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Berkshire region real estate sales July 7-13, 2019

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92 E Hoosac St: Robert J. Tomkiewicz of Adams to Kristopher R. Saunders, $106,000 on 07/12/2019

14 Highland Ave: Teri L. Leja of Adams to Walker E. Fortin and Jeslyn H. Stachura, $170,000 on 07/10/2019

5 Marshall Ave: William E. and Jean L. Donovan of Adams to James E. Dittrich, $166,400 on 07/16/2019

33 Summer St: James H. Kelly of Adams to Alison L. Crosse, $60,000 on 07/12/2019


22 Dawn Dr: Christopher J. Baran and US Bank NA of Becket to US Bank NA Tr, $112,500 on 07/10/2019


108 East St: Henry H. and Jane A. Williams of Dalton to Sara Cunningham, $246,000 on 07/12/2019

180 Raymond Dr: Jeremy D. and Susan E. Burt of Dalton to Randy L. and Maria A. Thomas, $400,000 on 07/16/2019

34 Weston Ave: Charlotte S. Cooper of Dalton to Seth H. Hamilton, $240,000 on 07/16/2019


7 Undermountain Rd: Nathanial and Nathan Nowygrod of Egremont to Gallagher FT and Amy Gallagher, $420,000 on 07/15/2019

Great Barrington

65 Hurlburt Rd: Hurlburt LLC of Great Barrington to Jantu LLC, $595,000 on 07/15/2019

40 Prospect St: Ruth R. Shibuya of Great Barrington to Richard J Melluzzo RET and Richard J. Melluzzo, $339,000 on 07/10/2019


98 Henry Dr: Lisa M. Willey of Hinsdale to Cherie A. Pensivey, $265,000 on 07/12/2019

122 Holmes Rd: Jacob Trudeau of Hinsdale to Kimberly Noummano, $50,000 on 07/10/2019

38 Linden Ln: Robert J. Negri of Hinsdale to Michael F. Mcneil, $85,000 on 07/12/2019

49 Old Dalton Rd: Clyde A. and Yvonne Savery of Hinsdale to Melissa R. Wehry, $160,000 on 07/12/2019


655 Cheshire Rd Unit 1: Berkshire Mall Rlty Hldg of Lanesborough to Durga Property Holdings, $1,000,000 on 07/12/2019

177 Narragansett Ave: Ross Fabregas of Lanesborough to Ian S. and Tiffany L. Roberts, $189,900 on 07/12/2019


475 Leisure Lee Rd: Ellen Apfel of Lee to John Britton, $225,000 on 07/15/2019

44 Rose Ave: Sheldon P Allen T and Gail Tyer of Lee to Bridget L. and Gail M. Tyer, $130,000 on 07/15/2019


130 Cliffwood St: Cliffwood RT and Stanley Lim of Lenox to Mathew and Mary C. Lo, $325,000 on 07/15/2019

26 East St: Roger H. and Lara Brown of Lenox to Alan E. and Martha E. Joyner, $500 on 07/15/2019

10 Old Town Way: Cherry A. Parke of Lenox to Joseph T. Joyce and Monica R. Hayden-Joyce, $289,000 on 07/12/2019

7 Rolling Hls Unit 12: Phyllis&R Silbert RET and Robert Silbert of Lenox to Devereaux FT and Denise G. Devereaux, $188,000 on 07/12/2019

2 Spruce Trl Unit 2: Lenox Wds At Kenndy Pk NT and David A. Ward of Lenox to Robin Kimbrough-Melton and Gary Melton, $429,000 on 07/15/2019


170 Gould Rd: Jane Salamon of Monterey to Elena L. and Desmond Green, $1,060,000 on 07/10/2019

North Adams

22 A St: Robert G. Wolfrum and Adams Community Bank of North Adams to Town Crest Property Group, $65,000 on 07/15/2019

18 Summit Ave: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of North Adams to Jonathan Pierce, $65,600 on 07/12/2019

