P. Chouinard, $188,400 on 11/25/2019

10-12 Hoosac St: James J. Zoltek of Adams to John H. and Holly A. Wilk, $129,000 on 11/27/2019


248 East Rd: Ellen J. Greenberg of Alford to Denis and Robin Wong, $905,500 on 12/02/2019


935 Outlook Ave: Robert L. and Jennifer L. Young of Cheshire to Raymond F. and Regina J. Church, $312,000 on 12/03/2019

50 Stonehedge Rd: Bonnie A. Hunt of Cheshire to Hunter T. Conrow, $165,000 on 11/27/2019


85 Bruce Dr: Richard E. and Kathy V. Diorio of Dalton to Paul J. and Kelly V. Lange, $88,000 on 11/27/2019


124 Tilda Hill Rd: Edward J. Rysz of Florida to Heidi S. Phelps, $49,000 on 11/27/2019

Great Barrington

25 Van Deusenville Rd: Brian D. Formel of Great Barrington to Mary Formel-Woodger, $285,000 on 11/27/2019


225 W Park St: Christine M. Mccormack of Lee to Tammy M. Lockenwitz-Payer, $232,000 on 12/03/2019


57 Under Mountain Rd: Anthony P. Doyle and Madeline M. Motta of Lenox to Frank Hughes, $200,000 on 11/27/2019

250 West St: FRFJ Real Estate Invest of Lenox to 250 West Street LLC, $1,100,000 on 12/03/2019

North Adams

53-55 Prospect St: David F. and Maryann Durant of North Adams to Edgar Martinez-Argueta and Madalin Sanchez, $97,500 on 11/27/2019


36 Drive F: John K. and Jennifer K. Horky of Otis to Keith P. Formanek, $735,000 on 12/03/2019

1565 Monterey Rd: Walther Barbara L Est and Glenn D. Walther of Otis to Linda M. Kahlstrom, $353,500 on 11/27/2019

Pine Rd Unit 12: Pine Road LLC of Otis to Steven M. Scully and Cindy L. Egbert, $4,000 on 11/27/2019

1801 S Main Rd: Charles S. Haynes of Otis to Adam W. Seavey, $106,000 on 11/27/2019


15 Causeway Rd: Benjamin J. Askew of Peru to Zachary M. Gould, $27,500 on 11/27/2019


56 Bartlett Ave: RSB Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Jesus M. Chairez, $110,000 on 12/03/2019

223 Brown St: Virginia E. Menard of Pittsfield to Ctaci A. Killela and Shannon R. Duchaine, $174,000 on 11/27/2019

36 Chickering St: Elmer and Theresa M. Gage of Pittsfield to Melissa E. Odell, $150,000 on 12/03/2019

56 Chickering St: Roberta A. Baumann of Pittsfield to Caitlin Masterson-Perry, $180,000 on 12/03/2019

16 Delancy Ave: Grady E. and Gloria J. Richards of Pittsfield to Benjamin Lancaster-Reis and Rachel E. Curit, $177,000 on 12/03/2019

