Berkshire region real estate sales Jan. 24 – Jan. 30, 2021

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County and Northern Litchfield County.



13 Beech St: Paul Tanner of Adams to Chris and Linda J. Bonnivier, $67,966 on 01/26/2021

8 Depot St: US Bank NA Tr of Adams to George and Jacqueline Haddad, $17,900 on 01/26/2021

E Orchard Ter Unit 30a: Francis A. Waterman and Patrick H. Klammer of Adams to George Brown, $50,500 on 01/29/2021

21 Murray St: Thomas A. Jeffway and Elisabeth A. Prevost of Adams to Jessica L. Suleski, $130,000 on 01/29/2021

51 Orchard St: Prokopowicz Thomas I Est and Thomas J. Prokopowicz of Adams to Michael D. Hiser, $199,000 on 01/27/2021


36 Route 71: Lisa Cardo of Alford to Paul Johnson and Sydney A. Snyder, $333,000 on 01/27/2021


327 Chester Rd: Kelly FT and Andrew W. Kelly of Becket to Adam Larson, $1,495,000 on 01/29/2021

4099 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Ethan A. and Lilly A. Hoch of Becket to Livio Sanchez, $255,000 on 01/29/2021

129 Long Bow Ln E: FNMA of Becket to Cameron VanBuren, $119,999 on 01/26/2021

250 Wells Rd: Joseph Brazee of Becket to Heidi Gonzalez-Fee, $159,900 on 01/29/2021


268 Devonshire Dr: James M. Riley and Michelle L. Velleco of Cheshire to Deborah A. Gregory, $294,000 on 01/28/2021

Outlook Ave Unit 1: Nicholas S. and Jennifer M. Mirke of Cheshire to Scott and Katie Mason, $50,000 on 01/25/2021


45 Blunt Rd: Jennifer L. Harvey of Egremont to Frederick Gordon and Donna Bersch-Gordon, $8,000 on 01/29/2021

14 Sheffield Rd: Nathaniel Goldberg of Egremont to Gabriel Hernandez and Andrea W. Weinzimer, $555,000 on 01/29/2021

Terra Ferma Dr Unit 8: Terra Ferma NT and Thomas A. Race of Egremont to Tyler and Angela Race, $75,000 on 01/27/2021

Great Barrington

193 East St: Merz Ann E Est and Miriam M. Mears of Great Barrington to Willem Rosenthal and Julia Kostreva, $260,000 on 01/29/2021

19 Highland Dr: Jay B&D P Kain T and Jay B. Kain of Great Barrington to Thomas R. Murphy and Mariel B. Frank, $584,500 on 01/29/2021

60 Hurlburt Rd: Matthew J. and Carolyn S. Sanzone of Great Barrington to Carlos R. Estrada and Bita Tabesh, $1,000,000 on 01/29/2021

443 Monterey Rd: NBT Bank NA of Great Barrington to David P. Obrien, $150,500 on 01/26/2021


5 Alice Ave: Mare S. and Janet S. Levine of Lanesboro to Brittany A. Czarnecki and Raymond V. VanZandt, $266,000 on 01/29/2021

77 Bull Hill Rd: Mccormick John M Est and Kevin D. Mccormick of Lanesboro to Chris Bonnivier, $75,800 on 01/29/2021


1695 Cape St: Miller Jay Daryl Est and Kimberly Ward of Lee to Jake Newton, $130,000 on 01/29/2021

17 Park St: Giorgios Prop Mgmt LLC of Lee to CMB Park Street LLC, $725,000 on 01/29/2021


74 Old Stockbridge Rd: Janet K. Eason of Lenox to Julie A. Levy, $625,000 on 01/29/2021

1 Pinecroft Dr: Barry S. and Silvana Halperin of Lenox to Guardianmountain LLC, $2,600,000 on 01/29/2021

10 Richmond Mountain Rd: Sharon A. Walker of Lenox to 10 Richmond Mtn Rd YT LLC, $2,407,500 on 01/28/2021

North Adams

44 Catherine St: Peter E. and Melissa A. Talarico of North Adams to Clare M. and Timothy R. Hagyard, $160,250 on 01/25/2021

1 Chase Hl: Glickman NT and Thomas E. Glickman of North Adams to Matti Kovler, $380,000 on 01/25/2021

54 Cherry St: Julie L. Sloan of North Adams to Philip A. Lipman and Elizabeth Daunis, $300,000 on 01/28/2021

352-354 E Main St: Theresa Jenoure of North Adams to Blackhorse Properties LLC, $125,000 on 01/25/2021

127 Hall St: Charles Swabey of North Adams to Jonathan L. and Maya E. Miller, $196,000 on 01/27/2021

25 Parker St: Colleen A. Brassard and Pamela J. Winn of North Adams to William Elfast and Adriana Alexatos-Elfast, $180,000 on 01/26/2021

