Berkshire region real estate sales March 15-21, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: March 15-21, 2020



7 East Rd: Faye Prewitt of Alford to Holly L. Henderson-Fisher, $374,500 on 03/19/2020


144 River Rd: Jack E. Houghton of Clarksburg to Eric M. Shulse, $39,000 on 03/20/2020


389 High St: Kayla M. Lavalley of Dalton to Jessica N. Winn, $151,000 on 03/20/2020

49 Orchard Rd: Dennis M. and Darlene G. Masengo of Dalton to Laurie A. Chivers, $254,900 on 03/19/2020

78 South St: Robert C. and Tina M. Karch of Dalton to Caitlin E. Porter, $177,500 on 03/20/2020

Great Barrington

34 Bridge St Unit 302: Powerhouse Square I LLC of Great Barrington to Ellen Murphy, $355,000 on 03/24/2020

10 Meadow St: Jonathon B. Williams and Bridghe C. Mccracken of Great Barrington to Meadow Street Holdings, $195,000 on 03/23/2020


30 Chestnut St: Kathleen Shove and Ditech Financial LLC of Lee to FNMA, $66,600 on 03/18/2020

165 Housatonic St: Gangama Inc of Lee to Garden Management Inc, $655,000 on 03/23/2020

235 Water St: Eric H. Johnson and Citimortgage Inc of Lee to Citimortgage Inc, $59,878 on 03/18/2020


22 Coldbrooke S Unit A: Joan C. Comeau of Lenox to Garry R. and Helen A. Beaty, $600,000 on 03/19/2020

55 Pittsfield Rd Unit 1: Lenox Commons Holdings of Lenox to TL 745D Inc, $1,035,000 on 03/23/2020

North Adams

139 Ashland St: Red Marker NT and Thomas W. Rumbolt of North Adams to Se E. Oh, $180,000 on 03/19/2020

360 Eagle St: RSB Properties LLC of North Adams to Christian T. Chenail, $85,000 on 03/24/2020

49 Maple St: Charles T. and Jacquelyn J. Schlesinger of North Adams to Albert L Lewis Jr T and John E. Lewis, $186,700 on 03/18/2020

176 Meadow St: John J. and Karen L. Bedard of North Adams to Gareth V. Williams and Cynthia L. Marsden, $217,500 on 03/19/2020


11 North St: Jonathan Grande and Kim Bartnik of Otis to Richard A. and Lisa A. Randi, $179,000 on 03/20/2020


48 Alpine Trl Unit 48: RSB Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Pamela Bradford, $340,000 on 03/24/2020

99 Alpine Trl Unit 99: Jack B Tobin LT and Amy E. Tobin of Pittsfield to Philip M. and Joan M. Hymanson, $415,000 on 03/23/2020

179 Bradford St: Patricia Almeida of Pittsfield to Kaitlyn M. Wheeler and Tobias K. Reutter, $86,500 on 03/18/2020

445 Churchill St: Benjamin S. Gillers and Tracy E. Hagerty of Pittsfield to Michael R. Hearn and Laurie L. Gordy, $379,000 on 03/24/2020

81 Commonwealth Ave: Hung H. Nguyen of Pittsfield to Christopher M. and Samantha A. Spaulding, $257,500 on 03/19/2020

9 County Ct: Ronald P. Gerber and Kim E. Arre-Gerber of Pittsfield to Norman A. and Elizabeth C. Soule, $334,000 on 03/20/2020

20 Elm St: Family Practice LLC of Pittsfield to Joseph Rubin FT and Myrna Rubin, $2,100,000 on 03/18/2020

476 Fenn St: Robert M. and Nadine N. Lloyd of Pittsfield to Duta Real Estate LLC, $27,500 on 03/20/2020

221 Holmes Rd: James A. and Leigh E. Sylvia of Pittsfield to Maria V. Brun, $315,000 on 03/20/2020

100 Lyman St: Tom Lynch and Angela Borden of Pittsfield to Emtay Inc, $69,900 on 03/23/2020

120 Newell St: Katie E. Russett of Pittsfield to Joshua R. Bruchbacher and Michela L. Lavigne, $165,000 on 03/18/2020

240 Partridge Rd: Norman A. and Elizabeth C. Soule of Pittsfield to Natalie A. Stracuzzi and Brian J. Bonacquisti, $249,900 on 03/20/2020

81 Pecks Rd: Anne Ostaski of Pittsfield to Jonah Kelley, $18,000 on 03/20/2020

746 Pecks Rd: Joel S. Rawson and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $162,360 on 03/19/2020

7 Plunkett St: PNC Bank NA of Pittsfield to Royalty LLC, $25,000 on 03/20/2020

299 Springside Ave: Michael A. Trova of Pittsfield to Marcial A. Barahona and Marta Alvarado, $190,000 on 03/19/2020

51 Stonehenge Rd: Patrick C. and Carolyn B. Chambers of Pittsfield to James and Debra Watroba, $415,000 on 03/20/2020

40 Westminister St: Marcial A. Barahona and Marta Alvarado of Pittsfield to Soncere M. Williams, $174,900 on 03/18/2020


86 Buxton Hill Rd: Susan J. Yates-Mulder of Williamstown to Janet B. Holmgren, $505,000 on 03/13/2020



390 Colebrook Rd: John W. Macbeth of Colebrook to Benjamin E. and Meghan M. VanOrmer, $241,000 on 03/16/2020


12 Burlwood Ln: Sleep Reader Management of Cornwall to Rebecca Roache, $350,000 on 03/05/2020


56 Westwoods Road 1: Black Reef T of Sharon to Thomas Pillar and Elizabeth Gill, $285,000 on 03/16/2020


22 Clark St: Maureen Weis of Torrington to James R. Mccard, $24,000 on 03/12/2020

1209 Goshen Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Gerald Neag, $125,000 on 03/12/2020

709 Guerdat Rd: David R. Hall of Torrington to Craig and Launa M. Munger, $173,000 on 03/16/2020

47 Rockledge Loop Unit 47: Debra V. Dennis of Torrington to Sharon Felten, $75,500 on 03/12/2020


131 Alpha Ave: Ann B. Ferretti of Winchester to Thomas R. Cook, $208,000 on 03/16/2020

129 Ashley Rd: Ramanujachary Kumanduri and Cristina Romero of Winchester to Kristen E. Ziegler, $224,500 on 03/17/2020

115 Danbury Quarter Rd: Aaron Gomez and Peoples United Bank of Winchester to FRT RPL REO LLC, $1 on 03/17/2020

100 Hurlbut St: Joseph F. and Maryann Lauretti of Winchester to Franklin and Christine Romans, $164,900 on 03/16/2020

44 Lewis St: Blake and Brittany Dobraj of Winchester to Richard A. and Heather M. Soltes, $165,000 on 03/19/2020

351 N Main St: James Magadini and Olivia Rizza of Winchester to Hedgerow Properties LLC, $45,000 on 03/16/2020

137 Spencer Hill Rd: HSBC Bank USA NA of Winchester to Brian Soucy, $171,000 on 03/16/2020

340 W Wakefield Blvd: John R&B F Esposito RET and Barbara F. Esposito of Winchester to Robert C. and Natalie Botticello, $410,000 on 03/17/2020

75 Walnut St: William C. and Patricia H. Lutton of Winchester to Benjamin and Kristy Puffer, $145,000 on 03/19/2020


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