Berkshire region real estate sales Jan. 17 – Jan. 23, 2021

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County and Northern Litchfield County.



13 Beech St: Chris Bonnivier and US Bank NA of Adams to Paul Tanner, $65,000 on 01/19/2021

10 Forest Park Ave: Ellies Holdings LLC of Adams to Christian L. Rilla, $198,500 on 01/22/2021


390 Sherwood Dr: Richard R. and Vera R. Polacek of Becket to Timothy C. and Ruth B. Allerton, $386,000 on 01/22/2021

Great Barrington

176 Division St: Margaret Jackson of Great Barrington to Jordan and Emily Macintosh, $417,500 on 01/19/2021

183 Division St: T G&C R Mallory 2013 IRT and Linda Waterman of Great Barrington to Is Real Team LLC, $486,000 on 01/22/2021

33 Grove St: Erika Allison of Great Barrington to Leora Kahn, $290,000 on 01/22/2021


106 Main St: Rachel L. Pettijohn and Freedom Mortgage Corp of Hancock to Freedom Mortgage Corp, $169,100 on 01/21/2021


70 Baker St: Roman Carolann Est and John M. Meekins of Lanesboro to Michele D. Bordeleau, $137,900 on 01/21/2021

206 Old State Rd: Ellies Holdings LLC of Lanesboro to Joslynn Cancel and Lucas Rogers, $95,000 on 01/22/2021


8 Crystal St: US Bank NA Tr of Lenox to Magni Properties LLC, $139,000 on 01/21/2021

46 Housatonic St Unit 2a: Albert and Lana Tomao of Lenox to Martha Ginsberg, $419,400 on 01/22/2021

303 Housatonic St: Ralph L. and Sophie M. Petillo of Lenox to Kyle M. and Corrine H. Bean, $429,000 on 01/20/2021

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit D11: Beverly A Charter T and Debra J. Cochran of Lenox to Aimee C. Gregory, $60,000 on 01/21/2021

New Ashford

Beach Hill Rd: Silverleaf Resorts LLC of New Ashford to Beach Hill Farm LLC, $1,250,000 on 01/22/2021

New Marlboro

1553 Hartsville New Marlboro R: Liana Toscanini of New Marlboro to Ryley and Kristen Hartt, $365,000 on 01/22/2021

North Adams

35 College Ave: Bernard J. Gomeau of North Adams to Colin and Elise M. Todd, $171,000 on 01/21/2021

144-146 Protection Ave: John P. Danaher of North Adams to Darryl F. Danaher, $199,000 on 01/21/2021


221 Lake Shore Dr: Andrew D. and Judith Hepworth of Otis to Steven M. and Marni E. Katz, $376,000 on 01/22/2021

62 Ryan Ln: Allan W. and Janet M. Qubeck of Otis to Barbara B. Case, $231,500 on 01/19/2021


102 4th St: Kimberly Hall-Lefebvre of Pittsfield to T&D Rental Prop Inc, $65,000 on 01/21/2021

441 Dalton Ave: Jeffrey H. Rose of Pittsfield to Marc F. Zamboni, $130,000 on 01/21/2021

20 Hall Pl: Caleb Mitchell and John Wimmer of Pittsfield to Inmer S. Bernabel, $65,000 on 01/20/2021

79 Hazelwood Ter: Ryan D. Barzousky of Pittsfield to Andrew J. Lenski, $183,500 on 01/22/2021

138 Jason St: Lisa A. Hill of Pittsfield to Robert C. Liscombe and Emily G. Willcut, $258,000 on 01/19/2021

195 King St: Raymond A. Petell of Pittsfield to Michelle L. and William A. Peets, $132,400 on 01/22/2021

15 Maryland Ave: Brittany A. Baran of Pittsfield to Lisa M. Giannopolo, $155,000 on 01/20/2021

57 Park St: Sara B. Esko of Pittsfield to Robert F. Powers, $45,000 on 01/22/2021

33 Pembroke Ave: James B. Menard of Pittsfield to Katrina B. Clukey, $166,900 on 01/21/2021

58 W Housatonic St Unit 3: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to John P. and Anne G. Gilewicz, $61,500 on 01/21/2021

157 Wahconah St: Ricarda Forster of Pittsfield to Michael and Kimberly Wasuk, $100,000 on 01/22/2021

15 Warren Ter: Harold W. and Kathleen M. Scott of Pittsfield to Clifford Came, $175,000 on 01/22/2021


301 Salisbury Rd: Michael and Jessica Winn of Sheffield to Gabriela S. and Armando B. Cruz, $323,000 on 01/21/2021


23 Interlaken Rd: Hillary G Volper RET and Hillary G. Volper of Stockbridge to Illsung and Yang J. Na, $698,000 on 01/21/2021

32 Lake Dr: Jennifer Whalen of Stockbridge to Maureen Monteleone, $535,000 on 01/22/2021


248 Cole Ave: David E. Laplante of Williamstown to Justin D. Adkins, $255,000 on 01/21/2021

176 Southworth St: Neil R. and Miriam Grabois of Williamstown to John P. Mcgonagle, $375,000 on 01/19/2021

189 Stratton Rd Unit H1: Kathleen W. Crandall of Williamstown to Jesse Olshever-Fowle, $169,500 on 01/20/2021

380 Syndicate Rd: Virginia K. Ford of Williamstown to Luke Blakely-Fischbeck and Sarah R. Fischbeck, $400,000 on 01/20/2021



