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Berkshire region real estate sales July 14-20, 2019

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105 East Rd: Alan J. Lawson of Adams to Janet B. Higgins, $191,000 on 07/19/2019


260 East Rd: Joanna and Lindsay Allen-Price of Alford to Cloud Kingdom LLC, $430,000 on 07/19/2019


23 Algerie Rd: Evelyn Olivieri and Greylock FCU of Becket to FNMA, $148,577 on 07/19/2019

22 Wade Inn Rd: Shaylyn A. Sicard of Becket to Shane L. Daigle, $199,900 on 07/19/2019


191 North St: Claire L Wohrle IRT 2011 and John M. Wohrle of Cheshire to Christopher L. Zahensky, $162,000 on 07/18/2019


44 Greenridge Dr: Robin L. Guzzo and Iris Melendez of Dalton to Cody L. and Jessica A. Mullaly, $167,500 on 07/17/2019

176 Red Barn Rd Unit 176: Ira H. and Sheila D. Grable of Dalton to Mark A. and Nancy Sims, $522,500 on 07/19/2019

217 South St: Richard E. and Katherine M. Carty of Dalton to Benjamin M. and Jessica Strout, $180,000 on 07/22/2019


45 Blunt Rd: Diane P Curro T and David Thorne of Egremont to Jennifer L. Harvey, $265,000 on 07/18/2019

15 Oxbow Rd: Beatrice Holdings LLC of Egremont to Oscar Boyko and Bridget Hagan, $250,000 on 07/22/2019


5 Tilda Hill Rd: Christopher M. and Jennifer L. Bullett of Florida to Bryan H. and Sabrina A. Rennell, $57,500 on 07/22/2019

Great Barrington

357 N Plain Rd: Adrian P. and Ann H. Lichter of Great Barrington to Christian C. Walker and Jennifer L. Traxler, $395,000 on 07/23/2019


8 Bull Hill Rd: Rakeshkumar M. Vyas of Lanesborough to Trevor J. Dufault, $265,000 on 07/17/2019

22 Grove Ave: Maria M. Lopes of Lanesborough to Antonio Cerveira, $150,000 on 07/19/2019


905 Pleasant St: AJT RT and Thomas E. Touponce of Lee to 905 Pleasant Street LLC, $450,000 on 07/23/2019


21 High St: Restorations Inc of Lenox to Gateway Residential Invst, $132,500 on 07/19/2019

New Marlborough

129 Hayes Hill Rd: Keith and Maryann Watson of New Marlboro to Donna and Joshua Silk, $286,250 on 07/18/2019

North Adams

42-44 Arnold Pl: David R. Moresi of North Adams to Berkshire Medical Center, $134,000 on 07/17/2019

26 Gallup St: US Bank NA of North Adams to Thomas D. Murphy, $75,500 on 07/23/2019

63 North St: Daniel Cellana of North Adams to Bruce H. Bjork and Deirdre A. Jones, $203,750 on 07/18/2019

83 Park Ave: Leonard F. Ziarnik of North Adams to Collin and Kayla Murdock, $138,000 on 07/18/2019

84 Washington Ave: David J. Valego of North Adams to Leonard R. Pader, $126,189 on 07/18/2019


555 W Center Rd: Donna M. and William E. Lewis of Otis to Heath A. Piester and Kaylee E. Bellamy, $290,000 on 07/19/2019


99 Middlefield Rd: Lysander B. and Lisa D. Bone of Peru to Mark E. and Becky L. Daley, $335,000 on 07/17/2019


325 Benedict Rd: Sandra A. Bonnell of Pittsfield to Mary R. Croshier and Bennjamin L. Griffin, $100,000 on 07/22/2019

76 Cambridge Ave: Sean T. Underhill of Pittsfield to Sergio O. and Katie M. Torres, $220,000 on 07/22/2019

62 Churchill Crst Unit 62: Mark A. and Debra A. Lange of Pittsfield to Alan and Mary C. Bassman, $179,000 on 07/17/2019

63 Cleveland St: Wilford R. and Kathleen G. Hazelett of Pittsfield to Cody C. Johnson and Emily C. Chin, $220,000 on 07/19/2019

121 Dorchester Ave: Dale A. Smith and MHFA of Pittsfield to MHFA, $86,161 on 07/17/2019

36 Dutchess Ave: Arthur&C A Catalano RET and Arthur Catalano of Pittsfield to Michael F. Mcneil, $132,000 on 07/22/2019

15 Dwight St: Robert and Margaret L. Rahilly of Pittsfield to Michael F. Rahilly, $93,750 on 07/22/2019

43 Fairfield St: David A. and Bonita A. Lachowski of Pittsfield to Kristina Cormier, $162,000 on 07/17/2019

279 Francis Ave: Gaetan M Michaud RET 2010 and Therese Michaud of Pittsfield to Oral Willis, $63,250 on 07/17/2019

117 Jason St: Eileen F. Christman of Pittsfield to Lane L. Niedrauer, $230,000 on 07/19/2019

8 King St: Margie R. Jacobs and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $33,620 on 07/17/2019

21 Lombard St: Eric M. and Erminio G. Ferrarin of Pittsfield to Walter R. and Yuan Cooper, $113,000 on 07/18/2019

30 Massachusetts Ave: Jason L. Artioli of Pittsfield to Juce NT and Heather M. Eulian, $195,000 on 07/18/2019

80 Mcintosh Dr: Lisa Mlynarczyk of Pittsfield to Scott W. Nimons, $162,000 on 07/19/2019

133 Mountain Dr: Katherine C. Demarco of Pittsfield to Philip Rachwal, $250,000 on 07/18/2019

248 Robbins Ave: Flipflopwws Inc of Pittsfield to Robert V. Donnelly, $129,900 on 07/22/2019

71 S Church St Unit N304: Jeffrey A. Leppo and Marjorie Safran of Pittsfield to Yuki Cohen and Tiffany Hong, $240,000 on 07/18/2019

