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Berkshire region real estate sales March 31 – April 6, 2019

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4 Back Row St: DSM Properties LLC of Adams to Robert Grudem, $111,500 on 04/09/2019

52 Columbia St: Rumgay Robert R Est and Joanne S. Wandrei of Adams to Johnathan A. Rumgay, $69,500 on 04/04/2019

13 Grant St: Carol Estes of Adams to Michael J. Casteel and Megan D. Buness, $75,000 on 04/03/2019

185 West Rd: Kurt Leclair and Debra L. Chilson-Leclair of Adams to Kathryn A. Foley, $373,333 on 04/05/2019


20 Boulder Rock Rd: Sallie Von Mechow T 2016 and Laura Kerper of Alford to Warren and Laura Kerper, $192,000 on 04/08/2019

15 Rowe Rd: Mary Joyce Erickson RET and Joyce C. Klein of Alford to Charles Thomas and Judy Ullrich, $476,530 on 04/04/2019

Great Barrington

57 Van Deusenville Rd: Peter R. and Barbara L. Bailly of Great Barrington to Richard B. and Heather J. Atwood, $120,000 on 04/05/2019


3 Park Dr: Kathryn A. Foley of Lanesborough to Gary A. Creasey, $220,000 on 04/05/2019


75 Chestnut St: Joanne R. Thompson of Lee to Jeanne Abric and Jeffrey Albano, $325,000 on 04/09/2019

150 Greylock St: John W. Murray and Michele M. Maguire of Lee to Robert H. Jones and Karen Larocque, $249,000 on 04/05/2019


135 Housatonic St: Sherri Shields of Lenox to Timothy Bellamy and Marsha Jacobs, $300,100 on 04/08/2019

83 Pine Knoll Rd: Clifford M. Flynn and Jeanine Lfynn of Lenox to Michael L. and Jennifer L. Ward, $384,000 on 04/09/2019

New Marlborough

829-833 Mill River Southfield Rd: Rachel W. Louw and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of New Marlboro to FNMA, $196,386 on 04/03/2019

North Adams

4 Beech St: Kimberly A. Bissaillon of North Adams to Charles D. and Ashley J. Thompson, $168,000 on 04/04/2019

351 E Main St: Alan Tabachnikov of North Adams to James Haggerty, $101,750 on 04/05/2019

15 Mill St: Centerville Sticks LLC of North Adams to Blackinton Backwoods LLC, $118,882 on 04/04/2019


309 Harrington Rd: Jane P. Fina of Otis to Brendan Rafferty, $417,500 on 04/08/2019

146 Ridge Ave: Francis P. Schillinger and Lori A. Braga-Schillinger of Otis to Maryellen and Dana Williams, $299,000 on 04/03/2019


119 Birch Grove Dr: Charles T. Seddon of Pittsfield to Cesar M. Melendez and Maria S. DeMelendez, $146,500 on 04/09/2019

8 Briggs Ave: 239 West Street LLC of Pittsfield to Bruce E. Meiswinkel, $125,500 on 04/05/2019

58 Churchill Crst Unit 58: Benjamin E Lefevre RET and Lori L. Cherry of Pittsfield to Neil J. VonFlatern, $150,000 on 04/05/2019

132 Danforth Ave: Sara M. Lampro of Pittsfield to Leydet Properties LLC, $34,000 on 04/09/2019

4 Faucett Ln: Nicholas and Deanna Mangiardi of Pittsfield to Maria D. Liccardi and Robert Allessio, $312,000 on 04/08/2019

35 Morewood Dr: Alexander Arbour and Margaret Steuerwald of Pittsfield to Nathan C. and Shannon R. Davis, $294,900 on 04/04/2019

39 Morin St: Paul R Sherman 2014 T and Amy L. Rayner of Pittsfield to Joseph E. and Susan J. Nawazelski, $199,000 on 04/05/2019

1175 North St: Taylor A. Bartlett and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Greylock FCU, $120,000 on 04/09/2019

40 Pecks Rd: Primitive Artisan Inc of Pittsfield to Ken J. Gordon, $160,000 on 04/09/2019

73 Whittier Ave: Michael L. and Jennifer L. Ward of Pittsfield to Andrew and Susan Wrba, $210,000 on 04/09/2019


518 Swamp Rd: Curtis W. Bohner and Kari Giordano of Richmond to Elizabeth A. Kozik, $232,500 on 04/05/2019


136 Kellogg Rd: Elaine S Romaine RET and Pamela R. Beckett of Sheffield to BCWC LLC, $900,000 on 04/05/2019


2 Park St: Myrna and Abderrahman Ayari of Stockbridge to James F. Mcnamara and Barbara A. Woike, $299,000 on 04/09/2019


187 Bates Rd: John T. Topper and US Bank NA of Windsor to US Bank NA Tr, $176,261 on 04/04/2019



683 Colebrook Rd: Louis Fasano of Colebrook to Michael Deangelis, $235,000 on 03/18/2019

19 Rockhall Rd: Michael I. Somers and Stella Flame-Somers of Colebrook to Cezar Staniloae and Cristina Antonescu, $1,150,000 on 03/07/2019


