Berkshire region real estate sales, July 24-30, 2016

The latest weekly report from the Warren Group of real estate transactions in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut.



46 East St: Pester Frank W Sr Est and Holly Rogers of Adams to Thomas A. Therrien, $72,500 on 07/29/2016


399 West Rd: Larrier Hilda E Est and Caroline V. Graves of Alford to Gwalchmei LLC, $140,000 on 07/28/2016


9 County Rd: Robert T Capeless T and Stephen F. Capeless of Becket to Madeleine Swindlehurst, $9,000 on 07/29/2016

178 Mystic Isle Way: Charlotte F. Miller and Rita Posner of Becket to John and Karin Koff, $245,000 on 07/25/2016


132 Curran Rd: Michael P. and Dianne M. Supranowicz of Cheshire to Scott L. Mcwhirt, $240,000 on 07/27/2016


488 E Housatonic St Unit 5: Patrick J. and Mary E. Taylor of Dalton to Cheryl A. Reed, $155,000 on 07/29/2016

518 Old Windsor Rd: Gerald P. and Elizabeth A. Erb of Dalton to James L. and Anne M. Noel, $380,000 on 07/27/2016

654 South St: Michael J. and Rhianna L. Randall of Dalton to David E. Mccoy and Alyson J. Baumgartner, $179,900 on 07/29/2016


199 Jug End Rd: David K&S L Cohen RET and David K. Cohen of Egremont to Steven and Claudia Kaufman, $730,000 on 07/25/2016

28 Oxbow Rd: Ox Bow Road MA LLC of Egremont to Jeffrey Menkes and Susan Fox-Menkes, $1,800,000 on 07/28/2016


Blackstone Rd: Gladys M. Williams of Florida to Lawrence E. and Mary L. Jones, $10,000 on 07/29/2016

Great Barrington

125 Maple Ave: Lynch Adella Est and John Kot of Great Barrington to Brian T. Moffitt and Debra Descognets, $172,500 on 07/27/2016

165 Maple Ave Unit D: Gary and Sherry Citrin of Great Barrington to Judith L Waldman RT and Judith L. Waldman, $455,000 on 07/25/2016


93 Narragansett Ave: James M. and Susan L. Decola of Lanesboro to Steven and Elizabeth Mcgowen, $315,000 on 07/29/2016


95 Prospect St: Bryan Ayars of Lee to Christopher G. and Christina R. Cable, $185,000 on 07/29/2016


34 Church St Unit 2: Church Street Lenox NT and Thomas J. Hamel of Lenox to Susan J. Bernhardt, $192,500 on 07/25/2016

22 Delafield Dr: Jack Sadoway T and Solon W. Sadoway of Lenox to Susan Parsley, $250,000 on 07/28/2016

43 Jaynes Rd: Elizabeth A. Winsor of Lenox to Eric B. and Jane R. Singer, $457,500 on 07/29/2016

6 Stoneledge Rd: James G. and Heidi Y. Nejaime of Lenox to Robert L. and Harriet S. Simon, $860,000 on 07/27/2016

North Adams

1223 Massachusetts Ave: Jamie Morrison of North Adams to Hugh C. and Patricia L. Dickinson, $180,000 on 07/25/2016

385 Notch Rd: Michael A. and Lisa N. Tessier of North Adams to Deborah M. Morandi, $70,000 on 07/28/2016


271 New Hollywood Blvd: US Bank NA Tr of Otis to Ronald Fillio, $76,900 on 07/27/2016

13 Werden Rd: FNMA of Otis to Gregory Cohen and Harriet Goldwin-Cohen, $67,000 on 07/27/2016


137 California Ave: Scott W. and Sarah J. Walker of Pittsfield to Cheryl L. Walker, $120,000 on 07/29/2016

27 Cambridge Ave: FNMA of Pittsfield to Cristina G. Gonzalez, $94,500 on 07/29/2016

523 Crane Ave: Sass Freda C Est and Robert F. Jakubowicz of Pittsfield to Ellyn M. Brown, $97,500 on 07/28/2016

18 Dean Pl: Dennis C. and Sharon A. Barry of Pittsfield to Tyler C. Barry, $120,000 on 07/27/2016

257 Dewey Ave: Gary A. and Diane C. Brazee of Pittsfield to Naomi Cortez, $35,000 on 07/25/2016

64 Elm St: Joan E. Wixsom and Bank Of America NA of Pittsfield to Bank Of America NA Tr, $198,521 on 07/29/2016

18 Faulkner Pl: Rebecca A. Valentine of Pittsfield to Toby T. Logsdon, $30,734 on 07/25/2016

51 Foote Ave: Baldwin Hill Realty of Pittsfield to Jean L. Robitaille, $132,000 on 07/29/2016

30 Glenwood Ave: Michelle Crosier of Pittsfield to Brian D. and Judith A. Kelly, $62,000 on 07/28/2016

17 King St: David R. Vickery and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Pittsfield to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $90,950 on 07/28/2016