175 Tamarack Rd: Rosemary L. Larkin of Pittsfield to Benjamin W. and Rebecca G. Prew, $247,000 on 07/19/2019

52 Wilson St: Stacy L. Boivin of Pittsfield to Randy Spaniol and Mallory Clyde, $139,900 on 07/18/2019


21 Willow Rd: Robert VonAllmen RET and Robin A. Prechter of Richmond to Anthony J. Mazzeo and Kristina M. Wadsworth, $129,000 on 07/22/2019


635 N Main St: Albin S. and Bertha L. Rothermel of Sheffield to Jeromine J. Scott and Michelle J. Farnum, $293,000 on 07/19/2019


54 Interlaken Rd: Roberts Ronnie Est and Jeffrey Gardner of Stockbridge to Yaroslav Shukel, $225,000 on 07/19/2019


7 Stonebridge Way: Thomas C. and Jean E. Heiss of Tyringham to Michael and June C. Powell, $372,000 on 07/19/2019

West Stockbridge

20 Glendale Rd: Robert L. and L Scott Singleton of West Stockbridge to Jerry P. Queen and Tamara S. Thomas-Queen, $998,000 on 07/22/2019


16 Grundy Ct: Bruce L. Whitney of Williamstown to ENL LLC, $375,000 on 07/19/2019

301 Henderson Rd: Kittisak and Phetchara Khajornchaisak of Williamstown to Mark D. Miller and Paula C. Foye, $169,900 on 07/22/2019

51 Sloan Rd: Norman E. Sweet of Williamstown to Kaare Francis, $87,000 on 07/19/2019


715 North St: Patrick W. and Marilyn G. Burke of Windsor to Rocco R. Errichetto and Kelly Harper, $379,900 on 07/19/2019


New Hartford

119 Arrowhead Dr: Donna M. Solywoda of New Hartford to Jaclyn M. and Kenneth J. Kostak, $340,000 on 07/17/2019

1170 Litchfield Tpke: Bruce T. Mullin of New Hartford to Edward Mullin, $41,030 on 07/17/2019

58 Little Brook Rd: Jay W. and Cheryl E. Lagrange of New Hartford to Justin Centrella, $254,900 on 07/19/2019

535 Main St: 535 Main Street LLC of New Hartford to Monchil Gregor, $265,000 on 07/19/2019

81 West Rd: Girard A. Robitaille of New Hartford to Patrick Fahey-Holland and Christine Holland, $122,500 on 07/15/2019


24 Inner Rd: Byron Tucker and Elizabeth R. Hilpman of Norfolk to Celeste and Harry E. Pinkerton, $950,000 on 07/18/2019

61 Shepard Rd: Michael Souveroff and Karol K. Ward of Norfolk to Catharine H. Moore, $220,000 on 07/18/2019


8 Graystone Rd: Quattrocchi Lakeville RET and Lisa Quattrocchi of Salisbury to Jerald and Kathleen Kamiel, $2,600,000 on 07/16/2019

18 Walton St: Theodore J. Burrell of Salisbury to B&DRR LLC, $88,000 on 07/17/2019


539 Cornwall Bridge Rd: Eric C. and Rebecca A. Seibold of Sharon to Frank and Kathleen Walsh, $329,000 on 07/15/2019

6 Silver Hill Rd: Paulette Galella and Joseph Cassano of Sharon to Tyler H. Drosceck, $250,000 on 07/12/2019


5 Casson Ave: Momchil T. Gregor of Torrington to O&G Industries Inc, $125,000 on 07/18/2019

146 Caulfield Rd: Filippo S. and Louisa G. Leto of Torrington to Floyd B. and Jean K. Thompson, $343,500 on 07/17/2019

55 Deercrest Dr: Corey and Samantha Hansen of Torrington to Thomas Fitzpatrick, $179,900 on 07/16/2019

106 Hillside Ave Unit 106: Denise Law and Janine Levesque of Torrington to Komu LLC, $70,000 on 07/16/2019

62 Horace St: Shaziman Ramadani of Torrington to Erion Malo, $150,000 on 07/17/2019

74 Horace St: Kathleen A. Altimari of Torrington to James Benedetto, $136,740 on 07/12/2019

88 James St: USA HUD of Torrington to Terence Monahan, $63,850 on 07/16/2019

68 Lindberg St: Mary Nousaath and Shellpoint Mtg Servicing of Torrington to Shellpoint Mtg Servicing, $1 on 07/18/2019

839 Main St Unit 73: Susan G. and Warren J. Packer of Torrington to Warrenton Associates LLC, $58,000 on 07/18/2019

89 Pythian Ave: Sean Haggerty of Torrington to Yadira Borja and Miriam Zhunio, $40,000 on 07/12/2019

69 Sunrise Dr: Andrew D. Bridges and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 07/17/2019

812 Torringford West St: Keesler Roberta F Est and Santander Bank NA of Torrington to Santander Bank NA, $1 on 07/17/2019

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 135: USA HUD of Torrington to Dawn Schuster, $64,800 on 07/17/2019


162 Danbury Quarter Rd: Nathan Derwitsch of Winchester to Derek Clauss, $205,000 on 07/18/2019

67 Strong Ter: Nedla Properties LLC of Winchester to Lindsay A. West, $149,900 on 07/18/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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