529 Reservoir Rd: Susanne Doherty of North Adams to Edward F. Senecal, $22,000 on 01/29/2021

161 W Shaft Rd: Craig A. and Karen E. Labelle of North Adams to Cameron Wood, $200,000 on 01/29/2021


52 Hayre Island Rd: Carleen Houser and James Hyland of Otis to Otis Island LLC, $335,000 on 01/29/2021

134 Kibbe Rd: Craig W. Brown of Otis to David J. Roffo, $315,000 on 01/27/2021


70 Adelaide Ave: Roy A. Herrick of Pittsfield to Michelle A. Arace, $80,000 on 01/28/2021

103 Appleton Ave: Deanna D. Morin of Pittsfield to Autumn M. Torres, $205,000 on 01/28/2021

242 Appleton Ave: William B. and Nancy T. Bateman of Pittsfield to Jeffrey Moses-Lowenstein and Natalie A. Sharp, $172,000 on 01/27/2021

262 Benedict Rd: Charles J. and Linda C. Gamba of Pittsfield to Ethan W. Delphia and Mitchell S. Harris, $227,000 on 01/29/2021

62 Churchill Crst Unit 62: Alan and Mary C. Bassman of Pittsfield to William B. and Nancy Bateman, $220,000 on 01/27/2021

27 Concord Pkwy: Ashley K. Persip of Pittsfield to Denis Roszkowski T and Denise Roszkowski, $350,000 on 01/29/2021

481 Dalton Ave: Hutton Exchange of Pittsfield to MDC Coast 20 LLC, $2,507,317 on 01/25/2021

203 Dewey Ave: Flipflopwws Inc of Pittsfield to Joseph A. and Amber L. Stevens, $150,000 on 01/29/2021

108 E Housatonic St Unit 8: Craig S. Mancivalano of Pittsfield to Tamara B. Hitchcock, $130,000 on 01/26/2021

762 East St: Barile East Street LLC of Pittsfield to Louis A. and Joy C. Costi, $50,000 on 01/29/2021

768 East St: 768 East Street LLC of Pittsfield to Louis A. and Joy C. Costi, $100,000 on 01/29/2021

1949 East St: Thomas G. Davella and Bonnie L. Stimpson-Davella of Pittsfield to Kinnie M. Taylor, $202,000 on 01/29/2021

Easton Ave Unit D: David Pill of Pittsfield to Lawrence R. and Nan E. Menin, $38,000 on 01/29/2021

104 Euclid Ave: Leah J. Wetherell of Pittsfield to Marcos W. Contreras, $240,000 on 01/27/2021

211 Francis Ave: Bespoke Capital LLC of Pittsfield to Angelica Furtado, $287,500 on 01/28/2021

213 Francis Ave: Bespoke Capital LLC of Pittsfield to Angelica Furtado, $287,500 on 01/28/2021

217 Francis Ave: Bespoke Capital LLC of Pittsfield to Angelica Furtado, $287,500 on 01/28/2021

12 Glenwood Ave: Carol A. Robinson of Pittsfield to TK Estates LLC, $70,000 on 01/26/2021

267 Holmes Rd: Lori Esposito and Tammy Cracolici of Pittsfield to 267 Holmes Road LLC, $375,000 on 01/29/2021

190 Karen Dr: William G. and Mary A. Wiegand of Pittsfield to Earl G. Persip and Ashley Sulock-Persip, $420,000 on 01/29/2021

211 Lebanon Ave: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Harold Dupee, $75,000 on 01/28/2021

71 Newton Ave: Jason Brazee of Pittsfield to Jacqueline K. Kimple, $136,000 on 01/26/2021

Oak Hill Rd Unit 3a: Pulasky Elizabeth F Est and Kathleen M. Brunell of Pittsfield to Julie Wagner, $2,900 on 01/29/2021

35 Oak Hill Rd: Deborah A. Pulasky of Pittsfield to Julie Wagner, $267,000 on 01/29/2021

92 Plunkett St: Oliver J Perrea RET and Thomas H. Perrea of Pittsfield to Peter M. Trapnell, $129,900 on 01/29/2021

19 Virginia Ave: Eric D. Buck of Pittsfield to Jessica J. Logsdon, $143,000 on 01/29/2021

280 West St: Blythewood Prop Mgmt LLC of Pittsfield to Churchill St Realty LLC, $167,500 on 01/28/2021

41 Wood Ave: Eric and Tanya L. Percy of Pittsfield to Martin and Kelly Streit, $205,000 on 01/28/2021


470 Dean Hill Rd: James A. Ortenzio of Richmond to John Wilson-Liebrock and Mary K. Carlin, $400,000 on 01/29/2021


5 Roosterville Rd: Nicholas Hryckvich of Sandisfield to Kevin A. Margraf and Susan J. Hayden, $18,000 on 01/27/2021


282 E Main St: Elizabeth J. Beautyman of Sheffield to Stephen M. and Maria C. Parker, $872,695 on 01/29/2021

506 Sheffield Pln: Thomas J. Ingersoll of Sheffield to Stephanie J. Panes, $445,000 on 01/25/2021


20 East St: Aronson Paul R Est and David M. Shear of Stockbridge to 20 East Street NT and Lisa A. Newmann, $1,090,000 on 01/28/2021

