Berkshire region real estate sales March 24-30, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: March 24-30, 2019



5 Godek St: Diana Carmel of Adams to Henry J. Yarnal and Breana M. Zieba, $117,000 on 03/28/2019

16 Randall St: Misha L. Morey of Adams to Randall Street NT and Mitchell J. Bresett, $110,000 on 03/29/2019


119 Algerie Rd: Thomas Leclair and Suzanne M. Labonte-Leclair of Becket to Richard Graf and Jing Du, $295,000 on 03/28/2019


494 River Rd: David Rancourt and PNC Bank NA of Clarksburg to PNC Bank NA, $27,880 on 04/02/2019


21 Curtis Ave: Ellen D. Shea-Mary and Michael J. Shea of Dalton to Michael J. and Linda L. Cachat, $200,000 on 04/01/2019

96 Depot St Unit A: Gail P. Ginthwain of Dalton to Henry H. and Jane W. Williams, $124,900 on 03/28/2019

816 South St: Laurie A. and James C. Trasatti of Dalton to Christopher M. Burke, $210,000 on 03/29/2019


4 Bott Hill Rd: Aaron and Caroline Becker of Egremont to Joseph Lopez and Sandra C. Abbenante-Lopez, $140,000 on 03/29/2019

31 Townhouse Hill Rd: Susan W. Trag and CIT Bank NA of Egremont to Alice Tortoriello, $89,000 on 03/29/2019


283 River Rd: Bear Swamp Power Co LLC of Florida to Michael J. Robins and Jennifer L. Pavlak, $150,000 on 04/02/2019

Great Barrington

90 Christian Hill Rd: Christopher K. Callanan of Great Barrington to Thomas W. Ferris and Milena Cerna, $431,000 on 03/28/2019

3 Copper Beech Ln Unit 3: Louis A. Moscatello and Barbara Haubold of Great Barrington to Jay E. and Joan K. Gold, $460,000 on 04/01/2019

32 Copper Beech Ln Unit 32: Howard W Smith RET 2000 and Michael H. Smith of Great Barrington to Martha A. Meier, $462,000 on 04/01/2019

7 Knob Hl Unit 2: Timothy J. and Janet Lee of Great Barrington to Louis and Heather Forouhar-Graff, $300,000 on 04/02/2019


42 Baker St: Glen S. Storie and Andrea L. Overbaugh of Lanesborough to Michael Mcneil, $52,300 on 03/27/2019

12 Park Dr: Kristin Heidel and US Bank NA of Lanesborough to US Bank NA Tr, $225,000 on 03/29/2019


150 Columbia St: Glenn J. Collins and US Bank NA of Lee to Casey Montemagni, $205,000 on 03/27/2019

239 Fairview St: Yukon Ridge Property Mgmt of Lee to Robert J. Bartini, $716,000 on 03/27/2019

435 Laurel St: Black Swan Lodging LLC of Lee to M&M Lodging LLC, $4,245,834 on 03/28/2019

38 Railroad St: David M. and Beverly L. Bissell of Lee to Richard F. Shields, $325,000 on 04/01/2019


45 Hubbard St: William F. and Kimberly A. Els of Lenox to Michelle N. Pranger, $307,000 on 04/01/2019

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit C13: Sheila M. Puleri of Lenox to Eva M. Schuster, $87,000 on 03/29/2019

71 Taconic Ave: Robert M. and Michael Hart of Lenox to Patricia Symons and James D. Alibozek, $319,000 on 03/29/2019

10 Yokun Ave: Stephen J. and Jody S. Prunier of Lenox to Herbert E. Gregg, $480,200 on 03/29/2019

New Marlborough

33-35 Mill River Great Barringt: Alfred R. Lenardson of New Marlborough to Steven Butler and Liesl D. Carlson, $155,000 on 03/29/2019

North Adams

3-5 Ballou St: FNMA of North Adams to Eric Gordon, $84,000 on 03/28/2019

14 Charles St: Tallage Lincoln LLC of North Adams to Jason M. Strainer, $27,500 on 04/02/2019

307 Houghton St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of North Adams to Russell L. and Justin W. Armanno, $35,000 on 03/29/2019

33 Johnson St: Robert R. and Robin D. Grandchamp of North Adams to Edith Cardinal, $163,000 on 03/29/2019

25 Rich St: Timothy J. Garrity of North Adams to Jaye Pause and Nicole Gauthier, $175,000 on 03/29/2019


118 Telephone Rd: Crossroads Prop Investrs of Otis to James and Lynn Brandolini, $490,000 on 04/02/2019


25 Cobble Stone Cv: Matthew and April Merriam of Pittsfield to Nicholas Neme, $277,000 on 04/01/2019

51 Essex St: Michael Hart of Pittsfield to Matthew A. Scace and Morgan L. Jones, $158,000 on 04/01/2019

110 Kearney Ave: Benjamin F. Buchinski of Pittsfield to Andrew Woodward-Montes, $231,000 on 03/29/2019

487 Lebanon Ave: Alexandra Gott of Pittsfield to Wendy Gable, $96,900 on 03/27/2019

41 Leroi Dr: Murphy David W Jr Est and Daniel F. Murphy of Pittsfield to Anthony J. Pion, $270,000 on 03/29/2019

29 Linden St: Lori J. Bashour and Michael B. Lee of Pittsfield to 26 Linden LLC, $156,500 on 04/02/2019

17 Maple Grove Dr: Elissa Rivelli of Pittsfield to Alliance Properties LLC, $25,000 on 03/29/2019

33 Maplewood Ave Unit 204: Mark A. and Julie B. Weiss of Pittsfield to Lawrence P. and Katrina A. Kratka, $112,500 on 03/29/2019

