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Berkshire region real estate sales June 30 – July 6, 2019

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27 Orchard St: Jeremy M. and Jessica L. Ford of Adams to Leah Thompson, $146,050 on 07/09/2019

8 Ruel St: USA HUD of Adams to Luisa Volpi, $36,500 on 07/03/2019


199 Pill Dr: Randy L. and Maria A. Thomas of Becket to Michael L. and Vanna R. Maffuccio, $370,000 on 07/03/2019


66 Hubbard Ave: Donald Lucaroni of Dalton to Ryan L. Lucaroni, $146,000 on 07/09/2019

30 Sleepy Holw: William M. Topping of Dalton to Samuel L. and Allison E. Henry, $344,000 on 07/05/2019


11 Miller View Rd: Peter and Robin Goldberg of Egremont to James J. Dipisa and Elizabeth M. Wilson, $470,000 on 07/05/2019

Great Barrington

12 Giddings St: Wanda M. Beckwith of Great Barrington to Bernardo Mejia and Martha Escobar, $280,000 on 07/08/2019

35 Humphrey St: Leonard M. Zinberg of Great Barrington to Green Houses Partners LLC, $300,000 on 07/08/2019

21 Knob Hl: Margaret Brownell and Adam Medina of Great Barrington to Leonard Sitomer and Nancy L. Yahanda, $435,000 on 07/08/2019

6 Rose Ct W Unit 6: Blue Hill Commons LLC of Great Barrington to Evelyn Cunliffe-Demelker and David Cunliffe, $225,000 on 07/03/2019


47 Maple St: Mary Rice of Hinsdale to Gigliotti Enterprises LLC, $69,000 on 07/09/2019


106 Miner Rd: Michael L. Maffuccio of Lanesborough to William H. and Darlene C. Berryman, $321,000 on 07/03/2019

580 S Main St Unit 408: David M. Grogan of Lanesborough to Joseph A. and Gianna Renzi, $62,000 on 07/09/2019

580 S Main St Unit 305: Amber L. Winslow of Lanesborough to James M. and Julie L. Delucia, $146,000 on 07/05/2019

47 Victoria Ln: Christopher J. and Gayle P. Norton of Lanesborough to Nisar and Summera Ahmad, $431,500 on 07/08/2019


411 Walker St: James O. and Valerie D. Herrick of Lenox to Terrence A. Moore and Faith Parker, $485,000 on 07/03/2019


527 Main Rd: John J. Delmolino of Monterey to Marcy Pontell, $1,250,000 on 07/03/2019

New Marlborough

772 Norfolk Rd: Bosworth Family Ptnshp of New Marlborough to BHSC Real Estate LLC, $2,060,000 on 07/05/2019


42 Ashley St: Antoinette T Schiavone FT and Linda A. Tlabott of Pittsfield to Anthony N. Marino, $154,000 on 07/02/2019

6 Aspen Way Unit 6: Shirlee J Bresnahan RET and Shirlee J. Bresnahan of Pittsfield to Roger L Matus 2015 RET and Roger L. Matus, $415,000 on 07/09/2019

35 Brunswick St: Richard W. and Rebekah V. Wise of Pittsfield to Jennifer T. Thompson, $440,000 on 07/09/2019

124 Bryan St: Joseph P. Burke of Pittsfield to Monica Ureste, $179,900 on 07/08/2019

55 Cleveland St: William H. and Darlene C. Berryman of Pittsfield to Leonid and Ceira R. Yantovsky, $221,000 on 07/03/2019

19 Congress St: Silvano and Judy A. Mastrodicasa of Pittsfield to Joshua M. Cote, $153,000 on 07/08/2019

275 Eleanor Rd: Richard A. Cohen of Pittsfield to William M. Topping and Deborah A. Burris, $187,000 on 07/05/2019

370 Fort Hill Ave: Hugabone Elaine G Est and Bruce M. Hugabone of Pittsfield to Gloria J. Berne, $51,500 on 07/05/2019

220 High St: Robert G. and Ann C. Lucas of Pittsfield to Warren B. and Wendy J. Smith, $335,000 on 07/02/2019

30 Meadow Ln: Jennifer G. Stasinos and Mary C. Haviland of Pittsfield to Caitlin Nicoll, $131,900 on 07/09/2019

53 Waverly St: Meghan StJohn of Pittsfield to Abigail D. and Clark T. Mathews, $244,000 on 07/09/2019


28 Lake Dr: Barbara B Berk NT and Barbara B. Berk of Stockbridge to Charles W. Kohrer and Karen A. Kradel, $600,000 on 07/08/2019



71 Beech Hill Rd: Joseph J. Alciati of Colebrook to Rebecca E. Bruey and Harrison Mckelvey-Conway, $225,000 on 06/17/2019

161 Pinney St: Janet E. Fredsall of Colebrook to Fifth State Farm LLC, $200,000 on 06/27/2019

462 Smith Hill Rd: William B. Dana and Ellen J. Tein of Colebrook to Melissa C. Candela, $334,600 on 06/24/2019


39 Cemetery Hill Rd: Robert L. Hunter and Natalie Parks-Hunter of Cornwall to Kirk and Cynthia Harrington, $850,000 on 06/17/2019

