Berkshire region real estate sales July 8-14, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: July 8-14, 2018



8 Apremont St: Bruce M. and Christine J. Salvato of Adams to William A. Girard, $59,900 on 07/09/2018

182 Columbia St: Barbara A. Demers of Adams to Samantha J. Desautels, $75,000 on 07/13/2018

10 Manners Ave: Jeffrey M. and Cynthia A. Lefebvre of Adams to Michel L. and Pamela A. Morin, $100,000 on 07/13/2018


2 Rowe Rd: Bruce and Robin Hare of Alford to Alan and Arlene Newman, $399,000 on 07/09/2018


3194 Main St: David and Irene Mccusker of Becket to Sean Mccusker, $105,000 on 07/13/2018


50-52 Dean St: Rolland NT and Barbara Halek of Cheshire to William D. and Anne M. Furey, $175,000 on 07/13/2018

117 Dean St: Anne M. Furey of Cheshire to Annie L. and Zackary R. Sumner, $125,000 on 07/12/2018


240 Cross Rd: MHFA of Clarksburg to Armand P. Boillat and Cheryl M. Starr-Boillat, $148,720 on 07/13/2018


15 Bruce Dr: Alfred P. and Karen A. Salvatore of Dalton to Cayla E. Love, $284,000 on 07/13/2018

194 High St: Mark A. Jamross and Linda Devanny-Jamross of Dalton to Corey J. and Courtney M. Macdonald, $236,500 on 07/09/2018

226 Orchard Rd: Jacob J. Pyra of Dalton to Nickole Erbin and Kristian Halvorsen, $147,000 on 07/10/2018

11 Warren Ave: Colleen C. Brennan and MHFA of Dalton to Magni Properties LLC, $75,000 on 07/10/2018


29 South St: FHLM of Florida to Kyle Pellerin, $41,000 on 07/13/2018

Great Barrington

12 Mahaiwe St: Borshoff LLC of Great Barrington to Michael J. Kernan, $316,000 on 07/13/2018

25 Pope St: Thomas R. Mead and Lee Bank of Great Barrington to Lee Bank, $82,655 on 07/09/2018


161 Watson Rd: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Hinsdale to Brian Mcguigan, $78,000 on 07/12/2018


580 S Main St Unit 4: Kathleen A. Gentile of Lanesborough to Kimberly A. Czarnecki, $135,000 on 07/10/2018


880 East St Unit 400d: William D. and Leona R. Mathews of Lee to Alan B. and Barbara R. Lipman, $188,000 on 07/12/2018

160 Elk Dr: Greenfield FT and Miriam A. Baumgartner of Lee to Robert J. and Harriet K. Miller, $335,000 on 07/09/2018

50 Hartwood Rd: Jenny L. Herrick of Lee to Bruce Zarnoch, $269,000 on 07/10/2018

583 West Rd: Cornerstone LLC of Lee to Homeworks Construction Co, $80,000 on 07/12/2018

583 West Rd: Homeworks Construction Co of Lee to Rodrique Ngowi and Lucy Bunning, $487,500 on 07/12/2018


12 Bishop Est: Suzanne R. Gorham of Lenox to Robin Jacobs, $700,000 on 07/13/2018

50 Cliffwood St: Thomas C. Wessel and Margaret M. Mcteigue of Lenox to Michael J. Darbin and Janet Barcia, $385,000 on 07/13/2018

930 East St: Paul T. Giardina of Lenox to Jose F. Goncalves, $82,000 on 07/09/2018


92 Blue Hill Rd Monterey: Conrad C. and Margaret B. Ohman of Monterey to Myles and Samantha Pierce, $215,000 on 07/10/2018

12 Stevens Lk: Raymond F. and Julie M. Bertelli of Monterey to Joseph and Ann Delia, $450,000 on 07/09/2018

64 Worth Ln: Elinor S. Leavitt of Monterey to Brett Reiner and Melissa Marlowe-Reiner, $1,830,000 on 07/13/2018

North Adams

156-158 Brooklyn St: Tallage Lincoln LLC of North Adams to Michael G. Little and Eleanor M. Cookis, $1 on 07/13/2018

66-68 Cady St: RSB Properties LLC of North Adams to Edward M. Rich, $55,120 on 07/09/2018

91 Marion Ave: David B. Harris of North Adams to Matthew Konsa and Nina Zacek, $241,300 on 07/09/2018

99 North St: Antoinette C. Hawke and James L. Harvey of North Adams to Minerva and Pedro Maldonado, $80,000 on 07/13/2018

160 W Main St: Paul Baker of North Adams to Justine M. Barbeau, $153,500 on 07/13/2018

110 Wells Ave: K A. Cortes-Ambrosio of North Adams to Sara L. Argueta and Paul J. Baker, $193,500 on 07/13/2018


59 Pine Grove Rdg: Leonard C. and Doris J. Carriveau of Otis to Carl&Barbara Legrand IRT and James C. Legrand, $435,000 on 07/13/2018


134 2nd St: George A. Bishop of Pittsfield to Wilfrido Mendez and Gladis Bravo, $73,000 on 07/11/2018

17 Bakers Island Rd: Gerardo L. and Pasquale A. Arace of Pittsfield to Marion Dolphin RET 2011 and Marion Dolphin, $400,000 on 07/13/2018

35 Brenton Ter: Kris A. Palmer and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $121,500 on 07/09/2018

175 Burke Ave: Barbara A. Kochapski of Pittsfield to Kayla M. Wendling and Robert Allen, $145,000 on 07/13/2018

999 Cascade St: Howard Bertha K Est and Charles M. Howard of Pittsfield to Del P. and Shanda M. Virgilio, $125,000 on 07/10/2018