2 Franco Ter: John W. and Diane M. Omelenchuck of Pittsfield to Ranger Properties LLC, $292,500 on 12/03/2019

6 Franco Ter: John W. and Diane M. Omelenchuck of Pittsfield to Ranger Properties LLC, $292,500 on 12/03/2019

197 Holmes Rd: Marilyn L. Fiddes of Pittsfield to James and Alyssa M. Sena, $173,051 on 12/03/2019

1542 North St: Raymond E. Torrenti of Pittsfield to Laiken Rapisarda and Jenna R. Giardina, $239,000 on 12/03/2019

400 Pomeroy Ave: Ann M. Morris of Pittsfield to Jonathan Lindblad, $265,000 on 12/03/2019

24 Victory Rd: Fern L. and David L. Bouchard of Pittsfield to Giselle M. Gwozdz, $192,500 on 12/03/2019

106 Windsor Ave: Tami J. Marran of Pittsfield to Eric M. Ochs, $179,000 on 11/29/2019


1053 State Rd: John H. Martino of Richmond to Paul A. and Cindy L. Faggioni, $415,000 on 11/27/2019


358 Clayton Rd: Deming Jean C Est and Wayne H. Deming of Sheffield to Samuel Fennell-Ward, $205,500 on 11/27/2019


5 East St: Terence and Lori Hill of Stockbridge to Roger H. Brown and Linda A. Mason, $1,862,500 on 12/03/2019

1 Lakeview Dr: Linda Shafiroff of Stockbridge to Stockbeech LLC, $1,060,000 on 11/27/2019


51 Willshire Dr: James P. Briggs of Williamstown to Ansari B. Warrith-Din and Colleen M. Keyes, $367,000 on 11/27/2019



10 Hayes Rd: Angela A. and James R. Malo of Barkhamsted to Christopher Buechele and Lynne A. Thibault, $245,000 on 11/18/2019


425 Colebrook River Rd: John Korfel of Colebrook to William M. Sweeney and John Brett-Mcallister, $30,000 on 11/18/2019


141 Ashley Dr: Carol A. Barrato of Goshen to Donna A. Finn, $279,000 on 11/15/2019

37 Cornwall Dr: ED&AJ Building&Remodel of Goshen to Norman S. Leighty, $480,000 on 11/12/2019

15 Cottage Grove Rd: Lewis A. and Virginia A. Williams of Goshen to Ned and Gia Urion, $164,500 on 11/22/2019

111 E Hyerdale Dr: 111 East Hyerdale Dr LLC of Goshen to East Hyerdale LLC, $305,000 on 11/07/2019

478 E Hyerdale Dr: Margaret A. Disanto of Goshen to 201907 WY26 LLC, $145,000 on 11/22/2019

55 Milton Rd: Robert and Frances Batesole of Goshen to Christopher M. and Sharon Pomeroy, $410,000 on 11/18/2019

180 North St: Craig C. Squire of Goshen to Nicole Ibrus, $235,000 on 11/07/2019

138 Sandy Beach Rd: Robert J. Martinek of Goshen to Paul L. and Beth M. Pernal, $278,000 on 11/05/2019

24 Tyler Lake Hts: Maximillian P. Banach of Goshen to Michael Ogarman and Amanda J. Pettengill, $400,000 on 11/04/2019

29 Tyler Lake Hts: Edwin S. Pequignot of Goshen to Dalton R. Russell, $205,000 on 11/18/2019

53 Westside Rd: Justin P. and Amanda Watley of Goshen to Christopher Hurlburt and Heather Foster, $335,000 on 11/25/2019

New Hartford

25 Dings Rd: Vincent E. and Terri A. Vogellus of New Hartford to Robert P. Marola, $225,000 on 11/21/2019

15 Gillette Rd: Paula J. Defalco of New Hartford to Justin G. Curtiss, $270,000 on 11/18/2019

83 Marstan Trl: Susan T. and John T. Turick of New Hartford to Kristin Tryba, $310,000 on 11/18/2019

19 Pioneer Rd: Lauren L. Heyse of New Hartford to Kenneth Baldwin and Lisa H. Daprile, $387,000 on 11/22/2019

409 South Rd: Michael Archangelo of New Hartford to Stacey Wollman, $330,000 on 11/27/2019


368 Greenwoods Rd W: 4 Oak LLC of Norfolk to 368 Greenwoods Road West, $83,626 on 11/21/2019


33 Amenia Union Rd: Michael K. Masterson of Sharon to Alexander D. and Christina O. Evans, $2,675,000 on 11/18/2019

91 Fairchild Rd: Alfred R. and Alexis W. Dorf of Sharon to Kathleen T. and Peter R. Oflinn, $895,000 on 11/18/2019


79 Beechwood Ave: Michael R. Hand of Torrington to Juan Vazquez, $117,000 on 11/25/2019

123 Calhoun St: Cinnamon Corriveau of Torrington to Matthew Vella and Heather Kelley, $110,000 on 11/26/2019

157 College Ave: Dorothy Rose Jones FT and Raymond M. Amejko of Torrington to Megan M. and Joel T. Lively, $125,000 on 11/21/2019

