Berkshire region real estate sales May 20-26, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: May 20-26, 2018



33 Notch Rd: John L. and Anna H. Lawson of Adams to Tyler A. Bissaillon, $130,000 on 05/25/2018

39 Victory St: Gail I. Herlihy of Adams to Daniel J. Barrett, $124,700 on 05/25/2018


317 Skyline Ridge Rd: Diane M. and Susan M. Yukon of Becket to Justin A. Brooks, $675,000 on 05/23/2018

29 Valley View Rd: Alexandre Monastyrev and Natalia Chihai of Becket to Carleen M. Kristensen, $385,000 on 05/22/2018


870 Daniels Rd: Maria L. Carmain of Clarksburg to Daniel Zocchi, $120,000 on 05/25/2018

9 Millard Ave: David A. Costa and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Clarksburg to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $101,600 on 05/21/2018


70 Jug End Rd: Wendy R. and Jennifer E. Waldron of Egremont to John G. Gauld, $217,000 on 05/22/2018

Great Barrington

386 Park St N: Bruce A. and Michelle Loubert of Great Barrington to Jeffrey T. Lawson and Susan K. Scott, $322,700 on 05/25/2018

434 Stockbridge Rd: Brownson Shannon M Est and Rebecca Carlson of Great Barrington to Karen R. King and Peih Tzuo, $598,500 on 05/25/2018


37 Corey Rd Unit 735: Kirk Lange of Hancock to Christopher M. and Christine L. Pollock, $70,000 on 05/25/2018

9212 Mountainside Unit 9212: Elmer D. and Victoria Lucas of Hancock to Brendan V. Walsh and Melissa A. Tafe, $365,000 on 05/25/2018


185 Stockbridge Rd: Richard A. and Clare Proctor of Lee to Christopher W. and Yin C. Palumbo, $400,000 on 05/25/2018

New Marlborough

1043 Mill River Great Barringt: Susan L. Engel of New Marlborough to Jacob Levin and Silka E. Glanzman, $211,250 on 05/25/2018

North Adams

148 Brooklyn St: Howcroft Paul H Est and Paul H. Howcroft of North Adams to 148 Brooklyn Street LLC, $55,000 on 05/24/2018

49 Davenport St: April P. West of North Adams to Jesse L. Snow and Mykaella R. Baker, $140,000 on 05/22/2018

1051 State Rd: Robert J. Cummings of North Adams to Gustavo A. Carrera and Sara K. May, $236,000 on 05/24/2018


700 E Otis Rd: Securitized Asset Backed of Otis to Justin Cannamela, $130,000 on 05/25/2018

21 Lake Shore Dr: William F. Standwill of Otis to Sandra T. and David J. Bostic, $279,000 on 05/21/2018


21 Allengate Ave: David J. and Kimberly M. Lafleur of Pittsfield to Salvatore and Mildred Pocorobba, $135,000 on 05/22/2018

141 Appleton Ave Unit 141: Therrien Linda M Est and Scott C. Cafarelli of Pittsfield to Mitchell Desire-Langlois and Gabriella Shafer, $92,500 on 05/25/2018

45 Belvidere Ave: Jesse W. Chase of Pittsfield to Michael P. Koperniak, $137,500 on 05/22/2018

370 Cloverdale St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Pittsfield to Daybak LLC, $52,000 on 05/24/2018

48 Crystal St: Susan L. Barnes of Pittsfield to Teneisha A. Saunders, $103,000 on 05/25/2018

127 Elaine Dr: Elise T. and Philip S. Volastro of Pittsfield to Guidewire Inc, $198,000 on 05/21/2018

79 Gravesleigh Ter: Sewall NT and Nancy W. Sewall of Pittsfield to D Bradford and Ellen J. Spear, $440,000 on 05/24/2018

53 Imperial Ave: Dorothy Williams of Pittsfield to Guidewire Inc, $235,000 on 05/21/2018

35 Pontoosuc Ave: Kupiec Josephine K Est and Mark S. Kupiec of Pittsfield to Daniel J. Oboyski, $130,000 on 05/25/2018


125 N Main St: James F. and Karen A. Cooley of Sandisfield to Charles D. Bendler and C DeVirystrongp-Hollis, $223,000 on 05/24/2018


