Berkshire region real estate sales May 31 – June 6, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: May 31 - June 6, 2020



6 Crotteau St: OTW Ventures LLC of Adams to Kelsey M. Gardner, $119,600 on 06/03/2020

2 Notch Rd: Sandra K. Harvey of Adams to Corinne Mccoy, $139,735 on 06/05/2020


60 Beech Tree Ln: Michael Degregory of Becket to Richard A. and Wendy D. Polins, $410,000 on 06/05/2020

98 Wade Inn Rd: Alison M. Dixon of Becket to Maximo T. Artioli, $194,000 on 06/05/2020

455 Woodmere Rd: Jeffrey A. and Brenda R. Frank of Becket to David P. Obrien, $160,000 on 06/05/2020


41 Deming Street Ext: Richard G. Martin of Dalton to Emily Lak, $190,000 on 06/05/2020

1065 South St: Lawrence E. Unbehend of Dalton to Ryan D. Blessing and Autumn E. Worth, $154,400 on 06/05/2020

Great Barrington

597 Main St: Walter J. Mcteigue of Great Barrington to Thomas W. McClelland, $150,000 on 06/08/2020


73 Henry Dr: Mark Walter L Est and Catherine A. Cothern of Hinsdale to Catherine A. Cothern, $211,500 on 06/09/2020


206 Old State Rd: Harford Scott R Est and Ariana Gazzaniga of Lanesborough to Ellies Holdings LLC, $30,000 on 06/09/2020

460 Summer St: Joaquin R. Rosier of Lanesborough to John J. Rosier, $50,000 on 06/05/2020


675 Cape St: Brian D. Desmarais of Lee to Jason A. Sonsini, $69,500 on 06/04/2020

56 E Center St: Mary Passetto-Adams of Lee to John T. and Amy J. VanDell, $215,000 on 06/09/2020


10 Dunmore Ct: Beverly K. and David A. Rubman of Lenox to Saba&Safta NT and Beverly K. Rubman, $223,000 on 06/03/2020

383 Housatonic St: Peters Carol Est and Jacklyn Peters of Lenox to PLH Vineyard Sky LLC, $575,000 on 06/04/2020

165 Kemble St Unit 8: CR Lenox Residences LLC of Lenox to Linda S. Friedman, $1,739,000 on 06/04/2020

6 Rolling Hls Unit 1: Maxine Blake of Lenox to Polizoi and Olta Ilia, $190,000 on 06/05/2020

6 Rolling Hls Unit 10: Marlayne K Weinberg RET and Adam J. Weinberg of Lenox to Edward Homich, $178,000 on 06/05/2020


23 Griswald Rd: Marypaul Yates of Monterey to Abigail R. Levy and Bruce S. Levine, $510,000 on 06/05/2020

North Adams

404 Church St: Thomas E. and Lisa M. Richards of North Adams to Carly Y. Louison, $235,500 on 06/05/2020

740 Church St: Go America LLC of North Adams to Dennis Bernardi, $35,000 on 06/08/2020

456 Notch Rd: Jason M. and Rhiannon N. Bergeron of North Adams to Aaron D. Durkee, $238,000 on 06/05/2020

36 Prospect St: Tracey L. Gregory of North Adams to Jeannine A. Rondeau, $105,000 on 06/04/2020

19 Tyler St: Candoloro John J Est and Peter D. Candiloro of North Adams to Michael P. Sobczak and Alice M. Bojanowski, $54,000 on 06/03/2020


Route 8 Unit V5: Sheron Silvia M Est and Patricia G. Sheron of Otis to David Whitehead, $34,000 on 06/08/2020


321 Benedict Rd: James A. and Linda D. Dutcher of Pittsfield to MJN Properties LLC, $95,000 on 06/08/2020

6 Charisma Dr: Mary E. Frattarola of Pittsfield to Shyam N. Shah, $413,500 on 06/05/2020

10 County Ct: Louis M. and Jayne Shogry of Pittsfield to Erik R. Stein, $400,000 on 06/09/2020

21 Dillon St: Kimberly Burnick of Pittsfield to Jean L. Obrien, $179,900 on 06/03/2020

171 Elberon Ave: Joanne Hayes RET and Thomas H. Shepard of Pittsfield to Christopher P. Gaylord, $169,900 on 06/05/2020

436 Gale Ave: Timothy J. and Amy A. Koenig of Pittsfield to David R. and Debora L. Miller, $481,000 on 06/04/2020

89 Gravesleigh Ter: Bowlby NT and A Roger Bowlby of Pittsfield to John M. and Barbara W. Sinopoli, $397,875 on 06/04/2020

45 Maplewood Ave: Sinclair FT and J Terrence Sinclair of Pittsfield to 376 Tyler Street LLC, $78,000 on 06/04/2020

60 Mountainview Dr: Stephen G. Sykes of Pittsfield to Stephen G Sykes 2020 T and Stephen G. Sykes, $272,000 on 06/01/2020

