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Real Estate Regional Sales

Berkshire region real estate sales June 17-23, 2018

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83 East Rd: Gregory S. and Debora A. Nowicki of Adams to Garrett E. Alibozek, $205,000 on 06/18/2018

22 John St: Christopher J. Mullen and Angela R. Mason of Adams to Nathan D. Staffin, $158,000 on 06/21/2018


17 Trout Close Pl: Stephen R Botnick T and Sandra T. Botnick of Becket to Antoinette Noel, $300,000 on 06/18/2018


525 Old Windsor Rd: Michael D. Goonan of Dalton to Arturo Jacinto, $278,500 on 06/22/2018

147 Pine St: Christopher Robillard of Dalton to Kaitlyn T. and Christopher J. Burgess, $144,000 on 06/22/2018

Great Barrington

165 Castle Hill Ave: Joan Delplato of Great Barrington to Tracey M. Holland, $320,500 on 06/22/2018

23 Castle Ln: Hartmuth and Harmuth Sommer-Deris of Great Barrington to Kathleen Triem and Susan Steinberg, $185,000 on 06/18/2018

6 Gilmore Ave: Boddie Elizabeth A Est and Elizabeth A. Kinne of Great Barrington to Michael J. Harrigan, $200,000 on 06/22/2018

6 Pothul Dr: Joseph N. Pothul of Great Barrington to 6 Pothul Drive LLC, $410,000 on 06/20/2018

116 West Ave Unit I: Isabelle Sweezy Miller T and Elizabeth M. Sweezy of Great Barrington to AK Berkshire Properties, $160,000 on 06/19/2018


365 Ashmere Rd: Joseph J. Beggetta of Hinsdale to Richard M. Brown and Bonnie Santora-Brown, $195,000 on 06/20/2018

59 Robinson Rd: Margaret C Barnes NT and Dorothy B. Stucklen of Hinsdale to Dorothy B. Stucklen, $134,000 on 06/21/2018


19 Stormview Rd: FNMA of Lanesborough to Paul and Maria Clark, $352,000 on 06/20/2018


20 Coldbrooke S Unit B: Alan M. and Susan J. Leff of Lenox to Shatzer 2018 T and David Shatzer, $550,000 on 06/20/2018

58 Housatonic St: Philip A. and Valerie A. Carroll of Lenox to Jane S. Bernhardt, $300,000 on 06/21/2018

205 Old Stockbridge Rd: John M. and Nancy F. Brown of Lenox to David L. and Jaruloch K. Whitehead, $1,120,000 on 06/21/2018

New Marlborough

61 Arroyo Way: Burton W. and Linda Imberman of New Marlborough to Janel A. Munoa and Alex E. Vazquez, $650,000 on 06/21/2018

829-833 Mill River Southfield Rd: Rachel W. Louw and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of New Marlborough to FNMA, $196,386 on 06/19/2018

North Adams

156-158 Brooklyn St: Ernest C. Perry of North Adams to James M. Jarzyniecki and Amanda E. Johnson, $55,000 on 06/21/2018

156-1/2 Brooklyn St: North Adams City Of of North Adams to Georgene M. Brown and Ernest Perry, $1 on 06/22/2018

17 Bryant St: RSB Properties LLC of North Adams to David R. Gregory, $78,000 on 06/20/2018

351 E Main St: Brent and Mandi A. Salvetti of North Adams to John E. Desotle, $14,000 on 06/22/2018

56 East Ave: Margaret A. Mckane and Elizabeth J. Carmichael of North Adams to Christopher J. Mullen and Angela R. Mason, $162,000 on 06/21/2018

21-23 High St Unit 6: High Street Condominiums of North Adams to Christophe Brunski, $79,592 on 06/21/2018

25 Taft St Unit 25: Charles E. and Katherine W. Swabey of North Adams to Kenneth G. and Nina L. Keneally, $165,000 on 06/18/2018


