Berkshire region real estate sales May 5-11, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: May 5-11, 2019



3 School St: James R. Burt and CIT Bank NA of Adams to FNMA, $25,000 on 05/10/2019


25 High St: John R. Bourque of Dalton to Joshua D. Benoit, $195,100 on 05/10/2019

60 North St Unit 18: US Bank NA Tr of Dalton to Karen Hume, $127,500 on 05/10/2019

387 North St: Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC of Dalton to Jose F. Goncalves, $95,000 on 05/10/2019

136 Pine St: Patricia A. Ames of Dalton to Stephan P. Foose, $80,000 on 05/10/2019

Great Barrington

22 High St: Adam Medina and Margaret Brownell of Great Barrington to Nancy Fales-Garrett, $318,700 on 05/10/2019


18 Willow Ln: Jennifer L. Storti and James G. Cornwell of Lenox to Jason and Sylvia Gappa, $340,000 on 05/09/2019


16 Bidwell Rd: Jeffrey Szanto and Gillian Norris-Szanto of Monterey to Linda D. Gillam, $740,000 on 05/13/2019

New Ashford

185 Mallery Rd: Joseph E. and Susan J. Nawazelski of New Ashford to Robert K. Larison, $172,900 on 05/14/2019

New Marlborough

1976 Clayton Mill River Rd: FNMA of New Marlborough to James H. Perkins, $44,000 on 05/10/2019

North Adams

183 State St: Allyson M. and Paul J. Lavigne of North Adams to 24 Realty LLC, $34,900 on 05/13/2019


783 Algerie Rd: George E. and Linda M. Cohen of Otis to Robert and Susan Lopatkin, $840,000 on 05/10/2019

61 Bliven Rd: Richard&M A Cicchillo RET and Richard Cicchillo of Otis to Robert H. and Donna Rich, $430,000 on 05/13/2019

240 W Center Rd: Foley Marcia Rose Est and David C. Foley of Otis to Susan A. Connolly, $275,000 on 05/10/2019

953 W Center Rd: David P. and Veronica Obrien of Otis to Ned P. Wilson and Elizabeth M. Torsay-Wilson, $335,000 on 05/13/2019


5 David Dr: Adam J. Poplaski of Peru to Katie M. and Michael J. Zavattero, $183,000 on 05/08/2019

12 Ministers Rd: Todd R. Dewkett of Peru to Michael Dewkett, $220,000 on 05/13/2019


24 4th St: B4 Fourth LLC of Pittsfield to PC 4th Street LLC, $900,000 on 05/10/2019

44 Bartlett Ave: Anthony Cimini of Pittsfield to Cafua RT CXXX LLC, $255,000 on 05/13/2019

49 Bartlett Ave: Michael B. Lee and Lori Bashour of Pittsfield to Adele L. and Christopher P. Lee, $62,500 on 05/08/2019

84 Bartlett Ave: Michael B. Lee and Lori Bashour of Pittsfield to Adele L. and Christopher P. Lee, $62,500 on 05/08/2019

725 Churchill St: Levine Ann D Est and David B. Levine of Pittsfield to CG Cran Holdings LLC, $273,500 on 05/14/2019

41 Dartmouth St: Boesse Gerald Est and Deborah Dupuis of Pittsfield to Cory Evangelisto, $55,000 on 05/10/2019

37 Dewey Ave: Kimberly A. Nestler of Pittsfield to Gary C. and Deborah L. Holden, $111,000 on 05/10/2019

14 Dexter St: Robert A. Whalen of Pittsfield to Devon Johnston and Chazity K. Stimpson, $157,000 on 05/13/2019

32 Greenway St: David R. Maloy of Pittsfield to Sam A. Virgilio and Nicole M. Szklasz, $140,000 on 05/10/2019

97 Leroi Dr: Howard M. and Denise M. Marshall of Pittsfield to Gareth B. Pudwell and Bryanne Papadakis-Pudwell, $333,250 on 05/09/2019