311 Greenwoods Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Kristy Barto, $109,550 on 11/25/2019

44 Lyman Dr: Peressinotto Mary A Est and Albert Peressinotto of Torrington to Stephen J. and Diana Plummer, $118,400 on 11/26/2019

839 Main St Unit 108: Patsy C. and Josiane Sbarra of Torrington to Daniel H. Miller, $57,500 on 11/26/2019

839 Main St Unit 29: Warrenton Mill Assoc of Torrington to Courtney R. Lafferty, $48,799 on 11/21/2019

255 Meadowview Dr: Theresa V. and Peter M. Obrien of Torrington to Cheryl L. Reynolds and Edeard L. Keith, $184,000 on 11/27/2019

450 New Litchfield St: Volvo Realty Sales LLC of Torrington to Burlington Construction, $550,000 on 11/25/2019

23 Pershing St: Jeff C. Schroeder of Torrington to Michael Matera, $167,500 on 11/26/2019

46 Planet St: Jonathan S. Wolf and Keeley Walcott of Torrington to Seana M. Alexson, $106,900 on 11/27/2019

4 Sharon Ave: Chayne J. Ashe and Specialized Loan Servicin of Torrington to Specialized Loan Servicin, $1 on 11/27/2019

87 Ticonderoga Dr: Schroeder Marian G Est and Ellen J. Schroeder of Torrington to Ellen J. Schroeder, $128,600 on 11/26/2019

314 Village Dr Unit 314: Cynthia Clement of Torrington to Timothy M. and Nancy Sullivan, $40,000 on 11/26/2019

75 Wheeler Ln: Dolores R. Gerardi and Alice M. Prunk of Torrington to Richard W. Heckbert, $150,000 on 11/25/2019


15 Case Ave: Great Council Of CT of Winchester to John Noone, $39,000 on 11/26/2019

108 E Lake St: N Branford Cong Church of Winchester to Greater Groton Rlty Corp, $260,000 on 11/25/2019

152 E Lake St: Deborah A. Williams of Winchester to Carol A. and Joseph E. Sojka, $125,500 on 11/25/2019

25 Griswold Ln: Joan and Richard Valentine of Winchester to James and Sheila Basquil, $260,000 on 11/26/2019

26 Lovely St: Amanda and Daniel N. Buyak of Winchester to Mellisa L. Melaragno, $140,750 on 11/21/2019

141 Maloney Ct: Brian C. and April E. Thomsen of Winchester to Tammy L. Gomez, $164,000 on 11/20/2019

55 Moore Ave: Nikstad James M Est and Maureen Amaral of Winchester to Anthony A. Rainone, $100,000 on 11/19/2019

124 Mountain Rd: Gregory M. Hovanak and Collinsville Savings Soc of Winchester to Collinsville Savings Soc, $175,000 on 11/22/2019

109 Newfield Rd: Charles R. and Michelle M. Ransom of Winchester to Matthew Obegenski and Catherine Nagel, $295,000 on 11/18/2019

153 Old Robertsville Rd: Charlene Lavoie of Winchester to Adam Quagliaroli, $224,000 on 11/27/2019

111 Riverton Rd Unit 69: Arnold and Doreen Govain of Winchester to Stephen F. and Tracy L. Bordonaro, $90,000 on 11/25/2019

108 Rugg Brook Rd: Moraski Lois G Est and Stanley E. Moraski of Winchester to Richard and Deanne Towle, $275,000 on 11/22/2019


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