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Berkshire region real estate sales July 21-27, 2019

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127 Columbia St: Neil Wong of Adams to Kamonkwan Tongmusick and David Oshman, $90,000 on 07/26/2019

9 Crotteau St: George C. Shurtleff and US Bank NA of Adams to US Bank NA Tr, $59,000 on 07/26/2019

42 E Hoosac St: Edward S. Biros of Adams to Frederic D. and David M. Owens, $87,500 on 07/26/2019

182 N Summer St: Kylie Andrews of Adams to Jason P. Willey, $110,000 on 07/29/2019

3 School St: FNMA of Adams to Kristen Terfry, $48,160 on 07/26/2019


180 Gentian Holw: Calvin E. Mooney and Lauren M. Raia of Becket to Colin D. Carabetta and Brianna E. Lloyd, $349,430 on 07/29/2019

50 Maple St: David R. Bolduc and US Bank NA of Becket to US Bank NA, $99,000 on 07/24/2019

92 Pill Dr: Marc Z. Brettler of Becket to Frederick W. Perkins, $335,000 on 07/29/2019

39 Spruce Dr: Hans J&F Gotzmann RET and Hans J. Gotzmann of Becket to Bradley A. and Alison L. Palser, $307,500 on 07/25/2019


5 Henderson Rd: Jennifer L. Senecal of Clarksburg to Albert H. Borey, $113,400 on 07/25/2019


44 Florence St: A Bruce Clapper of Dalton to Louis W. Doyle, $172,000 on 07/24/2019


119 Egremont Plain Rd: David A. Pott and Auenmueller A. Von of Egremont to Christina VanHengel and Charles Miller, $480,000 on 07/26/2019

Great Barrington

98 Division St: Diana F Harwood RET and William S. Harwood of Great Barrington to Granville House LLC, $740,000 on 07/24/2019

263 Long Pond Rd: Susan G. Segall of Great Barrington to Jan B. Wojcik and Ruby Chang, $160,000 on 07/24/2019

23 Mechanic St: Stacey B. Stockfisch of Great Barrington to Jorge Cedeno-Roman and Nataly Marquez, $235,000 on 07/26/2019

213 Oak St: Anna Hartung-Milkowski and Stefan A. Milkowski of Great Barrington to Luigi Taliercio, $287,500 on 07/26/2019


90 Main St: Robert J. Zaniboni of Hinsdale to Gigliotti Enterprises LLC, $10,000 on 07/26/2019


180 Narragansett Ave: Jeffrey S. Taylor of Lanesborough to John H. and Denise Crane, $100,000 on 07/26/2019

9 Profile St: Nine Profile Street NT and Howard Marshall of Lanesborough to Robert A. Cartier and Christofer L. Harrison, $97,000 on 07/26/2019


1610 Pleasant St: Jennifer Somerville of Lee to Christopher H. Greendale, $270,000 on 07/25/2019

156 Summer St: Laurie A. Fitzpatrick of Lee to Megan Sanders, $240,000 on 07/24/2019


7 Birchwood Ln: Robert E. Edwards and Lydia K. Lake of Lenox to BAB 2011 RET and Beverly Ardinger-Brown, $315,000 on 07/29/2019

93 Crystal St: Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Lenox to Allison L. and Timothy J. Kearns, $104,021 on 07/30/2019

North Adams

16 Frederick St: Cheryl A. Prevey and Greylock FCU of North Adams to Greylock FCU, $10,000 on 07/25/2019

51 Frederick St: Jaycee M. Pero of North Adams to Jacob S. Burdick, $138,000 on 07/30/2019

1020 Mohawk Trl: John and Andrea S. Hockridge of North Adams to Andrew Bott, $197,942 on 07/26/2019

80-82 Prospect St: Gregory N. Wells and Greylock FCU of North Adams to Greylock FCU, $32,000 on 07/25/2019

61 Tyler St: Tallage Lincoln LLC of North Adams to Chad Drigo, $36,000 on 07/24/2019

38 W End Ter: Linda Ann Hamilton T and Linda A. Hamilton of North Adams to Gregory P. Shook and Julie K. Blake, $190,000 on 07/29/2019


