Berkshire region real estate sales July 31 – August 6, 2016

The latest weekly report from the Warren Group of real estate transactions in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts and Connecticut.



19 Apremont St: Robert J. Newbery and PNC Bank NA of Adams to FNMA, $55,900 on 08/02/2016

26 Summer St: Ann Blocker and Paul R. Chojnowski of Adams to Cameron J. and Kimberly J. Winter, $152,000 on 08/05/2016


384 Alan A Dale Dr: Dennis J. and Linda K. Mahoney of Becket to Christopher P. and Ann M. King, $241,000 on 08/05/2016

1191 George Carter Rd: Chester A. Walker of Becket to Robert Volk and Kit C. Mui, $285,000 on 08/01/2016


55 Bruce Dr: Richard P. and Beverly A. Mears of Dalton to Katie M. West and Zachary M. Sondrini, $249,900 on 08/04/2016

19 Park Circle Dr: Katie M. West of Dalton to Frank C. Barnes, $170,000 on 08/04/2016

125 Sleepy Holw: Theodore M. and Michelle M. Green of Dalton to Paul F. Bowlby, $311,000 on 08/04/2016

Great Barrington

16 Prospect St: Jason Thompson and Mareka Thompson of Great Barrington to 16 Prospect LLC, $370,000 on 08/03/2016


12 Irwin St: Dawne Kearns and Bank Of America NA of Lanesboro to Bank Of America NA, $336,564 on 08/02/2016

129 Prospect St: James P. and Joan H. Piehl of Lanesboro to James E. and Katherine A. Burr, $187,000 on 08/03/2016


20 Theresa Ter: Matthew D. and Regan J. Tyer of Lee to Trustco Bank, $145,721 on 08/01/2016


1 Cedar Ln: Greenwald FT and Leonard A. Greenwald of Lenox to Gary Freifeld and Nancy Greenwald, $300,000 on 08/05/2016

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F16: H Camp-Gordinier and Comfort T. Gordinier of Lenox to Michael P. and Holly L. Heck, $104,500 on 08/01/2016


454 Main Rd Unit 2: Janet B. Ansbro of Monterey to Laura A. Mensi, $212,500 on 08/01/2016

North Adams

68 Cherry St: John H. Choquette and Carol M. Greenbush of North Adams to Jong P. De, $129,000 on 08/05/2016

339 Franklin St: Susan Shields of North Adams to Brian S. Cook, $164,000 on 08/05/2016

39 Hawthorne Ave: John F. Crosier and Wells Fargo Bank NA of North Adams to James and Claudine Preite, $66,000 on 08/03/2016

61 Marion Ave: David A. and Karen M. Bond of North Adams to Jacqueline Hidalgo and Sourena Parham, $253,000 on 08/05/2016

1033 Reservoir Rd: Lorie A. Bolte of North Adams to Charles I. Clark, $35,000 on 08/01/2016


417 Algerie Rd: Andrew J. Johnson and Greylock FCU of Otis to Greylock FCU, $15,000 on 08/01/2016

46 Phelps Rd: Harold Kim of Otis to Maria Siciliano, $165,000 on 08/04/2016


13 Ash Ln: Anthony J. Hren and Tammy M. Mackinnon of Peru to American Inatl Reloc Sol, $273,500 on 08/04/2016

13 Ash Ln: American Inatl Reloc Sol of Peru to Michael J. Rebarchak and Meghann E. Donovan, $273,500 on 08/04/2016

89 Middlefield Rd: Mark D. Pannesco of Peru to Christen E. Eulian, $285,000 on 08/02/2016


66 Bellmore Dr: Norman and Gertrude D. Moskowitz of Pittsfield to Nathan M. Mcdermott, $220,000 on 08/01/2016

90 Chapel St: Joy M. Cardinal of Pittsfield to Milagro Diaz, $126,000 on 08/03/2016

1 Cobble Stone Cv: Michael S. and Belinda M. Benham of Pittsfield to John A. and Polly A. Lombardi, $163,000 on 08/02/2016

47 Cole Ave: Jane M. Schember of Pittsfield to Shane A. and Erin C. Laundry, $210,000 on 08/05/2016

673 Crane Ave: Richard V. and John Pregent of Pittsfield to G&R NT and Anthony P. Doyle, $170,000 on 08/05/2016

62 Cromwell Ave: Timothy S. and Lynn T. Crennan of Pittsfield to Sarah E. Rufo and Gabriel Rios, $173,500 on 08/05/2016

124 Dan Casey Memorial Blvd: Ramsey FT and Robert C. Ramsey of Pittsfield to Timothy S. and Lynn T. Crennan, $278,500 on 08/05/2016

81 Dartmouth St Unit 308: Blythewood Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Laurie Chivers, $91,000 on 08/03/2016

60 Daytona Ave: Randall H. Hatch of Pittsfield to David and Jennifer Scott, $198,000 on 08/01/2016

66 Dexter St: Suzanne K. Eastland of Pittsfield to Jill D. Senecal, $139,900 on 08/04/2016

75 Draper Ave: Mark E. and Kathryn E. Clatterbaugh of Pittsfield to Gerald P. and Veronica S. Papineau, $173,000 on 08/03/2016

