Berkshire region real estate sales June14-20, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: June 14-20, 2020



198 East Rd: Kelley M. and Ashton E. Alibozek of Adams to Charles J. Belch, $190,000 on 06/19/2020

22 Pearl St: Jeanne Johnson of Adams to Hannah and Kelsey Spare, $137,000 on 06/18/2020

5-7 Richmond St: Lakeview Loan Servicing of Adams to Thomas Drury-Murphy, $33,699 on 06/17/2020


58 Fox Hollow Dr: Thomas and Rosanna Koelle of Becket to Mark and Lori Danek, $329,000 on 06/18/2020

178 William Holmes Rd: Janet Y Lacava RET and Janet Y. Lacava of Becket to James E. and Claudia A. Conway, $570,000 on 06/18/2020


22 Prospect St: Trevor T. and Angela M. Swistak of Cheshire to Joshua J. Romeo, $189,000 on 06/18/2020


33 Oak St: Zink FT and Timothy Zink of Dalton to Scott and Ashley L. VonRichthofen, $156,000 on 06/23/2020


12 Baldwin Hill Rd: Simon L. and Nancy Kirkby of Egremont to Haim and Jamie Handwerker, $1,035,000 on 06/19/2020

35-a Creamery Rd: Helen A Samen RET and Robert W. Samen of Egremont to Lisa Braunstein-Zola, $1,550,000 on 06/18/2020

Great Barrington

10 Highland Dr: Christopher and Jamie Y. Vlcek of Great Barrington to Christopher J. Farrell and Fiona Mcdonagh-Farrell, $905,000 on 06/22/2020

141 West Ave: 1783 Whiting LLC of Great Barrington to Clinical&Support Options, $500,000 on 06/19/2020


90 Brodie Mountain Rd: Walter F. Schlech and Eimear M. Oloughlin of Lanesborough to William Sweeney and Christin Fetterolf, $500,000 on 06/23/2020

200 Narragansett Ave: Charles V. and Debra A. Sinopoli of Lanesborough to Hans C. and Kristin E. Carlson, $346,700 on 06/22/2020

175 S Main St: Larry Byrnes of Lanesborough to Thomas and Debora Berger, $160,000 on 06/23/2020

15 Silver St: Sharon M. Peltier of Lanesborough to Diana Noble, $379,900 on 06/23/2020

42 Sunrise St: Louise P. Conlon of Lanesborough to Stephen M. and Barbara E. Tooley, $340,000 on 06/19/2020


7 Fairway Dr Unit 7: Richard Barovick T and Mitchell D. Schepps of Lenox to Judith and Paul May, $745,000 on 06/19/2020

480 Housatonic St: Lever Properties LLC of Lenox to 480 Housatonic Street LLC, $450,000 on 06/19/2020

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit B6: Alexandra L. Demastrie of Lenox to Leonard M. and Marjorie T. Gold, $115,000 on 06/23/2020

51 Walker St: Garter Inn Management LLC of Lenox to Gateways Inn Properties, $1,000,000 on 06/22/2020

59 Walker St: Garter Inn Management LLC of Lenox to Gateways Inn Properties, $1,000,000 on 06/22/2020

5 Yokun Brook Rd Unit 5: Maria and Joseph Disaverio of Lenox to Anna Biasin-Zaffanella, $420,000 on 06/23/2020

North Adams

30 Charles St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Mikayel Balyan, $23,277 on 06/22/2020

15 Hermon Ave: Brooks Crystal A Est and Glenda Brooks of North Adams to Edsel LLC, $47,500 on 06/22/2020

404-406 River St: Joseph R. Ellsworth of North Adams to Michael A. Banks, $75,000 on 06/23/2020

227-245 State Rd: North Adams Realties Corp of North Adams to Williamstwn Theatre Fndtn, $525,000 on 06/19/2020


759 N Main Rd Unit 1-12: Robert L. and Eleanor Berube of Otis to Clifford W. and Karen Brelsford, $75,500 on 06/22/2020

37 Reservoir Heights Rd: Sandra M. Trudeau of Otis to Richard C. and Dora G. Bleier, $100,000 on 06/23/2020

118 Telephone Rd: James and Lynn Brandolini of Otis to Jonathan S. Singer and Karen L. Johnson, $625,000 on 06/22/2020


34 W Main Rd: James P. Martin of Peru to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue, $499,500 on 06/22/2020


64 Circular Ave: Jacob Sweener of Pittsfield to Sasha M. Rodriguez-Morera, $36,000 on 06/19/2020

31 Courtland Pl: Winthrop D. Kie of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $107,000 on 06/19/2020

67 Curtis Ter: Brian C. Huber and Ellen Hibbard of Pittsfield to Nolan Smith-Fernandez and Fanny P. Correa-Gomez, $145,000 on 06/19/2020

