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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire region real estate sales March 4–10, 2018

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65 Orchard St: Minardi William R Est and Maria A. Lahey of Adams to John J. and Carla L. Stewart, $225,000 on 03/09/2018

22 Prospect St: Francis A. and Jennifer L. Waterman of Adams to Cloud City Properties LLC, $125,000 on 03/08/2018


115 Huckleberry Ln: Ruby Realty LLC of Becket to Christopher J. James and April R. Gardner, $196,000 on 03/09/2018

376 Long Bow Ln W: Scott E. Levy of Becket to Anthony M. Orcutt, $192,000 on 03/08/2018


285 Cross Rd: Bryan A. Millard and Carrie Kondel of Clarksburg to Kristie Henderson, $91,000 on 03/09/2018

353 West Rd: Arlene P. Prevost and US Bank NA of Clarksburg to US Bank NA Tr, $167,300 on 03/08/2018


65-67 East St: William Loh of Dalton to Michael J. Wasuk, $123,500 on 03/08/2018

45 Hale St: Ryan T. Smith and Chelsea M. Fahey of Dalton to Stefan C. and Katie L. Ogle, $237,000 on 03/06/2018

1119 South St: US Bank NA Tr of Dalton to Michael Mcneil, $84,000 on 03/09/2018


98 Baldwin Hill Rd: Peter J Fasano RET 2011 and Peter J. Fasano of Egremont to Richard W. and Kathleen S. Beatty, $1,300,000 on 03/09/2018

26 Egremont Hts: Stuart A. and Kristina I. Miller of Egremont to Tyler A. Spofford and Elizabeth Spalding, $555,000 on 03/06/2018


875 Jjs Ldg Unit 875: Thomas A. and Melissa A. Davidson of Hancock to Lee Buffington and Elisabeth Wolf, $525,000 on 03/08/2018


165 Maple St: Colleen S. Sullivan of Hinsdale to Tracy A. Moore, $143,500 on 03/05/2018


880 East St Unit 1a: Weiksnar-Caruso RT and Jeffrey L. Caruso of Lee to Philip J. and Ann Barber, $182,500 on 03/06/2018

45 W Pine St: Jane E. Bove of Lee to Jan Poklad, $40,000 on 03/06/2018


71 Taconic Ave: Eloise Richards of Lenox to Robert M. and Timothy M. Hart, $132,000 on 03/07/2018

Mount Washington

49 West St: Marie C Cane 2006 RET and Marie C. Cane of Mt Washington to Mount Washington Realty, $1,100,000 on 03/07/2018

North Adams

54 Francis St: Paul H. Genesi of North Adams to Lawrence G. and Sarah M. Lake, $110,000 on 03/09/2018

11-13 Orchard Ter: John M. and Jaime L. Dohaney of North Adams to Karisa Miranda-Ruiz and George J. Roy, $140,000 on 03/05/2018

28 Spring St: William P. Girard of North Adams to Very Good Properties LLC, $42,500 on 03/05/2018


1136 Barker Rd Unit 74: Valerie L. Whaling of Pittsfield to Paula J. Kurasch, $299,000 on 03/08/2018

75 Boylston St: Santander Bank NA of Pittsfield to Christopher Robillard, $68,000 on 03/05/2018

48 Donna Ave: Wilsey Timothy P Est and Christine J. Wilsey of Pittsfield to David and Amanda Frye, $190,000 on 03/09/2018

18 Faucett Ln: Caryl E. Diengott and Evan S. Pressman of Pittsfield to Justin A. and Caitlin E. Casey, $354,750 on 03/05/2018