434 Lion Hill Rd: Bennett FT and Marcia B. Williams of Otis to James G. Shirley, $700,000 on 07/29/2019

62 Pinnacle Rd: Rosanne M. Altrows and Linda S. Streeter of Otis to Christopher T. Ives, $160,000 on 07/25/2019


92 Curtin Rd: Boguslaw S. and Jane Mach of Peru to Christopher Hogan and Pamela Kapinos, $243,000 on 07/29/2019

1 David Dr: Eric J. Schwener of Peru to Nico Romano, $126,500 on 07/29/2019


31 3rd St: Jacob Trudeau of Pittsfield to Juan M. Auqui-Barbecho, $89,900 on 07/30/2019

10 Amy Ct: George C. Whaling of Pittsfield to Linda Searles, $386,500 on 07/30/2019

46 Ashley St: Lahoussine Oubtrou of Pittsfield to Zheni M. Verdugo-Seminario and Marco D. Rodriguez, $151,000 on 07/26/2019

88 Birch Grove Dr: Anthony J. and Christine A. Riello of Pittsfield to Anne-Mary Riello, $147,000 on 07/30/2019

18 Charisma Dr: Brian and Tammy Arseneau of Pittsfield to Allen and Rosalind Kopfstein, $498,500 on 07/26/2019

64 Churchill Crst Unit 64: Alan and Mary C. Bassman of Pittsfield to Cheryl A. Ricci, $169,900 on 07/25/2019

101 Elaine Dr: Martin M. Gelacio of Pittsfield to Martin B. Layton, $147,500 on 07/24/2019

47 Exeter Ave: Fischer Cheryl A Est and Sara A. Fischer of Pittsfield to Gregory J. Viner, $125,000 on 07/26/2019

48 Fairfield St: Robert Belcher of Pittsfield to David A. and Laura E. Nelson, $162,000 on 07/25/2019

34 Franklin St: Davis Linda Ann Est and Melissa Garcia of Pittsfield to Christopher E. Giardina, $45,000 on 07/24/2019

62 Grove St: Ignacio and Rebecca Matos of Pittsfield to Bradley Lopez, $198,000 on 07/29/2019

34 Harryel St: Shaun J. Gallagher of Pittsfield to Johanna M. Sutliff, $205,000 on 07/29/2019

60 Harryel St: Lyon Wesley J Est and Jane E. Lyon of Pittsfield to Kyle A. Rocca, $185,000 on 07/29/2019

175 Highland Ave: Olmsted Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Lyndsay M. Cimini-Waldron and Matthew C. Waldron, $140,000 on 07/25/2019

41 Howard St: Kevin F. Higgins of Pittsfield to Barbara Reich, $116,600 on 07/26/2019

28 Jayne Ave: Brian L. and Judith B. Sperling of Pittsfield to Crystal M. and Nicholaus S. Bradley, $179,900 on 07/26/2019

12 Maude St: Brad J. Felix of Pittsfield to Francese Family Realty, $60,000 on 07/25/2019

27 Mcallister St: Mary M Huska 2010 FT and Michelle M. Kuklewicz of Pittsfield to Shane Aitken, $147,500 on 07/26/2019

44 Palomino Dr: Brennan D. King of Pittsfield to Ignacio and Rebecca Matos, $325,000 on 07/29/2019

55 Pecks Rd: Crystal M. Bradley of Pittsfield to Michal L. Hyland, $119,900 on 07/26/2019

46 Plunkett St: Joseph A. Renzi of Pittsfield to Plunkett Residences LLC, $150,000 on 07/30/2019

59 Pollock Ave: Mary J. Hebert of Pittsfield to Scott W. and Mary C. Haviland, $240,000 on 07/25/2019

36 S Carolina Ave: Dennis J. and Ann Duquette of Pittsfield to Marc R. and Brittany L. Bourassa, $150,000 on 07/26/2019

1035 South St: ZC Group LLC of Pittsfield to Mint Real Estate LLC, $1,500,000 on 07/30/2019

17 Walden Ln: Natalie M. Matus and Susan M. Hofstein of Pittsfield to Anthony R. and Loralee C. Talis, $194,000 on 07/29/2019


