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Berkshire Region real estate sales July 2-8, 2017

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90 E Hoosac St: David J. and Patricia A. Carpenter of Adams to Sherry L. Therrien, $137,500 on 06/27/2017

400 E Hoosac St: Berkshire Natural Resourc of Adams to Massachusetts Comm Of, $210,000 on 06/29/2017

400 E Hoosac St: Matthew and Aaron Bannish of Adams to Berkshire Natural Resourc, $20,000 on 06/29/2017

162 Friend St: Michael R. and Darlene A. Lapierre of Adams to Thomas A. and Diana L. Livsey, $229,000 on 06/30/2017

10 Grant St: Deanna A. Guettler of Adams to Shelley A. Cozzaglio, $130,000 on 06/28/2017


138 Deer Trl: Eleanor Lahart of Becket to Christopher Disanto, $136,000 on 06/30/2017

830 Moberg Rd: Phyllis K. Teich of Becket to Dwayne A. Long and Paula Stipek-Long, $272,500 on 06/27/2017


647 Stafford Hill Rd: Charles M. Howard of Cheshire to Jeffrey W. Flor, $296,000 on 06/27/2017


1100 Middle Rd: Sarah E. Brooks of Clarksburg to Carl J. Gageant, $100,000 on 06/27/2017


37 Norwich Dr: Hope L. Wendling and Paul J. Oleskiewicz of Dalton to Jarred C. and Sharon A. Mongeon, $133,000 on 06/26/2017

577 Old Windsor Rd: Kathleen A. Phillips of Dalton to Kenneth A. and Kim J. Larabee, $364,000 on 06/30/2017


5 Boice Rd: Jonathan B. Taylor and Andrea Wolfand of Egremont to Mark and Christine Guerrero, $315,000 on 06/28/2017

Great Barrington

38 Avery Ln: Corinne Mckeown of Great Barrington to Nancy Cicchetti, $335,000 on 06/27/2017

121 Bridge St: Lisa C. Caputzal and Andrea J. Korte of Great Barrington to Benjamin E. Wohlfert, $310,000 on 06/30/2017

3 Burning Tree Rd Unit 3: Cottages At Barrington NT and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Lester Friedman and Diana Gittelman, $499,000 on 06/30/2017

8 Burning Tree Rd Unit 8: Cottages At Barrington NT and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Henry and Susan Ferlauto, $499,000 on 06/29/2017

8 Waubeck St: David R. and Virginia Guenette of Great Barrington to David R. Guenette, $150,000 on 06/28/2017


61 Goodrich St: Jairus H. Gunn and US Bank NA of Hinsdale to US Bank NA Tr, $160,000 on 06/30/2017

155 Pine Cone Ln Unit 155: Raleigh Cerel-Gerber and Adam Wheeler-Cerel of Hinsdale to Austin FT and Joann D. Austin, $278,000 on 06/28/2017

110 S Shore Rd: Benedetto J. Sciola of Hinsdale to Jane V. Peyrouse and Suzanne W. Bremer, $142,633 on 06/28/2017


11 Balance Rock Rd: Robert H. Decelles of Lanesboro to Stephen J. Sweeney, $110,000 on 06/29/2017

15 Hollow Rd: Lucas E. Cohen of Lanesboro to Kyle T. Cruzen and Melinda J. Edgerly, $185,000 on 06/30/2017


30 Fox Run: Fox Real Estate Inc of Lee to Sarah A. Wright and Rosemary Mclaughlin, $358,000 on 06/26/2017

200 Golden Hill Rd: FNMA of Lee to Damian Gormley, $42,500 on 06/29/2017

10 Pine Ridge Dr: Edward A Thomas 3rd RET and John W. Graziano of Lee to Wesley C. Hunter, $185,000 on 06/29/2017


5 Hutchinson Ln: Sandra W. Herliczek of Lenox to Mitchell D. Pires, $266,000 on 06/30/2017

38 Patterson Rd: Fitzpatrick Holdings LLC of Lenox to Blantyre Hotel Ventures, $4,600,000 on 06/28/2017

10 Spruce Trl Unit 10: Lenox Wds At Kenndy Pk NT and J Peri Campoli of Lenox to Alan and Diane Fergurson, $409,500 on 06/28/2017

