Berkshire region real estate sales February 19-25, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut.



72 N Egremont Rd: Ralph and Madeline Bova of Alford to Robert C. and Margaret M. Leimbach, $575,000 on 02/24/2017


359 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Carol J. Kramer of Becket to William J. and Deborah J. Maroney, $299,000 on 02/24/2017

89 Lady Of The Lake Ct: Gary Weiner and US Bank NA Tr of Becket to US Bank NA Tr, $221,000 on 02/23/2017


250 Cross Rd: Amelia L. Larabee of Clarksburg to Matthew C. Shapiro and Ciara L. Connolly, $126,720 on 02/21/2017

Great Barrington

6 Burning Tree Rd Unit 6: Cottages At Barrington and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to Louis S. and Janet W. Zimmerman, $529,000 on 02/22/2017


880 East St Unit 15b: Michael and Ilene S. Prokup of Lee to Michael and Beth Adler, $220,000 on 02/23/2017


9 Evergreen Trl Unit 9: Reba Schecter of Lenox to Patricia A. Mccord, $357,000 on 02/24/2017

7 Rolling Hls Unit 5: Leonard W. and Catherine E. Yost of Lenox to Amy L. Schwartzbard, $170,000 on 02/21/2017

44 Sherwood Dr: Art Sherin of Lenox to T C. Munson-Jacqueline, $218,000 on 02/22/2017

New Marlborough

2 Shunpike Rd: CSB Service Corp of New Marlboro to Chelsea A. Stoddard, $78,700 on 02/23/2017

North Adams

40 Chase Ave: Lighthouse NT and David J. Kipp of North Adams to Anthony Arza, $32,000 on 02/23/2017

48-r Jackson St: Louis A. Axt and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of North Adams to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $22,000 on 02/21/2017

135 Rich St: FNMA of North Adams to Craig J. and Carolyn M. Field, $70,000 on 02/21/2017

83 Walker St: Frances M. Caron of North Adams to Rotolo Home Improvement, $77,000 on 02/23/2017


60 Ridge Ave: Dorman FT and George T. Dorman of Otis to Heather A. Gibb, $50,000 on 02/24/2017


15 Allengate Ave: Tanya A. Hunt of Pittsfield to Jay L. Roberts, $169,000 on 02/24/2017

222 Dawes Ave: Coletsos Marina L Est and James J. Coletsos of Pittsfield to Brian F. and Brittany L. Kickery, $268,500 on 02/21/2017

424 Elm St: Thomas C. and Linda R. Bailey of Pittsfield to Vincent Beraldi, $129,500 on 02/22/2017

36 Kensington Ave: Hall Robert J Est and Albert J. Cimini of Pittsfield to Kimberlee Gero and Thomas Brown, $101,500 on 02/23/2017

87 Kittredge Rd: Anthony P. Andrews and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to FNMA, $109,992 on 02/21/2017

101 Longview Ter: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Paul W. Cormier, $55,000 on 02/24/2017

72 Northumberland Rd: James A. Campagna of Pittsfield to Scott W. and Sarah J. Walker, $137,500 on 02/24/2017

258 Onota St: Linda Schetzel and Joan Evans of Pittsfield to Joss Mgmt Co, $12,000 on 02/21/2017

56 Shore Dr: Pamela Cole of Pittsfield to Jacqueline G. Crane, $25,000 on 02/21/2017


15 Mohawk Lake Rd: Sheila Faxon of Stockbridge to Nicholas W. Andersen, $178,900 on 02/23/2017


219 Washington Mountain Rd: Carla A. Lampro of Washington to 219 WMR LLC, $340,000 on 02/24/2017


New Hartford

50 Shafer Rd: Franklin D. and Rachel P. Ramsey of New Hartford to Sarah L. and Adam P. Mchugh, $280,000 on 02/23/2017


147 Main St: On Troutbrook Properties of Sharon to 147 Main LLC, $150,000 on 02/17/2017

46 Lambert Rd: John and Diane Deak of Sharon to Thomas Taylor and Laura Ramsey, $920,000 on 02/21/2017


327 Cliffside Dr Unit 327: Winona Miles and James B Nutter&Co of Torrington to James B Nutter&Co, $50,000 on 02/21/2017

105 Eggleston St: Sharon and Eugene J. Barbero of Torrington to William Marcano, $60,000 on 02/21/2017

10 Horace St: Michael V. Coudriet and Lisa M. Juliano-Coudriet of Torrington to Nicholas Ella, $146,000 on 02/21/2017

39 Liberty Ln: Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Guild Properties LLC, $79,000 on 02/17/2017

1058 Litchfield St: Torrington Senior Living of Torrington to Keystone Place At Newbury, $2,010,000 on 02/22/2017

187 Lovers Ln Unit 55: FHLM of Torrington to Billy E. Mills, $58,000 on 02/21/2017

218 Moore Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Phuc T. Dao and Kim L. Tran, $75,000 on 02/23/2017

680 Norfolk Rd: Michael V. Tolla of Torrington to Gary Giarnese and Virginia Giarese, $75,000 on 02/21/2017

20 Proprietors Ln: MTGLQ Investors LP of Torrington to Elias R. Noujaim, $210,000 on 02/23/2017

98 Torcon Dr: David P. Drozdenko of Torrington to Sean M. Ogrady, $117,900 on 02/22/2017

1712 Torringford St: Helen R. Bunnell of Torrington to Joseph Ruwet, $4,000 on 02/21/2017

182 White Pine Rd: Matthew R. and Tracy N. Burdacki of Torrington to Jonathan S. Wronski and Estefania Morales, $199,000 on 02/21/2017


80 Hurlbut St: Patricia Olszanski and Joanne Richardson of Winchester to Kathleen A. Hicks, $123,000 on 02/23/2017

44 Lewis St: Joshua M. Carroll of Winchester to Blake and Brittany Dobraj, $155,000 on 02/21/2017

113 Old Colebrook Rd: Maynard and Sandra J. Jacobs of Winchester to Charlene J. Jacobs, $350,000 on 02/21/2017

203 Old New Hartford Rd: FNMA of Winchester to Aaron Johnson and Khyati Diwan, $55,000 on 02/23/2017

111 Riverton Rd Unit 7: Edward A. and Sarah H. Machowski of Winchester to Alec J. Brochu, $65,000 on 02/22/2017

Source: The Warren Group