Berkshire region real estate sales, May 21-27, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: May 21-27, 2017



33 Bobs Hl: Thomas J. Tobin of Adams to Peter M. Suriner and Christina M. Gero, $149,000 on 05/26/2017

3 Cook St: David and Lynne Ramer of Adams to David C. and Heather A. Dexheimer, $50,000 on 05/25/2017

61 Lime St: Travis J. Clairmont and Charlene M. Burke of Adams to Joshua and Meagan Lamb, $130,000 on 05/26/2017

2 Summit Ave: Meagan A. Parker of Adams to Joanna H. Biros, $20,000 on 05/23/2017


47 Green River Rd: Richard and Barbara Stover of Alford to Eric L. Tidd and Tina Vandeusen, $635,000 on 05/26/2017


79 Prince John Dr: US Bank NA Tr of Becket to Nathan E. Morawiec, $83,000 on 05/26/2017

22 Wade Inn Rd: Travis J. and Nicole M. Miller of Becket to Shaylyn A. Sicard, $151,000 on 05/26/2017


1100 Main St: Amy L. Sommers of Dalton to Joe W. and Roberta J. Stewart, $231,000 on 05/26/2017

72 Norwich Dr: FNMA of Dalton to Earl M. and Julieann VanRumund, $85,000 on 05/22/2017

61 Patricia Ave: Persis B Caverly 1997 RET and Susan C. Tornatore of Dalton to Amy L. Sommers, $210,000 on 05/26/2017

7 Wahconah Falls Rd: Mary P. Smith of Dalton to Kimberly A. Mills, $95,000 on 05/24/2017


14 Creamery Rd: Sherwood S. Sumner of Egremont to Alexander Y. Manning and Jessica L. Raymond, $304,000 on 05/25/2017

Great Barrington

321 Long Pond Rd: Lockhart Woodward FT and David M. Lockhart of Great Barrington to Timothy J. and Lisa K. Kent, $882,500 on 05/25/2017

3 Reed St: Rockefeller Grace K Est and Scott R. Rockefeller of Great Barrington to Amy D. and Erik T. Raymond, $191,000 on 05/22/2017


Whitman Rd Lot: Jonathan S. Schneer and Margaret Hayman of Hancock to Wesley P. Lamore and April L. Durfee-Lamore, $155,000 on 05/22/2017


205 Ashmere Rd: Randa and Randy Glasser of Hinsdale to Christopher Ward and Dixie Malone, $321,000 on 05/24/2017


25 Orchard Ave: Shaun Lampro and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Lanesboro to Sling LLC, $80,001 on 05/25/2017


235 East St: Bank Of America NA of Lee to C Linda Howitt and Evan R. Williams, $97,000 on 05/23/2017

1250 Pleasant St: Richard S. and Rose M. Ford of Lee to Rodney F. and Christine Clark, $175,000 on 05/25/2017

770 Summer St Unit 13a: Rudy and Elaine J. Schott of Lee to Florence S Braun RET and Deborah A. Gray, $449,000 on 05/26/2017


11 Jaynes Rd: Ning Fu and Mingming Zhao of Lenox to Robert H. and Cynthia M. Basdekis, $420,000 on 05/22/2017

31 King William Rd: Phyllis M Kiss RET 2012 and Phyllis M. Kiss of Lenox to Emilie L. Papa, $275,000 on 05/25/2017

16 Maple St: Scott A. and Elisa Henderson of Lenox to Virginia Guenette, $275,000 on 05/24/2017

118 Plunkett St: Neubie Springs LLC of Lenox to Kendal Phipps, $230,000 on 05/22/2017


24 Laurel Banks: Steven D. and Kristine L. Truta of Monterey to Jeffrey P. Rudnicki and Emily C. Dowling, $775,000 on 05/26/2017

