Berkshire region real estate sales May 24-30, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: May 24-30, 2020



6 Overlook Ter: Ryan J. Joppich of Adams to Peter E. Critelli and Jessica M. Gage, $138,500 on 06/02/2020

9-1/2 Richmond Ln: Bourdon David E Est and Judith A. Horton of Adams to Michael A. and Renee C. Tessier, $74,500 on 05/27/2020


50 Maple St: US Bank NA Tr of Becket to Thomas Goundrey, $11,500 on 05/27/2020

226 Sherwood Dr: Benoit J. Lamontagne and Vernice D. Cowell of Becket to Christopher J. and Katie R. Metter, $420,500 on 05/28/2020


55 Cross Rd: Susan Brandon and Patricia Morrissey of Clarksburg to Stephen Hunt, $115,000 on 05/29/2020

120 Cross Rd: Casey C. Cooke of Clarksburg to Alexis A. Rosasco and Cody W. Emond, $149,000 on 06/02/2020


12 School St: Eric R. and Michelle M. Furlong of Dalton to Christopher M. and Mary A. George, $405,000 on 05/29/2020

Great Barrington

222 Pleasant St: Evan W. and Sarah H. Hardcastle of Great Barrington to Big Sky Properties LLC, $225,000 on 05/28/2020


53 Corey Rd Unit 53: Gregory S. Stewart of Hancock to Robert M. Shea, $138,500 on 05/28/2020

9031 Mountainside Unit 9031: Lewis and Marilyn Dale of Hancock to Sean Mullally, $340,000 on 06/01/2020


360 Summer St: Richard W Maynard RET and Deborah A. Brunelle of Lanesborough to Deborah A. Brunelle, $180,000 on 05/29/2020


46 Housatonic St: Dobson FT and Mark S. Dobson of Lee to Elizabeth L. and Genevieve L. Callard, $190,000 on 06/01/2020


7 Evergreen Trl Unit 7: Audrey G. Schoenfeld of Lenox to Alan Kulchinsky and Amy Cohen-Kulchinsky, $382,000 on 06/01/2020

155 Housatonic St: Sally L Charter T and Norma Comalli of Lenox to Amy J. Markham, $275,000 on 06/02/2020

126 Reservoir Rd: Maud Olive Merton RET and Victoria Kiely of Lenox to John T. Goodhue and Anne W. Smith, $1,300,000 on 05/29/2020

6 Roaring Brook Rd: Elizabeth J. Weibrecht of Lenox to Dylan M. Nash and Molly E. Stockman, $456,250 on 05/28/2020


4-6 Tin Can Pt: Valerie J. Levy and Janie Garnett of Monterey to Gregory and Anupama Poole, $1,450,000 on 05/28/2020

North Adams

82-84 Bracewell Ave: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Mohamed A. Hashesh, $22,777 on 06/01/2020

352 Eagle St: Christine A. Barton of North Adams to David A. and Patricia A. Brown, $135,000 on 05/29/2020

426 Eagle St: Cynthia J. Gross of North Adams to Alexis A. Boutin, $100,000 on 05/29/2020

11 Hathaway St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to 11 Hathaway T and Cindy E. Florence, $22,900 on 05/27/2020

211 Houghton St: Lakeside Portfolio Mgmt of North Adams to HTG Investments LLC, $3,250 on 05/28/2020

20 Meade Ave: Robby Morris of North Adams to Jeffrey R. Vecellio, $155,000 on 05/27/2020


124 Werden Rd: Anne R. Cooper of Otis to Michelle Ransom, $257,000 on 05/28/2020


270 Allengate Ave: Joan B. King of Pittsfield to Matthew Sprague and Jessica Baczek, $190,000 on 05/29/2020

106 Brighton Ave: Frank A. and Stephen F. Papa of Pittsfield to Michael B. Herman, $180,000 on 05/27/2020

26 Crane Ave: Elizabeth J. Errichetto of Pittsfield to Alex J. Reczkowski, $118,500 on 05/29/2020

101 Dan Fox Dr: Tamarack Ski NT and Sherry L. Roberts of Pittsfield to Blue Chair Properties LLC, $1,071,000 on 05/29/2020

102 Dan Fox Dr: Tamarack Ski NT and Sherry L. Roberts of Pittsfield to Blue Chair Properties LLC, $1,071,000 on 05/29/2020

102 Dickinson Ave: Dawn Shepherd of Pittsfield to Heather L. Reinhold, $237,000 on 05/29/2020

5 Eaton Ln: Deborah J. Flynn of Pittsfield to Philip J. and Keely F. Schoeny, $400,000 on 06/01/2020

178 Francis Ave: Velocity Commercial Cap of Pittsfield to Thomas D. Murphy, $60,000 on 06/01/2020

629 Lakeway Dr: Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini of Pittsfield to Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini, $1 on 06/02/2020

2 Lee St: Keyes Barbara M Est and Susan Pensivy of Pittsfield to Francis C. Laston and Ali D. Wells, $164,200 on 05/29/2020

