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Berkshire region real estate sales Jan. 20-26, 2019

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1 Hathaway St: Anderson Bernice D Est and Wendy S. Robert of Adams to Michael P. and Gail T. Mckenna, $65,000 on 01/25/2019

9 Newark St: Timothy M. Obrien of Adams to Siham S. Safa, $125,000 on 01/25/2019


102 West Rd: Robert B. Strassler of Alford to Matthew and Karen Strassler, $1,337,500 on 01/25/2019


100 Richardson St: Dallas D. Johnson of Cheshire to Lenwood H. Vaspra and Mary C. Johnson, $200,000 on 01/25/2019

Great Barrington

55 Castle St: Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem of Great Barrington to Mary M. Cooper, $733,000 on 01/22/2019

67 Christian Hill Rd: Julie A. Storti of Great Barrington to Elizabeth Walker and Dubois Thomas, $200,000 on 01/22/2019

62 Stockbridge Rd: Mary R. White of Great Barrington to Sasa Zelenovic, $195,000 on 01/25/2019


133 Balance Rock Rd: Adam C. Wood of Lanesborough to Donald E. and Nicole T. Anderson, $373,900 on 01/23/2019


220 Housatonic St: Bartholomew J. Collins of Lee to MA Property Partners LLC, $917,200 on 01/24/2019

45 W Pine St: Jan Poklad of Lee to Gerald E. Drake, $30,000 on 01/25/2019

North Adams

1482 S State St: Crane Stationery LLC of North Adams to Dorolu LLC, $365,000 on 01/24/2019


84 Cedar Dr: Harvey D. and Cathy W. Homan of Otis to Avraham Shainhouse and Lila Kagedan, $570,000 on 01/22/2019

182 Judd Rd: Adam S. Pierre of Otis to Mathias J. Snyder, $235,000 on 01/23/2019


35 Brenton Ter: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Joseph Hugal, $50,000 on 01/25/2019

57 Cloverdale St: Brenda J. Hitchcock of Pittsfield to Jennifer M. Dean, $135,000 on 01/24/2019

221 Francis Ave: Gaetan M Michaud 2010 RET and Therese Michaud of Pittsfield to Franz G. Norbrun, $110,000 on 01/22/2019

68 Kenilworth St: Citibank NA of Pittsfield to Ashley Morrison and Christopher Plummer, $186,500 on 01/25/2019

78 Norman Ave: Ashlee E. Zanconato of Pittsfield to Jessica A. Reed, $133,900 on 01/25/2019

12 Oak St: Treana RT and Paul Supranowicz of Pittsfield to JRCR Realty LLC, $18,000 on 01/22/2019

157 Ridge Ave: Nicole Anderson of Pittsfield to Ryann M. Kennedy, $209,900 on 01/22/2019

92 Turner Ave: Bette A. Lennon of Pittsfield to Eric M. Lefebvre, $40,000 on 01/23/2019

12 Wallace Pl: Anthony C. Amaral of Pittsfield to Marc C. Amaral, $50,000 on 01/23/2019

8 Wilson St: David A. Sacco of Pittsfield to T&D Rental Properties Inc, $120,900 on 01/25/2019

175 Woodlawn Ave: Charles M Carder RET and Gerald F. Colvin of Pittsfield to Cheryl L. Turnbough, $137,900 on 01/22/2019


546 Polikoff Rd: Patricia Gallagher and Wilmington Svngs Fund Soc of Sheffield to Wilmington Svngs Fund Tr, $200,000 on 01/22/2019

216 S Undermountain Rd: Stuart B Smithberg RET and Shirley Smithberg of Sheffield to Donald R. Roeder, $165,000 on 01/25/2019


25 May St: Lisa H. Shannon of Williamstown to Benjamin H. and Greta F. Snyder, $265,000 on 01/25/2019



122 Old North Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Barkhamsted to Timothy and Ranhel Wyllie, $210,000 on 01/16/2019

New Hartford

43-a E Cotton Hill Rd: FNMA of New Hartford to Christopher Malik, $270,000 on 01/25/2019

599 Main St: Michael C. Companik and Gale P. Narvesen of New Hartford to Shea Conlon, $249,000 on 01/22/2019

6 Ridge View Ter: MTGLQ Investors LP of New Hartford to Noel Lyn, $142,000 on 01/23/2019

North Canaan

21 Park Ave: Philip G. Scott and US Bank NA of North Canaan to US Bank NA Tr, $1 on 01/16/2019


198 Cider Mill Xing: US Bank NA Tr of Torrington to Edwin O. and Patricia N. Seymour, $204,774 on 01/22/2019

98 Clearview Ave: Fennicottero Properties of Torrington to Taylore L. Bottum, $147,900 on 01/22/2019

65 Country Club Rd: Raymond G. Engle and Torrington SB of Torrington to Torrington SB, $1 on 01/23/2019

204 Culvert St: Rozsa and Elvis Zayas of Torrington to Rosa I. Palaguachi, $165,000 on 01/18/2019

166 French St: Tyler J. Lebel of Torrington to Javier H. Ortiz-Ruiz, $173,900 on 01/24/2019

95 Penny Ln: Yangming Li and Qiugyun Wu of Torrington to Rebecca and Jeremy Nelson, $207,000 on 01/22/2019

14 Saint Andrews Close Unit 14: Carol M. Padovano of Torrington to Hannah Trivaudey and Edison Alvarez-Borja, $92,000 on 01/22/2019

32 Thompson Dr: James J. and Sandra B. Stotler of Torrington to Jennifer Strahan, $125,900 on 01/23/2019

242 Trotters Way: Christopher L. and Lindsay B. Lariccia of Torrington to Hector L. Vazquez, $205,000 on 01/22/2019


111 Torringford St Unit 23: Dore Edward T Est and US Bank NA of Winchester to US Bank NA, $1 on 01/25/2019

Source: The Warren Group

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