553 Pomeroy Ave: Christopher and Nicole M. Welker of Pittsfield to Kevin and Kimberly Kennedy, $206,000 on 06/05/2020

108 Ridge Ave: Lorena Coggins RET and D Michael Coggins of Pittsfield to Robert F. Powers, $876,289 on 06/05/2020

173 S Mountain Rd: Cynthia Richards of Pittsfield to Timothy J. and Amy A. Koenig, $535,000 on 06/04/2020

129 Velma Ave: Spencer and Bridget Pope of Pittsfield to Nicole M. and Christopher Welker, $241,000 on 06/05/2020


79 Hawley Rd: Dwane J. and Stacy L. Rougeau of Savoy to Robby R. Morris, $68,000 on 06/03/2020


42 Ballou Ln: Suk and Maureen A. Namkoong of Williamstown to Allison L. Gill and Reimi Yonekura, $282,000 on 06/05/2020



17 Hearthstone Dr: Christopher J. Wallace of Barkhamsted to Christopher J. Wallace, $1 on 06/01/2020

52 Ratlum Rd: Brian E. and Suzanne Mcmahan of Barkhamsted to Ryan Rigney, $259,900 on 06/01/2020


60-62 Furnace Brook Rd: Dominique Lasseur and Catherine Tatge of Cornwall to Alexander K. and Rebecca A. Rehnberg, $750,000 on 06/01/2020

New Hartford

55 Behrens Rd: Leo J. Brault of New Hartford to Margaret A. Koester, $255,000 on 06/03/2020


8 Grant Street Ext: Maurice E. and Sandra Lemelin of Norfolk to Dianna M. Hofer, $225,000 on 06/01/2020


29 Sunrise Ridge Ln: Philip Mooser of Salisbury to Jonathan M. Capecelatro and Laleah L. Adams, $330,000 on 06/02/2020

168 Taconic Rd: Anthony J. Francoline and Lelee Brandt of Salisbury to Margaret Degaray, $3,250,000 on 06/03/2020


338 Calkinstown Rd: Robert V. Fish of Sharon to Jason P. Semmel and Sylena B. Goodman, $3,750,000 on 06/02/2020

80 East St: Michael D. and Carol M. Lynch of Sharon to Carrick Mollenkamp and Emily Nelson, $725,000 on 06/03/2020

361 Gay St: Theresa M. Krenitsky of Sharon to Gene A. Stack and Steven W. Huang, $475,000 on 06/01/2020

36 Red Horse Hl: Edward A. and Mary H. Harvey of Sharon to Dwight Lee, $1,300,000 on 06/01/2020


31 Brightwood Ave: John Dibella of Torrington to R&B Real Estate Inv LLC, $92,000 on 06/01/2020

304 Cliffside Dr Unit 304: Raymond and Abigail Brenner of Torrington to Jordan and Amy Brackett, $150,000 on 06/01/2020

64 Colin Dr: Robert J. Taylor of Torrington to Andrew C. and Courtney C. Bronson, $203,000 on 06/01/2020

59 Dennison Dr: Edward J. and Tina M. Milanesi of Torrington to Christopher Martin, $186,900 on 06/01/2020

1188 Highland Ave: Krusko Stephen D Est and Jean Krusko of Torrington to Devin Morgan, $140,000 on 05/28/2020

34 Irving Ave: Shawn V. Pace of Torrington to Charles Nader and Leah Pace, $200,000 on 06/04/2020

839 Main St Unit 19: Scott A. and Christine A. Gemelli of Torrington to Dawn Martikainen, $70,000 on 06/02/2020

24 Maple St: John K. and Carole Winegar of Torrington to Ieesha Wright, $135,000 on 06/01/2020

1949 Newfield Rd: Bernadette Marchell and Stephen R. Serota of Torrington to Dallas J. Burke, $200,500 on 06/02/2020

371 Pinewoods Rd: Joseph J. and Marilyn K. Ricci of Torrington to New Hope Baptist Church, $615,000 on 06/03/2020

390 Trailsend Dr Unit 390: Robert and Monique Warshaw of Torrington to Reginald Reynolds, $119,400 on 06/02/2020

171 Trotters Way: Joseph Holland of Torrington to Johanna T. Marco, $140,000 on 05/28/2020


51 E Lake St: Robert H. and Shelagh N. Kuhsel of Winchester to Katherine J. Coyner, $720,000 on 06/03/2020

165 Marshall St: Lori A. Cesnak of Winchester to Leo J. and Deborah L. Brault, $173,000 on 06/02/2020

217 Perch Rock Trl: Jesse L. Pellegatto of Winchester to Shannon M. and Shane E. Centrella, $172,000 on 06/03/2020

121 West Rd: Melissa S. Picard of Winchester to Thomas Killiany, $237,500 on 06/02/2020


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