5 Wexford Ct Unit 5: Mcfalls Joan M Est and Sarah A. Mcfalls of Lenox to Judith E. Fox, $300,000 on 06/28/2017

20 Wexford Ct Unit 3: Sheldon and Eleanor Feinstein of Lenox to Edward S Rensin T and Edward S. Rensin, $280,475 on 06/29/2017

New Marlborough

6 Alum Hill Rd: John K. Kim and Jodi A. Dellafemina of New Marlboro to Eric B. and Jessica A. Schaefer, $375,000 on 06/30/2017

2010-2012 Clayton Mill River Rd: FNMA of New Marlboro to Global Premier Asset Mgmt, $19,500 on 06/26/2017

29-31 Mill River Great Barringt: James B. Conroy of New Marlboro to Peter J. Long and Leigh S. Rosenfeld, $277,500 on 06/30/2017

North Adams

388 Ashland St Unit 2: Rebelo LT and Dennis J. Rebelo of North Adams to Cathy M. Freedberg, $94,000 on 06/30/2017

101 Brooklyn St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to John Guzik, $23,500 on 06/28/2017

19 Clark St: David R. Sherman of North Adams to Jared A. Lampiasi, $143,000 on 06/29/2017

5-7 Edgewood Ave: Castlerock 2017 LLC of North Adams to Centerville Sticks LLC, $50,500 on 06/30/2017

52 Franklin St: Marcel E. Holland of North Adams to Chance and Denise Lancaster, $87,000 on 06/28/2017

85 Furnace St: USA HUD of North Adams to Jonathan Bowlin, $49,000 on 06/30/2017

10 Hospital Ave: Thomas F. and Marcia A. Partenope of North Adams to Charles Corbin and Betty Cahill-Corbin, $129,900 on 06/29/2017

70 Northern Lights Ave: Harriet A. Neiman of North Adams to Tina L. Wallin, $164,900 on 06/29/2017

16 Ray St: Patricia Howland and Richard Pellerin of North Adams to Wayne J. Howland, $64,000 on 06/30/2017

30 Walnut St: Richard F. and Emily V. Sheldon of North Adams to Alessandro Mugnaini, $35,000 on 06/29/2017


2359 N Main Rd: Wellington Joan M Est and Kari A. Legault of Otis to Rebecca Karpus, $195,000 on 06/28/2017


43 Berkley St: David L. Clairmont and Bank Of America NA of Pittsfield to Bank Of America NA, $25,215 on 06/26/2017

216 California Ave: 216 California Avenue RET and Mitchell A. Belli of Pittsfield to Marco Belli, $15,000 on 06/30/2017

37 Dexter St: Susan Day of Pittsfield to Melissa A. Greiner, $80,000 on 06/27/2017

45 Dickinson Ave: Benedetto J. Sciola and Marie C. Barzousky of Pittsfield to Richard C. and Karen J. Corl, $140,000 on 06/29/2017

104 Elizabeth St: Harold B. Clark of Pittsfield to Sonya Sadoway, $113,500 on 06/30/2017

22 Gale Ave: Jason C. Labelle of Pittsfield to Paul A. Zuccaro, $136,000 on 06/28/2017

508 Gale Ave: James F. Grindrod of Pittsfield to Mary A. Talbot, $335,000 on 06/28/2017

57 High St: Dennis P. Lefebvre and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to FNMA, $108,000 on 06/29/2017

30 Juliana Dr: Vladan Jankovic and Ljiljana Markovic of Pittsfield to Carrie M. Barth and Adam S. Klepetar, $375,000 on 06/30/2017

43 Lake St: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Tj M. and Mir Afdasta, $7,500 on 06/27/2017

75 Newell St: Vincent C. Provenzano of Pittsfield to Jason A. and Carmen M. Ostrander, $7,150 on 06/26/2017

261 Onota St: Deborah L. Bliss of Pittsfield to Travis W. and Alyssa M. Altman, $148,000 on 06/30/2017

1 Pondview Dr Unit H: Mendel Bruce H Est and Holly Magri of Pittsfield to Greylock FCU, $157,230 on 06/26/2017

31 Rhode Island Ave: Norma E. Giroux of Pittsfield to Gale Todriff, $129,900 on 06/30/2017

55 Rockland Dr: Lichtenstein FT and Cynthia Lichtenstein of Pittsfield to Kevin M. and Jamie V. Delaney, $265,000 on 06/26/2017