433 North St Unit 305: Ronald J. Kelly of Pittsfield to 433 North RE LLC, $162,000 on 03/29/2019

885 North St: Ricky M. Pierce and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $117,000 on 03/29/2019

24 S John St: Jbell Sound LLC of Pittsfield to Benjamin M. Campsey, $185,000 on 04/01/2019

76 Shore Dr: Marguerite T. Corrinet of Pittsfield to Suzanne M. and James E. Homan, $390,000 on 04/01/2019

4 Southbrook Ln: Jose M. Heisecke and Cristina Herrera-Heisecke of Pittsfield to George C. Whaling and Karen C. Gomula, $400,000 on 04/01/2019

186 Velma Ave: Nicholas C. and Janet A. Maniatis of Pittsfield to Joseph D. Butterfield, $215,000 on 03/29/2019

44 Waverly St: Ryan E. Mauer of Pittsfield to Hope R. Kelly, $217,250 on 04/01/2019

22 Wilson St: Alberto Pires and Laelia LLC of Pittsfield to Laelia LLC, $118,700 on 04/01/2019


35 Maple Rd: Margaret L. Wyman of Richmond to Bryan M. and Devon R. Treharne, $114,900 on 03/29/2019


57 Sandisfield Rd: Fredge RT and Frederick George of Sandisfield to Seth D. Fritch and Melissa M. Gabso, $80,000 on 03/27/2019


775 N Main St: Charles Thomas of Sheffield to 1010 LLC, $480,000 on 04/01/2019

216 S Main St: Margaret A. Curletti of Sheffield to Douglas J. and Elizabeth B. Pendergist, $485,000 on 03/28/2019


14 Nocher Rd: Paul J. Nocher and Bank Of America NA of Washington to Bank Of America NA, $106,600 on 03/29/2019

West Stockbridge

5 Pomeroy St: Jane E. Curtin of West Stockbridge to Kenneth S. and Sarah A. Knox, $294,000 on 03/29/2019

64 State Line Rd: Richmond Financial LLC of West Stockbridge to Jesse Self and Matthew Barnard, $217,600 on 04/01/2019


888 Hancock Rd: Frances Jones-Sneed of Williamstown to Simon J. and Tanya Tidmarsh, $375,000 on 03/29/2019

510 Henderson Rd: Cheryl A. Diamond of Williamstown to Mark L. Pierson and Eunice A. Marigliano, $260,000 on 03/29/2019

540 Water St: Benjamin R. and Ai T. Brake of Williamstown to Jared P. and Amy B. Dilalla, $310,000 on 03/29/2019



54 Pleasant Valley Rd: Michele L. and William A. Mcnamara of Barkhamsted to David J. Ferreira, $190,000 on 03/25/2019

New Hartford

220 Main St Unit 3k: Jean A. Miller of New Hartford to Ann Tortarella and Thomas E. Crunden, $104,000 on 03/26/2019

19 Ridge View Ter: Marc and Renata Dynak of New Hartford to Deanna Mizura, $205,000 on 03/29/2019

88 Stedman Rd: Julie Holcomb and US Bank NA of New Hartford to Julie Holcomb, $208,685 on 03/26/2019

4 Woodcock Ln: Christine Proulx of New Hartford to Joann Vazquez, $163,500 on 03/25/2019


38 Ore Hill Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Salisbury to Michael A. Martin, $210,000 on 03/28/2019


23 Dogwood Dr: Roger Narvesen of Torrington to Roger and Diane Geiger, $154,000 on 03/25/2019

14 Eastwood Rd: Roger O. and Diane E. Geiger of Torrington to Reina D. and Ivan D. Rojas, $159,000 on 03/25/2019

34 Irving Ave: Paul R. Griffin and Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Bank Of America NA, $129,000 on 03/29/2019

337 Ledge Dr Unit 337: Peggy L. Carrera of Torrington to Henk O. Margaret, $89,900 on 03/29/2019

944 Litchfield St: Jeffrey Masciarelli of Torrington to Benjamin M. Garth, $153,000 on 03/28/2019

4 Park Dr: Carolyn M. Minard of Torrington to Leonard E. Eldridge, $115,000 on 03/29/2019

281 Red Mountain Ave: Nedla Properties LLC of Torrington to Colin Hart, $125,000 on 03/28/2019

204 Roulin St: William A. Reed of Torrington to Emmanuel M. Vazquez and Jessica Barreto, $220,000 on 03/25/2019

472 Wimbledon Gate N: Albert and Sharon Valletta of Torrington to Gary L. and Denise A. Merrill, $245,000 on 03/26/2019


131 Belvedere Ave: FHLM and FNMA of Winchester to Josh Dionne, $49,000 on 03/25/2019

129 E Lake St: Aaron D. and Andrea M. Rutsky of Winchester to Marcin Urbaszek and Martha Pham-Urbaszek, $760,000 on 03/25/2019

215 E Wakefield Blvd: Candace R. Stone and MTGLQ Investors LP of Winchester to MTGLQ Investors LP, $136,619 on 03/21/2019

55 Hurlbut St: 180 Rowley Street LLC of Winchester to Robert Breakell, $180,000 on 03/27/2019

111 Riverton Rd Unit 50: Mariel G. Perez of Winchester to Nanci J. Poudrier, $71,000 on 03/22/2019


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