115 Crane Ave: B Edward Kirkpatrick and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $44,900 on 07/10/2018

10 Elaine Dr: Lynne M. Bishop of Pittsfield to Alfred P. and Karen A. Salvatore, $190,000 on 07/13/2018

185 Highland Ave: Roger L. and Jo A. Beaulieu of Pittsfield to Robert W. Gavin, $209,000 on 07/12/2018

21 Indian St: Walter Davis and Bayview Loan Servicing of Pittsfield to Bayview Loan Servicing, $78,000 on 07/11/2018

12 Laflin Ter: Pittsfield Coop Bank of Pittsfield to Parker B. Chandler, $70,000 on 07/13/2018

11 Livingston Ave: Henrietta L. Karch of Pittsfield to Lipton Inc, $49,900 on 07/13/2018

112 Lucia Dr: Janet P. Taylor of Pittsfield to Shaun G. Sottile, $120,000 on 07/13/2018

51 Michael Dr: Foster Elizabeth M Est and John C. Foster of Pittsfield to Thomas E. Harris, $206,500 on 07/12/2018

31 Revere Pkwy: Candy L. Allessio of Pittsfield to Sean L. Pare, $190,000 on 07/12/2018

25 Stratford Ave: Paul Saldana of Pittsfield to Jennifer C. Diaz-Gonzalez, $181,000 on 07/11/2018

65 Taconic St: Floyd Passardi of Pittsfield to Springside Gardens LLC, $1,465,000 on 07/10/2018

177 Velma Ave: Helen Mcsweeney of Pittsfield to Bradley M. Wheat, $185,000 on 07/13/2018

710 W Housatonic St: Victoria R. Baird of Pittsfield to Anthony and Theresa Errichetto, $139,000 on 07/12/2018


215 Windsor Rd: Cayla E. Love of Savoy to Trisha A. Taylor and Mark J. Intelisano, $330,000 on 07/13/2018


232 Salisbury Rd: Mary E. Thiesen of Sheffield to Charles and Linda Swartz, $390,000 on 07/13/2018


25 Frenier Ave: John C. and Matthew J. Cirone of Williamstown to James H. Moffett, $212,000 on 07/13/2018

295 Hancock Rd: Daphne D Mcgill RET and Daphne D. Mcgill of Williamstown to Andrew S. Wells and Lauren Preston-Wells, $965,000 on 07/12/2018

61 Ide Rd: Jau A. Clarke of Williamstown to Marc S. and Jessie R. Mandel, $422,000 on 07/02/2018

166 Main St: Cynthia J. Sault and Evan P. Cook of Williamstown to James A. Baur and Iris K. Howley, $285,000 on 07/13/2018

668 Main St: Diana A. Versenyi of Williamstown to Allen Pope and Alice Chapman-Bradley, $455,000 on 07/13/2018



83 Belden St: Thomas R. and Mary E. Grayson of Canaan to Geoffrey L. Rossano and Joan H. Baldwin, $320,000 on 07/02/2018

New Hartford

519 E Cotton Hill Rd: Berry Doris R Est and Kenneth W. Roberge of New Hartford to Tyler J. Fiori, $82,500 on 07/11/2018

17 Helen Hwy: Richard T. Lesinski of New Hartford to Veronica A. Trotto, $165,000 on 07/13/2018

33 Highland Ave: Louise L. Sullivan of New Hartford to Bruce A. Johnson and Alyson Gunzinger, $222,000 on 07/09/2018

722 W Hill Rd: Cisco FT and Nancy Gilbert of New Hartford to Joseph C. and Kathy L. Coleman, $725,000 on 07/09/2018


169 Meekertown Rd: Rossi Margaret K Est and Beth J. Rossi of Norfolk to Antoine L. Douaihy, $350,000 on 07/11/2018

North Canaan

5 Quinn St: Quinn Street LLC and James R. Slack of North Canaan to James R. Slack, $148,000 on 07/10/2018


10 Williams Rd: Mark S. Ciechon of Sharon to Rodger L. Hicks, $425,000 on 07/11/2018


80 Castlewood Ln: Rosaria A. and Dominic G. Rovero of Torrington to Donald F. and Valerie B. Reynolds, $220,000 on 07/11/2018

143 Colorado Ave N: Christopher Yoia and Angel Perez of Torrington to Jerry E. and Carey J. Ovitt, $168,500 on 07/09/2018

146 High St: Amy S. Polley and Deutsche Bank NAtl T Co of Torrington to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1 on 07/05/2018

422 Hillandale Blvd: Wayne A. and Sharon M. Gemelli of Torrington to Diane L. Morrissette and Adam P. Goetz, $238,500 on 07/09/2018

661 Stillwater Pond Rd: Thomaston Residentl Hldg of Torrington to Richard Scott, $165,000 on 07/09/2018

3406 Torringford St: Terry and Linda Thorp of Torrington to Tabitha and Matthew Theriault, $136,000 on 07/05/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 68: Phyllis Clark of Torrington to Francis Dayton, $110,000 on 07/05/2018


67 Bridge St: FHLM of Winchester to Jeffrey J. Pearl, $48,000 on 07/11/2018

60 Hinsdale Ave: Jason Roberts of Winchester to Ingryd Flores, $75,000 on 07/10/2018

101 South Rd: Bank Of NY Mellon T Co Tr of Winchester to Nancy Dunn, $65,000 on 07/13/2018

405 W Wakefield Blvd: Michael J Hamm 3rd Prop and Michael J. Hamm of Winchester to Thomas J. and Martha Wentz, $650,000 on 07/11/2018

714 W Wakefield Blvd: Joseph P. Macsata of Winchester to Northwest Investments LLC, $150,000 on 07/09/2018


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