57 Elberon Ave: John A. and Polly A. Lombardi of Pittsfield to Angela Raciti, $192,500 on 08/02/2016

106 Euclid Ave: Susan J. Ricci of Pittsfield to Matthew B. Francoeur, $69,500 on 08/05/2016

312 Hancock Rd: C Fischer&D Ferriere LT and Craig W. Fischer of Pittsfield to Ian and Lisa Zeleny, $230,000 on 08/03/2016

57 Harvard St: FNMA of Pittsfield to Jose F. Saldana, $51,000 on 08/04/2016

25 Meadow Ridge Dr: Julia E. Sitko of Pittsfield to Jacob Sweener and William Ellsworth, $259,000 on 08/05/2016

76 Meadowview Dr: Paramjit Kaur of Pittsfield to Nicole Kellogg, $128,000 on 08/05/2016

29 Murphy Pl: Shane and Erin C. Laundry of Pittsfield to Gary L. and Carol D. Kickery, $159,900 on 08/05/2016

36 New Hampshire Ave: Patricia A. Dalrymple of Pittsfield to Sebastian A. Eslava, $114,500 on 08/04/2016

6 Pondview Dr Unit C: Timothy J. Taylor of Pittsfield to Kathleen A. Fahey, $132,000 on 08/04/2016

71 Putnam Ave: Scott and Karen R. Murray of Pittsfield to Michael J. and Robin L. Williams, $229,900 on 08/05/2016

41 Tor Ct: Richard B. and Janice M. Wilson of Pittsfield to Rockefeller Rink NT and Martin L. Huban, $1,200,000 on 08/01/2016

1 Woodstream Dr Unit 1: Kathleen A. Fahey of Pittsfield to Timothy J. Taylor, $180,000 on 08/04/2016


308 Lenox Rd: Andrew and Karel Fisher of Richmond to Donald A. Bernard, $222,925 on 08/05/2016


57 Sandisfield Rd: Coustance Danrea and TD Bank NA Tr of Sandisfield to TD Bank NA, $112,500 on 08/05/2016

35 Town Hill Rd: Teresa L. Rollett and Sandra G. Michaud of Sandisfield to Michael P. Murray, $220,000 on 08/05/2016


58 Glendale Rd: D2 Realty LLC of Stockbridge to Jeffrey E. Zamek and Lauren T. Proctor, $690,000 on 08/05/2016

15 Mahkeenac Trl: Arthur S Kaufman RET and Deborah K. Kaufman of Stockbridge to Deborah K. Kaufman, $463,250 on 08/03/2016

41 Main St Unit 2: Fitzpatrick Holdings LLC of Stockbridge to Barbara Palmer-Carr, $84,000 on 08/01/2016


389 Johnson Hill Rd: Cynthia Grippaldi of Washington to TOS&J RT and Nicholas L. Parsenios, $390,000 on 08/05/2016


53 Belden St: Edith V. Schwartz of Williamstown to Curtis D. Wells and Sarah A. Jacobson, $287,000 on 08/03/2016

430 Henderson Rd: Charlene C. and Alfred J. Wise of Williamstown to Mark H. and Nancy D. Bass, $435,000 on 08/05/2016

1139 Main St: Robert K. and Louise M. Ciulla of Williamstown to James W. and Ashley W. Cart, $365,000 on 08/05/2016

224 Pine Cobble Rd: Sarah R. Bolton and Ari Soloman of Williamstown to Williams College, $432,250 on 08/01/2016

263 Sand Springs Rd: Colin A. and Jennifer Mantooth of Williamstown to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $194,371 on 08/03/2016



20 River Rd: Vincenzo A. Viscariello and Habitat For Humanity of Canaan to Habitat For Humanity, $1 on 07/14/2016


15 Burlwood Ln: US Bank NA of Cornwall to Southern Specialty Props, $106,050 on 07/27/2016

1 School St: Alec C. and Nancy H. Frost of Cornwall to Anne A. Hubbard, $390,000 on 07/12/2016


32 Bentley Cir: Assenza Builders Inc of Goshen to Robert G. and Pamela A. Tichy, $545,000 on 07/05/2016

102 North St: Nancy E. Eppley of Goshen to Christine Mitchell, $230,000 on 07/14/2016

30 Pie Hill Rd: Charles M. and Lisa R. Lillis of Goshen to Aaron D. and Jenna M. Lavoie, $300,000 on 07/08/2016

170 Seeley Rd: Candyland Farms LLC of Goshen to Stuart and Donielle Hawley, $1,300,000 on 07/25/2016

61 Tyler Lake Hts: Aaron D. and Jenna M. Lavoie of Goshen to Emerson R. and Kassaundra L. Grosjean, $169,000 on 07/11/2016

