Berkshire region real estate sales Jan. 3 – Jan. 9, 2021

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County and Northern Litchfield County.



4 Kittler Ave: Teresa A. Prezioso of Adams to Jackie M. and Teresa R. Jacobson, $139,900 on 01/06/2021

20 Overlook Ter: Todd E. Shafer of Adams to Jorge A. Tovar, $147,000 on 01/08/2021

49 Spring Rd: Brian A. Tenczar of Adams to Brett J. Gary and Amy L. Bentley, $285,000 on 01/05/2021


15 Harrison Calkins Rd: Damanik RT and David M. Margulies of Alford to Casa In Montagna NT and Elizabeth Smoose, $1,670,000 on 01/05/2021


340 Pill Dr: Randon and Karen Rugg of Becket to Dawn M. Scarbro, $420,000 on 01/08/2021


115 Lake Shore Dr: Lori Mchugh of Cheshire to John Garber, $280,000 on 01/07/2021

173 School St: Mary E. Baker of Cheshire to Rebecca A. Therrien, $162,000 on 01/08/2021


127 Central Ave: David S. and Susan E. Beaudoin of Dalton to Teresa Hiam, $205,000 on 01/05/2021


30 Phelps Rd: 137 Mohawk Trail T and James M. Pedro of Florida to Thomas Dunn, $45,000 on 01/04/2021

Great Barrington

144 Division St: Camilla Flemming of Great Barrington to Patrick H. Coleman and Kaitlin Rowen-Beals, $550,000 on 01/06/2021

25 Grove St: Oliver and Kelly A. Perkins of Great Barrington to Alessandra L. Profump and Blaise F. Scemama, $335,000 on 01/08/2021


37 Corey Rd Unit 422: Stewart G. Jones of Hancock to Margaret L. Tseung, $75,000 on 01/08/2021


278 Creamery Rd: Martin W. and Teresa L. Becker of Hinsdale to Aaron Brothers and Dawnrae Oliveira, $534,000 on 01/08/2021


14 Irwin St: Tamara B. Hitchcock of Lanesboro to Rebecca L. Tanner, $245,300 on 01/08/2021

949 N Main St: Christopher H. Covington and Bonita Graham-Covington of Lanesboro to Shelly A. Icardi, $200,000 on 01/06/2021

405 S Main St: Skyline Country Club Inc of Lanesboro to Skyline On 7 LLC, $750,000 on 01/07/2021

52 Victoria Ln: Andrew E. and Callie J. Jennings of Lanesboro to Drew Leone and Cassidy Abbott, $370,000 on 01/08/2021


300 Fairview St: William S. Pignatelli and Allyce J. Najimy of Lee to Bruce R. and Catherine E. Laird, $435,000 on 01/06/2021

110 Maple St: Alliance Properties LLC of Lee to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

128 Old Pleasant St: Italy Sandgren of Lee to Dennis C. Walton and Megan E. Blessing, $61,400 on 01/06/2021

770 Summer St Unit 1c: Benigno FT and Richard A. Grzetic of Lee to Ruth Maron, $410,000 on 01/04/2021


4 Bishop Est: Harriet Slivka RET and Mark Slivka of Lenox to Harold and Deena M. Altman, $772,500 on 01/06/2021

167 Hubbard St: Kristina N. Bedford of Lenox to Z&C Floors Inc, $275,000 on 01/07/2021


205 Main Rd: MTA Planning LLC of Monterey to Hillary R. Gilberg, $650,000 on 01/08/2021

New Marlboro

70 Corashire Rd: Dinan John R Sr Est and Deborah D. Mielke of New Marlboro to Casey M. and Christopher Rowen, $360,000 on 01/05/2021

North Adams

27 Green Ave: Charlene C. Wise and John H. Martin of North Adams to Wise FT and Charlene C. Wise, $160,000 on 01/04/2021

38 W End Ter: Gregory P. Shook and Julie K. Blake of North Adams to Samuel R. Waterbury and Alexandra P. Foradas, $210,000 on 01/08/2021