33 Livingston Ave: Maxine and Nancy Bookless of Pittsfield to Nancy Bookless, $84,750 on 03/09/2018

49 Mcarthur St: Maryanne K. Boenitz of Pittsfield to Ryan W. Winters, $120,430 on 03/07/2018

180 Partridge Rd: Robert M. and Timothy M. Hart of Pittsfield to Kaitlyn B. and Maribel Giron, $185,000 on 03/05/2018

17 Rose Ter: Richard A. and Lynn M. Penna of Pittsfield to Kriste and Marilyn Kleiner, $266,000 on 03/09/2018

838 Williams St: Sara and Martin Ferris of Pittsfield to Christian Assembly Church, $161,000 on 03/09/2018

56 Wood Ave: Gordon C. and Roberta L. Smith of Pittsfield to Stacy L. Carmon, $110,000 on 03/05/2018


20 Roberts Rd: Wilmington T NA Tr of Sandisfield to Wayne and Kathleen Keller, $132,825 on 03/05/2018

10 Stump Rd: Karl and Lauren Schwarzfeld of Sandisfield to Cecilia E. Bulanti and Silvio A. Sielski-Falcon, $307,500 on 03/08/2018


153 E Main St: Funk Arlene Maree Est and Elissa P. Terry of Sheffield to Michael Farrell, $172,500 on 03/09/2018

100 Maple Ave: John W. Warren and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Sheffield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $128,000 on 03/05/2018


321 N Washington State Rd: James A. Giansiracusa of Washington to Robert G. Jarvie, $104,000 on 03/05/2018


24 Talcott Rd: Morgan and Sarah F. Mcguire of Williamstown to Thomas B. Kivney and Sally Counts-Kivney, $500,000 on 03/08/2018


New Hartford

11 Steele Rd: Christopher Warren of New Hartford to EBM Realty LLC, $94,188 on 03/06/2018


10 Ashpohtag Rd: Stop Sign Realty LLC of Norfolk to Kevin C. Gundlach, $115,000 on 02/21/2018

129 Sunset Ridge Rd: Evelyn A. Laufer of Norfolk to Tamsin Anstey, $430,000 on 02/23/2018


100 Bunker Hill Rd: Margaret C. Vail of Salisbury to Matthew Langenkamp, $905,000 on 02/22/2018


70 Bowne Rd: Nicole L. and Edward Watson of Sharon to James M. and Alysis R. Morrissey, $295,000 on 02/16/2018


203 Brightwood Ave: Barbara J. Melancon of Torrington to Dialis T. Molina, $97,000 on 02/20/2018

232 Charles St: Kenneth and Rosemary Obernier of Torrington to Edward and Christine Obernier, $122,000 on 02/20/2018

61 Culvert St: Kathleen M. Cohen of Torrington to Eileen Eliot, $60,000 on 02/20/2018

601 Essex Ct Unit 601: Carolyn Trethaway of Torrington to Jeremy Mckendry, $109,000 on 02/22/2018

170 Hillside Ave: Karen Weid of Torrington to Carolina V. and Robert J. Prendergast, $93,000 on 02/20/2018

449 Lorraine Ln: Wilmington Svngs Fund Soc of Torrington to Matthew J. and Tarah R. Zeiner, $171,500 on 02/21/2018

12 Lyman Dr: Mark Bascetta of Torrington to Alan W. Patterson, $165,000 on 02/21/2018

639 New Harwinton Rd: Adriana Ore of Torrington to Cecilia G. Ore, $172,600 on 02/22/2018

148 Red Mountain Ave: Lalezar Zhuta of Torrington to Jose M. Palafox-Diaz, $43,000 on 02/20/2018

423 Riverside Ave: Torrington Tax Collector of Torrington to ETC Co, $15,300 on 02/23/2018

76 Stonehouse Way: Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Sunshine DP LLC, $126,000 on 02/20/2018

45 Winburton Rd: Blair H. Waldron of Torrington to Roberto A. Shaw, $126,500 on 02/20/2018


2 Hubbard St: USA HUD of Winchester to Mohamed Hadash, $36,239 on 03/08/2018

163 Marshall St: Steven and Kelly Mallette of Winchester to Robert H. Zuffelato, $147,000 on 03/08/2018

281 Walnut St: Eric W. Johnson and Winchester Town Of of Winchester to Winchester Town Of, $1 on 03/09/2018

Source: The Warren Group

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