64 Wellsford Dr: Kimberly Towey of Goshen to Beverly Fredericks, $194,000 on 07/20/2016

88 West St: Josephine M. Jones of Goshen to Kimberly B. and Matthew J. Budge, $277,000 on 07/19/2016

30 Westside Rd: Jereme F. Gee of Goshen to Angela Rimbach, $315,000 on 07/07/2016

361 Westside Rd: Linda J. Spinetti and Bank Of America NA of Goshen to Bank Of America NA, $196,415 on 07/15/2016

New Hartford

45 Maillet Ln: Lisa A. Woodbury of New Hartford to Rebecca C. Carter, $202,000 on 08/04/2016

355 South Rd: Todd Winkler of New Hartford to Jeffrey M. and Stacey L. Picard, $335,000 on 08/01/2016

21 Turnbull Rd: Thomas T. Klebart of New Hartford to Amanda Bohnwagner, $285,000 on 08/04/2016

36 Whitbeck Rd: Pamela L. Aikman of New Hartford to Susan M. Read, $198,400 on 08/01/2016


6 Sunset Ridge Rd: Bruce D. Patrick of Norfolk to Susan Maceachron, $200,000 on 07/27/2016

North Canaan

22 Quinn St: Robert I. Turner and Green Tree Servicing LLC of North Canaan to Green Tree Servicing LLC, $1 on 07/06/2016

125 S Canaan Rd: Natale and Susan Intravaia of North Canaan to Geer Corp, $285,000 on 07/11/2016

6 Terry Ln: Richard H. Mallory of North Canaan to Lisa S. Freeman, $120,000 on 07/19/2016


87 Canaan Rd Unit 1c: Jay S. Lehman of Salisbury to Clelia Dannunzio, $300,000 on 08/01/2016

46 Lincoln City Rd: Nicholas J. and Betsy Beni of Salisbury to Geoffrey Stewart and Kathleen Loftus-Stewart, $295,000 on 07/28/2016

4 Valley Rd: Thomas A. and Frances P. Rourke of Salisbury to Beth F. Simon and Beth I. Greenberg, $750,000 on 07/29/2016


316 Gay St: Robert S. Bradley of Sharon to Konrad R. Kruger and Lisa L. Warren-Kruger, $2,700,000 on 08/03/2016

3 Holland Rd: CIT Bank NA of Sharon to Rory Oconnor, $40,000 on 07/29/2016


18 Britton Ave: Rocco and Carmelina Cufone of Torrington to Jennifer R. and Charles R. Donovan, $72,000 on 07/29/2016

561 Charles St: Patricia C. Seymour and Mary A. Seiser of Torrington to Jennifer G. Seymour, $120,000 on 07/28/2016

20 Evergreen Rd Unit 20: Lorrie A. Little of Torrington to Fabio Romani, $55,000 on 08/01/2016

123 Ford Ln: Matthew S. and Donna M. Leach of Torrington to Douglas T. Dreyer, $140,000 on 07/29/2016

25 George St: US Bank NA of Torrington to Brian and Joyce Sullivan, $45,500 on 08/02/2016

281 Hayden Hill Rd: Gregory E. Dawson of Torrington to Robert A. Skaret, $115,000 on 07/27/2016

984 Highland Ave: Samantha Butler of Torrington to Ronald C. and Linda A. Bradshaw, $35,000 on 07/29/2016

68 Lindberg St: Susan I. Pierpont of Torrington to Mary Nousaath, $142,000 on 07/27/2016

785 Main St: Gladys J. Fingar of Torrington to Robert P. and Sheryl P. Undari, $70,000 on 08/01/2016

77 Marion Ave Unit 2: FNMA of Torrington to Charlie 10 LLC, $50,000 on 07/29/2016

123 Mill Ln Unit 123: Susan B. Belding of Torrington to George W. and Colleen Platt, $147,500 on 07/29/2016

171 Nutmeg Dr: Jason and Jamie L. Marcoux of Torrington to Trisha and Jesse Cormier, $140,000 on 07/29/2016

63 Pineridge Rd: M Irene Avampato of Torrington to Daniel M. and June A. Eddinger, $180,000 on 08/03/2016

38 Roosevelt Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Franklin and Lilia Borja, $60,000 on 08/01/2016

191 Shirley Rd: Peter R. and Cheryl J. Wallace of Torrington to Nicholas D. and Julia Buckland, $240,000 on 08/01/2016

8 Stonegate Dr Unit 8: Maureen G. Oneill of Torrington to Jose Abreu, $33,500 on 07/29/2016

305 Westledge Dr: FNMA of Torrington to Ilirjana Krasniqi, $159,900 on 08/01/2016

47 Woodside Cir Unit 47: Robert Buzecan of Torrington to Peter C. Dagostino, $63,500 on 08/01/2016


36 Charles St: James E. and Jean A. Schibi of Winchester to Stephen C. Gilbert, $159,000 on 08/03/2016

52 Mountain Ave: Poole George O Est and Jeanne A. Divita of Winchester to Christine Roberts, $88,400 on 08/01/2016

186 Smith Hill Rd: Johnson Mary I Est and Bartholomew T. Johnson of Winchester to Stewart Pollens and Stephanie Chase, $280,000 on 08/01/2016

Source: The Warren Group