164 Lakeway Dr: James J. and Ellen M. Bernardo of Pittsfield to Jeffrey M. and Lisa M. Gallant, $110,000 on 07/29/2016

238 Linden St: Lee Bank of Pittsfield to Alliance Properties LLC, $10,000 on 07/27/2016

86 Madison Ave: Lee Bank of Pittsfield to Alliance Properties LLC, $15,000 on 07/27/2016

15 New Hampshire Ave: Jonathan P. Maynard and US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $105,265 on 07/29/2016

1640 North St: Jane Wills of Pittsfield to Teresa L. Chellman, $128,000 on 07/26/2016

29 Plunkett St: Peter T. White of Pittsfield to Ronald T. and Diane C. Marcella, $30,000 on 07/26/2016

71 S Church St Unit N104: South Church Street Assoc of Pittsfield to Kathleen Martin, $226,000 on 07/29/2016

19 Stoddard Ave: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Mark J. Barile, $49,900 on 07/29/2016

8 Thomas Rd: Brennan P. and Brennen P. Kozlowski of Pittsfield to Scott and Karen R. Murray, $345,100 on 07/29/2016

87 Valentine Rd: Scott A. Graves of Pittsfield to Steven J. and Jordan N. Haecker, $200,000 on 07/29/2016

33 Walden Ln: Stephen J. Levine and Joan Kagan-Levine of Pittsfield to Jeffrey B. and Glenna J. Gerard, $235,000 on 07/29/2016

52 Westwood Rd: Dennis T. Schilling and Mary A. Kuni-Schilling of Pittsfield to Brian D. Duma, $142,000 on 07/28/2016

156 Williams St: Jennifer Galvagni of Pittsfield to Fintan Hanley, $206,000 on 07/29/2016


638 Rossiter Rd: Marcovicci Jena Est and Margo Marcovicci of Richmond to Eric C Bilotti IRT and Margaret S. Bilotti, $480,000 on 07/28/2016


459 Water Farm Rd: Robert H. Parker and Jill Gerson-Parker of Sheffield to Cagney Riva, $200,000 on 07/25/2016

West Stockbridge

8 Carlotto Rd: Agate Funding T and Jerry Agate of West Stockbridge to Martha J. Hamilton, $299,000 on 07/25/2016

9 Oak St: David A. Grover and Bank New York Mellon Tr of West Stockbridge to Turnpark Realty LLC, $250,000 on 07/25/2016


192 North St: Warren S. Hyman and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Williamstown to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $119,000 on 07/26/2016



5 Goose Green Rd: Vivian L. Dimauro and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Barkhamsted to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 07/08/2016

8 Legeyt Rd: Paul D. and Stephen Bauer of Barkhamsted to Jennifer Boylan, $195,000 on 07/05/2016

51 Riverton Rd: K J. Rudeen-Monighetti and Wilmington T NA of Barkhamsted to Wilmington T NA, $1 on 07/29/2016


48 Bunnell St: Floyd C. and Shirley A. Jespersen of Colebrook to Ryan Farrell, $199,500 on 07/18/2016

68 Bunnell St: Alfred L. Basso of Colebrook to Michael J. Latuilpe, $267,000 on 07/08/2016

73 Cobb City Rd: Lemanquais Mary M Est of Colebrook to John J. and Denise Koeppel, $145,000 on 07/13/2016

386 Colebrook Rd: Robert S. and Linda K. Manchester of Colebrook to Ryan J. Heller, $160,000 on 07/18/2016

244 Smith Hill Rd: Donna M. and Charles J. Kelly of Colebrook to Kathryn M. and Gordon S. Carrigan, $195,000 on 07/11/2016