75 Clayton Rd: James D. Foster of Sheffield to Jacquier Properties LLC, $157,500 on 05/25/2018


3 Partridge Way: Uscher Ida Est and Janet Gorkin of Stockbridge to Daryl Lowery, $110,000 on 05/22/2018


764 N Hoosac Rd: Sikelianos NT and S Hausman-Stingo of Williamstown to Kellain LLC, $60,000 on 05/24/2018

87 White Oaks Rd: Gerard J. Smith of Williamstown to Ughetta Hirsch T 2007 and Ughetta Hirsch, $248,250 on 05/21/2018

315 White Oaks Rd: Brownie&Blue NT and Katherine B. Myers of Williamstown to Jonathan W. and Mary E. Miller, $5,000 on 05/23/2018



245 Route 7 S: Reginald Jackson of Canaan to Jessica S. Bartle, $210,000 on 05/22/2018

New Hartford

770 Litchfield Tpke: Wayne R. and Wendy R. Sedgwick of New Hartford to Kate M. and Curran P. Orlowski, $215,000 on 05/21/2018

61 Maillet Ln: William J. Kloppenburg of New Hartford to Jay C. and Lisa S. Nanni, $267,500 on 05/24/2018

135 S East Rd: Mary L. Vienot of New Hartford to Dana Hinman, $110,000 on 05/23/2018

606 W Hill Rd: Adamo Michael A Jr Est and Michele A. Prifogle of New Hartford to Mark and Christina Snieckus, $475,000 on 05/25/2018

2 Woodcock Ln: Wendy J. Wittmayer-Davis of New Hartford to Brenden A. and Meredith A. Cutler, $215,000 on 05/21/2018

North Canaan

109 Lower Rd: USA HUD of North Canaan to Thomas F. Mullen, $65,000 on 05/24/2018


14 Furnace Rd: Richard Block of Salisbury to Austen Hayes, $210,000 on 05/25/2018

210 Indian Mountain Rd: National Transfer Svcs of Salisbury to Peter A. and Kelly A. Tuthill, $365,000 on 05/29/2018

210 Indian Mountain Rd: Andrew P. Torres and Karen A. Kane of Salisbury to National Transfer Svcs, $365,000 on 05/29/2018

Long Pond Rd: Christopher S. Lancto of Salisbury to David B. and Cynthia F. Edelson, $310,000 on 05/29/2018

11 Porter St: John C. Allee and Jennifer K. Delprete of Salisbury to Keavy B. Bedell, $208,000 on 05/29/2018


247 Birchwood Dr: Thomas J. and Denise L. Offerdahl of Torrington to Jillian L. Veras and John Corey, $194,900 on 05/02/2018

145 Country Club Rd: Timothy J. Allen of Torrington to Angel Echavarria, $160,000 on 05/02/2018

53 Harwinton Ave Unit 4: Shahid D. and Humaira S. Khokhar of Torrington to Ingrid J. Sanchez-Vaca, $56,000 on 05/07/2018

24 Louis Cir: Gail Colangelo of Torrington to Dwight E. and Jihui Landers, $154,500 on 05/07/2018

66 Prescott St: Stanley H. and Debra A. Bakula of Torrington to Shari C. Picard, $126,000 on 05/04/2018

410 W Pearl Rd: Richard Rayno of Torrington to Kirion O. Bullock and Kristine E. Caruso, $182,000 on 05/07/2018

202 White Pine Rd: David R. Rodriguez of Torrington to Joseph C. and Patricia B. Veneziano, $242,500 on 05/07/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 35: Therese Siemiatkoski of Torrington to Stephen M. Lopardo, $85,000 on 05/07/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 124: Anna Galgano of Torrington to Richard J. Rayno, $88,000 on 05/07/2018


158 Boyd St: Sj Winn Properties LLC of Winchester to Nicole J. Mazzie, $169,900 on 05/23/2018

26 Coe St: Karen Sullivan of Winchester to Mark C. Matarainen and Mary P. Smyth, $180,500 on 05/21/2018

150 Mathew Rd: Peter Genovese of Winchester to Thomas J. May, $134,000 on 05/21/2018

111 Riverton Rd Unit 27: FNMA of Winchester to Mark Bardino, $61,000 on 05/21/2018

159 West Rd: Barbara Peloquin of Winchester to Eric G. Romer, $234,900 on 05/21/2018


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