330-r W Main St: Jay W. Cooper and Terri Piantoni-Cooper of North Adams to Tammy J. Larabee, $122,000 on 07/16/2019


752 Algerie Rd: Michael and Theresia Arad of Otis to Edward Lloyd and Lelia Amalfitano, $273,000 on 07/15/2019

72 Dewolfe Dr: Paul Fazio of Otis to Ronald S. Mack, $38,500 on 07/12/2019

28 N Ridge St: Fortune 7 LLC of Otis to Denise Otten, $143,000 on 07/12/2019

16 Old Stagecoach Rd: Bradley L. and Sarah K. Barber of Otis to John A. and Jennifer L. Culhane, $740,000 on 07/12/2019


77 August Smith Rd: David and Michele J. Grant of Peru to Daniel and Tracy Kenney, $450,000 on 07/15/2019


100 Anita Dr: Ellen M. and David C. Sutherland of Pittsfield to David C. Sutherland, $100,000 on 07/15/2019

152 Bartlett Ave: Josh A. Bennett of Pittsfield to Nicholas Paleologos and Patricia Worth, $200,000 on 07/15/2019

655 Cheshire Rd Unit 1: Berkshire Mall Rlty Hldg of Pittsfield to Durga Property Holdings, $1,000,000 on 07/12/2019

605 East St: James A. Rosier of Pittsfield to Troy K. Laureyns, $80,000 on 07/12/2019

136 Elberon Ave: Brad E. and Karen J. Williams of Pittsfield to Sandra J. Tynan, $235,000 on 07/15/2019

14 Franco Ter: Roger J. and Sally L. Siciliano of Pittsfield to Ranger Properties LLC, $100,000 on 07/12/2019

4 Hillcrest Ave: Thomas A. and Gary M. Dubois of Pittsfield to Mary S. Wright, $181,000 on 07/16/2019

166 Holmes Rd: PGM NT and Karen R. Lavoie of Pittsfield to Phourasamy Din and Elaine X. Cook, $208,000 on 07/15/2019

73 Leroi Dr: Marilyn B. Mcalister of Pittsfield to Ryan T. and Carla D. Cowdrey, $250,000 on 07/15/2019

17 Leslie Dr: Sara M. Cunningham of Pittsfield to Christopher P. Tracy, $216,500 on 07/12/2019

122 Longview Ter: 122 Longview Terrace NT and Robert M. Fuster of Pittsfield to L C. Defreitas-Santos and Edson C. Dos-Santos, $210,000 on 07/16/2019

82 Madison Ave: Narciza Perez of Pittsfield to Madalina A. Duta-Dominguez, $65,975 on 07/15/2019

84 Madison Ave: Narciza Perez of Pittsfield to Madalina A. Duta-Dominguez, $65,975 on 07/15/2019

166 Madison Ave: Fonda M. Furey and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Pittsfield to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $106,015 on 07/12/2019

106 Morningview Dr: Lori M. Stanton of Pittsfield to Mark E. and Faith W. Levesque, $165,000 on 07/10/2019

29 Murphy Pl: Gary L. and Carol D. Kickery of Pittsfield to Rebecca E. Robbins, $185,000 on 07/16/2019

66 N Pearl St: Luis H. Villacis of Pittsfield to Magdalena DeJesus-Larios and Jose J. Bonilla-Larios, $135,000 on 07/16/2019