33 S Onota St: Reinoso INT and Mary F. Courtney of Pittsfield to Fernando A. Leon-Mogollon, $138,725 on 06/30/2017

64 Springside Ave: Cheryl A. Reed of Pittsfield to Christopher W. and Amy I. Altiery, $120,000 on 06/29/2017

55 Stratford Ave: Torran M. Bagamary of Pittsfield to John P. Flynn, $145,000 on 06/30/2017

780 W Housatonic St: Kevin M. and Jamie V. Delaney of Pittsfield to Jeremy C. Bourdo, $157,950 on 06/26/2017


1053 State Rd: Castagna Reno D Sr Est and Katherine A. Kerin of Richmond to John H. Martino, $125,000 on 06/30/2017

1736 State Rd Unit 2: Stuart Annin Keith T and Constance V. Cooper of Richmond to Richmond Barn NT and Laura L. Mick, $7,500 on 06/29/2017


Watson Rd: David B. and Patricia A. Drugmand of Washington to Massachusetts Comm Of, $110,000 on 06/27/2017

Watson Rd: Edward E. and Ellen Bond of Washington to Massachusetts Comm Of, $110,000 on 06/27/2017

Watson Rd: Stephen J. Fitzgerald of Washington to Massachusetts Comm Of, $110,000 on 06/27/2017


40 Hamel Ave: Roger G. and Margaret F. Putman of Williamstown to Keenan M. Chenail and Julia C. Real, $185,500 on 06/30/2017

406 N Hemlock Ln Unit 406: Edward A. and Lynda Scofield of Williamstown to Sheila A. Basarab, $355,000 on 06/28/2017


New Hartford

26 High St: Richard Carotenuti of New Hartford to Brenna A. Kelly, $165,000 on 06/29/2017

373 Main St: John Mattera of New Hartford to James B. and Nicole J. Wood, $340,000 on 06/26/2017

634 W Hill Rd: Sean T. Budney of New Hartford to Eric J. Budney, $50,000 on 06/29/2017

62 West Rd: Anne R. Pranka of New Hartford to Lynne M. and Michael Dezzani, $13,333 on 06/29/2017

62 West Rd: Massino Dezzani of New Hartford to Lynne M. and Michael Dezzani, $13,333 on 06/29/2017

62 West Rd: Sharon A. Martin of New Hartford to Lynne M. and Michael Dezzani, $13,333 on 06/29/2017


142 Wells Hill Rd: Diane W. Monroe of Salisbury to Greg and Laura Rubenstein, $420,000 on 06/28/2017


97 Berkshire Oval Unit 97: Bernice Madeux of Torrington to Victoria J. Meaney, $102,500 on 06/26/2017

14 Bonvicini Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to David J. Sullivan, $110,100 on 06/26/2017

516 Brightwood Ave: Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Robert R. Persichilli, $46,500 on 06/28/2017

43 Carroll Dr: Karen Campbell and Kathryne Tovo of Torrington to William D. Mckenna, $135,000 on 06/27/2017

109 College Ave: Donald A. Cameron of Torrington to Hadeel Jalal and Mohialdeen F. Talat, $148,000 on 06/28/2017

123 Moore Dr: Mitchell W. and Renee T. Case of Torrington to Aaron and Kelly Murray, $170,000 on 06/26/2017

235 Oxbow Dr: Anne M. Early-Kopka and Anne M. Early of Torrington to Jay A. Rubino and Pamela L. Javier, $175,000 on 06/26/2017

431 Trailsend Dr Unit 431: Wendy L. Freedman and Jed M. Best of Torrington to Xia Xiao and Kirk R. Nelson, $128,000 on 06/23/2017

147 Whitewood Rd: Jane E. Dzinski Farrell of Torrington to David L. Fancher, $170,000 on 06/27/2017

114 Winterberry Way: Wesley and Adina Moffitt of Torrington to Raymond Fracasso and Jessica L. Neves, $169,000 on 06/27/2017


111 Riverton Rd Unit 39: John M. Sidoti and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co of Winchester to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $1 on 06/26/2017

181 Torringford St: John M. and Judith Leger of Winchester to Kristene M. Lanthier and Edisson F. Chimbo, $170,000 on 06/26/2017

Source: The Warren Group


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