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Berkshire region real estate sales June 9-15, 2019

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13 East Rd: Joseph A. and Joanne M. Alcaro of Adams to Carla Martel, $325,000 on 06/14/2019

4 Edmunds St Unit N201: Anthony and Maureen Piccolo of Adams to James J. and Carole A. Pyra, $180,000 on 06/14/2019

201 Howland Ave: David J. Brown of Adams to 161 River Mill LLC, $818,500 on 06/13/2019

16 Maple St: Daniel F. and Kimberly J. Tremblay of Adams to Micah R. and Danielle S. Hayre, $252,000 on 06/14/2019

28-30 N Summer St: Horace F. Greenlaw of Adams to Michele Purcell, $65,000 on 06/13/2019

21 Summer St: Christopher Wheeler and Adams Community Bank of Adams to Adams Community Bank, $140,000 on 06/13/2019

380 West Rd: Glen W. and Kelly J. Field of Adams to Tyler J. Dadak and Jordanne Wotkowicz, $160,000 on 06/14/2019


982 Fred Snow Rd: Jaime S. and Susan T. Wurzel of Becket to Scott A. Dietlin and Samantha A. Maloy, $247,500 on 06/14/2019


231 Jenks Rd: Sherrie A. Tower of Cheshire to Donald J. and Michele G. Pause, $170,000 on 06/17/2019


52 Flansburg Ave: Katherine M. and Richard E. Carty of Dalton to Renee M. Ostellino, $154,500 on 06/14/2019

74 Frederick Dr: Steven J. and Mary G. Turo of Dalton to Ryan J. and Shelbey K. Stengl, $325,000 on 06/17/2019

111 Hemlock Hl: Liliana M Gutierrez RET and Liliana M. Gutierrez of Dalton to PGM NT and Karen R. Lavoie, $353,500 on 06/17/2019

89 Tower Rd: Harry C. and Elizabeth Russell of Dalton to Alan M. Kidder, $310,000 on 06/14/2019

Great Barrington

9 Laurel St: Regina Wenzek and Cynthia A. Reisman of Great Barrington to Laurie A. Barnaba, $255,000 on 06/14/2019


199 Main St: Myrna D Johnson T and Blake J. Johnson of Hancock to Lynn Mora, $28,256 on 06/13/2019


1 Ann Dr: Daly Cynthia J Est and Holly Rogers of Lanesborough to Daniel W. Gaylord, $65,000 on 06/14/2019

660 Cheshire Rd: Pittsfield Coop Bank of Lanesborough to 660 Cheshire Road LLC, $215,000 on 06/13/2019

17 Grove Ave: Electa Family Realty LLC of Lanesborough to Christopher Kupernik and Laurie Tang, $210,000 on 06/13/2019

472 N Main St: Sandra C. Wheeler of Lanesborough to Daniel French, $154,900 on 06/17/2019


104 Bradley St: Danna J. Nichols of Lee to Joseph P. and Adonica L. Nichols, $260,000 on 06/14/2019

239 Fairview St: Yokun Ridge Property Mgmt of Lee to Robert J. Bartini, $160,000 on 06/14/2019

97 Old Pleasant St: Kathleen A. Glenar of Lee to Kevin T. Collins, $25,000 on 06/18/2019


10 Ash St: Paul G. and Franki L. Mahoney of Lenox to Felix K Dulle LT and Felix K. Dulle, $385,000 on 06/17/2019

40 Clifden Ct Unit 2-6: Stephen D. and Natalie Axelrod of Lenox to Alain and Joan Sasson, $420,000 on 06/18/2019

284 East St: Daniel W. Obrien of Lenox to Anurag Bansal and Neera Sharma, $450,000 on 06/11/2019

1 Morgan Mnr Unit 5: David W. and Pamela J. Mackie of Lenox to Leo W. Mahoney, $132,000 on 06/18/2019

New Marlborough

118 Norfolk Rd: Litchfield Beverly A Est and Maureen Krejci of New Marlborough to James H. and Frances G. Stevens, $36,000 on 06/12/2019

North Adams

17 Beacon St: Christopher J. and Sallye S. Sadlocha of North Adams to Laura Derosa, $105,000 on 06/14/2019

20 Biltmore Ave: Alfred A. Demo of North Adams to Timothy F. Tatro, $167,900 on 06/14/2019

1145 Massachusetts Ave: Michael G. and Helen M. Bouley of North Adams to Michelle Grady-Forth, $203,000 on 06/11/2019

151 Prospect St: Lynn Mora of North Adams to Bradley&Bryant LLC, $12,000 on 06/14/2019

251 Reservoir Rd: Kimberly J. and Perry Burdick of North Adams to Lawrence S. and Joanne R. Daniels, $185,000 on 06/14/2019