187 Town St: Robert and Lila Rosenblum of Cornwall to Carloyn Fugere, $385,000 on 06/17/2019


15 Bueford Ct Unit 163: James Bove of Goshen to Michelle L. Apiado, $315,000 on 06/28/2019

New Hartford

40 Dorothy Rd: David A. Glassel and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of New Hartford to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $1 on 07/02/2019

220 Main St Unit 8i: David Arcari of New Hartford to Jonathan Beavers, $123,000 on 07/02/2019


20 Millerton Rd: Paralimni Equities LLC of Salisbury to RJS Hldg LLC, $250,000 on 06/27/2019


287 Allison Dr: Karen A. and Brian J. Cornell of Torrington to Tina and David Cooper, $229,250 on 07/03/2019

130 Babbling Brook Rd: Vincent and Sandra E. Miccoli of Torrington to John Ottle and Jennifer Otoole, $315,000 on 07/02/2019

14 Bigos Rd: Carolyn B. Shreders of Torrington to Troy A. Swanson, $110,000 on 07/02/2019

76 Cobblestone Ct: CMO Capital LLC of Torrington to Muamet Lena, $155,000 on 06/27/2019

24 Dewey St: James H. and Traci Aerykssen of Torrington to Lydia Pang, $175,000 on 06/27/2019

329 Fairlawn Dr: First Assembly Of God of Torrington to Kenneth DelaHoz, $174,000 on 07/02/2019

839 Main St Unit 80: Nicholas Lorenzo of Torrington to Megan Carberry, $52,500 on 07/02/2019

227 Meyer Rd: Santander Bank NA of Torrington to Sierra Gallagi, $110,125 on 07/01/2019

750 Migeon Ave: Sylvia R. Wadhams of Torrington to S&G Investments LLC, $75,000 on 07/03/2019

266 Newfield Rd: Frederick H. Sidelinger and Freedom Mortgage Corp of Torrington to Freedom Mortgage Corp, $1 on 07/01/2019

63 Northridge Ave: Robert and Claire R. Nemcik of Torrington to Kenneth and Jennie Kisler, $155,000 on 07/01/2019

65 Oak Meadow Ln Unit 65: James P. and Lisa Fabiaschi of Torrington to Mi K. Hwang, $295,000 on 06/27/2019

32 Pfeffer Ln: Zachery Neville of Torrington to Georgia A. Kupcho, $140,000 on 07/01/2019

81 Rockwell Dr Unit 17: Mosen and Linda L. Morad of Torrington to Tawanna Walker, $260,000 on 06/27/2019

150 Shirley Rd: Wayne M. and Audrey A. Rougeot of Torrington to Michael Osorio, $200,000 on 07/03/2019

2270 Torringford West St: Joyce Mckenna of Torrington to Scott Murelli and Kelsey Mckenna, $290,000 on 06/27/2019

45 Warder Rd: Dana P. Bui of Torrington to Ut C. Hua, $296,500 on 07/03/2019

224 White Oak Way: Wendy Cote and Edgar P. Espinoza of Torrington to Laurence R. Cote, $250,000 on 07/03/2019

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 96: Kate E. and Richard G. Graham of Torrington to Thomas Landry, $93,900 on 07/01/2019

122 Winthrop St: William J. Bierce of Torrington to Sharon E. Palmer, $155,000 on 07/03/2019


30 Glendale Ave: Robert W. and Patricia C. Wolfinger of Winchester to Daniel and Kristin Wall, $195,000 on 07/02/2019

8 Hamill Dr: MG INT and Momchil T. Gregor of Winchester to Jonathan Ortiz and Mariah Martin, $163,500 on 06/24/2019

106 Indian Meadow Dr: John J. and Nancy J. Feher of Winchester to Jeffrey F. Bayette and Colleen C. Hiller, $229,900 on 07/02/2019

822 Main St: CHFA of Winchester to Sghouses LLC, $29,000 on 06/27/2019

168 Maple St: Frank Odowd of Winchester to Buttercup Realty LLC, $215,000 on 06/25/2019

144 Meadow St: Jose I. Nunez and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Winchester to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 07/03/2019

425 Platt Hill Rd: John J. and Nicole A. Kennedy of Winchester to Deanna Nadeau T and Frederick M. Misilo, $352,000 on 06/25/2019

104 Shore Dr: David J. and Mary A. Antoniazzi of Winchester to Richard J. and Carol O. Josefek, $410,000 on 07/01/2019

130 Smith Hill Rd: Jorge Lozada of Winchester to William J. Young, $140,000 on 07/02/2019

116 Sucker Brook Rd: George and Caren A. Chapin of Winchester to Pamela and Robert Kelly, $240,000 on 06/27/2019

128 W Wakefield Blvd: Carol A. Gaylord and Kathleen M. Jones of Winchester to Kevin Cook, $170,000 on 07/03/2019

339 W Wakefield Blvd: OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of Winchester to George J. Mackeiwicz and Diane M. Mackiewicz, $118,750 on 07/03/2019

35 Wallens St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Winchester to Nedla Properties LLC, $40,100 on 06/25/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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