25 Kreutzer Rd: William E. and Susan M. Jansen of Peru to Vincent P. Waitt, $230,000 on 06/22/2018


73 Allengate Ave: Pamela M. Reger and Philip C. Potter of Pittsfield to Joanne E. Burgess, $195,000 on 06/22/2018

973 Barker Rd: Ann L. Archey and David E. Halley of Pittsfield to Tonya M. and David E. Halley, $100,000 on 06/22/2018

100 Cheshire Rd: Chloe E. Briggs and MTGLQ Investors LP of Pittsfield to MTGLQ Investors LP, $132,378 on 06/18/2018

260 Cheshire Rd: Burton G. Johnson and Celine E. Sheerin of Pittsfield to Taylor J. Graziola and Kevin N. Roosa, $110,000 on 06/18/2018

20 Cobble Stone Cv: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Timothy E. Palmer, $180,000 on 06/21/2018

4 Donovan St: Gary Crocker of Pittsfield to Julie M. Beuth, $178,000 on 06/22/2018

805 E New Lenox Rd: Daniel S. Greene of Pittsfield to Jean M. Nealon, $253,000 on 06/18/2018

64 Elm St: USA HUD of Pittsfield to Joseph Nadeau, $45,000 on 06/22/2018

267 Holmes Rd: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Carlo and Dianne R. Dinicola, $1 on 06/21/2018

8 Kenilworth St: Carl R. and Susan Pratt of Pittsfield to Walter A. and Amy L. Cooper, $485,000 on 06/22/2018

27 Lincoln St: David J. Deforest of Pittsfield to Jill M. Cozzaglio, $3,000 on 06/22/2018

91 Onota St: John P. Skubel and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Evan Skubel and Danielle J. George, $85,000 on 06/19/2018

63 Orlando Ave: Louraine T. and Lauraine T. Pelletier of Pittsfield to Elena Morey, $144,100 on 06/18/2018

9 Pacific St: MHFA of Pittsfield to SNO Real Est Rentals&Dev, $31,500 on 06/21/2018

89 Robbins Ave: Carol M. Falcone and Citizens Bank NA of Pittsfield to FNMA, $13,400 on 06/22/2018

7 State St: Litano Marion J Est and Marie E. Martini of Pittsfield to Joseph M. Pravia, $134,000 on 06/22/2018

91 W Union St: Kathleen M. Young of Pittsfield to Robert StJohn and Robert Stjohn, $100,000 on 06/22/2018

6 Winn Ave: Tallage Lincoln LLC of Pittsfield to Thomas Hamilton, $15,000 on 06/21/2018


337 Cone Hill Rd: Michael A. and Tammy L. Lapointe of Richmond to Michael A Lapointe T 2018 and Michael A. Lapointe, $300,000 on 06/21/2018


40 Stump Rd: Dorothy Warde of Sandisfield to Peter and Helen Rock, $190,000 on 06/19/2018


52 Birch Mountain Ln: Edward J. and Barbara S. Lieberman of Sheffield to Jodi A. Rothe, $455,074 on 06/22/2018


10-a Glendale Rd: Steven A. Small of Stockbridge to Joellen M. Masters and Mohammad T. Nezam-Mafi, $365,000 on 06/22/2018


6 Stonebridge Way: Gary O. and Janet M. Willey of Tyringham to Woodrow and Elisabeth Chapman, $469,000 on 06/22/2018

West Stockbridge

35 Albany Rd: Casey M. Montemagni of West Stockbridge to Lance G. Dragonetti, $155,000 on 06/18/2018

15 Maple View Dr: Alison I Ash RET and Alison I. Ash of West Stockbridge to Daniel L. Schaeffer, $862,500 on 06/22/2018


142 Henderson Rd: Trevor S. Jewett of Williamstown to Melahat Karakaya, $312,000 on 06/21/2018

135 Longview Ter: Theresa J. Gazzaniga of Williamstown to Lauren M. and Collin A. Fleury, $307,500 on 06/22/2018

332 North St: James E. Owens and Laura Ephraim of Williamstown to Providencia Medina, $229,000 on 06/19/2018

70 Woodlawn Dr: Peter L. and Mary D. Fohlin of Williamstown to Charles D. Tower and Ellen Bayliss, $228,000 on 06/19/2018