52 Newell St: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Raymond Velez, $59,900 on 07/10/2019

33 Perrine Ave: Rocco R. Errichetto of Pittsfield to Rocco R. Errichetto, $160,000 on 07/16/2019

7 Plunkett St: Robert J. Stanton and PNC Bank NA of Pittsfield to PNC Bank NA, $64,400 on 07/15/2019

103 Spadina Pkwy: Laurie A. Casna of Pittsfield to Kevin C. Reis, $248,000 on 07/15/2019

15 Spring St: DNC Real Estate LLC of Pittsfield to T&D Rental Properties Inc, $82,500 on 07/10/2019

38 Ventura Ave: Matthew A. and Holly L. Digrigoli of Pittsfield to Beverly A. Doyle, $110,000 on 07/11/2019

674 W Housatonic St: Ryan Cowdrey of Pittsfield to Ronald A. Smith, $199,900 on 07/12/2019

351 West St: Paul J. and Suzanne M. Oparowski of Pittsfield to 351 West LLC, $115,000 on 07/16/2019


15 New State Rd: John K. and Kathleen W. Bradbury of Savoy to Jayson K. and Arleigh M. Cooper, $160,000 on 07/15/2019


234 Clayton Rd: Yeli Y. Arango of Sheffield to Joseph R. Baker and Maria DelCarmen-Silva, $335,000 on 07/16/2019

1624 County Rd: Sharon M. Schroepfer of Sheffield to Melissa Bassett, $315,000 on 07/15/2019

23 Elm Ct: Carmella W. Delmolino of Sheffield to William D. and Paula Hall, $175,000 on 07/12/2019


19 Glendale Middle Rd: Gary and Janet Wiens of Stockbridge to FHLM, $187,165 on 07/16/2019

23 Hawthorne Rd Unit 14b: Howard and Judith Levin of Stockbridge to Paul E. Hanau and Suzanne Blond-Hanau, $580,000 on 07/15/2019

6 South St: Michael W. Hall of Stockbridge to Michael and Mary Cavanaugh, $275,000 on 07/16/2019


403 North St: Jack Russell T and Nora B. Hanlon of Williamstown to Brittany Hanlon and Tanner Fewox, $132,000 on 07/12/2019


233 North St: Cherie A. Pensivy of Windsor to Zachary S. Rocca, $250,000 on 07/11/2019

1600 North St: Seth Hamilton of Windsor to Ingrid Lewis, $185,000 on 07/12/2019



86 Main St: James D. Cooper and Loretta Harms-Cooper of Canaan to Philip Canneaux, $345,000 on 07/01/2019

New Hartford

93 Highland Ave: Brittany Vaughan of New Hartford to Josh Gauthier, $310,000 on 07/08/2019

110 Niles Rd: Kevin J. and Michele B. Gaffney of New Hartford to Martin P. Tartaglino, $225,000 on 07/09/2019


33 Mountain Greenery Ln: David L. Stone and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Salisbury to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $600,000 on 07/09/2019


17 Hospital Hill Rd: Anu Properties Corp of Sharon to Columb FT and Douglas S. Columb, $266,750 on 07/10/2019


83 Amherst St: Cammilletti James J Est and Katherine Gustafson of Torrington to Marjorie E. Kelly, $116,500 on 07/11/2019

25 Bannon St: Ernest F. Rossi of Torrington to Jaime M. Barros-Niola, $129,900 on 07/11/2019

71 Elsie St: Sharon A. Kunay of Torrington to Brian M. and Dawn Kitney, $80,000 on 07/05/2019

253 Highland Ave: David Smart of Torrington to Cassidy B. Stone, $127,000 on 07/10/2019

316 New Litchfield St: George J. Kraus of Torrington to Maria Danaj, $55,000 on 07/11/2019


20 Beach St: Larry Terpening of Winchester to David Nuzzi, $95,000 on 07/08/2019

9 Loomis St: Patricia Fischer and Bank Of New York Mellon of Winchester to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1 on 07/08/2019

185 N Main St: Daniel Knowlton of Winchester to Maria Grajales, $15,000 on 07/10/2019

221 Perch Rock Trl: Arlene P Fazziano RET and Arlene P. Fazzino of Winchester to Denis Norton, $75,000 on 07/11/2019

66 Strong Ter: James Pinsonneault and OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC of Winchester to OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC, $1 on 07/05/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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