150 E Hyerdale Dr: Ridgewood Treehouse LLC of Goshen to Jea Lakeside LLC, $1,490,000 on 03/18/2019

3847 Hall Meadow Rd: Elizabeth Johnson and M&T Bank NA of Goshen to M&T Bank NA, $1 on 03/13/2019

86 Shelbourne Dr: Rosalie Draghi of Goshen to Glenn M. Draghi and Katharine Ciccone, $260,000 on 03/08/2019

New Hartford

319 Cotton Hill Rd: John N. Czechowicz of New Hartford to James P. and Stephaine N. Carter, $295,000 on 04/01/2019

419 E Cotton Hill Rd: Kimberley Joyce E Est and Sandra R. Knobloch of New Hartford to Jeffrey M. Masciarelli, $215,000 on 04/02/2019

96 Wickett St: Elizabeth M. Phelan of New Hartford to Hyo J. Cho and Edison Gilyanna, $240,000 on 04/05/2019

North Canaan

79 Railroad St: Ronald Lee-Baker of North Canaan to David Mason, $285,000 on 03/28/2019


33 Orchard St: Eva N. Yxfeldt of Salisbury to Ivan D. Schwartz, $320,000 on 04/01/2019

171 Sharon Rd: Peter R. and Katherine L. Dolan of Salisbury to Joseph N. and Darcie L. Soltis, $985,000 on 04/01/2019


22 Upper Main St Unit E: Linda R. Amerighi of Sharon to New Sharon Green LLC, $14,900 on 04/01/2019


65 Bird St: Sherry J. Banks of Torrington to Mercedes Vijay, $140,000 on 04/02/2019

57 Durand St: Lenni Lee Nilsson of Torrington to Berkys Hernandez, $115,000 on 04/04/2019

808 E Main St: Mir Properties LLC of Torrington to James W. and Kassy Archer, $127,200 on 04/04/2019

42 Fairview Ave Unit 42: Marguerite L. Skaret of Torrington to Bienvenido Colon, $72,000 on 04/02/2019

39 George St: Edith Brucker and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA Tr, $1 on 04/02/2019

208 Lyman Dr: John J. Palladino of Torrington to Jessica Mastroianni, $155,000 on 04/02/2019

94 Mcguinness St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Torrington to Equity T Co, $62,000 on 04/01/2019

403 New Litchfield St: Erica L. Carroll of Torrington to Tushar Shah, $30,000 on 04/04/2019

313 Oak Ave: Philip G. Pepper of Torrington to Detailed Properties LLC, $100,000 on 04/04/2019

309 Patterson St: Citibank NA Tr of Torrington to Equity T Co, $60,000 on 04/01/2019

170 Santa Maria Dr: Jose and Elvira Daponte of Torrington to Samantha Martinez and Anna Esquilin, $145,900 on 04/01/2019

104 Stonehouse Way: Cory J. and Melissa S. Patterson of Torrington to Joseph M. and Mary-Elizabeth Mazza, $180,000 on 04/02/2019

60 Sunset Ln: Kyle StDenis and Meghan M. Bristol of Torrington to Gabrielle V. Gallucci and Nicole M. Putnam, $222,000 on 04/03/2019

88 Weaver St: Larry Tran and Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $1 on 04/04/2019

145 Workman Ave: Carol A. Routhier of Torrington to Caio F. Leite, $93,000 on 04/02/2019


30 Colony Dr: Lynn K. Sabol of Winchester to Tiffany C. and Sean T. Melycher, $142,200 on 04/01/2019

342 E Wakefield Blvd: Arnold Govan and Doreen Govain of Winchester to Andrew J. Champagne and Lynn Carter, $365,000 on 03/29/2019

111 Riverton Rd Unit 49: Brenda I. Hanson of Winchester to Darren M. Ransom, $75,000 on 04/01/2019

44 Spencer St: David A. Cappabianca and Heather E. Cappabiana of Winchester to Joseph Holbrooks, $171,000 on 04/01/2019

35 Wallens St: Carrozzo Aldina Est and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Winchester to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $67,900 on 04/02/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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