North Adams

125 Barth St: Leslie A. Dupree of North Adams to Tyler G. Newsome, $46,500 on 05/23/2017

116 Bonair Ave: Dennis R. and Donna M. Seymour of North Adams to Declan Cook and Paul Tremblay, $177,500 on 05/24/2017

284 Eagle St: Lighthouse NT and David J. Kipp of North Adams to Travis Miller, $33,000 on 05/26/2017

26 Hodges Xrd: Prevey Rodney A Est and Kathleen V. Prevey-Levin of North Adams to Dustin J. and Jennifer L. Kline, $169,900 on 05/22/2017

21 River St: Enasin LLC of North Adams to Donna L. Felix, $82,000 on 05/22/2017


2373 Algerie Rd: Bradford and Ashley Nelson of Otis to James Crandall and Jenna Leavenworth, $229,000 on 05/26/2017

1522 Reservoir Rd: FNMA of Otis to Paul B. and Robin K. Johnson, $60,000 on 05/24/2017


7 Bonny Ln: William H. Schilling and Citimortgage Inc of Peru to FHLM, $40,819 on 05/23/2017

Causeway Rd: Gary Doyon of Peru to Gyula and Amber A. Egervari, $89,900 on 05/24/2017


69 Birch Grove Dr: Sharon A. Mendonsa and Michelle M. Ryan of Pittsfield to Cristina G. Gonzalez, $162,000 on 05/23/2017

81 Dartmouth St Unit 101: Ceara StOnge of Pittsfield to Alexander D. Geller, $106,000 on 05/24/2017

101 Edward Ave: Kathryn L. Jensen of Pittsfield to Francis X. Bohdiewicz and Kristen B. Kenyon, $162,000 on 05/26/2017

42 Elmhurst Ave: Troiano John J Est and John M. Troiano of Pittsfield to Paula M. Ketcham, $85,000 on 05/26/2017

33 Euclid Ave: Joseph M. Mccusker and Mary A. Cranson of Pittsfield to Paul A. Lisi, $138,000 on 05/22/2017

14 Evelyn Park: Brenda Wojnicki of Pittsfield to Amanda M. Brindle, $113,500 on 05/26/2017

1 Fairfield St: Ekarin Y. Fuentes and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to 426 South Street LLC, $95,000 on 05/24/2017

87 Gamwell Ave: Judith E. Kushi and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $130,000 on 05/22/2017

87 Greenwich St: Shaun M. Cooper of Pittsfield to Kristen E. Nadeau and Matthew J. Fiero, $165,500 on 05/22/2017

434 Holmes Rd: Norman L Avnet 2001 T and David Orenstein of Pittsfield to Mark and Lisa Avnet, $384,000 on 05/26/2017

39 Joan Dr: Lisa M. and Craig M. Benoit of Pittsfield to Mathew D. Newton and Lynda Tenorio, $212,000 on 05/24/2017

26 Livingston Ave: Mark S. Pennell and Beneficial Mass Inc of Pittsfield to Alfred G. Gelinas, $125,000 on 05/26/2017

15 Maude St: The A. Politis and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $90,000 on 05/23/2017

61 Orchard St: David G. and Joanne Parsons of Pittsfield to Kelvin Santos, $40,800 on 05/26/2017

120 Parker St: USA HUD of Pittsfield to Jonathan Pierce, $47,000 on 05/22/2017

104 Ridge Ave: Bianco Landscaping NT and Cheryl A. Bianco of Pittsfield to Gary Mohr, $532,500 on 05/26/2017

31 Westwood Rd: Edward and Julie Sprenkle of Pittsfield to Timothy A. Belanger, $151,000 on 05/22/2017

48 Winter St: Gale A. Todriff of Pittsfield to Michael E. Clemons, $73,000 on 05/23/2017


17 Pilgrim St: Diane M. Viggiano of Richmond to Jacob D. and Hannah E. Pickens, $155,000 on 05/24/2017


307 Shadow Ln: Maxine Weisgrau and Ronald Palazzo of Sandisfield to Carol A. Wolf and Ana M. Garcia, $285,000 on 05/25/2017