19 Lombard St: Emerald City Rentals LLC of Pittsfield to Hidee Taylor, $134,900 on 05/10/2019

11 Mcallister St: Colleen K. Dellert of Pittsfield to Megan A. Hanselman, $155,500 on 05/13/2019

118 Oak Hill Rd: Jerome B. Drayman of Pittsfield to John J. Gibbs, $279,000 on 05/13/2019

65 Onota St: Lisa J. Forfa of Pittsfield to Sheryl-Lyn A. Bowens, $147,000 on 05/10/2019

31 Revere Pkwy: Sean L. Pare of Pittsfield to Ashley and Sean Tucker, $206,888 on 05/10/2019

35 Roberta Rd: Tierney Properties Inc of Pittsfield to Samuel A. Saleeb, $225,000 on 05/10/2019

256 Wahconah St: Hines Helen L Est and Ronald Kasuba of Pittsfield to 256 Wahconah Street LLC, $70,000 on 05/14/2019

93 Wealthy Ave: Katy M. Beach of Pittsfield to Michael S. Collins, $174,900 on 05/14/2019


1600 Dublin Rd: Patricia A. Doyle of Richmond to Shaunnah R Godfrey RET and Shaunnah R. Godfrey, $265,000 on 05/08/2019

198 State Rd: Harold and David K. Novick of Richmond to James D. and Sarah B. Morrison, $215,000 on 05/13/2019


302 Shadow Ln: Carl N. and Rhonda S. Steeg of Sandisfield to Lech and Maria Pojawis, $240,000 on 05/10/2019


6 W Stockbridge Rd: Douglas and Jacqueline Rysewyk of Stockbridge to Dylan Seward, $140,000 on 05/10/2019


63-d Goose Pond Rd: Susan Schneider of Tyringham to Roger and Lara Brown, $599,000 on 05/09/2019



16 Route 7 S: 1 Miner Street LLC of Canaan to 16 Route 7 South Hldg LLC, $182,500 on 05/08/2019

New Hartford

67 Birdsview Ave: Misant Peter A Est and Laura L. Girolimon of New Hartford to Matthew J. Baer, $185,000 on 05/09/2019

51 Reservoir Rd: Farah Dejohnette of New Hartford to Rebecca A. Garcia, $170,000 on 05/06/2019


54 Loon Meadow Dr: Michael J. Halloran of Norfolk to Lasco Realty LLC, $25,000 on 05/06/2019


424 Brightwood Ave: Gary Eucalitto of Torrington to Davette and Eric Stephens, $151,000 on 05/06/2019

259 Cedar Ln: Fresh Look Homes LLC of Torrington to Corey Cormier, $185,900 on 05/06/2019

66 Chatam Ln: Ronna Fuhrman of Torrington to Christina Warner, $110,000 on 05/08/2019

423 Clearview Ave: Felix Torres of Torrington to Sylvain Tardif, $200,500 on 05/07/2019

52 Cook St: Kenneth Healy and Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1 on 05/01/2019

99 Crestwood Rd: Laurie Escamilla of Torrington to Richard and Patricia Orgnon, $148,000 on 05/06/2019

191 Culvert St: Kraig Clark of Torrington to Jennifer L. Laser, $140,000 on 05/03/2019

24 E Main St: General Real Estate Hldgs of Torrington to Wiam Corp, $90,000 on 05/06/2019

11 Elmwood Ter: John F. and Anne B. Busa of Torrington to Mariam Koivogui, $125,500 on 05/07/2019

81 Eno Ave: Rossi Builders LLC of Torrington to Juan E. Rivera, $128,000 on 05/02/2019

22 Field St: Lees Real Estate LLC of Torrington to Torrington Property Hldgs, $70,000 on 05/06/2019

25 Ginger Ln: Seung W. and Ok S. Hong of Torrington to Gregg Robinson, $142,000 on 05/01/2019

56 Harpswell St: Linda L. Scapellati of Torrington to Thomas A. Teti, $129,900 on 05/02/2019

89 Hillside Ave: Anita M. Gilbert and Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $1 on 05/08/2019

57 King St: Lightning Properties LLC of Torrington to Alyssa Staton, $130,000 on 05/06/2019

187 Lovers Ln Unit 77: James K. Riley and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 05/08/2019

770 Mountain Rd: Lee Freedman of Torrington to Kenneth A. and Krista E. Petry, $145,000 on 05/02/2019

2353 Mountain Rd: Gregory Campanelli of Torrington to Connie J. and Philip S. Nickerson, $135,000 on 05/03/2019

676 Prospect St: Gerald Franceschetti of Torrington to Garrett P. Fancher and Ryan Rea, $151,980 on 05/07/2019

166 Silver Fox Ln: Helen M. Fulop of Torrington to Robert F. Santamaria and Judith Rossi-Santamaria, $225,000 on 05/08/2019

1947 Torringford St: Steven A. and Julia Roy of Torrington to Michael Mosel, $158,700 on 05/01/2019

163 Trotters Way: Karen R. Primarolo of Torrington to Huong N. Bao-Truong and Dung V. Dang, $155,000 on 05/06/2019


111 Bridge St: Christopher Lawior and USDA of Winchester to USDA, $84,968 on 05/08/2019

31 Upson Ave: Johanna M. Stanko of Winchester to Linda Villa, $185,000 on 05/08/2019


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