36 Interlaken Rd: Matthew S. and Catherine S. Chester of Stockbridge to Adelaide M. Martens, $370,000 on 01/25/2021


132 S Hemlock Ln Unit 132: Peter J. and Janet D. Ticconi of Williamstown to Alice M. Caton, $216,500 on 01/27/2021

681 Simonds Rd: Siracusa Holdings LLC of Williamstown to Williamstown Amer Legion, $271,000 on 01/29/2021

Sweet Farm Rd Unit 6: Berkshire Properties Inc of Williamstown to Blake F. Clark and Sabina Chen, $112,500 on 01/29/2021


599 North St: L Reed-Fuller and Karen C. Fuller of Windsor to Lanya T. Olmsted and Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted, $331,000 on 01/29/2021

933 Route 9: Barbara A. Fowler of Windsor to Final Harbor Farm LLC, $135,000 on 01/29/2021



11 Robin Dr: Brian Young of Barkhamsted to Ashlee L. Mclaughlin and Patrick O. Mclellan, $235,000 on 01/21/2021


196 Route 63: Geoffrey Stern of Canaan to John Sifton, $625,000 on 01/26/2021


111 Simons Pond Rd: It Patterson RE LLC of Colebrook to Ronald and Violet Bordner, $80,000 on 01/25/2021


85 Cook Rd: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Cornwall to Anthony Macchiaroli, $80,000 on 01/28/2021

256 Dibble Hill Rd: Elizabeth Paley of Cornwall to Brian Martin, $342,500 on 01/25/2021


153 W Hyerdale Dr: Shrley G. Dunkin of Goshen to Karen Ross, $1,210,000 on 01/25/2021

New Hartford

220 Main St Unit 8d: John J. Riera of New Hartford to Monique A. Rossow, $127,000 on 01/22/2021

72 Winchester Rd: Bruce M. and Marylynn Leon of New Hartford to David and Brie Mclean, $625,000 on 01/28/2021

North Canaan

41 E Main St: Ronald Whitelock of North Canaan to Samantha S. Castle, $140,000 on 01/21/2021


54 Robin Hill Ln: John G. Borden and Cheryl Swift of Salisbury to 54 Robin Hill Lane LLC, $570,000 on 01/29/2021

23 Walton St: Boyce A. Billingsley of Salisbury to Maricelle Denny, $500,000 on 01/27/2021


12 W Mountain Rd: Karen S Dignacco T and Karen S. Dignacco of Sharon to Hermina Seiden and Martin Margulies, $998,500 on 01/25/2021


6 Arbor Ridge Rd: David and Patricia Stone of Torrington to Daniel P. Berry and Jillian E. Kelly, $239,000 on 01/25/2021

44 Benham St: Milltown Enterprises LLC of Torrington to Marc G. Noujaim, $145,000 on 01/25/2021

55 Chatam Ln: John G. and Patricia A. Higgins of Torrington to C E. Gonzalez-Sanchez and Erick D. Gozalez-Sanchez, $205,000 on 01/25/2021

123 Dartmouth St: Timothy S. Goff of Torrington to Nicholas Orsi, $119,000 on 01/27/2021

68 Harpswell St: Gardinello Peter M Est and Linda G. Gardinello of Torrington to AZ Home Improvement LLC, $125,000 on 01/25/2021

320 High St: USA HUD of Torrington to Matthew Gambardella, $85,000 on 01/25/2021

76 Hunter Ct Unit 76: Joseph S. Te and Cheryl Herzig of Torrington to Jacqueline Daddona, $122,000 on 01/25/2021

183 Mckinley St: Mary D. Conklin of Torrington to Maria Mclaughlin, $135,000 on 01/25/2021

271 Meadowview Dr: Michael and Susan Boland of Torrington to Alexandre Mckenzie-Lent, $185,710 on 01/27/2021

50 Millard St: Mark Digalbo of Torrington to A Perez-Alberteries, $138,000 on 01/25/2021

850 Mountain Rd: Kathleen L. Doot of Torrington to David Giramonti, $118,155 on 01/29/2021

119 New Litchfield St: Mark and Brooke L. Shanks of Torrington to Robert and Jessica Theriault, $161,900 on 01/25/2021

155 Old Farms Rd Unit 155: William Segal of Torrington to Courtney K. Williams, $135,000 on 01/29/2021

184 S Main St: Kerry M. Washay of Torrington to Jose N. Rodriguez, $295,000 on 01/25/2021

263 W Pearl Rd: Glen J. Vincent of Torrington to David M. Gomez, $35,000 on 01/26/2021


48 Holabird Ave: Felix J. and Fiona N. Szepanski of Winchester to Estefany Lopez, $189,900 on 01/25/2021

107 Newfield Rd: Douglas L. James of Winchester to Elizabeth J. Faber, $245,000 on 01/25/2021

140 Rockwell St: Jacquelien Boulier-Tiul and Raul T. Cu of Winchester to Rogerio S. Werneck, $120,000 on 01/26/2021

148 Shore Dr: Joseph Schumski of Winchester to Nicole E. Salvatore, $125,000 on 01/22/2021

15 Upson Ave: James L. Skilton and Isabel L. Bull of Winchester to Antonio and Elisabete Viveiros, $71,100 on 01/21/2021


The Warren Group