515 Ed Jones Rd: Jody and Albert Parziale of Otis to Erin B. Gallagher, $380,000 on 06/17/2019

5 N Lake Ave: John S Wagner RET and John S. Wagner of Otis to Jennifer C. Leveille and Matthew A. Schwane, $485,000 on 06/14/2019


106 2nd St: Shackett Bonlyn L Est and Miriam Maduro of Pittsfield to Jared C. Carchedi, $29,000 on 06/14/2019

238 2nd St: CR Rental LLC of Pittsfield to Nicolas C. Brickle, $160,000 on 06/11/2019

258 Allengate Ave: Ryan J. Stengl and Shelbey K. Casella-Stengl of Pittsfield to Hunter R. Oneill and Katrina A. Schott, $195,000 on 06/17/2019

80 Anita Dr: David C. Sutherland of Pittsfield to Wendy C. Ramos and Robert J. Newton, $201,500 on 06/14/2019

135 Appleton Ave: Leon C. Henry of Pittsfield to Robert M. and Nadine N. Lloyd, $185,000 on 06/14/2019

107 Birch Grove Dr: Chojnowski Chester A Est and John A. Chojnowski of Pittsfield to John J. Powers and Dawn M. Desnoyers, $207,500 on 06/14/2019

25 Crosier Ave: Richard E. Flood of Pittsfield to Bethany Mishk, $88,500 on 06/17/2019

563 Dalton Ave: Airgas USA LLC of Pittsfield to Small Block LLC, $150,000 on 06/13/2019

47 Daniels Ave: NS 162 LLC of Pittsfield to Jugpal Singh, $42,000 on 06/18/2019

39 Edward Ave: Emily E. Sadlowski and Seth G. Stambovsky of Pittsfield to Kelly J. Sadlowski, $160,000 on 06/18/2019

94 Imperial Ave: Anurag Bansal and Neera Sharma of Pittsfield to Cara N. Maiorano and Seamuson M. Culver, $188,000 on 06/11/2019

11 Kathy Way: Tracy A. Deluce of Pittsfield to Daryl R. and Ashley M. Shreve, $335,000 on 06/13/2019

193 Lakeway Dr: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Berkshire Property Mgmt, $82,833 on 06/12/2019

146 Newell St: Rilla FT and Alan J. Rilla of Pittsfield to Michael T. Boyle and Kniesha M. Tarjick, $147,000 on 06/18/2019

42 Overlook Rd: Keith A. and Christine M. Verge of Pittsfield to Jay and Ashleigh E. Melendez, $189,500 on 06/18/2019

48 Pine St: Jared L. Vella of Pittsfield to T&D Rental Properties Inc, $170,000 on 06/11/2019

31 Pinehurst Ave: Anthony D. Dottavio of Pittsfield to Tanya A. Hunt and James C. Mcneill, $142,000 on 06/12/2019

31 Pontoosuc Ave: Kingsberg Robert N Est and James A. Lawyer of Pittsfield to Kira Taikowski, $125,000 on 06/14/2019

5 Putnam Ave: Klefos Lauri E Est and Paula J. Morris of Pittsfield to Akira and Sonia Devereaux, $229,900 on 06/17/2019

165 Ridgeway Ave: Anthony P. Doyle of Pittsfield to Michael T. Kiley and Tammie A. Kerr, $150,000 on 06/18/2019

319 South St: Joaquim G. and Rosa M. Gomes of Pittsfield to Rachelle Root-Gayle, $170,000 on 06/14/2019

741 Tyler St: Everette E. Cooke of Pittsfield to Peru Properties LLC, $160,000 on 06/11/2019

61 Vista St: Karen Bristol of Pittsfield to Alicia M. Winchell and Anthony D. Dottavio, $183,500 on 06/13/2019

72 Wealthy Ave: Michael F. Mcneil of Pittsfield to Brian and Selda Carter, $236,900 on 06/14/2019

59 Westchester Ave: Thomas C. Renton of Pittsfield to Brittny Lussier, $142,000 on 06/14/2019


8 Mahkeenac Trl: 49 Valley RT and K Panasevich-Cummins of Stockbridge to Matthew Deres and Shany Porras, $300,000 on 06/14/2019

