Berkshire region real estate sales June 7-13, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: June 7-13, 2020





10 Forest Park Ave: Lakeview Loan Servicing of Adams to Ellies Holdings LLC, $115,000 on 06/12/2020


129 Long Bow Ln E: Mary S. White and Bank Of New York Mellon of Becket to FNMA, $118,000 on 06/11/2020

142 Main St: Steven M. Crochiere of Becket to Sabrina L. and Brett J. Henault, $194,000 on 06/15/2020


91 Greenridge Dr: William F Herman Jr RET and Theresa Wituszynski of Dalton to Ellies Holdings LLC, $93,559 on 06/11/2020

65 Oak Street Ext: US Bank NA Tr of Dalton to Town Crest Property Group, $57,757 on 06/15/2020

720 Old Windsor Rd: Louis A. and Joy C. Costi of Dalton to Andrew Yang and Min J. Lee, $383,000 on 06/10/2020


45 Mountain View Ter: Idamae Scaramuzzi and Susan M. Cutshall of Lee to Elizabeth S. Colodny, $262,000 on 06/16/2020

160 Old Pleasant St: Darrell G. and Marcy L. Fennelly of Lee to Brooke M. Morehouse and Ryan D. Larkin, $219,000 on 06/12/2020

815 Pleasant St: Pleasant Street Lee NT and R Eric Montgomery of Lee to Sling LLC, $2,000,000 on 06/11/2020

135 Theresa Ter: Raymond and Eileen P. Walczak of Lee to Darrell G. and Marcy L. Fennelly, $371,000 on 06/12/2020

New Marlborough

501 Canaan Valley Rd: Courtney Lane of New Marlborough to Alexander R. Friedman and Lily M. Peters, $260,000 on 06/12/2020

176 Norfolk Rd: Gary J. Casarsa of New Marlborough to Daniel R. Oreskes and Elizabeth Small, $330,000 on 06/11/2020

North Adams

80 Cleveland Ave: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Castle 2020 LLC, $26,500 on 06/15/2020

264 Daniels Rd: Tallage Lincoln LLC of North Adams to Kenneth E. and Kirtis Reynolds, $45,000 on 06/10/2020

61 Foucher Ave: Jacob T. Wendling of North Adams to Amanda L. Boesse, $145,000 on 06/11/2020


134 Pike Rd: Timothy J. and Leslie C. Obrien of Otis to Joshua and Melissa Weinstein, $950,000 on 06/12/2020


7 Central Berkshire Blvd: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Ellies Holdings LLC, $95,000 on 06/10/2020

47 Daniels Ave: Jugpal Singh of Pittsfield to T&D Rental Properties Inc, $140,000 on 06/12/2020

64 Dartmouth St: JMP Properties I LLC of Pittsfield to Leydet Properties LLC, $64,900 on 06/11/2020

30 Edgewood Rd: Michael A Shakeshaft T and Michael A. Shakeshaft of Pittsfield to Lindsay A. Maynard, $120,000 on 06/15/2020

55 Harris St: Florence B. Tarbell of Pittsfield to Barbara Snow, $110,000 on 06/11/2020

8 Hawk St: George P. and Patricia A. Balsamo of Pittsfield to Bon K. Lim and Feng Y. Chen, $254,000 on 06/16/2020

4 Jeebe St: Kate E. Gleason of Pittsfield to Daniel S. Greene and Jessica M. Winston, $100,000 on 06/10/2020

382 Lebanon Ave: John F. and Leyana R. Duda of Pittsfield to Thao P. Le, $190,153 on 06/15/2020

42 Longview Ter: Alberney Vargas of Pittsfield to Gilberto Diaz, $168,000 on 06/16/2020

157 Maple Grove Dr: Brett Wallace of Pittsfield to Dennis J. and Paula Mlynarski, $145,000 on 06/16/2020

50 Wood Ave: Brett J. and Sabrina L. Henault of Pittsfield to Alexis King, $127,500 on 06/10/2020


68 Sandisfield Rd: Jeffrey F. Adinolfi of Sandisfield to Phillip Blume, $180,000 on 06/10/2020

314 Woodlands Way: Danielle M. Kalitan of Sandisfield to Joshua A. Nicosia and Kelly M. Gold, $255,000 on 06/16/2020


114 Bridges Rd: Roger and Joan M. Larocca of Williamstown to Landon A. Marchant and Mackenzie L. Hunter, $256,000 on 06/12/2020

1341 Green River Rd: GRPM LLC of Williamstown to Peter Umbrianna and Debra Randall, $565,000 on 06/15/2020

84 N Hoosac Rd: Michael T. and Sharon A. Dunn of Williamstown to Brendan W. Longe, $189,900 on 06/11/2020

1 River Run Unit 5: 180 Water LLC of Williamstown to David Wagner, $685,000 on 06/11/2020

110 S Hemlock Ln Unit 110: Lucie C Polk 2016 RET and Lucie C. Polk of Williamstown to Jennifer Howlett, $165,000 on 06/11/2020



32 Shepard Rd: Richard W Lowe LT and Marie A. Lowe of Norfolk to Luana Olson, $210,600 on 06/10/2020


25 Main St: Martin C. Ritchie of Torrington to John Noelke, $250,000 on 06/11/2020

861 New Harwinton Rd: K Brothers LLC of Torrington to Alam Realty LLC, $600,000 on 06/12/2020


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