307 Shadow Ln: Maxine Weisgrau and Ronald Palazzo of Sandisfield to Carol A. Wolf and Ana M. Garcia, $285,000 on 05/26/2017


400 Bow Wow Rd: David Dabill and Robin Bardolia of Sheffield to Martha Jackson, $715,000 on 05/24/2017

1548 S Undermountain Rd: Douglas Blanchard of Sheffield to David J. and Yolanda W. Klein, $505,000 on 05/26/2017


14-a Mahkeenac Heights Rd: Lloyd W. Johnson and Joel H. Laski of Stockbridge to Peter and Laura Maschal, $167,500 on 05/22/2017


83 Access Road 3: Catherine A. Greenwald of Windsor to Kendra N. Guthrie, $250,000 on 05/26/2017



476 Under Mountain Rd: Gary H. and Cynthia A. Ross of Salisbury to Byron and Abbe Rupp, $762,500 on 05/22/2017

328 Wells Hill Rd: Sandra G. Oliver of Salisbury to Rubik 1 LLC, $235,000 on 05/25/2017


24 Britton Ave: US Bank NA Tr of Torrington to Felix Tenezaca, $54,900 on 05/22/2017

464 Circle Dr: Richard J. Oakley and Maria C. Norton of Torrington to George T. and Maria C. Norton, $120,000 on 05/25/2017

1213 E Main St: Jeanne M. Kelly and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Raffaele S. Calabrese, $41,341 on 05/22/2017

12 Evergreen Rd Unit 12: Ronald C. and Jodi L. Haas of Torrington to Kevin S. Jubb, $59,500 on 05/25/2017

36 French St: Mary A. Greene and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Frans W. Hals, $65,500 on 05/24/2017

47 Hillcrest St: Sandra M. Gardner of Torrington to Mary E. Becker, $122,000 on 05/23/2017

333 Hillside Ave Unit 8: Weigold Real Estate LLC of Torrington to Michael D. and Karisa L. Wright, $70,000 on 05/25/2017

44 Hornfischer Ter: Jay Rusgrove of Torrington to Kenneth Hunihan, $157,000 on 05/25/2017

1245 Marshall Lake Rd: Alice Sieburg and Michelle A. Taylor of Torrington to John and Alison Oleary, $35,000 on 05/25/2017

136 Mill Ln Unit 136: US Bank NA of Torrington to Audrey Cunningham, $139,900 on 05/24/2017

300 Notting Hill Gate: Fresh Look Homes LLC of Torrington to Yanni G. Koutmos, $172,500 on 05/24/2017

295 Patterson St: FHLM of Torrington to Richard A. and Jane White, $55,000 on 05/24/2017

91 Riverside Ave: Peter J. Ohotnicky and David C. Howard of Torrington to Liston Thorpe, $180,000 on 05/22/2017

220 Spring St: USA HUD of Torrington to John P. Grocki, $102,000 on 05/24/2017

66 Torrington Heights Rd: Stephen J Shuhi RET and Stephen J. Shuhi of Torrington to Ben M. Veilluex and Leslie S. Separy, $240,000 on 05/23/2017


24 Cottage St: Rosemarie A. Bosco of Winchester to Plethora Properties LLC, $600,000 on 05/22/2017

3 Meadow St: Polderman FT and Winchester Town Of of Winchester to Winchester Town Of, $1 on 05/25/2017

126 Huntington Rd: Peter A. and Susann Riedel of Winchester to Nathan F. and Joni N. Randall, $198,000 on 05/26/2017

356 W Wakefield Blvd: Lois P. Clough of Winchester to Kevin Steck, $460,000 on 05/25/2017

622 W Wakefield Blvd: J Scott Fox of Winchester to David M. Wilson, $775,000 on 05/26/2017

Source: The Warren Group