Berkshire region real estate sales Jan. 14–20, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Jan. 14–20, 2018



246 E Mountain Rd: Michael J. and Jane G. Ripps of Adams to Daniel G. and Jayne A. Bills, $405,000 on 01/16/2018

184 East Rd: Walter J. Wilusz of Adams to Robert F. and Susan J. Colvin, $83,000 on 01/16/2018

27 Richmond Ln: Nicholas P. and Erin M. Lenski of Adams to Paul D. and Ronda L. Lemieux, $140,000 on 01/19/2018


223 Old Pond Rd: Susan Willis of Becket to Virginia T. and Patrick A. Conner, $195,000 on 01/19/2018


494 N Eagle St: Jesse L. and Amanda L. Egan-Poirier of Clarksburg to Cary L. Kandel and Charlie Nadler, $133,000 on 01/19/2018


155 Balance Rock Rd: Amelia M. Whitmire of Lanesboro to Jack P. Roy, $297,500 on 01/19/2018


35 Parkview Ter: Sylvia J. Tuller and AS Pandia LLC of Lee to John Benedict and Angela Spitia, $116,000 on 01/18/2018

47 Robert St: Steven J. and Susan C. Potashner of Lee to Frederick and Emily Minkle, $149,000 on 01/19/2018

New Marlborough

228 Rhoades To Bailey Rd: Neil B. Crawford and US Bank NA of New Marlboro to US Bank NA Tr, $187,200 on 01/16/2018

North Adams

105 Bradley St: Doran RT and Mary A. Lummus of North Adams to Robert and Ann Lundhild, $195,000 on 01/19/2018

410 Church St: Darrell Carlson of North Adams to Danmark LLC, $218,000 on 01/17/2018

81 Hawthorne Ave: Patrick and Claire J. Grogan of North Adams to Bridget H. Herman and Scott R. Balawender, $133,462 on 01/17/2018

70-72 Quincy St: Darrell Carlson of North Adams to Danmark LLC, $218,000 on 01/17/2018


98 Kibbe Point Rd: Lunn RET and Brian P. Lunn of Otis to David A. and Holly E. Amanti, $725,000 on 01/17/2018


34 Aspen Way Unit 34: Elizabeth Mark-Polidoro of Pittsfield to Stanley Tuhrim and Betty Mintz, $429,000 on 01/19/2018

92 Backman Ave: William Loh LT and William Loh of Pittsfield to Sumiran and Rebecca R. Basnet, $143,000 on 01/19/2018

84 Foote Ave: Kelsey L. Codella and Courtney M. Francoeur of Pittsfield to Jason E. Walger, $150,000 on 01/19/2018

186 Montgomery Avenue Ext: Michael F. Mcneil of Pittsfield to Amanda L. Drane, $65,500 on 01/19/2018

79 W Housatonic St: Patricia A. Adams and Ditech Financial LLC of Pittsfield to FNMA, $33,200 on 01/16/2018


46 Benlise Dr: Nancy M. Mathews and Ingrid R. Montecino of Williamstown to Daniel R. Greenberg, $326,000 on 01/17/2018

62 Summer St: Deanna M. Janiga of Williamstown to Kathleen M. Hyde, $142,900 on 01/19/2018



557 North St: Rowland C. and Robin S. Denny of Norfolk to Henry and Robin Tirrell, $220,000 on 01/03/2018


8 Bunker Hill Rd: James F. Casey of Salisbury to Robert B. Chase, $150,000 on 01/05/2018

40 E Main St: Wilmington T NA of Salisbury to Evan Cooper, $165,000 on 01/08/2018

3 Meadow St: Joseph P. and Phyllis A. Geraghty of Salisbury to Kristen E. Durbrow, $465,000 on 01/05/2018

33 Railroad St: Theodore S. Moore of Salisbury to Sean W. Grace, $223,000 on 01/08/2018


444 Brightwood Ave Unit 444: TD Bank NA of Torrington to Timothy E. Brophy, $30,000 on 01/05/2018

83 Chelsea Ct: Rebecca K. Smallwood of Torrington to Irsi Santiago, $220,000 on 01/05/2018

35 Ginger Ln: Brian D. and Meredith L. Hass of Torrington to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $180,000 on 01/03/2018

111 Ginger Ln: Terence P. and Nancy M. Steck of Torrington to George and Michele Wheeler, $210,000 on 01/02/2018

341 Hillandale Blvd: Francis J. Mccartan and Peoples United Bank NA of Torrington to Peoples United Bank NA, $1 on 01/08/2018

430 Hillside Ave: Richard and Sheila Jackson of Torrington to FHLM, $154,845 on 01/09/2018

400 Larkspur Farm Rd Unit 11: James S. Berube of Torrington to Gilbert and Katherine Bligh, $119,000 on 01/02/2018

839 Main St Unit 2: Ritchie FT and John Ritchie of Torrington to James E. Cino, $63,000 on 01/09/2018

138 Mill Ln Unit 138: Tracy and Scott Green of Torrington to Anne V. Green, $120,000 on 01/02/2018

305 Park Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Felix Cambizaca, $48,100 on 01/08/2018

4 Rossi Rd: Fenicottero Props LLC of Torrington to Meredith J. Winzler, $158,000 on 01/09/2018

79 Sageway: Marios C. and Elaine S. Tsangarides of Torrington to Aljeny and Sara Silven, $235,000 on 01/08/2018

11 Simmons St: Selena A. Gearinger of Torrington to Daniel G. Barrett, $170,000 on 01/05/2018

2651 Torringford West St: Evan R. and Stephanie L. Crook of Torrington to Lloyd Boyde, $192,000 on 01/04/2018

48 Weaver St: Gregg Moscaritolo and Shirley M. Rogers of Torrington to Robert Blakely, $92,500 on 01/09/2018

1275 Winsted Rd Unit 428: Bank Of America NA of Torrington to AMF Investment LLC, $49,200 on 01/02/2018



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