140 High Rise Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Otis to Steven and Gillian Isabelle, $65,000 on 01/08/2021

14 Phelps Rd: Craig and Christine Tighe of Otis to Phelpsroad LLC, $155,000 on 01/08/2021


15 Lakeview Rd: Paul J. Scarpa and Jennifer L. Vigeant of Peru to Marc Delgrande and Nancy M. Klose, $359,900 on 01/05/2021


352 Barker Rd: Gregg A. Petricca of Pittsfield to Robert E. Deharrold, $330,000 on 01/05/2021

12 Beacon Ave: Anthony J. Cimini of Pittsfield to Keith J. Standring, $160,000 on 01/05/2021

22 Crosier Ave: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

8 Daniels Ave: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

153 Elberon Ave: Jennifer L. Vorce of Pittsfield to Efrain Diego, $235,000 on 01/08/2021

363 Elm St: Katherine Jones of Pittsfield to Lindsay Lancto, $215,000 on 01/07/2021

90 Exeter Ave: Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini of Pittsfield to Robert Amarin, $185,000 on 01/04/2021

456 Fenn St: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

11 Francis Ave: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

69 Gravesleigh Ter: Shedd Phyllis M Est and Darrell M. Shedd of Pittsfield to Matthew J. Connor, $479,000 on 01/08/2021

185 Highland Ave: Nancy M. Klose of Pittsfield to Kevin Garcia, $224,000 on 01/04/2021

12 Laurel St: Peerayot and Tammy L. Noummano of Pittsfield to Kenneth Y. Chen, $148,000 on 01/05/2021

18 Laurel St: Peerayot Noummano of Pittsfield to Kenneth Y. Chen, $170,000 on 01/05/2021

60 Lenox Ave: Bruce A. Podavini of Pittsfield to Please&Thank You LLC, $144,500 on 01/07/2021

108 Linden St: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

86 Madison Ave: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

88 Mcarthur St: Joshua J. and Erin R. Weatherwax of Pittsfield to Ariel D. Smith and Kevin S. Biagini, $155,000 on 01/04/2021

48 Preston Ave: Makenzie D. Marshall of Pittsfield to Cameron R. Sibley, $222,000 on 01/04/2021

102 Robbins Ave: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

66 Scalise Dr: John E. Heaton of Pittsfield to Justin P. and Jamie L. Heaton, $285,000 on 01/04/2021

128 Stoddard Ave: Rosa M. Tabango of Pittsfield to Zoila V. Saldana, $162,900 on 01/07/2021

17 Toronita Ave: Richard A. Jones of Pittsfield to Paul J. Scarpa and Jennifer L. Vigeant, $195,000 on 01/04/2021

56 Weller Ave: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021

308 West St: Alliance Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Flex Investments LLC, $722,950 on 01/06/2021


523 Center Rd: Kenneth A. Bernier of Savoy to Urszula Aseltine, $20,000 on 01/08/2021


1474 County Rd: Michele V. Brooks of Sheffield to Hugh D. and Cassie M. Buckhaults, $13,000 on 01/06/2021



25 N Canton Rd: Keir M. Hansen of Barkhamsted to Matthew Oconnor, $180,000 on 01/04/2021

New Hartford

4 Bridge St: 1860 LLC of New Hartford to DRG Real Est 1 LLC, $770,000 on 01/04/2021

140 Turnbull Rd: Anthony and Tiffany Perri of New Hartford to Norbert and Deborah Littau, $248,000 on 01/07/2021


152 Loon Meadow Dr: Arlene C. Patten and Champion Mortgage Co of Norfolk to Champion Mortgage Co, $180,000 on 01/06/2021


265 Interlaken Rd: Jamas M. Stanton and Speciality Underwriting of Salisbury to Speciality Underwriting, $155,250 on 01/06/2021