New Hartford

87 Maillet Ln: Heather Holda of New Hartford to Thomas O. Kirschner and Ashley V. Durham, $210,000 on 06/21/2018

593 Main St: Mary Sen of New Hartford to Don and Emily Poudin, $189,000 on 06/19/2018

66 Shafer Rd: FNMA of New Hartford to Jaclyn and Gregory Kenney, $336,000 on 06/18/2018

45 Victoria Dr: Lori A. Schneider of New Hartford to Sean D. and Kari A. Patterson, $335,100 on 06/19/2018

North Canaan

7 Housatonic Ave Unit 7: Blackberry River Commons of North Canaan to Warren and Carol Curtis, $199,000 on 06/21/2018


44 Amherst St: Scott A. White of Torrington to Alayna Sholtis and Thomas A. Scarangelo, $125,000 on 06/01/2018

64 Apter Dr: Sheree L. Rossi of Torrington to Marta Languell, $143,000 on 06/01/2018

52 Arbor Dr: Charles J. Mcallister of Torrington to Tamra Damico, $130,000 on 06/07/2018

30 Ascot Ln: Sean and Kari Patterson of Torrington to Michael S. and Martha C. Lehman, $201,400 on 06/12/2018

23 Chester St: USA HUD of Torrington to Robert B. Allen, $107,500 on 06/07/2018

45 Colin Dr: Rachael Juliano and Mary Svetz-Juliano of Torrington to Loren Garfield, $170,285 on 06/15/2018

98 Coolidge Ave: Michael F. and Joanne L. Cardello of Torrington to Craig Drozd, $244,000 on 06/11/2018

239 County Rd: Jay C. and Teresa M. Myers of Torrington to Ronnie E. Woods, $122,340 on 06/15/2018

563 County Rd: Cheryl Gabes-Rice of Torrington to Jason T. Phillips, $123,000 on 06/15/2018

214 Daley Dr: FNMA of Torrington to Torrington Property Hldgs, $60,100 on 06/07/2018

218 E Albert St: R Cam Properties LLC of Torrington to Nicholas Whiteway, $95,000 on 06/18/2018

7 E Farms Rd Unit B: Jay J. Weingart of Torrington to Aquelina Dasilva, $70,000 on 06/13/2018

128 Eagle Rdg: James W. and Nancy M. Brown of Torrington to Margaret A. Koester, $247,000 on 06/22/2018

604 Essex Ct Unit 604: Bridget Miller Torrington of Torrington to Robert J. Nardine and Keith Tomascak, $107,000 on 06/13/2018

33 Falcon Ridge Rd: Leo J. and Jamie A. Namiot of Torrington to Kurt Eckert and Michele Rossi, $387,500 on 06/11/2018

74 Forest St: Torrington Redevelopment of Torrington to Ference Szabo and Henrietta K. Varju, $110,400 on 06/19/2018

26 Harrison Ave: Shirley A. Maslak of Torrington to Corey Tucker, $135,000 on 06/14/2018

77 High St: USA HUD of Torrington to Ryan Roberts and Fatima Borja, $56,000 on 06/13/2018

Highland Ave: Douglas S. Follert of Torrington to Silicon Ranch Corp, $480,000 on 06/12/2018

1167 Highland Ave: Walter E. Lippincott of Torrington to Silicon Ranch Corp, $375,000 on 06/12/2018

220 Ledge Dr Unit 220: Aron Suna of Torrington to Richard R. and Rhonda J. Kahn, $62,000 on 06/22/2018

31 Liberty Ln: Daniel Porri of Torrington to Nazarii Pylypiv and Marianna Ponomareva, $145,000 on 06/20/2018

280 Litchfield St: James M. Cavaciuti and Lisa C. Dennis of Torrington to Francine V. Caines, $115,000 on 06/12/2018

187 Lovers Ln Unit 19: Jason and Jennifer M. Dietter of Torrington to Jeremiah M. and Katharine G. Gaynor, $92,000 on 06/12/2018