252 Yokun Rd: Wade S. and Edward M. Fiegel of Richmond to Jamie M. and Dominique D. Fiegel, $266,250 on 07/30/2019


20 Old Dalton Rd: Donald J. and Michele G. Pause of Savoy to Amanda T. Zepka, $265,000 on 07/30/2019


169 Ashley Falls Rd: Margaret C. Fitch and Bart NT of Sheffield to Fitch NT and Mark Massini, $55,000 on 07/25/2019

1105 Home Rd: Henry T. Paxson of Sheffield to Megan C. King and Elizabeth A. Stone, $285,000 on 07/26/2019


114 Bridges Rd: Greylock FCU of Williamstown to Roger and Joan M. Larocca, $110,000 on 07/25/2019

1146 Cold Spring Rd: Bravo LLC of Williamstown to Maria Harrison T and Maria Harrison, $1,000,000 on 07/25/2019

207 S Hemlock Ln Unit 207: Richard and Arlene Hespos of Williamstown to Lara R. Yeager-Crasselt and Jost Crasselt, $150,000 on 07/26/2019



406 Under Mountain Rd: Betti Shirley C Est and Donald R. Betti of Canaan to Ginger M. and Donald R. Betti, $200,600 on 07/22/2019

New Hartford

28 Highview Ter: Andrew J. Sprague of New Hartford to Petera and Eden D. Tycienski, $268,000 on 07/24/2019

162 Niles Rd: Randall A. and Amanda S. Hill of New Hartford to Christine Pelchat-Miller and Michael Willcock, $268,000 on 07/22/2019

230 Town Hill Rd: David A. Coons and Lucinda J. Donaaldson of New Hartford to Kristina A. and Bruce M. Worley, $278,800 on 07/26/2019


42 Laurel Way: Lynn T and Lynn A. Pike of Norfolk to Susan Becker-Aziz, $1,325,000 on 07/23/2019

21 Village Grn: Reverse Mortgage Solution of Norfolk to Marie and Corbett Liverpool, $125,600 on 07/22/2019


3 Lamotte Rd: MS Lauren D Tyler LT and Tanya Patience-Golden of Salisbury to Lemon Properties LLC, $440,000 on 07/23/2019


146 Sharon Valley Rd: Lionel F. Cathcart of Sharon to Jonathan A. Selino, $100,000 on 07/23/2019


47 Apple St: Joseph A. and Amanda Levesque of Torrington to Jessica L. Knapp, $128,000 on 07/24/2019

36 Brookside Ave: Pelham T and Robert M. Pelham of Torrington to Joseph S. Vessio, $128,500 on 07/25/2019

85 Franklin St: John Gelormino of Torrington to Tap House Group LLC, $105,000 on 07/22/2019

323 Harwinton Ave: Genesis Home Buyers Inc and Patching Of Land Lending of Torrington to Patching Of Land Lending, $85,000 on 07/22/2019

320 High St: Marzenna A. Gregory and Lakeview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Lakeview Loan Servicing, $1 on 07/25/2019

23 Lynn Heights Rd: Gary M. and Pamela J. Brunoli of Torrington to Richard H. Breault, $172,500 on 07/23/2019

103 Pleasant St: James F Dolan 1993 T and Salisbury B&T Co of Torrington to Richard L. Allen, $13,900 on 07/22/2019

146 Pulaski St: Bruce R. Dreher of Torrington to Sprio Momcilov, $120,000 on 07/22/2019

480 Riverside Ave: Kathleen Sands and Midfirst Bank of Torrington to Midfirst Bank, $61,600 on 07/19/2019

195 Rock Creek Ln: Cynthia Phillips of Torrington to Jason D. and Nichole Starzyk, $205,000 on 07/25/2019

77 Spring St: Jaime and Tamara Michalec of Torrington to Eduard Seferi, $205,000 on 07/23/2019


76 Coe St: Brendan Fetzer of Winchester to Gall Fetzer, $35,000 on 07/23/2019

11 Gibbs St Unit 3: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Winchester to Richard Johnstone, $28,000 on 07/25/2019

267 Oak St: Fleur De Lis Investment and FNMA of Winchester to FNMA, $1 on 07/25/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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