42 Emerson Ave: Hans C. and Kristin Carlson of Pittsfield to Megan Polidoro, $220,000 on 06/19/2020

100 Essex St: Winthrop D Kie Jr RET and Winthrop D. Kie of Pittsfield to Bespoke Capital LLC, $68,000 on 06/19/2020

26 Glory Dr: Bogins Edward W Est and James E. Bogins of Pittsfield to Kamara Pellot, $280,000 on 06/18/2020

68 Gravesleigh Ter: John M. and Barbara W. Sinopoli of Pittsfield to Albert and Elizabeth Dinicola, $399,900 on 06/19/2020

15 Montgomery Ave: Shuichi Horita of Pittsfield to Charliston DosSantos, $105,000 on 06/19/2020

61 Spadina Pkwy: Ann B. Waitt of Pittsfield to Robert J. and Lindsey Y. Sekowski, $340,000 on 06/19/2020

34 Springside Ave: Corey W. Degon of Pittsfield to Berkshire Home Rentals, $160,000 on 06/19/2020

78 Ventura Ave: Emmanuel Hayford and Afua A. Tweneboah of Pittsfield to Jordan M. Pasquarelli and Maria Laureyns, $150,000 on 06/19/2020

88 Ventura Ave: Jordan M. Pasquarelli and Maria Laureyns of Pittsfield to Katrina Medders, $142,745 on 06/19/2020

90 W Union St: Raymond P. Supranowicz of Pittsfield to Corey M. Evangelisto, $50,000 on 06/18/2020


2533 Swamp Rd: Blair Mary M Est and Ann B. Silvers of Richmond to Jeremy K. Kessler, $720,000 on 06/19/2020


373 Deer Run: Stanford L Weinberg RET and Stanford Weinberg of Sandisfield to Jeffrey Carleton and Yael Amron, $342,000 on 06/19/2020

193 N Main St: Mark J. Bercian of Sandisfield to Matthew E. Sheedy, $160,000 on 06/19/2020


57 Main St Unit 8: Bertram M. and Evelyn Goldstein of Stockbridge to Raymond J. Crowley, $125,000 on 06/17/2020


87 Maple St: H Kenny Ventures LLC of Williamstown to Katelyn E. Dohaney, $224,900 on 06/17/2020

256 Sand Springs Rd: Victor F Lamb Jr 2018 RET and Victor F. Lamb of Williamstown to George M. and Nancy V. Apkin, $180,000 on 06/23/2020

26 Stoney Ledge Rd: Daryl A. Cronin and Martha A. Roberts of Williamstown to Walter F. Schlech and Eimear M. Olaughlin, $790,000 on 06/23/2020


597 Savoy Hollow Rd: Douglas E. and Susan B. Edwards of Windsor to Erin L. Folloni, $419,000 on 06/22/2020



13 Rockwall Ct: Edmond and Hena Meto of Goshen to Jeffrey and Lori Rosenblatt, $550,000 on 05/26/2020

New Hartford

13 10 St: Philip C. Baierwick and Ann August of New Hartford to Alexandria Skirvin, $164,300 on 06/15/2020

825 Litchfield Tpke: True Blue Collections Inc of New Hartford to Christopher Cadrain, $187,000 on 06/18/2020


210 Between The Lakes Rd: Karl and Carol Huber of Salisbury to Brian Mcdevitt, $1,115,000 on 06/15/2020

3 Upland Meadow Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Salisbury to Belter Properties LLC, $247,500 on 06/16/2020


193 W Cornwall Rd: Charles R. and Charles R. Ebersol of Sharon to FHZ Holdings CT LLC, $799,000 on 06/22/2020


184 Ascot Ln: Elisabeth F. Dante of Torrington to Dan J. Richard, $134,000 on 06/15/2020

116 Calhoun St: Francis J Lauf RET and David Lauf of Torrington to Andrew N. Carlson, $60,000 on 06/16/2020

752 New Harwinton Rd: John J. and Barbara A. Oconnell of Torrington to Charles Marrow, $187,000 on 06/16/2020

454 Norfolk Rd: Michael J. and Tina E. Maccalous of Torrington to Keri L. Melo and Victor R. Ocreene, $134,500 on 06/16/2020

1365 Norfolk Rd: Lester G. and Patricia Mcdonald of Torrington to Alexander Castellini, $84,000 on 06/15/2020

153 Sharon Ave: Jennifer Flaherty of Torrington to Nikolaus and Carrie A. Combs, $132,500 on 06/19/2020

378 Trailsend Dr Unit 378: William V. and Ruthann Loder of Torrington to Michael F. Persechino, $104,900 on 06/16/2020

142 W Hill Rd: Douglas G. Little of Torrington to Jonas C. and Marivalda C. Berrnardes, $115,000 on 06/16/2020

112 Winterberry Way: Teodosia C. Sanchez of Torrington to Zachary W. Huxley, $165,000 on 06/18/2020


111 Hurlbut St: Cannavo Development LLC of Winchester to Breandan Parker, $167,500 on 06/15/2020

470 Platt Hill Rd: Timothy S. and Kimerly A. Omeara of Winchester to Linda M. Austin and Martin J. Wallen, $410,000 on 06/15/2020


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