24 Miner Ln: James T. Kulinski of Barkhamsted to Alison Joyce, $320,000 on 01/19/2021


251 Furnace Brook Rd: George T. Charleton of Cornwall to Michael Budden, $499,000 on 01/21/2021


73 Canterbury Ct: Stephen H Finkelstein T and Aline Finkelstein of Goshen to Eric and Nancisue Rosenthal, $750,000 on 01/21/2021

New Hartford

42 Turnbull Rd: Alison Valone-Suhocki of New Hartford to Alexander T. Gore and Brice G. Rothenberg, $435,000 on 01/19/2021


102 Interlaken Rd: Dana Jennings-Rohn and Frederick S. Rohn of Salisbury to Joan S. Ingalls, $1,107,500 on 01/21/2021

97-99 Lincoln City Rd: Joan Stueve Ingalls RET and Joan S. Ingalls of Salisbury to Ledbetter FT and Steven E. Ledbetter, $660,000 on 01/21/2021

36 Rocky Ln: Boyce A. Billingsley of Salisbury to John J. Ball, $675,000 on 01/22/2021


35 Fairchild Rd: Liza C. and Gregory G. Reiss of Sharon to Holly H. and Christian A. Macdonald, $1,675,000 on 01/19/2021

70 Hilltop Rd: Clark O. and Claire A. Smith of Sharon to David M. and Philicia G. Levinson, $755,000 on 01/19/2021

13 Route 7: Preferred Housatonic Hldg of Sharon to 13 Route 7 LLC, $250,000 on 01/22/2021


26 Amherst St: Bradford C. and Cheryl Tucker of Torrington to Georgiana Defilio, $155,000 on 01/19/2021

174 Bradford Rd: Raymond M. Keller of Torrington to Judith A. Labrecque, $245,000 on 01/21/2021

223 Cedar Ln: Stephen D. and Mary A. Lauka of Torrington to Joan C. Miller, $220,000 on 01/21/2021

144 Culvert St: Foglia Franco Est and Carol Foglia of Torrington to Kenneth R. Johnson and Harry Gagnon, $25,000 on 01/20/2021

144 Culvert St: Carol Foglia of Torrington to Kenneth R. Johnson and Harry Gagnon, $25,000 on 01/20/2021

158 Cypress Ct Unit 158: Sandra B. Capuano and Diane M. Benedict of Torrington to Claire E. Thrall, $138,000 on 01/19/2021

24 Eastwood Rd: Pamela Velez of Torrington to Natasha M. and Raimiro Izquierdo, $164,000 on 01/22/2021

126 Eastwood Rd: Karen D. Silverman of Torrington to Marcin Prochniewicz and Sean Parrott, $195,000 on 01/22/2021

236 Fairlawn Dr: Bert T. and Joanne M. Potter of Torrington to Frederick T. and Cheryl A. Herzig, $220,000 on 01/22/2021

180 Greenridge Rd: FNMA of Torrington to Shaziman Ramadani, $110,000 on 01/20/2021

222 High St: Jonathan Carlson of Torrington to Jessica Chambers, $175,000 on 01/20/2021

539 Highland Ave: Kevin Lewis of Torrington to Jeffrey Licona, $135,000 on 01/21/2021

54 Iowa St: MPK Realty LLC of Torrington to Kenneth Jones, $90,000 on 01/20/2021

402 Larkspur Farm Rd Unit 34: Guerard Shirley M Est and Erika F. Carter of Torrington to Raymond M. Keller, $138,990 on 01/22/2021

72 Lynn Heights Rd: Mary Dreisbach and Rachelle Cameron of Torrington to Tara and Christopher L. Wood, $169,000 on 01/21/2021

101 Norfolk Rd: Leslie A. Downey of Torrington to Kyle E. and Laura A. Richardson, $244,500 on 01/20/2021

696 Norfolk Rd: Matthew M. Sabia of Torrington to Nina Finemann, $209,000 on 01/19/2021

71 Pearl St: Louis M. and Jeanette Marinelli of Torrington to Michelle Deleon, $150,000 on 01/22/2021

73 Sharon Ave: Marilyn B. Arnold and Sharon A. Hall of Torrington to Austin Brochu, $55,000 on 01/20/2021

73 Torrington Heights Rd: Judith A. Agostinucci of Torrington to James T. Kulinski, $170,000 on 01/19/2021

552 Wood Duck Dr: John D. Ozerhoski of Torrington to Yesica Y. Castellanos, $240,000 on 01/21/2021


113 Elm St: George R. and Ida C. Goodall of Winchester to Gihan and Buddini Martin, $100,000 on 01/14/2021

136 Meadow St: Ariel German of Winchester to Kyrie Krizstale-Thomas and Dionna Smith, $257,500 on 01/20/2021


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