West Stockbridge

102 W Center Rd: Whitney I. and Marion L. Gerard of West Stockbridge to Straford Wild and Anne Rocheleau, $582,500 on 06/11/2019


804 N Hoosac Rd: Bonnie Haig and Susan Nawazelski of Williamstown to Jeremy K. Winchester and Ruby I. Vega, $163,830 on 06/12/2019

1189 N Hoosac Rd: Jack R. Edwards and Dawna M. Johnson of Williamstown to Anne Peale, $195,413 on 06/12/2019

100 Southworth St: Donald Deb Beaver RET and Donald D. Beaver of Williamstown to Thomas Craig and Jennifer Rork, $415,000 on 06/17/2019

189 Stratton Rd Unit J5: David R. and Lauren Andreatta of Williamstown to Brian Martin, $167,000 on 06/11/2019



34 Bridle Dr: Charles A. Kimnach and Aagatha A. Varricchione of Barkhamsted to Taylor T. Begey and Courtney M. Cesa, $282,900 on 06/10/2019

New Hartford

1071 Litchfield Tpke: Mary R. Stock of New Hartford to Bernadette J. Thibodeau, $97,000 on 06/10/2019


10 Bloomer Ln: James P. and Melissa J. Robinson of Salisbury to Ethan J. Gordon-Casey, $245,000 on 06/06/2019

66 Bostwick St: Susan R. Lamont and Christopher L. Rafferty of Salisbury to James and Anne Preisig, $390,000 on 06/12/2019


107 Jackson Rd: Joel Revzen and Cynthia Rhys of Sharon to John Vlahoplus and Uma Muthuchidambaram, $520,000 on 06/10/2019

11 W Meadow Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Sharon to Bryan Klippel, $150,000 on 06/10/2019


256 Ascot Ln: Christine R. Morneault of Torrington to Jason B. Morneault, $154,000 on 06/10/2019

317 Cliffside Dr Unit 317: Jose Batan and Kim Hamel of Torrington to Kerry Wardhaugh, $45,000 on 06/06/2019

312 Fairlawn Dr: Arthur Gay of Torrington to Jessica L. Traver, $182,500 on 06/10/2019

113 Irving Ave: Ryan P. and Kyle Phalen of Torrington to Daniel Baird-Miller, $155,000 on 06/12/2019

113 Irving Ave: Ryan P. and Kyle Phalen of Torrington to Paul H. and Karen A. Bentley, $8,500 on 06/12/2019

51 Mortimer St Unit 13: Maria L. Lovallo of Torrington to Cara C. Dougherty, $71,750 on 06/12/2019

209 Newfield Rd: Diana E. Dlugokinski and Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Robert F. Dwyer, $52,501 on 06/10/2019

92 Pierce St: Silano Anthony T Est and Carmen A. Silano of Torrington to Deanna Sanderson, $114,000 on 06/11/2019

714 Prospect St: Paul J. and Dawn C. Adams of Torrington to Tushar Shah, $55,000 on 06/06/2019

22 South St: Paula L. Schmitt and Mary L. Locche of Torrington to Michael Bentley, $155,000 on 06/11/2019

130 Spring St: Henry Mcdonald and CHFA of Torrington to CHFA, $1 on 06/11/2019

8 Surrey Ln Unit 8: Francis M. Albreada-Ponte and William A. Ponte of Torrington to James J. Murphy, $102,500 on 06/10/2019

17 Wadhams Ave: Paul and Lisa M. Kalisz of Torrington to Ashley M. Saeteros, $187,500 on 06/10/2019

66 Wysteria Ct: James A. and Diane M. Napoli of Torrington to Michael W. and Michele E. Sok, $250,000 on 06/11/2019


19 Chestnut St: Herbert R. Severson and Freedom Mortgage Corp of Winchester to Freedom Mortgage Corp, $1 on 06/10/2019

149 Meadow St: Ronald A. Dupont of Winchester to NM Property Maintenance, $198,000 on 06/14/2019

367 Platt Hill Rd: Deborah F. Cook of Winchester to Richard S. Whittaker, $232,500 on 06/14/2019

165 Wallens St: Iren Feher of Winchester to Sana Poco Properties LLC, $115,000 on 06/14/2019

35 Woodruff Ave: Cecile E. Post of Winchester to Kessler Realty Hldg LLC, $77,500 on 06/12/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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