265 Interlaken Rd: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Salisbury to Speciality Underwritting, $155,250 on 01/06/2021

269 Under Mountain Rd: Helen L Kimmel T and Helen L. Kimmel of Salisbury to Nicholas E. Potter, $500,000 on 01/07/2021

334 Under Mountain Rd: Jeffrey I. Gunderson and Lorraine White of Salisbury to Richard L. and Janice L. Donati, $1,340,000 on 01/05/2021


10 Red Horse Hl: Joan Horst-Bowen of Sharon to Emily B. Smith and Peter R. Peter, $1,670,000 on 01/06/2021


66 Arbor Dr: Jason Saint Jean of Torrington to Caitlyn Mcsherry, $198,500 on 01/05/2021

156 Beverly Rd: Brenda J. Hogan and Lynn A. Olson of Torrington to Steven Rozanski, $169,000 on 01/04/2021

28 Birden St: Heather Machado-Ramos of Torrington to Yongfeng Chen, $123,000 on 01/05/2021

26 Bonvicini Dr: Mark and Ann Hayes of Torrington to Stanislawa and Miroslaw Pisanko, $235,000 on 01/04/2021

37 Colin Dr: SLS Holdings LLC of Torrington to Samantha M. Cerruto and Erika N. Cunningham, $205,000 on 01/08/2021

677 Heron Dr: Hung Hoang and Hoan Duong of Torrington to Jeffrey D. Tazzara, $290,000 on 01/06/2021

150 Hoerle Blvd: Cindy Szabo of Torrington to Jennifer D. Scott, $176,100 on 01/05/2021

120 Jackson St: DLC Property Holdings LLC of Torrington to Timothy J. Bristow, $95,000 on 01/04/2021

187 Lovers Ln Unit 56: Thomas J. Ricci of Torrington to Adam J. Choquette, $88,500 on 01/06/2021

19 Marshall St: David A. Echuk of Torrington to Gary and Carol Loveland, $185,000 on 01/05/2021

64 Mcguinness St: Stephen E. Fedor and Laurie Otis of Torrington to Jeffrey Bennet, $157,500 on 01/04/2021

1157 Mountain Rd: Lincoln Colpitts of Torrington to Joseph Arthur, $248,500 on 01/04/2021

433 Prospect St: USA HUD of Torrington to Carlos F. Naranjo-Paresez, $120,000 on 01/04/2021

14 Pulaski St: Kathleen Bandish of Torrington to Jeffrey Sabia, $123,000 on 01/05/2021

131 Queens Rd Unit 131: Laurie A. Zordan of Torrington to Travis L. Golden, $77,400 on 01/07/2021

337 Riverside Ave: Gail A. Foster of Torrington to Jose Bonilla, $135,000 on 01/05/2021

3807 Torringford St: Marilyn K. Ricci of Torrington to Brendan Gilhooly, $140,000 on 01/06/2021

71 Woodside Cir Unit 71: Robert L. and Anita N. Zuckerberg of Torrington to Franklin Klein and Katherine Frank-Klein, $119,000 on 01/05/2021

84 Woodside Cir Unit 84: James A. Bean of Torrington to Gabriel R. Dispoto, $130,000 on 01/07/2021


81 Manchester Hts: Timothy J. and Lynn C. Moran of Winchester to Maria A. Pergola and Mark S. Janelle, $250,000 on 01/05/2021

56 Morgan Dr: Nancy A. Davis of Winchester to Mark Mercier, $150,000 on 01/04/2021

441 Platt Hill Rd: Dell M. and Linda H. Smith of Winchester to Jeremy M. and Gina M. Rarick, $50,000 on 01/04/2021

123 Skinner Rd: Lynne A. Moore of Winchester to Robert T. Mccarthy and Kristin Dowler, $270,000 on 12/31/2020

504 W Wakefield Blvd: Craig A. and Janet L. Closson of Winchester to Jonathan and Sara Yolles, $925,000 on 01/05/2021


The Warren Group