New Hartford

437 Main St: Richard A. and Carol A. Wallace of New Hartford to Rosemary W. Forcier, $165,000 on 07/25/2016

6 Berkshire Dr: Michael F. and Donna M. Rayder of New Hartford to John D. Morris, $305,000 on 07/25/2016

22 Ridge View Ter: Maureen L. Kelly of New Hartford to Kc Perez and Pauline Martinez, $174,900 on 07/26/2016

74 Tanglewood Rd: Jeffrey H. and Anne L. Lippincott of New Hartford to Colin M. and Erika K. Pratt, $402,500 on 07/26/2016

178 W Hill Rd: Richard Dyer of New Hartford to Meagan and Daniel Bunch, $229,100 on 07/26/2016


2 Station Pl: PAL Investors LLC of Norfolk to Norfolk Foundation Inc, $185,000 on 07/18/2016


7 Moore Rd: Jon M. and Stephanie Hoffman of Salisbury to Russell M. Tencer and Efrat Gez-Tencer, $420,000 on 07/22/2016

9 Westmount Rd: Richard I. and Rae G. Janvey of Salisbury to Elizabeth Kline-Murphy, $444,000 on 07/22/2016


111 Cornwall Bridge Rd: George O. and Diane E. Gratz of Sharon to Rakesh and Amanda Wilson, $3,100,000 on 07/26/2016

17 Rhynus Rd: Judy A. Albright of Sharon to Brian and Tracey Abut, $425,000 on 07/22/2016

209 W Cornwall Rd: Mark A. Altschul and Barbara H. Langdon of Sharon to Sebastian Faena, $297,500 on 07/19/2016


1188 New Litchfield St: Joe Diblasi Sr LLC of Torrington to Union SB, $55,000 on 07/19/2016

170 Carriage Ln: Christopher and Whitney Holl of Torrington to Alice P. Desimone, $182,450 on 07/19/2016

22 Farnham Ave: US Bank NA of Torrington to Sean Nocera, $24,000 on 07/20/2016

223 Garden St: Jennifer Roth and Matthew H. Ellis of Torrington to Heather A. Pierce, $150,000 on 07/25/2016

169 Greenridge Rd: Rosemary Maxwell and Donna Demichiel of Torrington to Elena Cerboni, $71,900 on 07/20/2016

380 Greenwoods Rd: Paul A. Needham of Torrington to Terrence L. and Marian E. White, $149,900 on 07/22/2016

53 Highland Ave: Jeanmarie E. Savoury of Torrington to Kenneth J. Rinaldi, $95,750 on 07/25/2016

293 Hillandale Blvd: Sunshine DP LLC of Torrington to Michael R. Natrillo, $293,000 on 07/26/2016

22 Larkspur Farm Rd Unit 22: Linda K. Dillon of Torrington to Lisa M. Gay and Garey C. Samok, $129,500 on 07/19/2016

183 Mckinley St: FHLM of Torrington to Mary D. Conklin, $59,900 on 07/20/2016

142 Mill Ln Unit 142: Lynn K. Mcmullin of Torrington to Nancy Borghesi, $127,900 on 07/20/2016

100 Mountain View Mnr: Nancy J. Borghesi of Torrington to Michael D. Scaramuzzino, $216,000 on 07/20/2016

130 Stonehouse Way: Michael R. Mich of Torrington to Marshall G. and Laura J. Lacombe, $199,900 on 07/25/2016


228 Boyd St: Douglas W. and Charlene K. Johnson of Winchester to Colleen Hansen, $180,000 on 07/25/2016

103 Chapel Rd: Paul and Kenneth Gerbi of Winchester to James Llamas, $60,000 on 07/28/2016

267 Colebrook Rd: FNMA of Winchester to Geza Lakatos, $100,000 on 07/28/2016

74 Crown St: Lisa M. Therrien of Winchester to Keysi Smill-Silva and Dilena Sarmineto, $159,900 on 07/26/2016

191 Danbury Quarter Rd: Jonathan G. and Jannelle Carroll of Winchester to Stephanie L. Thibault, $195,000 on 07/25/2016

66 E Lake St: Michael Masaryk of Winchester to Stephen W. Dombrowski, $179,000 on 07/29/2016

18 Hamill Dr: Jennifer C. Dubay of Winchester to Cathy L. Dwan and Gerald Kittredge, $145,000 on 07/26/2016

186 Pratt St: Craig L. Matta of Winchester to James A. Preston, $160,000 on 07/28/2016

Source: The Warren Group