839 Main St Unit 96: Elizabeth C. Smith of Torrington to Warrenton Assoc LLC, $71,500 on 06/19/2018

839 Main St Unit 88: Meghan Pallone of Torrington to Barbara Baechler, $62,000 on 06/01/2018

22 Maple Ln: Rosalie Sullivan of Torrington to Kathleen B. Sullivan, $120,000 on 06/05/2018

11 Mcdonald St: Jenny F. Murphy of Torrington to Dean P. and Lauryn Hartz, $122,500 on 06/14/2018

95 Meyer Rd: Heinz Guenter Beier of Torrington to Matthew R. Grahn and Katherine Lamagdeleine, $139,000 on 06/19/2018

195 Mountain Rd: Patricia R. Turner of Torrington to Mary Mccarthy, $100,000 on 06/18/2018

352 N Elm St: Charles R. Wergeles of Torrington to Emily P. Tousey and Aaron M. Miles, $154,000 on 06/13/2018

191 Northridge Ave: Joel S. and Elena Jacobson of Torrington to Kevin and Catherine E. Driscoll, $141,900 on 06/20/2018

120 Oxford Way: USA HUD of Torrington to James A. Sklenka, $80,000 on 06/18/2018

54 Palmer Bridge St: Anita L. Bronsdon and Lauren A. Mahaney of Torrington to Jacob Russano, $113,450 on 06/19/2018

31 Pine St: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Cornelius L. Turner, $46,992 on 06/13/2018

879 Pothier Rd: William J. and Charlotte P. Carroll of Torrington to Wayne and Laura Chamberland, $650,000 on 06/15/2018

341 Red Mountain Ave: Richard W. and Carolann G. Asselin of Torrington to Cindy L. Clarke, $138,500 on 06/20/2018

112 Sageway: Robert A. and Anne M. Craig of Torrington to Eric Tillotson, $184,000 on 06/20/2018

109 Sherwood Dr: Mary E. Kaczynski of Torrington to Ernest J. and Phyllis G. Rose, $60,000 on 06/07/2018

136 Spyglass Ct Unit 136: Thomas Curry of Torrington to Beatrice G. Fox, $27,360 on 06/22/2018

136 Spyglass Ct Unit 136: Patricia C. and Donald J. Brennan of Torrington to Beatrice J. Fox, $48,640 on 06/22/2018

35 Surrey Ln Unit 35: Denise L. Mclaughlin of Torrington to Diane Bailey, $80,000 on 06/04/2018

37 Surrey Ln Unit 37: Michael Haynes and Jennifer Turmel of Torrington to Margaret E. Ovitt, $72,500 on 06/15/2018

1760 Torringford St: Terry J. and Sharon D. Ruwet of Torrington to Aden J. and Heather M. Ruwet, $150,000 on 06/01/2018

172 Torringford West St: Harold P. Groth of Torrington to Fanol Ramadani, $67,000 on 06/15/2018

207 Torringford West St: Frederick D. and Priscilla M. Kunesch of Torrington to Emiliano and Elizabeth Gonzalez, $167,000 on 06/01/2018

684 Torringford West St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Della Realty LLC, $85,000 on 06/08/2018

172 Washington Ave: Darryl K. Monat of Torrington to Gregory Zarins, $117,000 on 06/11/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 52: Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Jennifer Noel-Dayton, $52,400 on 06/20/2018

7 Winthrop St: Christopher Beck of Torrington to Deovandi Bruce, $128,000 on 06/15/2018


221-a Grantville Rd: Karen Vernali-Fredsall of Winchester to Steven M. and Victoria L. Underwood, $243,600 on 06/18/2018

90 Meadow St: USA HUD of Winchester to Chunqi Zhang, $42,000 on 06/18/2018

258 Oak St: George R. Lavalla of Winchester to Grant E. Hicks, $160,000 on 06/19/2018

111 Riverton Rd Unit 46: Michelle B. Nadolny of Winchester to Michael Stepka, $58,000 on 06/20/2018

Source: The Warren Group

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