162 Madison Ave: Amy J. Labrake and Mystie R. Milette of Pittsfield to Dale Jensen, $80,000 on 05/27/2020

89 Palomino Dr: Christopher Weaver of Pittsfield to Dana Brigham, $319,900 on 06/02/2020

32 Roselyn Dr: Edith Mingalone of Pittsfield to Xiang Y. Song and Xiaolian Huang, $230,000 on 06/01/2020

3 Tampa Ct: Eric R. Barriere of Pittsfield to Randall T. Bates, $195,900 on 05/29/2020


1039 Cold Spring Rd: William C. and Kerry L. Ross of Williamstown to Travis L. Kline and Elizabeth V. Martin, $178,000 on 05/28/2020

231 Sloan Rd: Amy Yager-Geier and Philip O. Geier of Williamstown to 231 Sloan NT and William W. Abendroth, $1,636,000 on 06/01/2020


449 High Street Hill Rd: Ruby Realty LLC of Windsor to Ellies Holdings LLC, $70,000 on 06/01/2020



16 Oaklawn Dr: Linda L. Hackett of Barkhamsted to Melissa M. Hryniewicz and Peter F. Nizen, $205,000 on 05/26/2020

10 Shannon Dr: William E. Dauphinee of Barkhamsted to Brian R. Parrott, $299,900 on 05/26/2020


402 Route 7 N: Donald J. Hatch of Canaan to Joseph W. and Elizabeth A. Cash, $195,000 on 05/22/2020


52 Riverton Rd: Thomaston Res Hldg of Colebrook to Christopher Beaulieu, $135,000 on 05/28/2020

200 Sandy Brook Rd: DND LLC of Colebrook to Boa LLC, $78,000 on 05/27/2020

New Hartford

385 South Rd: Michael T. and Brittany Vansteeden of New Hartford to Michael J. and Heather D. Morin, $340,000 on 05/26/2020

548 Torringford East St: John P. Guerrera of New Hartford to Eugene A. Bernardin, $258,000 on 05/26/2020

11 Turkey Holw: Michael J. and Heather D. Morin of New Hartford to Peter M. Haines and Andrea M. Kulak, $210,000 on 05/26/2020

635 W Hill Rd: Instant Property Solution of New Hartford to Jeffrey R. Pons and Karen Bemis-Pons, $289,900 on 05/26/2020


25 Ledgewood Rd: Pierce Kearney of Salisbury to Gregory Pier and Lindsay G. Harding, $315,000 on 05/22/2020

262 Under Mountain Rd: Jay Stauffer-Lehman and Sally M. Lehman of Salisbury to Zachary and Eliza Sadow, $56,000 on 05/22/2020


28 Upper Main St: Julie B. Einhorn of Sharon to Emily Einhorn, $450,000 on 05/26/2020


25 Bridle Cir: Lawrence and Suzanne J. Emmons of Torrington to Michelle M. Harris, $215,000 on 05/21/2020

155 Calhoun St: Joyce S. Michaud of Torrington to Julian V. Fountain and Alyssa L. Fulton, $133,900 on 05/27/2020

150 Eagle Rdg: David W. Beverage of Torrington to Garrett Barton, $185,000 on 05/19/2020

115 Ford Ln: Sharon Fairbanks of Torrington to Maria Sok, $161,000 on 05/20/2020

19 George St: Linda and Dominick Lull of Torrington to Christopher J. Floret, $77,000 on 05/19/2020

53 Hayes St: Bixby Daniel Est and Paul Bixby of Torrington to Abdelkarim Moussamir, $115,000 on 05/19/2020

40 Homestead Rd: Joyce H. Lesieur of Torrington to Corey J. Makles, $161,100 on 05/21/2020

179 Lindberg St: Vincent Poidomani and Barbara J. Caine of Torrington to Osma Boima and Kimelyn Greenwood, $218,000 on 05/26/2020

394 Litchfield St: Steven M. Pisarski of Torrington to Heather D. Pisarski, $140,000 on 05/21/2020

218 Oak Ave: William J. Crandall of Torrington to Abel Mucius, $116,250 on 05/26/2020

314 Red Oak Hl: Erin E. Tedeschi of Torrington to Ardian Imeri, $270,000 on 05/27/2020

178 Roulin St: Aldin Spahic and Megan M. Leblanc of Torrington to Juan E. Torres, $162,000 on 05/27/2020

311 Village Dr Unit 311: Connecticut Housing Fin of Torrington to Melvyn W. and Nancy L. Brown, $60,101 on 05/26/2020

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 133: Eaine F. Berry of Torrington to Michele A. Folkins, $95,000 on 05/26/2020


137 Belvedere Ave: Cecilia A. Atchison of Winchester to Candace M. and Tyler Dean, $180,000 on 05/26/2020

116 E Mountain Ave: FNMA of Winchester to Leemichael and Gabriel Krieger, $113,800 on 05/26/2020

14 Wheeler St: Weigel Properties LLC of Winchester to Barkan Holdings LLC, $170,000 on 05/29/2020


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  • 629 Lakeway Dr: Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini of Pittsfield to Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini, $1 on 06/02/2020

    So Nathan G and Nina Sondrini sold the house to themselves for $1….. is that legal?

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